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Hi Guys,

As some know, I've been away from writing due to real life shit.  But I've finally done the next part of my most requested series.

Chapter 1 is here -

Chapter 2 is here -

Chapter 3 is here -

Hope you enjoy!


 Moving in day.  It seemed so strange to be calling it that, given who we were moving in with.  Or who we were moving into.  We had discussed things at length, but it was the one matter that Jason wouldn't budge on, no matter how embarrassed it made him.

"So, our rooms..." I gestured to his crotch, us all clean and fully dressed again on his sofa.  "They are going to be specified in the tenancy agreement?"

"No..." He said slowly, clearly worried that he'd hit the deal breaker.  "The agreement is mostly normal legal stuff.  But it will refer to a separate roommate agreement.  It is in there that will have the details we agree about spending each night inside me..."

"What we agree?" Mark asked.  "So how you want to work this isn't set in stone?"

Jason had looked genuinely shocked then, which was probably why we felt we could trust him.  "Of course not.  I don't want to force something on you legally.  I really do want us to be friends as well as roommates... But I have dreamed about sleeping with guys inside me for so long, and now I've done it once... I really really want to keep doing it."

"Ok.  I mean it was hardly unpleasant, kinda hot in a weird way," I said as I sat cross-legged on the arm of his sofa in just a pair of shorts, same as Mark.  My brother gave me a funny look, but he shrugged his agreement.  While the stay in Jason's nuts hadn't bothered him, it didn't seem to turn him on either.  "But if you have thought about it a lot, how would things work practically?"

And so we had discussed, and debated, and yes, aside from the crucial point of us, he was willing to compromise.

He agreed to make all the adjustments to the flat that we needed; ladders on furniture, plug guards and so forth.  We agreed both ways that we would provide each other warning if we wanted to bring any visitors home; girlfriends was a topic to discuss when it happened.  Naturally, sleepovers were not on the cards.  It never occurred to us to ask about Jason getting a boyfriend, he was a shy nerd after all.

As for sleeping arrangements, we agreed a curfew.  Me and Mark must be ready to go to bed at 10pm each evening, and Jason was required to let us out of our rooms again no later than 8am the next morning.  Fridays and Saturdays as non-school/work nights could be later, and vacations and visiting family and so forth would be arranged as required.  He didn't expect us to be inside him when he went home for Christmas break, though admitted the idea was kinda hot for him.

And that was that.

Me and Mark packed up most of our belongings into a small storage container the size of a couple of matchboxes and Jason came to pick us up, literally.  He had a brief chat with our parents, but they could never guess why he was so shy, and we spent the rest of the weekend unpacking into the top drawer of Jason's bedside table.

We stayed up late that first night, watching films and chatting shit and Jason was slowly feeling more at ease around us.

"So, you've never fancied girls?" Mark asked, he'd had a couple beers.  "Not even a little?"

"Mark!" I thumped him in the arm.

"It's ok," Jason smiled.  He didn't drink, but seemed not to mind us doing so.  "And no.  I have girl friends, more than guy friends really, but I always get nervous around guys my own size.  With little guys I know I'm never gonna have them shove my head in the toilet."

Mark gave me an unusually pained look, which thankfully Jason didn't notice.  We'd both done similar things to geeks and nerds our own size.  Of course it was all a laugh, trying to get them to man up... But hearing it from a victim was different.

We were quiet for awhile before Mark surprised us both by asking to go to bed early.  Jason was certainly not going to complain, and I sat drinking my beer as I once again watched my brother get swallowed whole by Jason's chode.

It occurred to me later that fleeing into someone's crotch was certainly a way to avoid an awkward conversation.

"That seemed to go a lot quicker," I commented, resting my beer on my hardon.  Was I really getting turned on by a guy?

"Yeah," he panted, before pulling his baggy pants bag up and sitting back down, his bulge was still huge.  "I guess practice will help stretch me out.  Hopefully that will make things more comfortable for you guys."

I smiled at him, he was actually talking more confidently with Mark inside him.  "Well, it didn't hurt or anything last night.  Kinda felt like a full body massage... Though if ya getting practice twice a day we'll soon work out how fast you can swallow us up!"

"I'm glad you like it." He blushed, and it was my turn to look away awkwardly.  Though he save me following Mark's example.  "Would you mind going to bed too? I'm dying for a wank and I don't know if I could... err... swallow you up, after I've cum..."

I looking down at his tenting crotch again, and could see his cock twitching under the fabric.  Not wanting to make things weird, I drained my beer and undressed.  A minute later he was lowering me feet first into his gaping slit, five minutes later just my head was visible in his huge mushroom.

Just as I was expecting him to flex and swallow my head, he got a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"You said this felt like a full body massage, right?"

"Yeah..." I gasped, both from my chest being constricted and from my painfully hard cock rubbing against the walls of his urethra.

"Well, I'll give you a present."

With that he stood up and got undressed, walking around gave me a real vertigo trip as his cock swayed from side to side.  As I was wondering what he was doing, I saw him take out a cock ring and squirt some lube on his hand before bringing it down to grip his shaft below me.

"Wait, what are you..." My words were cut off as I groaned.

As he slowly started to wank his huge cock the muscles rippled around me, pleasure I'd never guessed ran through me and I struggled to think.

"I can wait until you are in my balls if you want?" he asked, grinning as he stroked slowly.  He must have amazing self-control.

"Don't you dare!" I shouted up, hoping to hell Mark didn't know what was happening.

I shuddered as he continued wanking with slow methodical strokes.  Naturally my head was soon swallowed, but he stopped me sinking all the way so there must have been a big lump along the middle of his dick.  A lump that was writhing in sweet agony.

He must have felt it when I orgasmed, my jock body tensing and thrashing as I spewed my insignificant load inside him.  As I slowly came down from my high I went totally limp, more satisfied and relaxed than I'd ever felt.

"My turn now..."

I heard above me, and the stroking now started to push me down.  It wasn't long before I was pulled out of his shaft and into his crotch, and I pictured him putting his cock ring on as soon as I fell into his nut.

And it was his nut, I realised.  It wasn't my room.

Strangest thing was, I didn't want to call it my room.  I wanted to live in his nut, swimming in his load which filled most of the chamber.

Well, it filled the chamber for about two minutes, before there was a loud moan that vibrated the walls around us.  Jason's sack tensed up and we braced ourselves as almost all his load was sucked out, leaving just us inside.  If he shot on his chest, into a toy or down the toilet we'd never know.

"Sleep well guys," we heard as he gently massaged us through his sack.

Settling on my back I slide around a little as Jason walked around the flat, making his supper and having a shower.  We had gone to bed early, there was no reason he should too.  But soon I found a position that was comfortable and the gentle swaying of my new home, and the rhythm of his pulse through the walls lulled me to sleep.

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Absolutely awesome, I'm so glad you decided to write another chapter.

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Re: Giant Flat Share - Chapter 4 (Willing CV, Non-fatal, Mixed-size society)
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This really is my favorite vore story ever. Thanks for writing this chapter!