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Defining Vore (FS, Oral, Fat, Sex, Reformation)
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Hi all, this story contains full-sized oral vore, fat/gainer themes, oral sex, and reformation. I haven't written full stories in a while and this one came out to be one of my longer ones, so hopefully it's not too wordy. Let me know what you think.


Defining Vore

I remembered it like it was yesterday, the first time I ever swallowed anything whole. It was just a pet frog I had, but a friend jokingly dared me to eat it. I guess they never really said to swallow it whole, but it was instinctual. It was a very weird feeling, no one has any idea what it feels like unless they have done it personally. Well, that’s assuming anyone else in the world can do what I can do. I didn’t even really know what to think of it at the time, it was all an eerie situation. However, the part that was most difficult to understand was why my frog was still in its cage the next morning. I knew it was my frog, it had the same markings on its back, but at the same time I just thought it was a dream and never even asked my friend about it. I don’t think he wanted to talk about it either, it’s not often you meet someone who swallows a frog whole. Or in my mind, it was more than likely that it never actually happened. That was a couple of years ago.

I had a journal for specific use, not just a standard journal. It was more about documenting specific experiences from the first time until the current day. Even though it was something I enjoyed doing, I was fascinated by its specifics, almost in a scientific way. I didn’t really have a name for it, because it was just my journal of swallowing things whole. This was just the first entry, it was a nice memory really, but several pages forward of documenting events and there was room for more entries.

Today’s entry was pretty straightforward, more of a test in single serving size capacity rather than anything new. It was actually a bit of a weird feeling at first, because I decided to swallow a watermelon this time. Normally, I would swallow meat of varying sizes, but watermelons can get pretty huge and don’t cost too much. I stuffed in in my mouth like any other time, but it felt kind of stiff at first until I could feel my muscles stretch wider. Once I got into it, I pushed it past my teeth and down my throat. I closed my lips around the watermelon and could feel it slowly travel down my throat like dry-swallowing a very large pill. Now, the weird part came in when I could feel my throat condense in on the watermelon and crushed it enough that juice shot further down my throat. It was only a matter of a few seconds before the bulge in my throat disappeared into my belly area. I was a bit chubby so it really just looked like I was pretty full, nothing more. I knew I could train my mouth to stretch wider than a normal person could, but this was just the beginning.

The next few weeks were a bit of a blur in trying different things to swallow whole. Basically go to my job, pick up something bigger on the way home, swallow it whole and document my findings. Well, and of course enjoying the meal itself and watching the whole experience in a full length mirror. You could see the whole thing in process almost as if it were a naked eye x-ray. After the watermelon, I tried a few chickens, a smaller ham, and even a turkey. The turkey I almost choked on, but I pushed through it. It was insane to see how much bigger my body would look with just a single meal. I found that anything that wasn’t alive by the time I swallowed it whole didn’t return home, it just was food I digested. It seemed to completely disappear without a trace, unlike the living things I swallowed.

Several meals later, I found a few things out about my abilities. I don’t think there’s a limit to the size of meal I can swallow whole, but it’s similar to working out where you don’t want to go from doing nothing all day to lifting a ton of weight or you might pull something. I just have to make sure I swallow stuff often enough to keep my muscles trained on swallowing bigger and bigger meals. The biggest thing I had tested was on a catfish, which doesn’t sound very extreme, but it was actually a record size catfish a local had caught and kept on display. It wasn’t a world record, but a local lake record of an 80 pound catfish. It definitely struggled on the way down, but I managed to quickly and strongly swallow it within 30 seconds since fish are an easier shape to get down. I wish I was able to see that one in the mirror, but it was in a public place. I just had to make sure no one saw me and what I could do. I’m sure some people thought it was weird that I had an oversized jacket when I came in, but it definitely fit when I was leaving. I did it on a windy day too, so the movement in my jacket wouldn’t look too weird. The main thing I found out from that experience is that the amount of weight I gain from my meals is significantly less than the weight of the meal.

