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Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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Predator on Campus
(M/M Sex, FS, Cock Vore, Anal Vore, Oral Vore, Pec Vore, Weight-Gain, Muscles/Fat Worship, Hyper, BIG Pred, Jocks, Frat-Boys)
Some predators only really develop their hunger once they hit the college scene. Others just find their already huge appetite blown out of control. Right along with their guts, balls… and asses.
Eyes firmly shut and wide mouth gapin’, T-Bone let out a deep and horny groan. The lewd sound rumbling through his broad beer-barrel of chest, the very air, and even the floor beneath his huge feet.

The hefty, beefy frat-jock grinding his wide, sturdy hips forward. Making the soft, brawny spheres of his titanic bubble-ass bounce and ripple like waves on a vast lake. Both of ‘em bigger than most other men’s entire heads, while having an overabundance of juicy brawn fattening and weighing ‘em down. Just above that curvaceous and powerful ass – bouncing in time with his needful movements – was a hefty and bulging set of love-handles. So thick and heavy, that they sagged a good few inches over the waistband of anything he wore. Both would be impressive on a man half his size and build, but T-Bone’s sheer bulk just made ‘em even bigger.

His blown-up and hulking proportions makin’ every bulge a right thick and massive chunk of man-beef.

From that rearward side, movin’ to the front of the giant jock, a soft and pudgy bulge of muscle-gut dominated T-Bone’s belly. Though his gut was fairly modest given his vast frame, the pudge was undeniable. T-Bone could see what was growin’ on him – all across him, in fact. The fatty pudge was distributed well enough he supposed. If perhaps, a lot was settling in that fat bubble ass of his first. Just makin’ it all the bigger, wider, and jigglier.

Noisy rumblin’ and excited thrustin’ makin’ all of T-Bone’s developing fat jiggle plenty across his broad and towering frame. Muscular trunks of arms currently crooked up against the shaved sides of his blocky head. Massive and bulging biceps on either side, each bigger than even T-Bone’s wide mallet of a skull. Both huge and strong hands shoved against the low ceiling to brace him. Hell, he was practically resting his elbows on the – to him, anyway – low-ceiling. Even then, the hulking jock could barely keep to his broad slabs o’ feet. All that pleasure rolling through his expansive hips and loins. Meaty toes curling and flexing below. Rocking back and forth on his heels to add even more movement on top of that constant, reckless humping of his.

Makin’ the very ground shake and rumble. Two floors down, one floor up, and most of that entire floor able to hear his constant bestial grunting.

A variety of wet, sloppy noises accompanying every thrust made. T-Bone opening his deep brown eyes and looking down past his sagging, enormous man-tits. The sight greeting him getting the beefy frat-boy to groan all the louder.

A pair of toned, lean legs were sticking straight out of his gaping cock-slit. Stretched more than a full-foot wide around the rest of that whole boy. Taken wailing head first, and now buried waist deep and stretching his naturally monster-sized shaft even more hugely. Fat glands, already the size and shape of a helmet, swollen fatly and throbbing with need around those toned and muscly thighs. Piss-slit gaping wide each time to swallow ‘em up. Keepin’ to a well-set rhythm of gape, pull and slurp, its lips instinctively tugged at their squirming meal. Thick and steaming cum drooling out and around T-Bone’s cock prey. Lubing all that boyish meat up well and good, but far past the point of excessive. A veritable puddle having formed beneath the fat and drooling column that was his cock.

T-Bone’s vast shaft distended and engorged with the wiggling form of a whole young man within it. Nothing distinct to be made of ‘em, but plenty of bumps and bulges came from the boy’s terrified struggles. Small feet still desperately kicking in the air as he tried so uselessly to escape.

Listen hard enough, and ya could hear the boy’s muffled shouts. Still coming from within T-Bone’s monster shaft. Crying for help or begging for mercy, between gurglin’ on thick, thick cum. Either way, neither would never come, but very soon, it’d be comin’ from within T-Bone’s swollen ball sac next.

The boy was a soccer player, named Dan – or maybe it was Danny. Didn’t matter to T-Bone anymore. He was just a lump of live and wailing ball batter, now. Silly lil’ prey bitch had even invited the huge and predatory jock over to his dorm room.

Wasn’t like he hadn’t just watched T-Bone gobble down two whole big and burly man-cattle back in the chow hall, like they were nothin’. Had been moments away from divin’ back into line to get a real order of man-beef, when lil’ Danny had approached him. Obviously infatuated with the giant, hulking jock from the moment he’d laid eyes on T-Bone. Not even remotely worried about what the bigger man may decide to do to him.

