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Rock, Paper, Swallow (FS, Oral)
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Hey everyone, this is just a quick story idea I had on my list from a long time ago that I felt like fleshing out. It's multiple counts of full-sized oral vore with varying body types.


Rock, Paper, Swallow

Rock Paper Swallow is a game reimagined by a few preds in a simple game. No one was willing to be the prey, so they had to come up with this so that everyone had a chance to be a pred, but no one willingly being a prey.

The rules are everyone stands in a circle to be ready to play rock paper scissors with each other. Everyone starts with 5 points. The players will play clockwise to the person next to them; the winner gains a point and the loser loses a point. The next match happens until a full circle of games has been completed. The person with the lowest points is swallowed whole by the person with the most points. In the case of a draw, the matches keep going around the circle until there are no ties for first or last place. The points do not reset between rounds.

Player 1
Name: Andrew
Age: 23
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 178 lbs.
Build: Tall, fit, smooth
Description: Andrew is a guy who played sports throughout high school and as a hobby in college. He never really went hardcore into it, but enjoyed working out, playing sports with friends, and in general just staying on the move. Not really a frat guy in college, but ended up hanging out with all of them anyways.

Player 2
Name: John
Age: 32
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 212 lbs.
Build: Short, stout, muscle and fat
Description: John looks like he used to be a short fireplug build, but as he got older he started working out less. Because of this trend he slowly gained some weight and transformed from muscular, to muscular with a belly.

Player 3
Name: Alex
Age: 30
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 308 lbs.
Build: Average height, soft, pear shape fat
Description: Alex is a stereotypical fat nerdy guy. He wears plastic frames and is wearing a t-shirt that references multiple video game fandoms that most people don’t get. The shirt doesn’t quite fit as it shows the bottom portion of his belly if he lifts his arms up at all.

Player 4
Name: Adrian
Age: 36
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 412 lbs.
Build: Tall, broad shoulders, muscular arms, spherical belly
Description: Adrian is an interestingly proportioned guy. His arms and legs look like they are solid muscle, but then his torso is two stiff moobs sitting atop a large dome of a gut. His face looked a bit chubby too, but if you blacked out his torso people would probably think he was a bodybuilder.

Player 5
Name: Steven
Age: 42
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 282 lbs.
Build: Short, fat, round
Description: Steven is a very short chubby guy. Because of his height, his weight makes him seem like a big butterball kind of guy. He’s aged quite well, but his thick thighs are almost meaty enough to make the man waddle.’

Round 1
Andrew goes up against John as the first game. Early enough in the game, all of the players seem to be confident they will win. Some say the game is luck, some say it’s about reading people, but these players say it’s about eating people. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Andrew pulls scissors and John pulls paper. The first round goes to Andrew, John pouts with his lost point. Andrew has 6 points and John now has 4.

The next to come up is John versus Alex. Roughly the same height, but a large difference in girth. They waist no time before going. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! John pulls paper and Alex pulls scissors. John loses another point and goes down to 3, but Alex ties for first with 6 points.

Alex versus Adrian. The two biggest guys in terms of girth, but Adrian looms over him in height and width. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Alex pulls scissors and Adrian pulls rock. It looks like Alex is knocked back down to 5 points and loses the tie, but Adrian goes up to 6 and ties for first.

Adrian is now up against Steven. Very opposite body types. Although Adrian does have a big round gut, Steven is more of a pear shape and has basically no muscle mass to compare against Adrian’s thick arms and legs. Plus, Steven is several inches shorter. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Adrian pulls rock and Steven pulls paper. Adrian gets knocked back down to 5 points and Steven goes up to tie for first with 6 points.

Steven is now up against Andrew, the first player. Andrew is tall and thin, and Steven is short and fat. Really they are the furthest apart in body types. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Steven pulls scissors and Andrew pulls paper. Steven goes up to 7 points to take the lead and Andrew goes back down to 5 points.