I looked through some previous entries where I weighed myself after the meal and tried to estimate how much weight I had kept on the next morning. It was a bit rough without more information, but it seemed like about 10% of the weight of the meal with some variance. The meals where something was just food and and not alive seemed to gain no weight. I put the journal back in its place, behind a stack of books that I’ve never read and slipped behind a fake backing of the bookshelf. I realized I smelled a bit fishy from that meal too, it was probably from so much fish and coming out from my sweat glands. I did go back to the area where the catfish was devoured and it was back in its tank. I could feel an urge to do it again when I saw the big catfish in its tank, but I couldn’t. I overheard the fisherman who caught it talking about how the catfish disappeared and came back this morning. I wouldn’t be given the chance to do it again today.

The next step was a bit more impulsive than anything else really, but I still documented it. I had a guy over at my place that I met off of Growlr. He was a cute guy and definitely had a talent when it came to his mouth, not like me, but he knew how to give a good blowjob. He was passed out on the bed next to me, naked and snoring. I ran my fingers down his soft hairy chest and placed a hand on his small pot belly. He was a little chubby, but it was more like a beer belly than actually being that fat. He was much taller than I was, though. I looked into his open, snoring mouth and wondered what he would think about seeing the back of my throat.

I contemplated and listened to my surroundings, it was dead silent at 4 AM, so basically everyone in the area would be asleep. I slid my hand behind his head and pushed it towards my mouth at the same time I opened my mouth several times wider than normal to suck the whole head down my throat before he could even wake up. He obviously panicked immediately after that, but I was already feeding him in further and his arms were losing less mobility as my lips traveled down his chest. I shifted positions to swallow him easier, sliding the rest of his torso all the way in. He was naked and obviously scared for his life, but the feeling of my throat muscles must have been arousing because he was rock hard. I pushed his dick down, aiming towards my mouth, and slid it into my mouth slowly with some of the rest of him. I slipped my lips back and forth a little bit giving him practically a full body blowjob and it took maybe 15 seconds before I could feel his load blast down my throat. That was my cue to start swallowing him down again and even though his head is probably already in my stomach, I’m pretty sure I could hear the vibrations from him moaning in pleasure. I slid to the back of my bed and limped off the side, slowly standing up while simultaneously swallowing him. The legs went by quick, almost like a pair of wet noodles gently kicking about - one of his feet almost hit me right in the eye. His feet slipped past my lips and then finally the toes. One final gulp after closing my mouth and it was done. My biggest meal was done and I don’t even remember his name.

I felt like a narcissist, because I had waddled over to the full-length mirror and couldn’t stop staring at myself. My belly was so massive and squirming with this guy inside of it and I couldn’t get enough. Just while admiring myself and current stuffed girth, I orgasmed while standing and almost completely fell off my feet from my legs going weak. I was way too full to clean the mess up, but I wasn’t really concerned about that in the least. I almost wanted to try to see if I could let him out just so I could swallow him again, but it wasn’t worth trying. The real test would be to see what he says tomorrow. I sauntered off to bed slowly and collapsed onto it with a loud crack, possibly breaking a portion of my bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning I abruptly woke up to a message on Growlr. I saw my body had changed slightly, my belly was definitely bigger. If my calculations were correct, it’d probably be about a 20 pound gain. I stood up and felt weird, almost dizzy as if my perspective was off, but I ignored it as I grabbed my phone knowing it had to be this guy. He was messaging me to yell at me with confused anger. It wasn’t him though, it was some random other guy. Huh. I pulled up his profile and messaged him about last night and he replied back oddly.

Me: Hey, how’d you enjoy last night?
Him: what?
Me: Last night, you came over.
Him: uh, no
Him: i passed out last night in my bed i guess after i said i would come over
Him: sorry
Me: It’s okay, maybe we can reschedule or something.

He didn’t know. Was he drunk or drugged by himself? Or did my powers have some sort of memory wiping ability? There’s no way he would make zero comments about being swallowed whole by another man and well, enjoying it immensely. It’s the only thing that would make sense, but I’d have to find out more. Besides, I wanted to do that again. As many times as I could without getting caught.

A few months had passed and I had realized something from that night after doing this a couple more times. I was taller and my chest was hairier. Being a short guy at 5’6” pretty much everyone was taller than me, but I was definitely taller and almost 5’8”. Gaining weight from it was obvious, but the other physical traits were unexpected. After 3 guys during these few months, all were over 6 feet tall, I had gained basically 2 inches of height and almost 40 pounds. The number 10% for weight gain must have been a bit high, cause they were above average weight guys. I figured if I kept doing this, I’d grow to a more bear/chub size and hair level, which would mean more people on Growlr would want to come on over. I was merely 230 pounds at this point, not skinny, but barely fat in this kind of community filled with guys over 300 and even 400 pounds.