Not even after T-Bone left those two slabs of man-beef clogging up the dorm’s public restroom down the hall.

The boy had been thinking they’d just have some simple sex. Give T-Bone a hand-job with his entire slim body? Maybe a little playful sounding with either his arms or legs? Completely ignoring all the obvious signs, poor Danny was now just a meal for Big T-Bone’s overgrown and ever hungering loins.

Just his cock-food, now.

The giant jock throwing his head back to let out a particularly lustful moan. Dan’s head and shoulders had sunk in deep enough now. His thrashing bod having now come into direct contact with the giant’s prostate. Sending a rolling spasm through T-Bone’s beefy frame. Gluttonous and lustful instincts takin’ fully over. With just a hard flex of his powerful hips and loins, T-Bone raised his entire column of cock shaft up high. No hands needed at all to angle up his monstrous manhood’s vast spear.

Havin’ now added gravity to the whole consumption process. Within a few more lazy ‘gulps,’ T-Bone’s monstrous cock had swallowed up his prey down to the ankles. Dan’s little size-10 feet held briefly there, tensed in terror. Smaller than even the wide and fat glands of T-Bone’s cock. His right nut steadily growing fatter and heavier with Dan’s struggling form. The leathery, hairless flesh stretching to contain his modest 150-pounds of lean muscle. Dangling more and more down past T-Bone’s burly knees.

His left nut already hanging fat and low – well past that point of measure. Long glutted on the form of a now still and digesting prior cock-bitch of his.

Never caught even a hint of that one’s name. The kid had been hanging out in Danny’s room, and was most likely his dorm-mate. Apparently, waiting to meet both the boy and his new big fuck-buddy.

That prey-bitch had expired minutes ago – seeing as T-Bone had volunteered him to go first. Hardly done stripping off his own clothes, the hulking giant of a jock had promptly slid his massive cock over the swimmer’s long, streamlined legs. Then, had just let his loins pull in the rest of the 6’1 and 175-pound boy on in.

Danny held tight to his immense chest all the while. Watching in terror as his friend was consumed by T-Bone’s loins in hardly a minute.

Ultimately, the smaller boy had only lasted longer cause of the giant jock taking his time with him. From the rising roar of gurglin’ and all the gooier sloshin’, that slim and toned swimmer had already been churned into more cum. Probably melted down to mere bones, already.

Wouldn’t take long for the other one, either. T-Bone’s balls were utterly monstrous in their ravenous needs, and slim boys didn’t last long once alone with them.

And yet, T-Bone just loved shovin’ those smaller, weaker kinds of prey down his manhood. Literally, devouring them with his own masculinity. The hulking frat-jock grinned at his own strength and manliness. His cock havin’ utterly dominated not one, but two whole boys all on its own.

Dan’s toes havin’ finally slipped past his cock’s swollen ‘lips’ and into the bigger, hungrier frat-boy’s shaft fully. Was like a switch got instantly flipped to ‘greedy,’ as T-Bone’s entire great length and girth of cock started to spasm with even more forceful swallows.

T-Bone shuddering along with them, until all that boy was fully claimed. His shaft gave one more hard flex, and then all those wigglin’ lumps were gone.

Almost as if in self-satisfaction, his whole shaft untensed and flopped down. No longer working to swallow down a whole boy, it was free to sag underneath its own colossal weight. Thick ropes of pre drooling from T-Bone’s still wide, pulsing piss-slit. Seemingly done and exhausted, but T-Bone knew better.

Landing fully inside with a loud, gooey splash, Dan was fully entrapped within the huge frat-jock’s bloated ball sac. Limbs now freed, the boy tried to kick and punch. His struggling more than obvious, but it just triggered a response in T-Bone’s fat ball sac. Both nuts begun to rise up. Withdraw upward towards the frat-boy’s pelvis, and not exactly shrink, but draw the once loose scrotum flesh tight. Scrunching up around T-Bone’s beloved and hefty family-jewels.

While his left became a near perfect sphere of jiggling nut, T-Bone’s boy-filled right testicle was more… lumpy. What with an entire lean little soccer jock crammed into it. Squeezing said boy into a tight, motionless ball. Starting to crush and grind down on that pathetic lump of prey. Drown him in the thick and viscous seed of a greater man. Smothered within the depths of another far bigger man’s right nut.

