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Hey guys, its me Tray. I've been a long time lurker on here, and have been contemplating sharing my experiences for a long time. It feels weird to come clean about this stuff but since you all seem so eager to speak freely about this, I thought it'd be fun to tell you all about the first time I ate something with my ass, and the day that followed.

A bit about me: I'm currently 27, 5'11, and 160 lbs. I've got tanned skin since i'm mostly Hawaiian, and have been sporting some style of Mohawk as long as I can remember. I've been involved with this fetish long before I even knew what a fetish was, as I used to swallow smooth rocks I found. Now I know what you're thinking, this is going to be a tale of me running around eating people. Well, you're half-right, but its a bit more complicated than that.

Let me start off by saying, I'm going to be writing this in one shot, so if the typos are bad, consider this an apology, buddy!


The day started like that of most late young adults. I wanked it aggressively in my bed, took a shower, and went downstairs to prepare for the day. My parents had decided we were going camping this weekend with a few of my neighbors, which meant living in a mosquito-infested hell for three whole days. I wasn't happy about this at all, obviously, but managed to remain somewhat positive, as my best bud Arthur was going to be there. Y'see, Arthur was the focus of my first ever crush, since we'd been friends for so long. It was basically natural. He was tall and lanky for an eighteen year old, pale as a ghost, and sported bright blonde hair. He looked unique- and I think thats why I liked him.

On the ride up to the campground, I managed to convince my mom to let me go in his family's minivan. We spent almost the entire time passing back his gameboy advance, trying to beat this Wario Ware game I don't exactly remember. Now, you're probably wondering why I filled you in so heavily on the morning, especially when the actual "fun" doesn't start until later that night. Well, the answer is simple: During the car ride, I received a clear warning of what was to come.

About 20 miles from camp oakland(The grounds we were staying at, obviously.) I felt a weird tug on my briefs. It felt like I was getting a wedgie, with the added bonus of a weird pressure prodding my ass. At first, I didn't say anything. I was in the back seat alone, so I just figured that I shifted without noticing, and caught my ass on something on the seat. This, as you might have figured, was the wrong assumption. Within a few seconds of it starting, the legs of my briefs ripped at the strength of this strange force, and shot into my ass like lint into a vacuum cleaner. I, of course, let out an embarrassing moan when this happened, as it was the closest thing my virgin ass had gotten to attention, which caused the whole car to look at me for a few seconds. Thankfully, nobody wanted to asked the late-blooming 18 year old what cause them to moan like a porn star, so things began to shift back to normal.

About five minutes after that event, the urge to fart hit me like a truck. I winced and groaned to myself, as I fought the urge to stink-bomb my best friend's car- an urge that only got more tempting as time went by. Y'see, things that go in through my ass have a weird digestion; They're always turned into wicked nasty gas that doesn't stop forming until its let out. So, as minutes ticked by, I could feel my belly slowly pushing outward as more gas got backed up. I could even feel the bubbles sliding up my throat, causing me to burp fart-smelling air under my breath. By the time we reached the camp, It looked like I crammed a basketball under my shirt. My stomach was huge- way huger than a normal person should be.  So, quite panicked, I began to shoot air out my ass like a goddamn leaf blower the second they all got out of the car.

When I finally crawled out Arthur's door, he commented that I smelled awful, and threatened to give me a dutch oven for making him smell that. This made me quite excited, because- well- We were boys who had been friends for a long time. Farting contests, and dutch ovens were normal. If it wasn't for the fact that his parents were in the car, I probably would have wrestled with him and try to fart on his face. In retrospect, we both had some pretty intense fart-fetishes, but just didn't know at the time.

So, in weird highschool boy fashion, we both began preparing for this dutch oven fart-contest thing over the first day. Besides small pauses to play on his gameboy, we spent most of the time encouraging the other to eat some of the cans of baked beans our parents brought for the trip. By the time sunset arrived, Me and Arthur wiped out like four big cans- with Arthur having eaten over 80% of them. Honestly, I could have had a lot more myself, but I was afraid of tempting fate after what happened in the car. Arthur, on the other hand, was a loaded gun. Every time he leaned back, or took a step too fast, a small fart escaped him. He thought it was hilarious, and went out of his way to pull up his shirt and show me his belly every time a loud growl rang out. Of course, I feigned frustration at his clear loaded gut, and often took a bite of beans out of whatever can sat nearby. This was mostly to motivate him to not lose his lead, and push his stomach even further.

When the time for us to "sleep" came around, I snuck behind Arthur and gave him a big hug, going out of my way to press on his stomach. He grunted and bit his lip, as he clenched his ass as hard as he could. This lead to his stomach letting out an angry growl, before swelling out another inch. He looked as bloated as I was before I got out of the car, but half as uncomfortable. He was a natural at this stuff, and responded to my surprise hug by tackling me to the floor. He pinned my wrists to the ground, and held his angry, rumbling stomach to my face, forcing me to listen to its cacophonous chorus for over a minute. When he finally got bored of my honest lack of struggle, he went over and grabbed my massive sleeping bag, and crawled inside. I followed him into our large pseudo-tent, and zipped the head shut the best I could. It was just me and him in this dark, stretchy mess of fabric.

