Author Topic: Unforgiving Night Part 1 (Sh, O, S, FATAL)  (Read 1676 times)

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Unforgiving Night Part 1 (Sh, O, S, FATAL)
« on: October 25, 2018, 04:20:50 PM »

The rain surged down from the sky, Kaito would often face the sky and feel the drops splash on to his face; opening his eyes, the setting sun's rays would pierce through the drops of water reaching his beautiful and warming blue eyes.

Kaito loved rainy days, especially at dusk, you know those angelic orange-purple clouds when it rains at dusk? He really adored it, so much, it made him feel free like there was not a care in the world; pleasant sensations of the drops touching his skin, the cool breeze and the sound of the rain hitting the ground let him drop the stress...

"Hey mum, i'm back!"

Kaito closed the door, took his shoes off and headed for the bathroom to get a towel to dry himself from the rain, his mum came out the kitchen on her wheelchair. "Hey sweetie, had a good day? I got a letter today from the hospital about my chemotherapy treatment, i should be going in next week"

Kaito walked out of the bathroom with a towel on his head, his eyes widened upon hearing the somewhat good news. "Mum, that is good news...I..don't want to sound depressing or anything but...we should just wait until we've raised the money for the real good treatment, chemo could do more harm than good for your legs and I just want to see you walk again"

His mother glanced towards the floor for a couple of seconds

"How was your day sweetie?"

"Tiring, college work is a handful plus now that i'm working, adding my college's work placement on top of that...just no time to sit back or spend time with you..."

She tried stating positive even during this bleak time "Son, it will get better, i know iv'e put all this on you but i have no one else to ask for help...i love you Kaito, we will get through this, i promise" Kaito knelt down to give his mum a hug

"I love you to, mum"

Outside, the rain continued to hammer down, even as the sun went beneath the horizon, the wind picked up and a storm was coming...


All the young students were headed for their classes, the storm left its mark on Cascade, trees fallen down, bins in car windows and the big pond was overflowing and still flooding the streets down from the University Centre. Kaito was on his to the College reception because he needed to apply for financial support due to the fact his mother could no longer work, however this was not to be easy as he had just turned 18 and financial support becomes more limited as you age...

"Hey Kai!" shouted Kaito's best friend.

Kaito turned around, there he saw him, his BFF since well...FOREVER! "Hey Matteusz, what's up man?"

Matteusz cheekily giggled "um well, i was thinking, hah y'know....wanna go out to the club tonight to party?"

Kaito frowned, looking ashamed

"I'm sorry but i can't really, got to take care of mum, since her cancer worsened she cannot do anything like getting changed or cooking..:" Kaito continued looking down, feeling ashamed he couldn't spend some time with his friend...
Matteusz however was still looking optimistic, perhaps a little insensitive to Kaito's situation "Well why don't you call your ma up and tell her you'll be clubbing for the night, i'm sure she won't mind..." Kaito knew Matteusz was right,mum really wouldn't mind, in fact he knew that she'd be crazily happy that he's going for a loud night out, Kaito then got his mum on the phone. 'Hey mum, look Matteusz has invited me to a night out at a club late tonight so i was wondering if you are okay with it...i don't want to leave you on your own but-"

His mum then cut in mid sentence

"No no that's fine Kaito, you go out and have a whopping night out with him , you deserve it and don't worry, i can live a night on my own, what kind of mum would i be if i couldn't? I'm going to hang up now because i have the hospital on hold, will you be coming home before heading out?"

"Nah mum, i'll be heading over there straight after college today, i love you"

"Alright sweetie, have a great time and see you soon, i love you too, bye!"

Matteusz's eyes lit up like light bulbs, he was clearly very excited to finally have some quality time with his mate.


The college day passed, Kaito and Matteusz had already left Uni grounds and headed for the night club on the other side of town, after a long journey down the boardwalk they reached the club, the moonlight was illuminating and the air was thin, much different compared to yesterday evening Kaito thought to himself.

Matteusz showed his ID along with Kaito to go into the night club, they could hear the low rumbling of music coming from the inside

Inside the club it was crazy, young men and women dancing their asses off, snogging, getting drunk and just being young! Kaito was taken back, it had been a long time since he'd been anywhere like this, last time was most likely prom night he thought to himself. Kaito then noticed that Matteusz was at the bar already so he headed over to his friend. Matteusz's deep voice rang out in Kaito's direction "Hey dude! Do you think its time we finally stopped holding back and just..."embrace" each other heh heh!"

Kaito laughed

"You know i'm not really into guys, look you'll get a boyfriend soon i'm sure, you're good looking you know?" Matteusz smiled widely in joy "Aww thanks bro, your a real friend!!" 