T-Bone gaspin’ at the sheer, predatory delight of it all. Got pumping away at that massive 18-inch monster of his. One mammoth-sized hand stroking away at its rock-hard girth. The other desperately pulled and squeezed at one fat, leathery nipple thick as a sausage.
Heh, by then of course, even his balls weren’t struggling, either. One last desperate kick, containing every meager ounce of Danny’s pathetic strength, and then nothin’.

The huge predator almost sad to feel the little guy go… but then he heard the familiar churn of his right nut goin’ to work. Hell, mixin’ with the sated rumble coming from his left, and both his giant prey-filled balls begun to fill the room with their busy cum-making.

More than full to the brim already…

With a low grunt, T-Bone’s broad hips started spasming. Great breadths of twin buttocks flexed rigid, and broad belly tensing hard. Pure orgasm crashing through his whole manly frame, T-Bone’s monstrous shaft throbbed powerfully. Helmet-sized cock head pulsed once as an enormous rope of fresh, cake-batter thick cum was blasted out.

Flew across the prey’s dorm room to smack into the nearby wall with a solid, wet clap. Was like a huge bucket had just been thrown out. All that cum soaking the swimmer’s bed in an instant, while the rest splayed across the ground in a long, meandering line. T-Bone’s cock firing off two more fat ropes of equal volume and potency. Easily, two or more gallons worth of his rich batter in just those three giant cum-shots.

Then T-Bone and his gorged nuts were still.

Either huge ball still full and heavy with plenty more cum, and within a few more minutes, cum alone. He’d driven himself to orgasm just a little early. Huge balls having still been filled with some remains from his two boyish prey. Not just a great gout of cum unleashed, but a few bits of clothes and half a skeleton worth of bones had been launched out as well.

Anywhere from entire intact bones to just fragments were mixed in with the giant cum smear he’d just made. Course, even as T-Bone watched it all steam and drip, those bones continued to dissolve before his very eyes.

Immediately, more than even before, the ripe and potent musk of T-Bone’s seed filled the entirety of the room. The temperature and humidity sky-rocketed instantly, until even T-Bone felt like he was in a sauna. Certainly, he broke out into a rank and heavy enough sweat for one. Promptly marking the dorm-room as his.

Between panting and wiping sweat off his sloped brow, the hulking jock just chuckled lowly to himself. Flush, swollen loins continuing to throb and spurt fat globs of cum on their own. Once bloated bigger than his thigh, that shaft begun to shrink back to a more… manageable girth. T-Bone able to fit his hands around it once more, and soon, just needed one big and powerful hand entirely. Now, just 14-inches of forearm-thick (His monstrous arms) and semi-hard shaft. No prey pushing his cock to its limits anymore.

Thick shaft sagging down and shrinking back in length and girth. Becoming a more turgid, if still monstrous cock of extremely macho proportions. T-Bone having just about always been a shower, but he was also a real grower, too. Always unable to find clothes that could readily fit his loins immensity.

Once he’d started shovin’ whole and alive men in ‘em, that kinda problem had only grown bigger. Especially given his desire to strut around campus with both balls full and wigglin’ with prey.

They’d been a little too greedy today for him to go and enjoy that. Between his strong legs, T-Bone’s overgrown balls were smolderingly hot and pendulously heavy in their sac. Slowly swaying from their own sheer mass, with their contents lifeless. A low, wet gurgle within them as they finished working. Begun to shrink back as all that thick cum of his was condensed down. Firmin’ and snugglin’ back against T-Bone’s groin. Give him ten more minutes, and even with two lean muscle-boys worth of cum in ‘em, and they’d merely be the size of cantaloupes. Easy enough to stuff back into his predator-special jock.

Only a tad bigger than his normal gigantic size, in the end.

T-Bone rubbing his soft, hairless belly idly. Waiting for his monster cock to calm down from its delicious, live meal. Like every time he felt up his broad middle up after a meal, T-Bone once more worried over his newfound belly. Though his powerful and massive abs were still there, they were covered by a layer of surprisingly soft and pliable pudge. Within the past few months since he’d arrived at college, they’d steadily disappeared behind all that newly gained pizza, beer and jock-grown fat.

Hmm. Probably more jocks than the prior two, at this point.

T-Bone having hit the Greek scene running belly and dick-first. Consuming and enjoying all three continuously. Addicted already to all that the college campus life of a predator had to offer to an insatiable frat-boy like him.

T-Bone knew that the extra sixty-pounds he’d gained was not from muscle.

