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A life w/ Clones. Oral, unwilling, sex, fat pred
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Narong and Alberto have a happy, uneventful life for the most part. Narong is a skinny, handsome young, wisp of a man, while his boyfriend Alberto is a bit older, chubby, with a trimmed dark beard. Despite their differences, they make a good couple. One night though, Alberto sees an ad on TV late at night, and a dark thought occurs to him. Reaching into his pants, he starts to rub his rapidly lengthening cock, making a mental note to make a quick phone call the next day. Our story starts with Narong, who is to learn that even the most loving man, can have a special side to his personality.

Alberto without his beard



My boyfriend stands over me, urging me to wake up. Took a bit, the sun wasn't even up yet.

"What?", I ask groggily, still half asleep. My boyfriend stands near the foot of my bed. In the shadows of the room, I can just make out his large frame. He's holding a box. I didn't have to see the box to know what was in it - a cloner 3300. Since becoming available to the public, he's wanted one for months.

"Babe, it finally came in! I wanna try it!". My boyfriend, Alberto, was almost bobbing with excitement. The device was popular with science enthusiasts. In ads, hobbiests were shown cloning various plants and small animals, and they could watch them develop. Seemed fairly boring to me, but I loved my guy, and seeing him act like a big kid made me feel happy too. He put the box down on the floor and quickly unbuttoned his pajama shirt, letting his big belly spill out, as he walked around to the side of the bed. "C'mon, give it a kiss," he cooed, holding his belly over me.

I rolled over onto my stomach to better face him. As I did, I reached into his briefs to feel his warm, soft cock, and looked up at his bearded face and smiled. I felt him quickly hardening in my hand, and I stroked him as I gently and sensually kissed his belly. "I love you, silly". Alberto looked down at me with an odd sort of look - a bit like lust, but a bit of something else. Before I could put a finger on it (or take a finger off of him), he smiled too and said, "love you too. Now go back to sleep! We'll figure this out later!".

I didn't have to be told twice. I rolled back over and made myself comfy, drifting quickly back into sleep. What was a bit unusual for me, was that I didn't even notice that Alberto didn't climb into bed with me.


I woke up later in the morning, noticing that Alberto was no where to be seen. Odd, I thought, since he didn't work today. "Babe?", I called, to no answer. While not a big concern, it wasn't like it for my doting man to be... well, not doting. The guy acted like a puppy most of the time, if a puppy could be a large, bearded, tank of a man. Just as I considered this though, I heard a happy exclamation from the living room, and an electronic whirr. It sounded like Alberto was using his new toy! But... neither I nor he owned any animals, or even plants for that matter.

Curious, I headed in to see what was going on. I walked around the corner to the living room and came face to face... with myself! In the living room, was what seemed to be another, naked, me! Alberto "Hey sexy! What do you think? Thought we could have double the fun!" I looked from myself to Alberto, aghast. I didn't know what to think, I could only lamely ask, "How?".

"You give great kisses!" the big man said, patting his belly. "You don't like it?". Could he have got the machine working from what my kiss left behind?

"It?" I asked?

"Yeah, it's just a clone. Tell you what, we'll get rid of this one, and try again some other time.". I didn't know what he meant, but I could see the lustful look in his eye again, and through his briefs, I could make out the outline of Alberto's thick, hard cock. He was definitely excited about something..."Close your eyes, turn around, and count to 10 babe, I've got a surprise for you.".

I was confused, but either just submissive or bewildered enough to comply, I closed my eyes, and counted. As I did so, I heard a few heavy foot steps as Alberto took a few steps forward, a whimper from the clone, a short scuffle, and a happy contented sigh.

I reached ten, and opened my eyes. Alberto stood in front of me. The clone was gone, and to my horror, I saw that Albero's belly had grown dramatically in size. "Give your man a kiss?", he asked. It sounded like a question, but it didn't feel like one.

