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Chunky Dunking (FS, Oral, Cock, Fat)
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Hi all, this one is based on clothing optional chub/bear pool parties and what frequently goes on, except with a dash of vore. Most of the characters are bears and chubs with a few twinks, and it has oral vore and cock vore with a lot of guys being transformed into cum.


Chunky Dunking

I had been looking forward to this pool party for quite some time now. It was the first one planned out in the year since it was finally warm enough to get in the water. I had been to some in the past, but I always left before it got dark out. I decided this time I would stay until after dark came, because that’s when a friend of mine had told me the fun really got started. Once arriving to the party, it was full of several bears and chubs around the area. There were some thinner guys as well, but it was mostly big meaty men. I was somewhere in the medium-sized category at the party as I was chubby with some muscular arms and legs. It seemed like most people here were 300 to 500 pounds, which made me feel like a small guy for once. I was short though, so even though I had a lower weight, I looked bigger to some people than they would estimate. I only barely knew a couple of people and the rest were strangers. I didn’t really interact a whole lot with people at the party in general, because I was mostly just snacking on food and drinking some alcohol in anticipation of when the night came.

It was starting to finally get dark out, it felt like time was moving slower than normal. I headed outside and everyone was already starting to gather in different areas knowing what would come with the night. Tons of chubs and bears in swim trunks and speedos slowly started to take off any clothes they had remaining on. Everyone got naked, so I pulled off my trunks as well. At first it looked mostly like guys were just flirting with each other, but in the nude. I decided to slip into the pool and swim over to the deeper end. Most everyone was hanging out near the steps into the pool as it gave them a place to sit down, so it gave me some room to do what I came to do.

After about 20 minutes it had gone from sunset to almost completely black out. There was intentionally little light in the area, basically resonating from a few mosquito torches so that people could kind of see. A guy went over to the diving board and was preparing to dive into the pool. It was at that time I went under the water slightly and positioned myself for the guy. Right as he jumped in I resurfaced with my mouth wide open and the guy unknowingly dove into my mouth. With so much force he slipped his entire arms down into my stomach, but his head and chest were just stuck into my throat. This submerged both of us under water, but my lips were so tightly sealed around him that I didn’t really swallow much water. Before I regained my composure to be able to swim back to the surface, I had already swallowed him down past his waist. A few more gulps slipped his legs further into me, making sure that I wouldn’t be seen by someone, because I just wanted them to see my huge gut. I broke the water surface just as I swallowed the last of his feet, unintentionally getting a mouth full of water as well. My squirming belly weighed me down a bit, but luckily it was balanced out some from my belly fat enough to slowly swim my way over to a part of the pool to stand up on.

Being in the water made it incredibly easy to move around with a guy in my stomach once I had my feet on the bottom of the pool, the weightlessness would allow me to eat more guys like I had come to do so. I bumped into a guy from behind with my now enormous gut. The guy turned around and smiled, then lifted his hand out of the water and pointed straight down. I could barely see, but I knew he basically wanted me to blow him under the water. I went underneath the water like he has asked, but instead I went down closer to his feet and sucked them into my mouth like a water vacuum. I had to suck in a ton of water just to get this guy to get pulled down deeper into the pool. He probably made a noise at first, but everyone around was making noises and moaning anyways. Besides, it was just a second or so before his head was beneath the water surface as I had sucked him into my mouth almost as if he was being pulled into a whirlpool. The rest of devouring him was a combination of swallowing while also returning to the surface. I gulped him down in large leaps, pulling him further into the water and myself rising up so that when I finished my meal I could get a breath of air. His legs were already gone and I was now sucking in past his waist. He was a bit of a bearish guy, so not as fat, but still pretty thick with muscles. I could feel his hairy belly slipping past my lips as I pulled him closer in to his new home. I reached up and pulled on his shoulders to ram the guys torso into my mouth, stretching every part of my upper body to accommodate him. His legs were still stuck outside of my lips, attempting to push himself back out of me. A couple more gulps and the only thing outside my mouth were his arms, clasped together as they descended. The last bit was his hands slipped beyond my lips as I came back above the water surface. A final gulp and he was just another meal to me, stretching out my gut even further. I had to swallow a lot of pool water with that one, so I guess the two guys would get to have their own pool party in my gut. It helped sphere out my gut some as well, making it so any squirms of my meals were less noticeable.

My eyesight was starting to get used to the low light now and I saw another guy that I could easily devour. He was blowing a guy at the edge of the pool and I knew I could just swallow him up in one swoop and take his place with the blow job. This guy was skinny, so he was like a french fry to me. I made me way over to him and noticed a bit of struggle in the water and a guys lips sliding up the twink just as I had planned to. Another guy swallowed him whole and started to blow him just as I had planned. Maybe the night time was fun because everyone wanted to do exactly what I was doing, but I was just thinking they were going to have a giant orgy. I looked around and noticed there were several guys that obviously were bigger from swallowing one other participant whole. Some people had legs sticking out of their mouth and it looked like basically everyone was either having sex or swallowing someone whole. A group of guys outside of the pool had giant balls, massive balls that looked like you couldn’t even lug them around anywhere. I looked back over to the edge of the pool and the guy who just swallowed a guy was halfway into a guy’s cock. He must have swallowed the load from the guy he was blowing and now he was being devoured big his monstrously huge penis. I then realized people weren’t only just swallowing each other whole, some were going down cocks and being turned into cum.