At least, not yet. T-Bone was just… bulkin’ up. It was off-season, after all. He deserved to indulge a little… excessively, right? He was still in the gym enough!

Even if he’d long cut-out any of his old cardio regime. Was honestly just a waste of his energy! He was still doing plenty of squats, deadlifts and chest-presses… in-between his insatiable snacking in the locker-room.

And the sauna, basket-ball court, the track-ring out back… couldn’t forget the chow hall across the street, either.

But what was sixty pounds of fat to a machine like him? Once the football season started back up next year, he’d burn it all off. Gain muscle like never before from all that stored up fuel and huge appetite he’d grown. Fuck, he’d be unstoppable on this sorta diet! He just needed to cut back a little, and then he’d not gain a pound of fat more!

The dorm room’s door slammed open just then.

A short, beefy fire-plug of a rugby player standing in the now open doorway. Well, more like fillin’ it from about midways down. His shoulders and ass just that immensely broad. Practically a roadblock of brawny jock, looking furiously about the dorm.

Either a possible friend of the former occupants, or more likely, a furious floor-mate. Angered by all the loud and gratuitous noise coming from the room over.

He’d probably expected a predator, but not one like T-Bone.

Short-stack taking in the cum-drenched floor and bed – eyes widening as he spotted some bones still left. The scattered clothing… and the arrogant, fat-nutted giant of a frat-boy. Standing arrogantly smack-dab in the midst of it all. The rugby jock’s angry glower melting once he noticed the towering wall of beefy muscle and soft pudge standing in the middle of all that sticky and humid mess.

T-Bone literally forced to bend over, lest his head bang into the ceiling.

The huge frat-jock just grinned at the shorter intruder. A right meaty slab of muscle and pudge himself, with a bulging and rock-solid barrel for a gut. Though the rugby jock had nothin’ on the bigger footballer.

Short-stack immediately tried to back out of the room… but his own huge shoulders and ass got promptly caught in the tiny doorframe. The squat rugby jock almost instantly wedging himself in place, to his own horror.

T-Bone had no issues yanking him free, though.

Yeah, T-Bone should cut-back, but for now there were just too many scrumptious and meaty men on campus.

All of ‘em practically begging to be eaten by him.


T-Bone was busily shovin’ himself back into his letterman jacket. Even with all the bulking he’d been going through, it still fit around his colossal shoulders well-enough. The sleeves having always been tight around the great breadth of his powerful arms. Huge bowling-balls of biceps probably makin’ the closest-fitting point there. But thanks to those enormous and newly fattened man-tits of his, T-Bone could say goodbye to ever zipping it closed again.

His currently swollen, thrashing vore gut was just the final axe-stroke on such a notion.

Much like he’d been doing for the past hour, T-Bone let out yet another sonorous rumble of pleasure. Both big hands feeling up the wide and soft bulge of his swollen belly. Even if it was temporary, he was rockin’ a true beer belly of a vore gut just then. But even given the solid and wide bulk of that rugby player, the guy still couldn’t draw all the flab of T-Bone’s gut-flesh completely taut. Still had plenty to grasp great big handfuls of and bounce that juicy tank up and down with.

Hmm, maybe he should stop playin’ with the thick fucker, and just suck the entirety of him in already.

A pair of impressively wide and meaty feet currently sticking out from between the twin mounds of T-Bone’s titanic bubble ass. Them and only their owner’s ankles left outside of the giant jock’s equally giant, gaping manhole. That solid donut of muscle pulsing around those last remains of its prey. Squirming and wiggling impotently there. Thick and leathery callouses bunching up in right craggy creases every time. Toughened on rough, unforgiven tarmac and gravel streets. Definitely, somewhere in the quad-E range of foot sizes, if not even bigger. Nice, sturdy stompers to keep a squat, sturdy-sorta fella standin’. Yeah, their owner hadn’t been a tall guy, or even average height, but he’d made up for it in width and sheer bulk.

Damn, was like T-Bone had a fuckin’ fire-hydrant rammed up in his bowels just then! Squat fucker certainly weighed as much or more than one!

Sadly, ya could only keep a fella trapped between your fat ass-cheeks for so long. Even just passively standin’ there, T-Bone could feel his lower intestines steadily suckin’ in the rest of that squat road-block of a jock.

The act of bending over to slip his jock strap and lycra leggings on only shortenin’ that time. Spreading his fat buttocks wide and makin’ his vast manhole gape even more massively. Pulled in the squat jock past his heels. Just those wide tracks of soles and fat toes left outside.