For a split second, I didn't do anything. My boyfriend had just eaten a person right in front of me, and I hadn't even noticed. He'd - He'd eaten me! I should have been horrified, disgusted, repelled... but I felt myself hardening...something about the casual disregard for the clone, his big belly, and the freakiness of the situation turned me on.

Letting go of any of my thoughts, I knelt down in front of my man. "Go on boy,", he said, using a term reserved for when he was particularly horny patting his fuzzy belly. With surreal fascination, I saw that his fat wobbling belly was wobbling with its contents. I could distinctly hear a voice in it - not what it was saying, but I could tell it was pleading. Instead of giving me time to think, Alberto reached on big hand behind my head, and pulled me forward towards his belly, hitting me with it. Giving in, I gave it a kiss, feeling a desperate wriggling within.

Alberto smiled, more sadistically than I'd seen before, his one hand still behind my head, he pushed my head down, and I deftly pulled down his briefs, revealing his thick cock. Trying not to gag, I excited and eagerly sucked my man's cock. As I took his shaft down my throat, Alberto moaned, rubbing his belly, rocking his hips back and forth, indifferent - no, ecstatic about the fate of the nameless clone in his gut. "Aww babe, just like that... poor guy didn't even have a name", the big bear growled, with a guttural chuckle.

I paused for a second, feeling a blip of empathy. "You can't just keep clones in your belly!".

Alberto chuckled. "He won't be there for long, just until I next use the bathroom. Now get back to sucking babe". Again, I felt his firm hand behind me, gently but firmly pushing me until the full length of his cock was down my throat. As I furiously sucked, the struggle in the huge belly above me grew ferociously intense - the clone had heard how he was leaving Alberto. The sounds of pleaing grew more intense, until suddenly the giant of a man let out a long burp, and just like that, the struggles died down.

Moments later, a surge of thick cum flowed from Alberto's fat cock, excited, my throat well used, I swallowed as cum pumped down my throat, as my man moaned with pleasure.

Yeah, I felt bad for the clone. But damn if that wasn't hot. Plus, it's not like we could have kept the clone around anyways, or like we'd have to this again...

As I was thinking this, I felt the warm envelope of an embrace, as I was helped up and held against my man's body.

"Hey babe, wanna see something?".

Alberto pointed behind me. Looking over, I realized why he'd ask me to turn around when I closed my eyes. While I'd counted to 10 waiting for him to swallow my clone, the machine had made another.

Cowered in the corner of the room was another naked, shivering clone, staring at us in horror.

"Think you might be up for this again?", Alberto asked with a wink.


I'd said no, of course. If I'd still been horny, I might have said something far different. Luckily for the clone though, I had cum as my man came. So when he asked if I'd like to do it all over again, I was no longer horny, and I said no.

Luckily for me, my man loved me - the clones were just toys to him. Not quite people, just objects to be used and consumed. So there were no consequences for ruining the fun for me, at least beyond a bit of sulking. Alberto had taken to patting his belly, sadly telling him that it'd be so much fuller with a squirming boy inside of it.

As for the cloning machine, it took some time to figure it out. Turning it on had evidently taking Alberto most of the day - it was a complicated piece of equipment. Turning it off - well, that took some time too. In that time, it produced dozens more clones. Alberto took to tagging their ankles, numbering them, and storing them downstairs. As Alberto loved to point out, we kept them in our old pantry, since that was the only room in our house unused. This kept them out of the way, and kept him from confusing me with them. Not that I expected this would happen - the clones themselves were fairly simple minded. They enjoyed playing games. Not sex games - literal games, like monopoly. Sometimes though, Alberto would pluck out one of the little guys, fuck em, make them kiss his gut, and tell them how hot they'd look packed in as belly fat. They'd cry, beg, and suck his cock. When he was done playing though, he always put em back. Called it playing with his food. They were scared of him, but seemed to love him. Made me feel bad for them - to Alberto, they were never anything more than toys.

Still, all things considered, they had an ok life, considering their circumstances.

