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Sleepfucking (AV)
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                Dave had a difficult time falling asleep, tossing and turning in his room while his roommates shook the house with their weekly house party. Lots of cheap booze and naked dudes. Probably hot and sweaty too. Definitely drunk, their breaths sweet with –
                And now he had a boner.
                Dave didn’t have time for this. So he thought of the next morning. Of the midterm he would be definitely struggling through. Of the part time job he was already dreading. The smell of the grease and the hot and humid oily stench that’ll be sticking to him from 4 to 10. His boner died down. He shut his eyes. Rested his head on his pillow, and softly counted sheep to himself.  Took a deep breath.
                Then he heard grunts outside his door, and the lewd thoughts came rushing back. The taste of sweaty cock and beer-scented kisses, the soft moan of a nipple being nibbled and—
                He stuffed his head into his pillow and screamed his futile, muffled scream into it. How the hell was he going to get any sleep with all this nonsense going on outside! His cock dripped precum, his breath was shallow, and his head raced with all sorts of perverted fantasies. Dave had enough.
                Noise-cancelling headphones would do the trick. Slipping them on and putting a nice soundtrack of white-noise on repeat was already getting him drowsy. Why hadn’t he thought of this in the first place. His cock slowly softened as the hum of static and raindrops swelled. Soon, Dave was indeed asleep.
                Dave was dreaming of being in an earthquake when he was shaken out of his sleep. The bed shook noisily, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he was indeed in an earthquake. But before he would find the time to panic, he heard that weird grunting from beside him, and felt slick and sticky skin rub against him. And of course, there was that overwhelming musk. Dave, as quietly as he could, turned on his side lamp.
                The guy was jacking off. Hard. His hands were a blur on his rock hard dick. Sweat flew as he pumped. The veins popped from his muscular arms. The guy looked like he was running a marathon.  And the craziest part of it was…
                …he was asleep.
                Dave knew he had something magical going in front of him and found himself hypnotized for all of a minute.
                Then he sprang into action.
                Careful not to interrupt his guest’s pumping, he brought his face to theirs, admiring the look of focus on that sleeping face. Dave licked his lips, and kissed him. He tasted the sweat and could taste the beer on the man’s breath. He dug around the man’s mouth with his tongue, tasting every bit before letting go. Dave’s dick strained under his boxers, a stain spreading at the tip of the tent. He cast his boxers off.
                He moved downward now, following his nose. Dave spread the man’s chiseled ass as stealthily as he could and was greeted with a forest of thick dark fur. Taking a whiff of the man’s scent, Dave dove headfirst, licking the man’s ass all over, hunting for that sweet hole. It was an easy task. The hole was slick and loose, and Dave’s tongue slid easily into it. He got a taste of that pungent musk, and lapped even harder.
                Dave was in heaven.
                Kev was dreaming of fucking his coach for the umpteenth time since the season started when something felt off. His ass hurt. No, no, not really hurt, but it was something. He was rocking and there was a boulder shoving itself into his ass. A smooth and wet boulder. And it was talking.
                Kev opened his eyes. He was immediately assaulted with a blast of cum and the intense feeling of pleasure. And his ass. Probably sat on a textbook or something. Probably his roommate’s dildo. That was probably it. Kev shifted his weight and was about to get off the bed when he was hit with another wave of lust.
                Kev stayed put. He reached his hand down to his crotch, and felt something sticking out his ass. It was moving. Kev gasped when he felt the outline of a face pressed out from the inside of his crotch. And then the shoulders slipped in and Kev couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. The guy in his ass didn’t stop squirming. Kev couldn’t tell if the guy wanted in or out.
                He didn’t care.
                Dave didn’t know what happened. One second he was breathing outside the dude, next second he was spelunking in ass. It was a smooth ride. The anal tubes were well lubed and he was able to thrust himself forward with ease. Like a living dildo. He blushed at the thought, and he felt his dick stiffen even harder. He could hear his sexy mystery man was awake, and could feel their hand press upon his own, albeit separated by their flesh and skin. The gesture only made Dave want to go in deeper. He shot himself forward, forcing his shoulders inside. Like a snake, he wormed his way in easily until he couldn’t anymore. Dave wasn’t sure where he was. Stomach? Large intestine? Who knew? Who cared?
                Kev stared at the bulge in his stomach, and felt dizzy. Some dude wormed his way up his ass and is sleeping in his stomach. He patted the bulge affectionately, then curled up in the bed hugging it. He was spooning his own stomach. Kev giggled at the thought. Probably still drunk, he thought to himself. Soon, he passed out snoring alongside Dave.
                Both Kev and Dave were shocked to learn that the event that had transpired the previous night was not a dream, and were both panicking. Kev’s stomach rumbled as Dave hurled muffled profanities from within. Kev offered exasperated apologies and rebuttals in return. It was Dave’s fault, not his, Kev reminded the curled up ball in his stomach.
                Finally, once the arguments settled down, they both agreed that they’d just let…nature run its course. After all, Dave wasn’t digested. Kev locked the door and ignored any and all guests while Dave grumbled about his soon to be failing grades. Kev shook his belly whenever Dave was getting to be too gloomy and mopey and got him to shut up that way. Dave offered Kev some of food, he had some instant noodles in the drawer by the closet. Kev declined, reminding Dave that his belly was quite full.
                Soon, Dave made his trip back down through the intestines. Kev was sporting a boner through the whole ordeal. Finally, Dave’s head began to protrude from his anus, and Kev was again hit with wave upon wave of pleasure. Dave slipped out inch by inch, grinning and teasing Kev all the while. His cock came out fully erect, and as soon as his feet were pulled out, Dave leapt at Kev, knocking him off the bed onto the floor in a flurry of slick and musky kisses. Soon, they were fucking pretty hard on the floor.               

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