A short and trumpeting fart escapin’ past his clenched cheeks while it could, too.

T-Bone only grumblin’ lowly, as he rolled the material of his lycras back up the powerful columns of his legs. Over bulging calves and engorged quads, plus all that new, juicy thigh fat.

Stretched the skin-tight material even more to the breaking point than before, and T-Bone could only grin at the thought.

He loved his own towering massiveness. Even if it got in the way more and more these days, nothin’ beat being able to literally look down upon all the lesser men of the world.

T-Bone had spent a good minute getting his turgid monster of a shaft and gorged cantaloupe-sized balls shoved into his jock’s pouch alone. Then, came the dual hurdles of getting his bulging package and both fat buttocks packed in his lycras next.

To say T-Bone’s huge ass and loins looked ready to burst out of ‘em was an understatement. Even without a whole pair of broad, squirming feet stuck between ‘em, T-Bone was utterly indecent.

Looking himself over pompously in the dorm room’s full-body mirror, the huge frat-jock could only grin at all the beefy curves and bulges he was puttin’ on display.

Plus the flat-top haircut, rough stubble and other broad, manly features and he cut quite the overgrown macho look.

“Wonder if I can get your feet to last until I leave the building, short-stack.” T-Bone mused to the thrashin’ bulge in his fat gut. “Damn… those lil’ ass bitches would love a sight like that! Stickin’ out between my huge muscle ass? Fuckin’ hell, ya might have some company shoved in there with ya soon!”

He just got an angry kick for a response. Just made the giant predator loose another hefty fart.

“Heh… tell ya what, fella,” T-Bone grumbled to his movin’ gut. “Impress me, and I might just let ya out!”

The hulking jock rumbled with laughter as he boomed out of the gutted dorm room.


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Re: Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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Awesome story! 

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Re: Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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Please more T-Bone!! I LOVE your massive preds!!!

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Re: Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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fucking hot as hell damn

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Re: Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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Fucking hell T-bone is one hot predator. Love the digestion details,  how quick his nuts can work a man down to just bones, and especially how the bones continued to dissolve after T-bone sprayed 'em out.

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Re: Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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DUUUUUUUDE!!! Fucking HOT! If there was an award for the best post of the month you would have won it with that one.
gurgle, glorp, crack, churn...i like thin nerdy, or muscular prey. I like big muscular preds. Chest hair and hairy legs and forearms are always a plus, pred or prey.
     I can do very HOT RPs, but like a drug, the time one is usually the best , ar least for awhile, till I cum up with new material.

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Re: Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)
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A little while later, T-Bone was swaggering down the campus walkways. Wearing a bit more than his birthday suit now. Even if his growing bulk had rendered it all as little more than vaporware at this point.