I should have known that would change.


Today was a day like any other. Both Alberto and I were off, and had spent the morning watching a show together, cuddling on the couch. After awhile, I'd dozed off, and when I awoke, my cuddly teddy bear of a man was gone. No biggie, figured he had gone out to the store, or perhaps had gone downstairs.

An hour went by...and then another...and another...

Just as I reached for my phone to text or call Alberto, I heard a squeal from downstairs.

Wondering what could be taking so long, I headed down to see what was going on. When I got there, I realized I needn't be worried, as Alberto and the clones were all sitting together in the celler, naked, playing cards. With a second to think though, it looked like there were only 2 clones there...hadn't there been many more? Seeing me approach, Alberto tossed his cards on the floor, and looked over at me smiling.

"Babe, I know you're not gonna like it, but I gotta show you something!". He turned back to the clones, who seemed to huddle closer together, almost out of fear. "Play times over, pets. Wanna tell Narong our little secret?".

From seemingly all directions, a little chorus of "nooooes" came from the clones. One picked up the discarded cards, caustiously approached Alberto, and kissed his belly, meekly asking, "more?".

"This one's cute", my boyfriend said, stroking my copy's cheek, and jabbing him in the stomach, forcing him back a few steps. "Be a shame if we got you".

As I wondered what my man meant, he lumbered over to the shelves on the far wall, where I saw he had placed a bingo raffle, filled with balls. Looking back at me, he said, "I know I promised, but these little guys.... they're so good! I've been pacing myself with this!".

In the metal raffle cage, were assorted balls, each with a number matching the numeric tag on each of the clone's ankles. Strangely, Alberto's ankle had a number too. Not so strangely, the number on his ankle was number #1.

"Hey cutie", Alberto said patronizing to the clone he'd just spoken too, "Wanna pick the number?".

Clone 9 timidly approached Alberto, and reached over to spin the raffle cage.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting something?".

The clone considered for a moment, obviously frightened. Only for a moment though - he kneeled down, kissed Alberto's cock, and as he stood up, kissed his belly, chest, and looked into his eyes. The bear of a man looked down at the boy, kissed his forehead, and said, "I hope it's you.".

And with that, clone 9 spun the raffle cage, and with a visible shudder, withdrew a ball. When he looked at though, he didn't looked worried anymore, just confused. I saw in the dim light, that the number on the ball was #1.

Did this mean the clones got to go free?

"Does this mean more game", asked the clone hopefully, smiling at the big man.

"It certainly does," Alberto said with a chuckle, "it means one more game with all of you!".

And with horrible, frightening, and sexy (I thought) efficiency, Alberto picked up the clone he'd just called cute, lifted it up as it protested with tearful desperation, and dropped him down feet first into his mouth. Alberto's mouth seemed to stretch, as he engulfed the boy's feet and legs. Slowly at first, but then more quickly, Alberto swallowed the boy, who fought, and squirmed, and wiggled. This seemed to excite Alberto, whose cock had become stiff and erect, as he pinned the clone's arms to his body. Seemingly on cue, one of the other clones rushed to kneel in front of the fat man, and started working, sucking, and rubbing on his cock.

I watched in horrified fascination, as Alberto moaned. Mmmmmm, he moaned, as 9 dropped further, now just his head free of the bigger man's body. With one final plea and one final swallow, the clone was gone, and all that remained of it was Alberto's fatter, wobbling, gut. "Give your friend a kiss," Alberto said to the clone working on his cock, slapping his belly. The pleas inside grew louder and the kneeling clone kissed his body sensually, and rubbed his belly.

Eventually Alberto put his hands on the clone's shoulders, pushing it down onto its knees. As I watched, Alberto himself sat and laid back on the floor, pulling the clone over top his body. As he did so, he placed his hands on the clones hips, forcing it down onto his cock, which was dripping from fucking the clone's throats moments ago.