The two young adults ordered some drinks and started partying away

The club lights flashing, the disco smoke in the air, the music, the dancing...all of it Kaito had missed and while the two were indulging a young guy sitting near the back of the room, close to the bar, had his eyes fixated on the two of them.

After a couple of hours Matteusz was pissed off his head and so drunk, he stumbled a bit to the restroom, the young man in the back followed."

Matteusz turned the tap on, put his hand under the water and wiped his sweaty face with water, just as he did so he saw a very cute young guy come through the door in the mirror, while his sight was a little foggy from being drunk he saw him come up right behind him, Matteusz turned around in a sort of sluggish motion. The handsome young guy spoke "You look a bit drunk dude, having a good night?" Matteusz suddenly felt a warm tingly sensation run up his whole body, the young guy was standing almost on him, and this made him feel aroused, this guy was tall, he had really lovely short pale blond hair that was finely cut at the back, Matteusz looked down and examined his entire form; really slim body, he wore tight ripped jeans, Nike sneakers, he had lovely feet too. Matteusz looked up at his face and realised he was smiling, he had lovely plush lips, smooth skin and some very dark blue eyes. As if on cue the young guy started making a move to kiss Matteusz.

the two young men began to kiss each other, literally eating each other's lips, they began to pull themselves closer to each other while snogging, the young guy then grabbed Matteusz's butt, this made Matteusz let out a moan of sexual arousal.

Both of them were embracing each other for a couple of minutes, neither one of them willing to end the moment of pleasure. Matteusz spoke, still a bit sluggish from all the alcohol.

In a light voice, Matteusz asked the young man's name

"It's Leon, you?"

"Matteusz" he responded.

Leon spoke in a very sexual manner, he was clearly enjoying giving Matteusz intimate cuddles, to which Matteusz leaned back on the sink with his eyes closed, smiling.
"So Matteusz, first time kissing?"

"Yeah man....ah its so good, i mean it feels great...." he said in a pleasurable voice

Leon then giggled and stopped stroking Matteusz's lean body. "Tell you what, i think you're right damn hot man, i can give you more, the night of your fucking life actually but we gotta keep this secret, get in the cubical with me" Both of them then went into the cubical furthest from the door, Leon locked the cubical door while  Matteusz sat on the toilet seat.

"Matteusz, this is gonna be our little secret so you can't tell anyone okay?"

"Right c'mon Leon, i'm real horny waiting to fuck you!"

Leon then laughed

"Trust me mate, this is gonna be way better than sex..."

All of a sudden Matteusz's mind went black and the next thing he knew he was standing somewhere but he couldn't recognize where he was.

Then a booming voice rang out

"Hey down there, little Matteusz!" said Leon, who was now some sort of giant! Leon then reached down and wrapped his fist gently around Matteusz tiny body, bringing the tiny guy to his face. Matteusz could barely speak, he was shocked. "L..leon...what the hell?! How are you so big?!" the tiny guy stammered. Leon giggled again "I didn't get big lol, you have just shrunk!" little Matteusz felt very slightly afraid of the giant Leon, he was about to talk before Leon's voice boomed out.

"I did say you were gonna enjoy this, and you can't tell anyone either, its a secret!"

"B..but you c.can get me...b..back to normal size right?"

Leon kept giggling

"I can so don't worry but why would you want that? I don't know if you realized but your around the same size as an ant, a tiny bit bigger i think, we're gonna have a lot of fun!"  Matteusz had now only noticed that he was naked, he peered over Leon's thumb and could see all his normal sized clothes on the ground beneath Leon's feet. The thought then entered his head about all the fun they really could have! This was like a dream to him... "Alright Leon, lets have some fun time..."

Leon then placed little Matteusz on the seat of the toilet and then took his shirt off, revealing his smooth, slim body.

Immediately Matteusz's dick started growing, indicating he was become aroused by Leon's enormous form, Leon the  reached down and picked up little Matteusz, he lowered the tiny guy down to his belly and started rubbing Matteusz's little body all around his belly area and even pushed him into his belly button slightly, little Matteusz was in a state of Mania, his cock fully erect, he noticed a bulge appearing in Leon's crotch, indicating he too was aroused. Leon then undid his belt and lowered Matteusz down to his crotch, revealing his boxers and the big bulge "Hey Matteusz, ready to spend a little time in there?" Matteusz barely gave a response apart from a slight smile, Leon then pulled his boxers forward and dropped Matteusz on to his enormous dick

Little Matteusz was immediately flushed with hot air irradiating from Leon's body, Leon kept stroking his dick through his boxers, little Matteusz was getting thrown around down there but he started stroking Leon's cock, he even bgean slipping down towards his scrotum, while doing so he continued to lick Leon's penis, despite his small size.