Up top, he’d managed to stuff his beefy chest and arms into a tiny cut-off muscle shirt and his letterman jacket. While down below, a pair of lycra leggings and the quad-XL predator-special jock-strap within ‘em strained to contain the humungous mounds of his manhood and huge bubble ass.
Honestly, only the flip-flops he wore actually fit him. Heh, and only cause his Old Man had begrudgingly made the special order for his lone son’s massive, 20EEE feet!
Despite bein’ the undisputed pride of his loins, T-Bone’s daddy still wondered about where his boy’s sheer immensity came from. Were just too many similarities in their handsome good-looks for a possible mix-up. That, and a near perfect match in attitude and appetites. Plus, o’ course, the respective sizes of their manhoods.
Boy if T-Bone hadn’t taken after his Old Man in the nether regions. Thing was, he just happened to look just a tad more in proportion to his massive junk!
The muscle shirt was purposefully cut to show off T-Bone’s abs… or, at least, when he’d had ‘em. Now, it made an excellent and fitting space for showing off his rugby jock-filled vore gut. Let that rotund and meaty display of his own predatory masculinity swell-forward proudly. Once soft and pudgy middle now domed out in a shapely, struggling gut. The hard squirms of that beefy jock more than obvious. Trapped within, still making that prey-fattened belly bob and sway heavily on T-Bone’s broad waist.
The gurglin’ and sloshin’ within picking up, even as the struggles started petering-off. T-Bone lookin’ at his wrist-watch, ‘fore grinnin’ even more smugly than he had been.
“Eh, ya got ‘bout ten-minutes to go still, short-stack! Come on! Gimme a lil’ more effort!” T-Bone goaded his gut’s contents. “Hell, I almost keep forgettin’ yer in ther’! Don’t wan’ tha’, do ya? Won’t be able to squeeze ya back out in the restroom later… least, not until yer naught but shit an’ bones!”
The huge jock mocking his prey with gusto. Even poked and thumped the angrily fading bulge of live, pissed-off rugby-player in his hefty gut.
Despite himself, T-Bone was coming to love all that extra weight and girth he got from a goodly stuffed vore gut. The way it made him feel so much more powerful, and larger! An entire other man stuffed into you own stomach! How others stared and gaped at his monstrous gluttony. Openly praised his gains and conquests – some would even slip him their numbers!
Yes, the cut-off muscle-shirt fit his growing middle well enough, all things considered. But the shirt’s chest was always drawn taut these days by T-Bone’s fattened pecs. It hadn’t fit well-before, as the huge jock’s chest had always been well-endowed and thick with muscle. They’d fully doubled in size, from when he first got the shirt, to once all the new pudge had filled in. Was still fillin’ in, honestly. Now fit him more like a bra at this point. Fat, hard nipples standing fully erect and on display as his sagging chest bounced with each heavy step.
Now, even though the lycra leggings were new, they no longer fit the giant frat-boy’s enlarged ass anymore, either. A great wedge of curved, meaty buttocks and ass-crack showing. The waistband of his jock strap just above that, and seemingly only high-lighting all that exposed bubble ass. Unable to be contained and now jiggling naked in the air. T-Bone too damn proud of his fine and powerful rump to hide it. Having longed reasoned out with himself that he should display that magnificent aspect of himself to the whole campus.
Of course, that pair of lycras also had to contain T-Bone’s manhood. Just added yet another strain upon them, and in truth, they really didn’t conceal much. The immodest and utterly obscene bulge jutting forward despite his legging’s best efforts. The material obviously strainin’ to contain all of T-Bone’s vast manhood. Even with a predator-special jock pulling most of the work.
Still, held his plump combination of cum-filled balls and curve of fat, turgid cock well enough. Kept T-Bone from flopping about too much, anyway. Kept it all just a tremendously juicy and seductive bounce and sway action all those weighty lower assets constantly made.
Every weighty step makin’ T-Bone’s cum-tankers roll from powerful thigh to thigh. Sloshin’ heavily every time. Seemingly ready to burst from their contents… but T-Bone could always shove a few more boys down in them.
The huge, towerin’ frat-jock always on the prowl for more meals for himself. The crowds of college students he passed full of potential prey with every long-legged and weighty step he took.
This college was well known for its sports programs. Hosting dozens of teams of any variety of sports, so its halls and walkways were always choked full of muscly jocks. That, and beefier ex-jocks, too. T-Bone considered both perfectly acceptable prey these days.
And at this point, even the chubs and twinks were starting to look appetizing to the ravenous giant of a jock.
But most of ‘em wisely kept outta reach. Despite all his muscle and athletic prowess, T-Bone was ultimately a lazy sort of predator. Not much different from even the corpulent super-chubs in that regard. He would rarely make any effort to chase down a meal.
No, he was more of an opportunistic sort. Ambush was his strategy of choice, cause once T-Bone got a hold of his prey…
The huge frat-jock was definitely finding he had a type of prey he liked for each part of his voracious, ever-bulking bod. T-Bone couldn’t help himself, as he quickly spotted from amongst the throng yet another perfect prey-boy to help him further fill his sac up.
The huge jock spotted yet another lean and toned soccer player. Just sitting on a bench and screwing around on his phone as kids were wanting to do. No doubt, this boy was from the very same team as… whatever T-Bone’s last cock-meal’s name had been.