I started to choose job paths that I knew I could get in a life-sized meal occasionally. I’d basically chow down on some unsuspecting customer staying too late or a coworker closing the place down with me. I had gotten a lot better at swallowing guys fast when I wanted to with all the practice. The first job was at a zoo, tons of scenery that allowed me to swallow someone down in some bushes and emerge with a loose sweater now stretching the threads apart. It was such a rush to walk around with a guy in my stomach after work. As long as I didn’t run into anyone I knew, I was just some big round guy who was wearing clothes that don’t even kind of fit. I got fired from that one after a few months, because I got caught deleting security footage after I swallowed a leopard. They didn’t see the footage at all, but I was tampering with security footage so they just figured I was stealing, which I kind of did to tranquilize the leopard. I knew from that one that it improved my sense of sight, smell, and hearing slightly.

I started my next job a week later at a large retail store stocking shelves and doing inventory. It was really rough after I had gained a bit of weight from all of these meals, growing up to the mid 200s. No animals to eat there, but definitely some easy men to devour when the guys were out smoking weed in the back during night shifts. It was just me and the two guys left at work because we had already finished up. They were both crazy high somehow after one blunt, which means they probably were out secretly smoking more than I noticed.

“Hey, you guys ever read that article about that giant snake eating a guy?” I asked out of the blue.

“What’re you talking about?” One of them asked while the other took a puff.

“Nothing, wanna make a bet? If you win I’ll take both of your next shifts.” I said.

“Sure, what’s the bet?” The other one asks.

“I bet I could swallow one of you guys whole, no chewing, just GULP.” I say while smiling.

“Yeah, whatever, you’ve got a dumb bet.” One of the guys said. They both ended up agreeing.

I unbutton my work shirt and all that remains is my wife beater as an undershirt. I pull the guy close to me and without hesitation I stuff his head into my mouth and begin to swallow. He tries to push me off of him and I just cram his hands down my throat. I slide my hands down his torso and to his waist as my mouth stretches to pull in his shoulders. With a quick heave I lift the guy up by his waist and cram back his whole torso into my mouth, pushing him further down my throat. A couple more gulps and the guy is in all the way up to his knees. I tilt my head back and with a heavy amount of suction I pull them in with a snap. My belly bulges out massively as the guy deposits into my stomach and I give it a good pat.

My other coworker was just standing there, jaw to the floor and so shocked he even dropped his blunt on the ground. “What’s the matter?” I ask, “You made the bet too.” I then cram his head into the back of my throat, my first attempt at swallowing two guys in one meal. He panicked too, but I was too quick and guys arms were already pinned to his side against my lips. This one I lifted up and held him perpendicular to my mouth, slowly feeding him in like a giant hot dog. He kicked and squirmed of course, but it really didn’t matter as I inched down his torso, passing by his waist like it was nothing. The legs slowly slide in past my lips as I suck down the rest with my swallowing ability alone, savoring the final slide in of his calf muscles and eventually his feet. I sealed his fate by closing my lips around the tips of his toes. My belly expanded even more, basically making my undershirt become a half shirt only used to cover my chest. The shirt stretched a lot to from when they passed through my throat. I stumbled over to the wall and clumsily leaned against it. I knew I wanted to do this, but for whatever reason I didn’t plan on how I would be able to get back to my car. I could barely make it to the wall before sliding down it and sitting flat on my ass. My belly was so huge this time with the two guys that I couldn’t even see over it to see my legs and feet. ‘Shit’, I thought to myself before passing out into basically a two man food coma. This one will have to be put in the journal later.

I was woken up the next morning by a coworker who was confused why I was still here if I worked the night shift. My belly had shrunk down dramatically, but was still bigger than before I ate the two guys. I didn’t say very much and was scheduled to work soon anyways. I put my work shirt back on, which barely fit to the point that the buttons were separating apart and it looked dangerously close to busting a button. The entire shift I could feel people looking at me, wondering how the hell I gained so much weight that my shirt went from fitting to barely able to fit in just one night. If only they knew. I got fired from the job shortly after when I was blamed for all of the missing food crates from the shipments, even though it was actually the two stoners I had for dinner. So, I guess in a way I did kind of eat the crates of food. I couldn’t blame them though, I had gained more weight than most people gain in a year in just one night.