The first thing Arthur did was slide up to eye level with me, and put his belly to mine. I could feel the gurgling of his stomach rub against my outtie, getting me hard in no time. Then, he put his hands on my hips and began to press our bellies harder and harder against one another. As he did this, he presented me with a small challenge. The first one to fart had to take the other's in the face. It was actually a pretty normal wager between the two of us, and often had fairly mixed results. This time, however, I wanted to lose. I played into the act for a few moments, but once I heard him let out a grunt, I let a small one go. He laughed in triumph, and I sighed as we began changing positions.

Before long, I had my head between his thighs, with my eyes near his nuts, my nose near his taint, and my mouth near his ass. Even from down there, I could feel his stomach gurgling in anticipation for releasing its load. I hear him begin to do a small countdown, and I readied myself for the massive blast. For some reason, in this moment of contemplation, I thought back to the car ride over, and pondered what lead to both the spontaneous penetration of my underwear, and the horrible gas build up that followed. Unfortunately for y'all, I still don't know why things shoot up my ass like that. It happens all the time for me, and I've just managed to work around it. As for the gas though, the digestive process of my ass actually began to click with me then. So, right when Arthur's counting approached Zero, I shoved my hand forward, and jammed my thumb right into his butt.

He yipped out in surprise, and called me a chicken for trying to get away from his punishment, but I actually managed to shut him up, when I proposed an alternative way to use his gas. While I didn't know what exactly the rules for my weird ass were, I knew that I could maybe bait him into experimenting a bit with me. My alternative was me taking his gas from him at a new level.

We both snuck out of our sleeping bags and used the cover of night to hide our weird kinky plan. Arthur was moving kinda slowly, given his twice-denied gut, but still had a look of eagerness so intense I wish I could put it to words. We snuck into the back of my parent's car, and yanked out the bike pump my stepdad brought for the bicycling he planned to do. We removed the long plastic hose from the device and ditched the pump, before retreating back into our cushy lair.

It took a bit of coaxing, but before long, I had one side of this hose in Arthur's butt, and the other half was was slid into mine. At first, he commented on the lameness of this, as he wouldn't get the satisfactory noise that came with it, however, I managed to keep him focused on the task. As minutes ticked by, I could feel the pressure from his gas begin to push into me. I gasped when it I first felt it, which seemed to amuse Arthur, as he began to grunt and groan, trying to empty his farts into me as fast as he could. Within five minutes, our bellies had swapped sizes. Mine was groaning and swollen, while his was almost flat again. I can still remember him laughing, saying that I was stuffed with his farts, before pulling the hose out of the both of us. I actually laughed at that comment too, however not for too long. This was because, as I suspected, his gas began to get multiplied inside of me. Growing and growing as it was "Digested" and turned into my own special stink.

Since I knew it was coming this time, I found the feeling pretty fucking arousing, and it allowed me to play into it. I remember telling him "I think your farts are giving me gas!" as my belly slowly forced my T-shirt up to my pecs. He loved what was happening, and quickly fawned over my swelling belly with glee. He began to stroke himself through his sleeping pants, and I tried to do the same around my gut. Eventually, we starting frotting like a bunch of horny teens, as he hugged by swollen sphere of a stomach like a pillow.

After we both came, he laid on top of my belly like for several seconds, which was strangely not painful, given that my belly was approaching a beachball in size. Eventually, he said that he wanted them back, with a determined look on his face. I asked him what he meant, and he said that he wanted his farts- plus whatever I made myself. I asked him if he thought he could take this much, and he responded by letting out a loud fart, which he'd apparently been keeping back.

Rather than hook up the hose like we did before, he instead got down on the ground, and cupped his mouth over my crack- granted- as much as he could through my pants. He then gave me a thumbs up, which I then responded by giving him what he wanted. I couldn't see his face at this point, on account of my belly, but I can't help but imagine his cheeks blown out comically, as he was hit by a typhoon of farts. Either way though, I could hear the sound of him gulping. This only lasted about thirty seconds though, because soon he demanded that I stopped, and grabbed the hose once again. I asked him what was the problem, and he complained about losing too many of the farts. This made me laugh, mostly because his t-shirt rode up slightly from the gas he had already swallowed. He stuffed the hose in my ass- which was way more accepting of this treatment than I expected- and raised the other end to his mouth. Funnily enough, in the time it took for him to do this, my stomach had already returned to how big it was when he demanded the farts back. The speed at which I make gas is pretty wild.