God, the boy was even shirtless! Wearing nothing but his own pair of tight, tight lycras and bath sandals. Glistening, smooth skin bare in the sun. Just a hint of muscle in his chest, shoulders and arms. Much more obvious down in his toned legs and own expansive, meaty bubble-butt.
The little swell of an actively squirming vore gut the boy sported himself just sealed the deal. The bulge too small to be of anyone larger than the soccer player, but still jutted out nearly to his knees.
Promising a good two-for-one sort of meal. It was like the kid was begging to be shoved bodily down a cock! If T-Bone didn’t do it, then someone else would!
The mere sight of that lean, unsuspecting boy drove a wedge of needful hunger through the huge predator’s entire waist. It rolled through his hips, tickled his thick, puckered asshole and made his fat taint spasm. His huge balls each gave their own loud, beseeching churn that made other nearby students jump and stare in fright. All the while, the great length of his cock tried to spring forward. It pulsed within his tightly packed crotch with each of his booming heartbeats. All that activity making T-Bone’s loins disgorge a fat, viscous wad of cum in preparation. Instantly soaking through his jock pouch and leggings’ crotch until a long, fat string of his clear pre fell to the sidewalk below. Steaming far more from its own immense heat than anything the sun’s rays could put out.
T-Bone couldn’t help but concur with his loins’ growing demand.
Without a second thought, or care at the public space of the campus, he veered off and lumbered right over to the unsuspecting boy. Towering wall of pudgy, muscly body groaning and sloshing and churning with the desire to consume more.
As a vast, looming shadow fell over him, the smaller boy looked up blankly. Eyes first settlin’ on that colossal bulge of T-Bone’s manhood, before slowly moving up the long, long way towards his smirking, chiseled face. Not even thinking him possible of it. But with a foul, shit-eating grin T-Bone just reached below his struggling gut. Practically shoving it and now loudly digestin’ man within its girth out of the way. Yanked down the straining waist of both his lycras and his jock at once.
Whole fat, meaty cock springing out at once immediately. Like a damn cobra, it lashed for the soccer player’s blank face. Fat glands and deep piss-slit gaping wide in hunger, before clamping around the smaller jock’s entire head in one go.
With a sonorous, triumphant groan T-Bone felt his monstrous cock slurp the boy in past his own slim pecs. Instantly, the boy started to thrash and yell. Kicking wildly, even as the next greedy pull gulped in the boy’s own squirming vore gut. Starting a hefty bulge in T-Bone’s cock that would travel down its entire length.
T-Bone’s shaft actually growing wider and fatter to keep up with its own gluttony. Feeding and hardening all at once. He hadn’t given it time to grow to its full, man-devouring girth before startin’. Not that it seemed to slow the voracious, kingly rod of cock-meat at all.
Grunting and panting, rolling his pudgy hips in time to his cock’s peristaltic contractions at first, T-Bone soon settled himself down. Content to ride out the pleasure and let his cock do its work.
Without any further care, T-Bone pulled his own phone out. Still enjoying the pleasures of his cock feeding, the giant jock started rolling through the various social media apps. His free hand patting the swollen girth of his jock-filled vore gut while the other thumbed through the various pages.
Completely uncaring about the other college students walking around him. All in a wide berth. Most of them were staring in shock, as even this sort of predation was blatant.
Marked T-Bone as someone to be avoided, while his nonchalant attitude about the whole incident marked him as someone to be feared… or just really damn arrogant.
Regardless, no one stepped forward to challenge the huge and beefy frat-jock. So he was free to indulge.
The prey was already down to his knees, and wailing head just beginning to enter T-Bone’s plump right nut. Meek shoulders soon following, and then that familiar stretch begun to spread through T-Bone’s whole sac. Made him shudder and bite his tongue to keep a howl of lust in. T-Bone could only grin at his own loins apparent greed. Practically setting a new record for devourin’ a whole boy right then and there for himself.
Only took a few hungry pulses, and then that boy’s little feet slipped past his cock lips. They spasmed closed around ‘em, whilst belching up a spray of thick pre. Whole huge shaft worked and contorted around that thrashin’ boy, workin’ him down steadily. All the while, T-Bone’s right nut grew fatter and heavier with yet another squirmin’ meal.
Three – technically four, in less than an hour. Now, that was somethin’!
T-Bone had left it and its twin trapped within his jock pouch. Yet the elastic material expanded to accommodate all that new girth o’ prey filled nut with ease. The tightness only mildly uncomfortable, but if anything, T-Bone found the extra support to his liking.
So much, that he worked his lycras waistband back up and over his swollen nuts again. Groaning in satisfaction as the pressure increased on his fat balls. Made ‘em spasm and jump, sending a fleshy quake through his whole shaft. A fat bulge rolling through it.
With another slimy cock belch, the pair of lycras the boy had been wearin’ were launched free from T-Bone’s loins. Them and a whole cupful of his seed splattering over the bench the soccer player had been sittin’ on.