Up in the normal sized world, Leon was busting inside, he knew what he was going to do to little Matteusz, he couldn't wait any longer, after so many years he will finally be able to eat a tiny human.

Leon stopped stroking his cock, he reached in and pulled little Matteusz out.

"Oh man Leon! I...i...i have been having such a time i can't describe!!!!!! I love you so much!"

Leon placed Matteusz on the toilet seat again, he then did pulled up his tight jeans and did up his belt but did not put his shirt back on for that was part of the plan he made. He then reached down and picked up Matteusz, holding him a little tightly.

Leon brought his newfound tiny lover to his face and smiled wide, then he lowered little Matteusz down his body slowly, giving him plenty of time to admire his form one last time from the outside.

Leon then pointed at his belly and giggled

"Mmmm, Matteusz, that's where you're gonna end up!"

Little Matteusz's face then turned from one to pleasure to one of confusion. "What? Leon what are you saying?"

Leon kept giggling, he brought Matteusz to his face

"I'm going to EAT YOU Matteusz!"

Matteusz's face then turned to one of disbelief and he scoffed at Leon " your not Leon, you're only joking right man?"

Leon, growing bored of Matteusz's stupidity, opened his mouth, extended his beautiful pink tongue and then gave licked Matteusz's naked body from head to toe, coating him in a layer of warm, sticky saliva. "Eeeew, Aaaah, Leon that is disgusting!!! Stop!!!"

Leon then took a more serious face and deepend his voice "Matteusz, i'm going to eat you, but it will be alright, i'm sure you will enjoy it! Matteusz, still not believing Leon, laughed at him.

Leon had enough, he opened his mouth and put little Matteusz on his warm wet tongue and closed his mouth, he then proceeded to swish him around, drenching him in his spit and threatening to swallow him with his throat, Leon then spat him out on to his hand. "L..leon what the hell?! Your not being serious, stop it!!" Matteusz cried out.

Finally Leon thought he had made him a little scared, now was the moment.

"I'm gonna swallow you whole and alive Matteusz, you'll then slide down my warm, slippery throat and then you will end up in my belly!"
Leon lowered Matteusz down to his belly again "I can't wait to swallow you whole! The thought of you struggling around inside my belly while your digesting alive really turns me on, Matteusz"

Matteusz then whimpered out "Leon, you can't be serious!"

"Oooh i am little guy!"

:Leon then brought little Matteusz above his head, he opened his mouth and prepared to drop him, Matteusz screamed.

"Matteusz!" a voice rang out, someone was coming in the restroom

It was Kai, he thought he'd check the restroom to see if his pal was okay, Matteusz had been in the restroom for well over 35 minutes. "Matteusz you in here?!" Kai called out, unbeknownst to what was happening to his friend right at that very moment in the end cubicle.

Matteusz was screaming out while Leon held him near his lips, Leon was smiling, he knew Kai would not be able to hear his friend's voice at that size, Matteusz continued screaming for help. "Kai help! Help Me!" but Kai could not hear him and after a minute he headed back to the bar in hopes his friend would return soon.

Leon then giggled

"See ya, make sure to squirm in my belly, i want to feel you struggle!"  Matteusz then screamed one last time

"Kai, Help!"

Leon then tossed poor little Matteusz into his mouth, tilted his head back and swallowed the poor 18 year old guy whole, his Adams apple rose slightly before the bulge disappeared into his chest, Leon then stood up and rubbed his tummy before letting out a little belch, he then put his shirt back on and headed for the door.
Out in the room Kai was trying his phone to see if he could reach Matteusz because he was worried, Leon then walked past him, headed for the door to head home, Kai had no idea that his friend was so close for a few seconds, deep down inside of Leon's stomach.

Kai planned on staying longer to wait for Matteusz

To be continued.

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Re: Unforgiving Night Part 1 (Sh, O, S, FATAL)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2018, 11:03:18 AM »
great story... keep it up.... cam't wait to read the next part

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Re: Unforgiving Night Part 1 (Sh, O, S, FATAL)
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2019, 04:56:12 PM »
Oh god where is part two? ! Kaito better remain he has to Take care of his mom, that ending was so teasing! I was excited that leon just went home i was worried, but his poor friend i already know hes gone but what will happen? Will Kaito discover what happend? Avenge his friend, I am happy he is straight it seperates him as a protagonist, but shows care for his friend no matter what they are into and even waits for him not know he is being digested. This needs a sequel! Great story.