He pushed the hose to the back of his throat, making it next to impossible for him to not swallow down my load, cued me to go. I did as he asked, and began sending another typhoon into his mouth. His eyes watered lightly, and he began to swallow down my powerful current of air. I could see his belly swelling before my eyes- faster than mine was producing gas. Eventually, he reached the size he was earlier in the night, and rather than stopping, he began to jerk himself off again as he kept going. Within a minute, his pale-skinned belly was as big as a yoga ball and looked just as tight. I let out the last of my gas, and scooted closer to him. He took the tube out of my mouth, and began panting, burping, and farting pretty actively. I called him a fart-master, to which he responded by shooting me a toothy grin, before burping loudly in my face. When I recoiled, I let out a small laugh, before feeling a sudden movement in my ass. The tubing that was connecting me to Arthur just earlier, was beginning to snake its way into my ass, just like my underwear had. I let out a gasp, and turned to see, showing Arthur the sight, right before the other end disappeared into me.

I voiced a bit of concern about that, and he responded similarly, but once I explained that it lead to my spontaneous gas, he immediately got that sly grin on his face once again. He began farting and burping more intentionally then, filling the- honestly quite cramped- sleeping bag with his scent. By the time he shrunk back down to his old self, I was already sporting a small belly. He yanked down the back of my pants, and pulled off his own clothes. He then began stuffing his sleepwear into my butt.

I could feel a weird vibration deep in my ass for a few seconds, before it started slurping up his clothing just as eagerly as it did the tubing. My belly was growling up a storm now, and I could feel the gas building up at an incredible rate, but Arthur wasn't satisfied. He ripped off my shirt, and completely pulled off my pants, before sending them inside as well. After that, my stomach was purring like an engine, and I was honestly getting a little frightened. I started farting involuntarily, but I could tell that the gas was growing faster than it was leaving. I told him this, but instead of showing concern, he took me by my hips and began fucking me- plugging my asshole with his rod. He was only able to actually get a few thrusts in, before my ballooning belly grew so large that the confines of our sleeping bag began to worry us. He began to crawl towards the exit of the sleeping bag near my head, but my gut pinned him in a weird position that didn't let him get to the zipper. Instead, my belly was forcing our faces closer and closer, into a weird kiss.

Before long, the pressure of the sleeping bag forced me to let out a belch, which made our situation increasingly trickier. You see, when I did that, His nose and chin were pushed into my mouth by the increasing tightness of the bag. I tried to turn my head and fight it, but before long, my mouth was forced open wider than I thought possible, and Arthur began to get shoved down into my throat. He struggled the best he could given the situation, but before long, his shoulders- and then his hips- were shoved passed my lips and down my throat. I sent him into my stomach with a loud gulp, only moments before the sleeping bag busted open.

I was trying to talk to him through my burps, but it was hard to make anything out other that "uuuurrrrp!" Thankfully, he appeared to be alive in there, as I could feel him thrashing around. I began to worry that my best friend would suffocate in there for a moment, but was actually met with his laughter. I managed to ask him what was happening through my belches, to which he responded "Best dutch oven ever!"


Over the next couple of hours, with the combined effort of me blowing gas out both ends, and Arthur gulping the stuff down inside, I was able to stop the growth and return to a normal size before our parents woke up. Thankfully, after a bit of playing with my gag reflex, I was able to get Arthur out of my stomach as well. We couldn't explain what happened to our clothes, which lead both sets of parents to think we were fucking, but we still got away from it without revealing what transpired.

Weirdly enough, after we got back home, Arthur started showing signs of having a weird spin of what I had. Whenever he ate food, he would build up gas uncontrollably. It was like he had what I had, but it affected his mouth instead. This, of course, has lead to us getting into more than a few wild things over the years, that I might share in the future.

I hope y'all had fun with this story!

PS: I know this is a weird time to tell you this but me and Arthur got married three years ago, and are still doing this stuff CONSTANTLY. If we're not exploring each other's bodies(literally) we're blasting each other with all we got. As for today, the biggest fart we've ever done, involves Arthur literally swollen to the size of our attic after eating a bad burrito. Hope I can tell you that story soon.

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I ADORED this. Though, I gotta say, Im a bit surprised, and a little disappointed that this ended up as oral vore rather than anal. You built the whole thing up and even gave an explaination for there to be anal vore, but then BAM oral came out of left field lol

I still very much enjoyed it, it just feels like it makes more sense to he anal than oral.
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Hey buddy, I can promise you that its something that happens a lot in the future. If I get the time to write out another story, I can promise you it'll be about Arthur. Y'see, things that go in my ass tend to get turned to gas, and I don't think my husband would be around today if he took a trip up that end. Trust me, I get what you're feeling though. Its why i'm happy to say that Arthur's ass has been significantly more...explored than my own, and I can't wait to tell you how.

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Very well done! I enjoyed it quite a lot!