Y’know, before T-Bone had come along.
Grunting in effort, still only usin’ one hand as the other was occupied with his phone, T-Bone struggled to get his manhood packed away again. Addin’ a whole wigglin’ boy to the mix was only making that fit in his sweatpants all the tighter.
Wasn’t for that jock strap, and he’d have probably ripped ‘em by now. Easily performin’ up to standards. Though the predator-brand company toted that their Hoss-brand jock-straps could hold a good dozen worth of smaller prey, or an entire two enormous powerbrutes, with ease.
In other words, a whole lot o’ man and manhood to be supported by some underwear.
Thinkin’ back on that advert, T-Bone knew he was gonna have to test ‘em to their limits one of these days. First, he’d need to find a dozen boys… or, maybe the two powerlifters would be easier to get together first?
Hmm, what was that app called?
Makin’ some final groin adjustments for comfort, T-Bone got trompin’ along again. Even more than before, his loins bulged out in front of him. Nearly as far as his swollen gut did, and certainly, the two lewd bulges fought even more for space now. Obviously wiggling with their own life, even as they churned and sloshed around those unlucky prey. Doing their best to work and break ‘im down to produce yet more copious amounts of their owner’s seed and more thick layers of fat.
T-Bone, however, was becoming increasingly engrossed in his phone. As proven, he’d honestly always been more of a spontaneous predator. He saw someone tasty, then he ate ‘im. Plain and simple. To this day, no man that had ever caught T-Bone’s attention had escaped him. But now, as the app he downloaded opened up and T-Bone linked his social accounts to it…
His menu just got a whole lot bigger.
Scrolling through the great big list of prey and predators, T-Bone couldn’t help but marvel at all the meat putting themselves on display out there.
He got a real chuckle, as he discovered the profile of the boy he currently had in his right nut, right then and there. Shit, prolific lil’ man-eater, givin’ all his saved photos and videos. Lots of other cute boys, and even some right meaty jocks, havin’ fed his own trim belly and ass. The silly kid was even still texting… meaning T-Bone’s greedy cock had swallowed him down with his phone.
The hulking jock could only groan and reach down to rub his bloated swell of ball sac. Lazily jostling around its live contents. His fascination and arousal only growing, as the boy started up a live video.
His phone’s flashlight providing illumination enough to see both his panicked face and all the cum he shared that ball’s interior with. Already past neck deep, and the waterline was still risin’. The fleshy red-pink walls didn’t really need much further mention or description. Boy was obviously tryin’ to talk, and T-Bone turned up the volume of his phone to hear his prey’s begging.
But only got an earful of churnin’ balls and heavily sloshin’ seed.
T-Bone looking past the great curve of his fat gut down to his swollen sac. Idly trying to see if any light might be escaping from it, but with two additional layers from his jock and lycras, he saw nothing.
Still, he found this new development intrinsically hot.
People begun to join the boy’s chat. Only a few close friends expressed their shock or dismay at his circumstances. More were just lookin’ to get their rocks off watchin’ his final moments. Helpfully makin’ suggestions on how to enjoy them, or just beggin’ for the boy to do a variety of sick and twisted things before he digested. Even T-Bone found some of those fuckers as a bit disturbin’.
Most were just there to heap on the mockery.
Soon, men and boys were both begging T-Bone’s latest cock-meal for a name. A description, or anything about the predator who’d devoured him. Anything at all that might identify the lucky stud.
Unable to hold back anymore and continue to miss out on all that attention, T-Bone started up his own video stream.
Chucklin’ deeply, as he moved and rotated his phone’s little camera about his various swollen lower assets. Spent a good long while getting close-ups and angles on his gorged-up loins. Plenty of undershot perspectives from beneath the wide overhang of his gut, too. And there was just enough of a delay on his feed, that when T-Bone swung his phone out behind to get shot of his own ass, he got a full view to enjoy.
Damn, he’d really grown one enormous, shapely pair of buttocks back there!
T-Bone completely self-consumed with what he saw. So much, that he’d even stopped paying attention to the massive blow-up in his stream’s chat. All angles of himself he’d never got to see before, really. They just made his belly flutter and loins stir with a further deep arousal. T-Bone thoroughly and egotistically turned on even more by his overly masculine and beefy bod.
Pretty much had forgotten about the boy who’d been desperately clinging to life in the hungry depths of his right nut. Even as his current cock prey’s own video stream soon ended. Just one last shot of naught but cloyingly thick white man-batter and a lone, naked skull.
Then the phone’s casing must of went, cause that stream abruptly died. Perhaps only a few had stuck around to see that finale, before they moved over to T-Bone’s ongoing external one.
T-Bone too absorbed in his own camera work to notice any of that. Hell, he’d make it to his ultimate destination before he’d finally end his little stream.
Only then taking in the hundreds of followers, likes and potential new prey he’d accumulated in that barely fifteen-minute long span.
Swiftly cuttin’ ‘em all off with a lazy swipe of a huge, calloused finger.

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