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The Headless Pred-Man
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Its a lil early for Halloween but its my fav holiday so here's a story idea I just started

implied vore (for now), implied scat, absorption, hyper muscle, hyper dick, monsters, Headless dude



Long ago, when this city was still considered a town, there was a most handsome and strong lord. He was strong as could be and had the most rugged face. His jaw was so mighty it could crack a walnut with ease and a neck so muscular he could swallow a roast pig whole . . . or so it was said. Whenever any man came through that even came close to rivaling his masculity, the newcomer would mysteriously dissappear and the lord would reveal himself the next day even larger and more handsome.
 One day, a man went missing and his wife searched and searched for him to no avail. She saw the lord the next day but he had the same salt and pepper in his beard that the woman's husband had. "I guess I have reached that age" the lord said, otherwise not looking a day over 30 "I think the color is quite distinguishing dont you think?" he said as he flirted with the beautiful widow. She then knew the lord had somehow absorbed her husband's body into his own. Little did the lord know that she was a powerful witch and she cast a spell on him to make his face appear as wicked as his soul.
 The next day, the lord awoke and stood naked in front of the mirror to admire his naked form (as he did every morn) starting with his mighty calves that were each the size of a single calf. his quads bulged like a tangle of boa constrictors. His dick swung heavy from the addition of many men's packages. His brick sized abs and obliques barely covering his bulging gut, distended with the swollen organs  that were girthy enough to digest men whole. his pecs were like a the coushions of a loveseat and oh how many men spent their lasts night on them as he devoured them head first. His boulder shoulders and gorilla arms were covered in hair in all the right places just like the rest of his sculpted body. But when he came to top of his tree-trunk neck, he saw the face of a hideous moster. His tusks and thinning hair made him look like an goblin or a troll. He had horns growing from his scalp and his brow hung heavy from his glowing yellow eyes. He gasped only to see his tounge had changed into a forked apendage that came down to his swollen nipples. For the first time in his entire life, he wept.
 The town had not seen the lorde for quite some time and all had seemed peaceful without his egotistical pressense looming over the folk. After a month, though, Men began dissappearing left and right. Any one from the most handsome to the ugliest, both young and old alike. The women, fearing now for their infant sons decided to invade the lords mansion and rescue their stolen husbands, sons, fathers and brothers. When they arrived though, all they found was a room full a shit next to a hulking muscle bound freak who had been decapitated. His giant hand was still warm, clutching the rope to the makeshift guillotine. As the townwomen followed the trail of blood to the lords head, instead of a maculinly devine face, they saw a head more hideous than it had been when it had first been cursed. The horns had grown in length, the jaw wide as his tree-stump neck, his tounge the size of a humans arm. His tusks had doubled and grown as well. His deep set beady, glowing eyes just looked at the crowd of pale white women and uttered "Kill me please."
 It took all the women of he town to drag the monster and his writhing head to the lord's mausoleum only to find all the coffins empty. Had he been the same man for centuries? feeding off the men of this town? They left his naked body to rot face down for even a dead man needs decency (though his enourmous pakage still trailed behind). His head they burried underneath out of fear it might reattach itself and live to see another day to swallow the flesh of handsome men.
 The mauseleum still stands to this day but through the windows there is nothing but broken caskets. They say the body had dissappeared but nobody dared unearth the head. It is said the body still searches the streets at night for an innocent and good soul that when devoured by the beast would yield a face more handsome than the lord's own original appearance.