I was having trouble finding work this time, I think because both jobs I got fired from thought I was stealing. I went on a bit of a bender though, it’s hard not to want to swallow everyone whole when you have tons of time and an insatiable appetite. I was eating a guy almost every day and it showed very quickly on my waistline. It wasn’t just that though, a lot of the guys I picked up from the gym and were muscular, fit men. I knew I had gained weight on my belly, but I could tell my shoulders and arms were a bit more beefy. It was easier to carry the new weight I had rapidly gained; in a way, I was a fit fat guy. A musclechub some might call me, nothing too extreme, but it looked like I had been working out for a while, when in fact I was just really hungry. I was up to 5’10” and I had crossed the 300 pound mark, but my scale only went up to 300, so I’m not quite sure how much my exact weight was.

One of my friends informed me about a security guard position that he just got into that didn’t take much training. He figured he would be able to get me into the job by letting them know that my previous jobs were wrongly firing me for stealing, when I hadn’t. Sometimes it was a bit weird having my friends come up to me and talking to me when I know that I’ve eaten them in the past, but they have no idea. It was like talking to your food… that you’re friends with. Eating him was more out of boredom though, so it wasn’t something exhilarating or even worth a detailed entry in my journal. I figured the security guard job would be a really good way to find some regular meals in places where there weren’t cameras. It could be kind of fun actually, it would be like the prison was my pantry and the prisoners were just waiting to be eaten.

I had been at the security guard job for a couple of months before I considered trying to eat any of the prisoners. I was trying to avoid eating people where I worked for a while, since I really needed the money from the job. Eating people to my heart’s content was free, but rent was another thing and I didn’t feel right stealing from people then eating them. I knew the whole layout of the prison because they mostly put me in the security room and watching all of the camera feeds to report problems to the corrections officers. I figured it was probably because they thought I was too heavy and if I had to run anywhere I would die. Little did they know that I was actually ridiculous fit for my weight. I had found my first prey that I wanted in the prison. There was this hot, corpulent man that had a perfect beard. If he was on Growlr, he would be hit up by every guy in the state. I was also a bit curious since I got more muscular from eating muscle heads, would I gain more fat from a guy about as fat as me? I knew the best way to find out.

I knew when the officers would switch shifts and there was about a 10-15 minute gap in front of the area where the fat guy hung out. He hung out with a group of people sometimes, but he noticed that he always went back to his cell at a certain time of the day. My assumption was some of the food he was sneaking in was being stashed in his cell and he went in there for snacks. I followed him into his cell and he was standing there looking out the window while eating a candy bar. He turned around to look at me and smiled, “A man’s gotta eat, right?”

I shrugged and practically tackled him to the wall. He was stunned from being hit so hard and I quickly went to town on his head, pressing my mouth down over him to cram those meaty shoulders into my mouth. Even though he was huge, I hadn’t eaten like this in a long time and I was starving. I grabbed ahold of both of his love handles and started to shove him inside of me as I gulped. His soft chest went in no problem and his arms stopped flailing about as I began to squish his fat middle into my mouth. It was much slower than a lot of my other meals as they were half this guy’s size. I had to inch my lips over his fat similar to a snake, pulling him in slowly until I got past his huge belly. I could only imagine the kind of bulging his body must be doing to my neck and chest, but I had to keep going. I was descending my hunger down onto him even more and he had almost completely given up struggling, like he knew when to quit. Once I got past his crotch, only his trunk legs remained, so I managed to hoist him up above me and let gravity pull them inside of me.My tongue run up between his legs as they slipped on in and finally his feet were trapped inside. GULP. My stomach bulged out to a comical proportion. I just went from being a big guy to potentially having the biggest round belly in the world. My work outfit had completely ripped to shreds off of me with just some cloth remaining around one arm and hanging off of my back. I pulled the rest of it off and rolled it into a ball and swallowed it whole. I didn’t want to leave any trace of me being here. I put a few pillows in his bed to try to simulate like he was already asleep, until he was a part of me and returned back to his bed.