Before my eyes, I saw the clone go from being just a toy, to being an object of my man's sexual desires. He rode Alberto's cock riding over his wiggling, fat belly, and occassionally Alberto would grab the clone's head and drag him down for kisses though. Both the fat man and the clone moaned, the man from pleasure, and the clone from pain and fear. As the clone was fucked, Alberto stroked its face patronizingly as it moaned, and with what seemed like an unfittingly perverse pleasure said, "I knew we'd do this from the second I made you.".

Suddenly, Alberto  seemed to force the clone down for another sensuous kiss, but this time, his mouth seemed to wrap around the clone's head. Dragging him down his throat, forcefully swallowing, the boy was sucked in little, by little. As the clone's waist reached Alberto's waist, I saw him licking the clone's smaller, but very erect, cock, which explored with cum as he was sucked down the rest of the way.

Laying back contentedly, Alberto slapped his belly, and sighed. "Enjoying it in there? It's not gonna last long.", he said, as the struggling in his belly grew more desparate still.

"Hey sexy," Alberto said, looking at me. "Come on over".

Cautiously, I sat down, and then laid next to him, my head on his wiggling belly. The clones inside fought desparately, which felt soothing as I laid down on him. Faintly, I could hear begging to be let out. I flirted with concern, but decided on finding it hot. My man could do anything.

"No, no, take this off", he said, quickly pulling down my pants, as I, getting the hint, took off my shirt.

"You know," said the bear as he gently stroked my cock, "I love clones because they only see and do what you want them to do. They squirm, they beg, they pleasure me when I want them too. They're the best toys.".

Gently pushing my head off his belly, he reached down and stroked my leg, and when I looked, I saw a number on my own ankle. It'd always been there, I realized, but I just hadn't been meant to see it until now.

"Narong never existed, at least not as my boyfriend. A bit desperate, cute thai boy. Good sex, and all I needed to get the clone machine working. For awhile, I had all the sex, food, and pleasure I wanted. But you were the best of all the games. But all toys get boring eventually, and it's time to get something new".

To his credit, the big man was gentle with me. His stroked my cock, kissed my body from head to toe, and let me lay on his belly for hours, listening to the pleas of the other clones as their struggling became weaker and weaker. Eventually though, Alberto would take my feet, and instead of kissing them, his mouth would seem to enlarge, swallowing and sucking me deeper and deeper into him. As he pulled me in, he rubbed himself and moaned with pleasure - there was no need to pin my arms, I was compliant as I was sucked down.

Just as all clones feel though, as I was sucked into the warm, burning, fleshy embrace of Alberto's stomach, I felt a twinge a of fear.

I realized I wanted out, and I begged Alberto to reconsider, to please let me out. In response, the chubby man laughed and slapped his belly, jostling me and the other sloshy contents in his stomach around. He assured me I wouldn't be in his stomach for long.

As I felt burning in his stomach, I struggled to escape. Eventually I realized this was not only futile though, but very pleasurable to Alberto.

My last moments were of hearing him moan with intense pleasure, and feeling the rhythmical stroking of his long, hard cock. 


A part of Alberto would miss the Narong clones. They were cute, an infinite source of fun, good sex, and pleasure. He enjoyed the game of making one of the clones his boyfriend. It'd been a little docile at the end, but still plenty of fun. Plus, it had a little spunk left in it.

Presently, it was struggling in his large, oversized belly. Smiling, he slapped and shook his belly, which produced furious struggling and pleas from within. In response, he furiously stroked his cock - the more it struggled, the more pleasure he got. Eventually though, the struggling would die down, and just as they tapered off, Alberto came, pumping more and more thick cum over his belly.

He'd miss the clones, but he had a hot hook up tomorrow. And aware or not, the hook up was going to provide him with everything he needed to make more clones.

Alberto's life was good. He had all the sex, food, and companionship he wanted, and he always would be, thanks to the short lived lives of his many toys.

Sighing happily, Alberto got to his feet - it was time to use the bathroom.