Steven wastes no time and pounces on John. Before anyone else even came to the conclusion of who was to be the prey, John was neck deep into Steven. Everyone watched Steven as he stuffed the guy in, each person secretly wanting to take advantage of the situation and eat them both, but with this many predators in one spot it would be best to play by the rules or you might get eaten yourself. John was up to his little chubby belly inside of Steven, being lathered in his saliva as he gulped him down inch by inch. It wasn’t until the legs that Steven even had to use his hands, basically just to keep John from continually kicking. The kicking was always annoying for someone that short, almost made him lose balance. No matter though, once inside of his stomach the guy can kick all he wants. The legs descended into Steven’s mouth until only his feet remained. Teasing him for a bit, Steven returned to his position in the circle, refusing to do the last gulp. Adrian annoyed that Steven wouldn’t take the last gulp stuffs the feet down his throat abruptly. ULP. “Hey, that’s my favorite part!” he said as the bulge of John travels down his throat and stretches out his belly massively. His shirt goes from barely fitting to now rising up his belly past the belly button, stretched enough that you know it’s ruined.

Andrew: 5 points
John: 3 points - Swallowed by Steven
Alex: 5 points
Adrian: 5 points
Steven: 7 points

Round 2
Without delay, John’s spot is now vacant and the first game is between Andrew and Alex. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Andrew pulls scissors and Alex pulls paper. Andrew ends with 6 points and Alex drops down to 4 points. Alex being in last place in the first game makes it seem like he’s already lost.

Alex turns to go up against Adrian and they go at it immediately. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Alex pulls paper and Adrian pulls paper. It’s a draw so no points change, Alex is at 4 still and Adrian is at 5.

Adrian versus Steven. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Adrian pulls scissors, Steven pulls rock. Adrian drops to a tie for last place at 4 points, Steven ends up with 8 points, far in the lead compared to most.

Now back to the first player, Steven versus Andrew - the two that remain in first place the most. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Steven pulls scissors and Andrew pulls rock. Steven drops down to 7 points and Andrew catches up with 7 points as well.

Since there’s a tie for first place another round goes. Andrew turns towards Alex and the go for the tie breaker round. The difference in current points could also turn out to show who will be the next predator and who will be the next prey. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Andrew pulls rock and Alex pulls scissors. Andrew ends with 8 points and Alex has 3 points.

Andrew is the thinnest of the 5 and Alex is probably the fattest of the 5, but not quite the biggest. Andrew casually walks over with a big smirk across his face and stands in front of Alex. Alex rolls his eyes at the guy just before Andrew stuffs Alex’s head into his mouth. Andrew aggressively swallows him down while using his arms to grab Alex’s love handles and ram him in. Since Alex is a much bigger guy, he figures faster will be easier this time around. When he gets to Alex’s fat belly he has trouble trying to it all into his stretched-out mouth. It’s almost like trying to cram a futon into your mouth with how soft he is. Eventually Andrew manages to get him in down to his navel and once that happens the rest slips in with gravity cramming him down. His wide thighs press in, slipping in as Andrew uses his arms to clasp them together. They go down so smooshed together that it almost looks like one big leg sliding down his gullet until the last of Alex slips past Andrew’s lips. Andrew isn’t so much a thin guy now with a 300 pounds meal squirming around inside of his belly. Now, onto round 3.

Andrew: 8 points
John: Swallowed by Steven
Alex: 3 points - Swallowed by Andrew
Adrian: 4 points
Steven: 7 points

Round 3
The next round starts, even though it’s only round 3 there are now only 3 players remaining, so the turns will go a bit faster.

Andrew versus Adrian. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Andrew pulls rock and Adrian pulls paper. Andrew ends up with 7 points and Adrian ends up with 5.

Adrian versus Steven. Rock Paper Scissors. Shoot! Adrian pulls paper and Steven pulls rock. Adrian goes up to 6 points and Steven drops down to 6.

Steven versus Andrew to go back around to the beginning. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Steven and Andrew both pull scissors. Steven stays at 6 points and Andrew stays at 7.