Barely being able to fit through doors, I had to waddle out of the area as quickly as a man could with over 300 pounds of food in his belly. I made it back to my post in the security office and locked the door. I pulled through my whole shift, stuffed so full I felt like I was going to pop. I knew another gap in time where it was very likely that I could slip on past to my car and hopefully no one would notice. It worked, after cramming my enormous body into the car, I was able to make it home. I don’t think anyone saw me, but even if they did I’m not sure they would believe it was me, shirtless and twice the normal size.

I woke up the next morning with enormous stomach pains from such a big meal. I almost thought I was going to have to eat a neighbor to get through the morning, but I first noticed that I had gained a LOT of weight. It wasn’t less than 10% like all of the other guys, I looked in the mirror and even my face was fatter, like a different person. Luckily, I had ordered a new scale online since my last one was just displaying errors, this one went up to 550 pounds. I stepped on the scale and waited for it to beep to tell me it was completed. I stepped off and peered over my stomach, it read 430. I had gained almost 50 pounds from one meal, one delicious night.

I had no work clothes for work today, because none of them fit. I put on a big dark jacket, maybe it would make it less noticeable to people that I ballooned overnight. I was having a lot of trouble zipping it up, though, but eventually I got it. I felt like I had to suck in or the zipper might bust open.

I made my way into work and everything felt normal, good. As I was walking to my post, I heard one of the prisoners say something through the bars - “So how did he taste?” I stopped in my tracks, I didn’t see anyone, but there’s no way someone would say that normally. I walk over to the bars, looking at the tall man in a prisoner uniform, and reply, “Excuse me?”

“That guy you ate yesterday, I didn’t know what I was seeing at first and I thought I was dreaming. But here you are, fatter like you just ate a fat guy and digested him overnight,” the prisoner replies, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you do something for me”

“What?” I reply back, then look both ways to see if anyone is listening to the conversation.

“Meet me in my cell during lunch, I want you to eat me. I saw he’s back in his cell this morning, so whatever happened it was hot. Do it to me.”

I was shocked, but I nodded. I mean, it’s a free meal after all, right? I went on with my work, but it felt like time was standing still. Every time I looked at the clock only a minute or two had passed, I couldn’t wait until lunch to eat him and get this over with. He should forget about everything after I eat him.

Lunch finally came and I rushed over to the guys cell in an instant. He was there, no one was around, and I could see the huge grin on his face. “So, you hungry?” he asked as he forced half of his hand between my lips. My reply was that of sucking his him down my throat up to his shoulder in a second. His eyes widened, but not with fear, more like he was impressed with what I was doing. It was practically the fastest I’ve ever eaten someone, worried that someone else might see me. The first gulp was his arm, the second was rammed his head down my throat, the third was up to his waist, the fourth past up to his knees, and the fifth he was gone. He definitely enjoyed it, I could feel him climax halfway down my throat and it didn’t take long to devour him whole. I was big enough at this point that you couldn’t see an outline of a man in my stomach. People could probably still tell that I was much bigger than yesterday, though. I looked like a blimp. The jacket busted off of me and all that remained was a dangerously stretched undershirt that only covered half of my belly.

I turned around to leave the cell and go back to my post and there was his cellmate, staring right at me. Shit. I jump on the guy and stuff him halfway into me, almost painfully fast as I step back further into the cell, swallowing the man as if he were bite sized in less than 15 seconds. He was a short thin guy, small meal. It was done, but I still had half of my shift left. I had a coworker that was going to be in the room with me for a few hours before my shift ended today. I was going to have to eat him too, there’s no way he could see what I look like now and not know something weird is going on.

I make my way back towards the security office to finish my job for the day, when I feel air building up in my stomach from all of the struggling. I belch thunderously in front of a couple of prisoners and a prisoner uniform burst out of my throat mid-belch. One of the guys must have taken it off inside of me and it launched out from the pressure. They both stand there in shock.

“What the fuck, Jack said you were going to eat him, but we just thought he was being fucking crazy again!” one prisoner said, the other in complete awe.