It was then that I realized it’s highly possible only one person would make it out of this party and the rest would be devoured by some orifice. In order to try to make this harder to do, he decides to suck off the monstrous cock in front of him. The guy had just gotten off, but with his cock devouring a guy who already ate one other guy, I’m sure he’d be ready for another round. It took almost no time at all really, whether the guy was basically pre-cumming already or maybe he was easy to get off, but a few pumps on that cock and he started to blow his load. I held onto the guy and swallowed down his two-man load as much as I could. I was having trouble staying on his cock cause my belly was ballooning up with two more meals, pressing me further away from him as my belly pushed against the pool wall. His balls shrunk down and eventually returned to a more normal size, but my belly had become massive. It was at this point I was basically pool-ridden as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get up and walk around with 2  squirming guys, and 2 guys worth of cum inside of my gut.

Before I could even take a breather really, the guy who just got off got sucked down someone’s throat and the new guy stuffed his cock into my mouth. He had huge balls too, one or two guys in it at least, but I sucked him off as he face fucked me. At first it felt more of a survival thing to be the biggest guy in the pool so I wouldn’t be able to be swallowed, but now it was just hot. The guy shoved his cock down my throat as he climaxed. I could feel the tons of semen blasting down my throat and I could only moan as I could feel my belly filling out even more. I couldn’t really see how huge it had become, but I could feel it expanding bigger and bigger. I had grabbed onto the guys love handles, making sure that he wouldn’t be able to pull his dick out until I got every last drop of that man-made semen.

Once that guy was done, he had passed out and I assumed he would get devoured too, but I wasn’t going to be able to tell because another guy had already presented his huge cock and I wanted to blow him as well. He had been jerking off on the side obviously, because he looked like he was edging an orgasm before I was ready for more. I stuffed his cock into my mouth, it was a second nature at this point to me, I just wanted to swallow down all of the guys who turned into cum and it was all I could think about. He blasted his cum into me, but this one felt more than normal. Either it was more than two guys or maybe he stuffed a couple of superchubs down his cock and had more semen to blow. It was at this point that I had to rotate to balancing on my belly so that I could keep swallowing everything down. My belly looked ridiculously proportioned as several guys has been crammed inside of my stomach. Since most of them were turned into a big chubby guy’s load, it rounded out my belly almost as if it were a massive water balloon, rapidly expanding. It really felt as though with every load I swallowed that I craved more, it was very likely that I would swallow down every guy’s load at the party. After that, the hunger might still remain and I have to find more guys to swallow.

The next guy was a bit of a twink, but still with huge balls. He was taking too long to get situated to where I could blow him without his huge balls getting in the way, so I just stuffed his legs all the way down my throat. Once gulp and I was up to his massive balls, which one slid in with a single gulp and the second one with the next gulp. The huge domes sliding down my throat and I could feel him climax in my throat, spraying seed all in my throat as his entire body went in as well. He probably coated himself with the semen as I swallowed down the rest of him like a stiff noodle. I could feel my belly throbbing inside too, most likely from the guy cumming everywhere and squirming in what was most likely a hot tub full of jizz at this point.

Several guys lined up and the process continued until every single guy who had swallowed someone up with their dick had unleashed their loads down my throat. My body was so massive at this point that I couldn’t even really move, I was immobilized on top of my belly. I don’t know how many guys were stuffed in there, but it had to be at at least 15 and most of them were huge. I managed to roll over to my side and sit down on top of one of the stairs. I couldn’t even lift my belly up to stand up in the pool, so there was no way I would be able to get out of the pool and go home. I could hear several guys off in the distance still having sex and some glorping sounds of people being swallowed up by another guest. It was then that out of pure exhaustion I had passed out on the steps of the pool. My giant belly sticking out several feet in front of me, looking almost as if it were a perfect sphere floating in the pool.

I opened my eyes the next morning and looked around, everyone was gone from the pool except one guy sitting next to me. My belly had shrunk down some, but was still quite massive compared to how big I was when I got t the party. The guy next to me was in about the same shape, he was huge and obviously had stuffed down some guys. He had less of a round belly like I did because he was more of a chub type originally, so he was a big ball of dough resting in the pool, up against the stairs. He smiled at me and nudged me with his elbow.

“Don’t feel left out, I was going to eat you too, but you got too big for even me,” he said cheerfully. “You made it easy for me though, I swallowed every guy after you got them off, it was like a conga line down my throat.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but it ended up being a massive belch that had obviously been building up all night long. I blushed a bit, but I imagined that he probably was used to this kind of thing. We’d probably both have to wait a while before we could get up and leave the pool, but the bigger problem would be what kind of clothes we could fit in after so many guys going down into our guts.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, we can chill in the pool for a couple of days then go get breakfast or something, because I’m pretty sure the owner of the house is stewing in my gut. We’re not supposed to eat him, but it was an accident,” he said with a smirk “Not you for breakfast, I mean, unless you want that. But there’s always next time. I’m Nick, by the way.”

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Re: Chunky Dunking (FS, Oral, Cock, Fat)
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Another great story. Good job

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Re: Chunky Dunking (FS, Oral, Cock, Fat)
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Awesome story!!! :) 
Hope we see more of these two :)

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this was amazing! and amazingly hot! it pushes several of my buttons

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wouldvt love to hear about nick eating cock preds one after the other. hot