Since there’s a tie in points for the lead, the rounds keep going until a tie is broken. Andrew versus Adrian. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Andrew pulls rock and Adrian pulls paper. Andrew drops to 6 points and Adrian goes up to 7 points.

Adrian versus Steven. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Adrian pulls scissors and Steven pulls rock. Adrian has 6 points and Steven has 7.

“This is stupid, it could go on forever!” Adrian bellows and jumps on Andrew. Andrew didn’t even see it coming when Andrew and Steven turned to face each other. Adrian stuffed the top portion of Andrew down his throat. All the way up to the guy’s bloated Alex-filled belly in a split second. Adrian picks him plus Alex inside of him up with ease and slides the guy on in, continually stretching his mouth wider and wider to encompass all that is Andrew’s bloated gut. It almost doesn’t even look like Adrian is trying at this point, just casually stuffing a snack-filled snack into his belly. Andrew’s belly completely slipped past Adrian’s lips, which drastically shrunk down in size once it got past his bloated midsection. The remainder of Andrew was just his thin, tall legs that were slurped up in a second like a couple of noodles from Adrian’s prey soup. UURRRRRRP. “Okay, now this should be easier with just the two of us. You knew it would end up with us anyways Steven,” Adrian says boasting his cheating.

Steven shrugs, it didn’t really matter to him since he wasn’t the one eaten.

Andrew: 6 points - Swallowed by Adrian
John: Swallowed by Steven
Alex: Swallowed by Andrew
Adrian: 6 points
Steven: 7 points

Round 4
Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Adrian pulls rock and Steven pulls scissors. It ties up with both remaining predators at 7 points. The next game would determine the winner.

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot! Steven pulls paper and Adrian pulls rock. Steven ends up with 8 points and Adrian with 6.

Adrian is shocked and jumps at Steven with his mouth wide open. Steven ducks the huge man, causing him to fly over and land flat on his engorged belly just behind Steven. Steven drops his jaw and mows down Adrian’s legs in one foul swoop, slurping them all the way down his throat and only stopping at the guys enormous torso. Adrian at this point can’t turn around or really move at all except a bit of squirming, basically shacked to the floor by Steven’s hungry jaws. Steven starts to work his way up Adrian’s massive belly, stuffing in what he can with his hands, making his mouth stretch out even wider with every bit of belly mashed in. Eventually his mouth stretched out wide enough to the biggest portion of Adrian. It was a bit tough to get him in much further since he was lying on the ground, but he managed to lift him up slightly for a split second just to cram the guy into his mouth more. It was moving really slowly, inch by inch, especially with Adrian trying to push him off with his hands, but it wasn’t really doing much since Adrian was in such an awkward position. Several minutes had passed and Steven was finally up to Adrian’s chest, arms still out and about trying to do something, but not able to stop Steven’s insatiable hunger at this point. Steven starts to push forward against the ground and moves Adrian enough that he presses against a wall. Once that happened, Steven just had to keep pushing forward and the wall would cram the guy deeper inside of him. It was mere seconds at that point to go from chest level to his head. Steven lifted himself up with the aid of the wall while he swallowed the guys head down, letting the arms dangle out in an incredibly uncomfortable upward position for Adrian. Steven made his way to his feet and very slowly swallowed the arms bit by bit. He probably spent more time swallowing down the last bit of the arms than on the rest of Adrian’s enormous body, just letting his throat muscles slowly pull him down to his stomach on their own. But eventually, the hands slipped past Steven’s lips and they closed with a slight pop of drooling saliva smacking against his lips. One final gulp and the entirety of the party descends into Steven. His belly balled out dramatically with over 1000 pounds of delicious man in his belly, looking like some kind of over inflated beach ball attached to his torso.

Steven then waddled slowly over to his couch and plopped down on it, practically snapping it in half with the massive weight in one position. “Predators always make better prey, I can’t wait for the next game.”

John: Swallowed by Steven
Alex: Swallowed by Andrew
Andrew: Swallowed by Adrian
Adrian: 6 points - Swallowed by Steven
Steven: 7 points
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Fun story and game!