I had no time, it was obvious the prisoner I ate had spread the word to some of his friends already. I grabbed both of the prisoners by the back of their necks and stuff their heads into my mouth at the same time. I had never swallowed two guys at once before, but this was necessary. Both of them went in face to face when I crammed them together like a big man sandwich. I shoveled them in as hard as I could while swallowing and they were going down. I was worried they wouldn’t fit, but they were both up to their chests inside of me and I knew I was golden. I kept on swallowing and working as hard as I possibly could at getting these guys down before anyone else came along. Down past their waists I started to walk towards the office, cramming the legs down inside of me, knowing that I had to start walking now. The remainder of them slurped in by the time I got to the bars to leave the prisoner area and go back into the administration area where I worked. I could barely fit through the doors just to get there. Thankfully, the staff member who opens the prison bars never looks over, because I would’ve had to eaten him too.

Once I cram my massive body into the office, my coworker turns around just to see the back of my throat. I knew I would have to eat him, so I might as well do it quick and now. He was a small guy, so he went down about as fast as the short prisoner. Five gulps and he was no longer my coworker, but instead just another meal. I closed the door behind me and locked the door. I still don’t know how I managed to fit through the door, but I doubt I could get back through it. My plan was quickly unraveled and I knew that I was just going to have to sleep here for the night. I finished my shift carefully to make sure no one would need to come into the room, because at this massive size I would have to eat them too. I knew I had few limits to who and how many I could eat, but I didn’t want to push my limits.

No more unsavory events happened for the rest of my shift and I passed out in the room, eager to go back to normal days where I don’t have to consume so many people. It was orgasmic, but at the same time I couldn’t risk getting caught, it just wasn’t worth it. Everyone would go back to normal after today and even though I’d be much bigger, I’d just have to hold off eating people again for a while so I don’t draw more attention to my weight gain. The next morning was fine, except I’m pretty sure I gained another 50 pounds or so. I’m pretty sure I was a couple of inches taller too. I was truly enormous at this point, I don’t know if anyone would even recognize me from gaining an estimated 100 pounds in two days.

Early in the morning I went in and found an old work uniform from some huge guy that just quit and it was 5XL, fit decently. I walk to go to the bathroom after and the prisoners are already out and about in their area. I hear a man say “So, how did he taste?” I thought it was in my head at first, but when I looked over, it was the tall prisoner again, Jack. I don’t understand, all of my tests had shown people forgot everything within about 24 hours before I devoured them. How does he know anything?

“You’re a lot bigger than yesterday, so I’m guessing I’m not crazy and it’s a message from myself,” Jack says. Did he mean actually yesterday, or what he thinks was yesterday and was actually two days ago?

“Do… you want me to eat you?” I ask, which returns a look of shock and arousal. He nods.

I go inside the prisoner area and we find a secluded area and I devour him again, in the same fashion as before and made a fake prisoner pillow formation. It was actually surprising though, I had so much fat on my belly now that I barely looked bigger. Maybe I could finish the rest of the day without question. It definitely sagged a bit lower, but that wasn’t too much of a problem at this point. Well, the questions would probably be more about how fat I’ve gotten rather than wondering if I was swallowing prisoners whole. I hoped that people won’t ask about my weight at all out of fear of insulting me. The rest of the day went fine, a lot of looks from my coworkers and my ill-fitting shirt, but nothing extreme. I had a very, very long journal entry filled out as soon as I got home.

The next morning, I realized while I was lying in bed, I was going to have to take a break for a while. I got ready for work with some new giant-sized clothes and on the way to the security office, I heard it again It was Jack, looking to get eaten again. He somehow knew that people didn’t remember things after I ate them, but he himself remembered. I ate him again in the same fashion, and again, and again, and again. Every morning ended up like this for a while. Luckily, he was skinny so I wasn’t gaining much weight, but he was tall so I had grown from my current height to just a hair under his 6’2” frame.

The next morning I decided to measure myself and I was getting close to 500 pounds and I was exactly 6’2”. I went into work expecting to hear Jack again, but nothing today. I heard a coworker whispering, so I walked over to hear what they were talking about. They found the pillows in his Jack’s bed in the morning and they were trying to track him down, he was missing. They looked everywhere he regularly went and all of the places had tons of hidden notes. I walked over to my coworkers and saw one of the notes they were looking at and all it said was ‘Ask the fat guy how he tasted’.

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Ready for part  2

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awesome story! hope it does get continued

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That is an Awesome story!!!

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suspenseful and very sexy