I've been to that grave yard on halloween plenty of times and never seen no giant, naked, headless man but damn, that would be so hot, especially the vore part. Even the monster-head part. I mean, my gay ass hasn't even seen another naked dude before irl. I never believed in the headless pred-man but a bunch of the guys from the foot ball team said they wanted to go and my friend Adam invited me. He was only second string but he was still my friend. (you know, the kinda hot straight friend you pine over in highschool cause youre in the closet and desperate) and also all the football players are, like, bangin' and they said they might streak. Im pretty sure Adam knows I'm gay and might be coming onto me, or he just doesn't wana streak with people hes not comfotable with I guess.
 As we started nearing the center of the massive wooded grave yard, dudes began to shed their clothes one by one, not caring that there were still passerby's. This wasn't an uncommon sight around halloween here because of the monster legend and folks aren't even suprised when naked muscular men jump out of the bushes wearing monster masks try to scare you. Not that I was complaining.
 "Arent you gona take off your clothes?" Adam said as he began taking off his shoes. I was starting to chub up as I watched the others strip but I knew I would have to eventually. I noticed a group of the most popular player slapping each others asses with ragging boners so I thought, to heck with. I did notice the QB wasnt there.
 "Where Jason though? Usually he's the loudest at the front of the rat pack?" I said as I took of my shirt to reveal my average body.
 "I guess he either wussed out or is trying to scare someone already" he said as he put his mask over his face, now completely naked. I put mine on too to hide behind, in a group of masked, naked men. It was obvious, though, my less musculared body stood out like a sore thumb.
 The jocks started hiding one by one. I guess they were kinda playing hide-and-go-seek and enventually it was just me and Adam alone and naked and both pretty horny. He bumped into my hand with his hard dick "oops . . . sorry, I-" he was interruppted as i swung towards him, my slightly larger cock slapping his own. We stared into each others masks as our dicks rubbed against each other, the only part of our bodies touching. Just as I was close to cumming on the spot just from the gentle touching alone, we heard a noise towards the clearing. We both went soft from the scare and the moment was over.
 "Uh, wanna go scare someone before they see us?" I said, breaking the awkward, sexually-frustrated silence. We saw the mauseleum as we approached and found no one. Both kinda scared, Adam grabbed my hand.
 "You think its the headless pred-man?" he joked. "maybe the mauseleum's open and we can, um, finish were we left off."
 when we approached the small building, though the doors were wide open and there was a hole dug infront of the steps.
 "unnnnnggh, fuck!" we both jumped as we heard what sounded like . . . a dude orgasming?
 "Guess its a fucking football orgie" I said sheepishly. Great, my first sexual encounter hampered by a public sexcapade with the all the hottest dudes at my school.
 "Fuck yeah, wanna join?" Adam said. I really liked him so I agreed. Little did we know it wasnt an orgie at all . . . well, not exactly.
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Re: The Headless Pred-Man
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We went to go see where the noise was coming from and noticed a few guys huddling in the bushes. They seemed . . . almost scared. When we got to the source of the sound though, instead of two people, we only saw one. And it was Jason!
 "what you guys are a thing now? you left me for him?!" Jason said with a voice deeper than his own growing deeper by the second. I would've under normal circumstances be thinking about the statement that Jason and Adam were a thing but I was severely distracted by Jasons new body.
 He was taller. more muscular. His chubbed cock swung like a third arm. His neck was pulsing and thick. It seemed to cut off at a certain point and I could see the top of his left shoulder . . . it was as if he was wearing a hyper muscular and hung flesh suit. The Neck seemed to undulate and I could see the outline of Jasons tight body writhing uder the bulging flesh. It looked as though he was humping his way into a super think gimp suit and it was fucking him back.
 Adam clenched my clammy hand hard as we watched Jason's face transform before our eyes. As the QB decended, his teeth gnarled and his brow protruded. Small horns emerged and his eyes lit up like the harvest moon. He began to roar as his face dissappeared into the fleshy stump of a neck and we watched in horror as his form filled the monsters gut.
 "uuuungh-" we could hear him orgasm just until the flesh suit's throat closed and he was no more. Just then, Adam had came, hard. A trail of thick cumm spat onto the monster's struggling gut and it turned towards him.
 "Monster" the suit pointed but we heard the voice in the distance. Adam's face had begun to change slightly under his mask but we stood in shock.
 It lunged for him, throat gapping and pulled him chest deep. The headless pred had opened his throat impossibly wide as the peristalsis pulled him deeper. I then saw a few other guys leap out of the bushes who were watching. Their faces had varying degrees of horns and tusks as their masks ripped apart.
 The monster grabbed me by my waist and then pursued the fleeing nude football jocks.
 The walking flesh suit reaches for the closest monster jock by the leg. It swung him to knock the second over and puts its wide foot on his back to hold the chunky linebacker down. The feeling of our squirms must have aroused it because its lengthy cock comes to attention, reaching for the winded line backers fat ass. I can still feel the squirms of Jason and Adam within their fleshy prison and I try not to cumm as I unintentionally dry hump against the flesh suits enourmous muscular ass cheeks.
 The cock head prods at the chucky jock's hole as the muscle beast holds the other jock tightly to his chest. The cavern between its pec muscles clamps tightly onto the skinnier jock's arm, leaving him to stradle the now firehydrant wide shaft and double-stuffed gut. The linebacker squeels as the monster's hip thrust down to penetrate the unprepared jock-pussy. The excessive ammount of pre quickly lubricates the cocks entrance but it still seems painful to watch, though super hot. With its free hand, the headless pred lifts the jock up with his dick's power alone and he has both jocks trapped.
 I am now lifted up in front of the mass of bodies and the throat opens up to accept me. I know my fate is sealed but then I hear a voice in the distance again "Innocent"
 Raised easily by my thin waist, my legs are lowered into the massive neck and I feel my face begin to change. My legs are easily taken in and begin to hump my fleshy prison preparing for my one final orgasm. Even in my frightened state I feel my throbbing cock is growing even bigger.
 With each of my thrusts, the flesh suit matches it making the thick linebacker moan and jiggle back and forth. I slip my hand in to reach for my aching cock that feels like it's humongous. As I do, the flesh suit reaches for the jock and grabs a hold of his doughy lovehandles. I reach one hand up to feel my chest and the suit reaches for the jock at its pecs. As my shoulders reach the top of the neck, I feel my body turn around and my jaw crack.
I close my eyes and look up to the full moon and scream but my voice is not my own. It deepens monsterously as I orgasm and I feel gallons of cumm leave my engorged balls and I reach for them only to find my balls are the size of cantalopes. I open my eyes in shock and realise my hands are grasping the muscle-suit's balls and the gallons of cumm are filling up the chunky linebacker. Simultaneously I feel Jason and Adam at the lower half of my own original body, licking and sucking away as they fuck each other. It was euphoric to feel both bodies at once as I reach for my neck with the flesh suits hands. As I feel the neck grab at the base of my skull, I notice my jaw is rugged, chiseled and wide with thick stubble scratching at the flesh suits calloused hands.
 Feeling a new sensation at my ass, I feel Adam or Jason lapping at my virgin hole. My new outer body pulls the cumm-swollen linebacker off of is own volition and lowers his spent fram to the ground. He kneels, helpless and tired as I lean down onto him. At the same time, I feel a head enter my ass inside of the flesh suit. To feel not one but two bodies penetrate me at the same time was too much as I came again on both fronts. I made quick work of both jocks as the muscular legs squateed over the now 275lbs fat jock balloon, stretching the muscle suit and pushing the other jock into my inner ass.
 Even before I finish I remember the jock trapped in my chest and I look down to see his fist in my face. I watch his horrorified gargoyle-like face as I slurp on his arm like a noodle with my newly-formed, powerful jaw. I sit down completly on the linbacker, blowing my suit to new proportions as I finish with who I believe is Adam. I feel the acid begin to wash over my body in the giants stomach as I fill my throat with the fourth and final football player. Past his shoulders, I easily swallow up to waist and I lean back to reach for the line backers calves sticking out of my gapping asshole. I thrust him in and out as I loose all sense of where my original body ends and the headless pred's stomach begins. I close my lips around the feet of the last football player and feel his body begin to enter my stomach. I cumm one final time as I push the linebacker completely into my ass.
 Spent and full, I grope at my distended gut, pregnant with almost 4 whole men. I realised I had become the new face of the headless predman.
 I lay there on my back in a pool of my own cumm only for a moment before I hear some people nearby.
 "Jason? is that you? Did you find Rick and Tyrone--WTF?!" he could feel his mask pulling from his face as horns grew on his forehead. he looked over to see a few of his other naked and horny team mates had similar problems.
 "MONSTERS!" the familiar distant voice screeched.
 I just realised theres a whole team of football jock snacks for me to consume. For my first sexual encounter, this was more than my virginal self could have ever asked for.
 Happy Halloween

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Re: The Headless Pred-Man
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My god if this was really WELL written. I AM AMAZED

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Re: The Headless Pred-Man
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Amazing work. I can't wait to see what he gets up to with his new body  ;)

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Re: The Headless Pred-Man
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This was sooo hot! Hope his gut only gets bigger from here on out!

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Re: The Headless Pred-Man
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sorry for all the little typos. i suck at editing while distracted by my own hot story. got some plans soon for this new headed predman. glad yall like it!