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**WARNING** May Contain:
Big and Nasty Manly Men, Huge Bellies and Beer Guts, Potbellies, Weight and Muscle Gain, Muscle and Fat Worship, M/M Sex, Big Manly Feet, *Footplay, Body and Facial Hair, Musk and Sweat, Grime and Filth, Belching, Digestion, Full-trip, Mpreg, Flatulence, *Scat, *Watersports, Leather Play, Masochism, *Abuse and Rape, Violence, Incest/Daddy&Son Play, Age Play, Testosterone Poisoning, Hyper/Growth, Transformation, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Mass Vore, Multi-Vore, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, Navel Vore, Pec Vore, Nip Vore

Bears & Cubs, Bulls, Brutes, Daddies of all Ages, Blue-collar Workmen, Construction Workers, Truckers, Rednecks/Hicks/Whitetrash, Lumberjacks, Soldiers/Marines/Sailors, Cops & Sheriffs, Bikers, Criminals & Convicts, Jocks and Frat-boys, Wrestlers, Pit-fighters, Football & Rugby Players, Power-lifters, Bodybuilders, Coaches, Chubs, Super-chubs and anything else my depraved little brain can think of.

If simply reading this turned you on, then this is a story for you!

Wearing a two-sizes too small t-shirt, Zeke’s sagging moobies were snuggly held – lil’ nips hard and showing – while his fat and doughy ball of belly was left peeking out from under the hem. A pair of equally revealing briefs were wrapped around his plump ass and bulging crotch. A nice, big wet tent making them look all the smaller. Zeke’s girthy but squat set of cock and balls filling his pouch up well and good.

Of course, the plump lil’ cub was not center-stage here. Not even in his own mind, did Zeke see himself as all that important just then.

No, it was all about his boyfriend, right then and now.

As always, the sight of his lover in action got him very focused and extremely turned on. Zeke, with trembling hands, walked the full circumference around his much larger, taller, and way damn fatter boyfriend. The cub’s soft, hairy little feet trailing along the carpeted ground. One step in front of the other, as the young cub slowly begun to draw the tape measure around his boyfriend’s big, hairy beer belly. Starting just above the deep pit of his navel. Without a doubt, where the widest point of that jutting monster gut was. Zeke’s boyfriend lazily keeping it pinned there beneath his own big left thumb, while the other free hand rubbed his own fat gut. Wide, appreciative circles, as that rough paw rasped through the thick belly hairs. That great fat orb wobbling heavily, while expanding and contracting from the labored breathing of its owner. A gurgling rumble, punctuated with needful growls, constantly emerging from within.

Despite all its needful whining, Zeke’s boyfriend was not such a gluttonous man that he could deny his lil’ belly-worshipper his own hedonism. More than content to let his cub have his fun.

Leaving the boy to take his time. Zeke just reaching the jutting, meaty flank of his boyfriend’s right love-handle. The cub began to caress a single soft hand across that hairy expanse of beer gut. The bigger man grunting lowly at his boy’s haltering touch. Still trailing the measuring tape, Zeke moved towards his man’s broad backside. Those thick, meaty love-handles pushing well-over the straining waistband of the shorts his boyfriend wore. Not only his big gut, but also an impressively fat and rounded ass and over-plump loins stretched the material heavily. The shorts far too small, despite the broad and meaty girth of their prior owner.

Reuben, ever the lazy and dirt-poor Stoner, hadn’t bought new clothes in years.

For one, the fat man never had the money for it. That, and he didn’t care if some other man’s stink was on them, before he just took the clothes from other men.

A deep, wet swallow filled the room. It finally dragged Zeke’s eyes off that enormous and magnificent belly of his lover.

Up to the pair of big, manly feet sliding down into Reuben’s distended maw. Oh, how they squirmed and struggled there so uselessly. Just as weak and pathetic to Reuben’s gluttonous hunger, as they had been outside his bottomless gullet.

One of Zeke’s former dorm-mates, a big football jock nicknamed Tombstone. Primarily, because he was built like one, but also for his aggressive play-style. One of the more arrogant and noisy members of the dorm. The last of the overbearing macho-brute now disappearing into Reuben’s maw with a little more than few wet and slmiy slurps. All 6’0 and 240-pounds of solid, brawny fat and muscle he had… swallowed whole. Like a goddamn snack, and not an entire beefy footballer. Going straight to the fat gut of Zeke’s lover. As had dozens of other jocks, bears, chubs, and even giant, brawny powerlifters.

And that was just this week, alone.

Why? Because Tombstone had walked past Zeke’s room. Still stinking of his own post-workout musk and drenched in oily sweat. The filthy brute having not even bothered to shower at all back at the gym. For almost a full week, in fact, Tombstone had failed to wash his crotch or pits. Just letting his own potent man-stink build and build. Soak into the thick body-hair covering him, or that grew bushel thick in his pits and at his groin. Leaving himself soaked in the perfect marinade to accompany his manly, beefy bod. All the better to assert dominance and claim the dorm for himself.

All of it though, had just utterly incited the fat, hairy Stoner’s gluttonous appetite. Upon smelling Tombstone, Reuben had promptly stood, lumbered to Zeke’s door, and reached out a hand to grab his thick, musky snack.

Like as Zeke had seen a dozen times before, the big jock’s muscular arms had been pinned. Blocky and shaved head pulled into Rueben’s gaping maw, and in a fast series of ravenous swallows… Tombstone had been reduced to a pair of flailing, meaty legs. Not that those powerful thighs or heavy calves lasted much longer. Just a pair of rank, leathery and big feet now. The fat, beer-gutted Stoner more than hungry enough to inhale that whole beefy jock in less than a minute. Zeke had already been moving forward, tape measure in hand, to see how much Reuben’s big beer gut would grow from this hunk of man-meat.

Assuming Tombstone, as such an unwilling participant, could do it at all.

Zeke, suddenly breathing hard and desperate to know, hurried back round to the front of Reuben’s hairy belly once more. Without his man even needing to look, Reuben took the other end of the tape measure from his cub. Casually pinned it beneath the same thumb, and completed the circle around his vast, hairy orb of gut. Eyes still closed and tongue slurping through his mouth to enjoy the tasty frat-jock feet there. The fat Stoner already giving one last heaving gulp. Bearded jaws stretched wide, as Tombstone’s smelly, tasty stompers slid down his gullet in a flash. A deep, heavy swallow sending the rest of that great, wiggling 240-plus-pound man-steak fully down into Reuben’s gut.

Zeke getting there, just in time, for the full mass of Tombstone to arrive. Excitedly, he read 95-inches unfed. Reuben’s usual girth, for the most part. As Tombstone thumped down behind that wall of fat and hair with a loud, wet slosh… it swelled, ever so briefly, to 99-inches.

Then, Reuben’s soft and flabby gut just withdrew. Hardly a groan of effort, as it shrank right back to 96-inches.

What a fucking cock-tease. Reuben’s gut easily cradling the great weight and girth of the big football jock. Despite the heavy wobble, Zeke knew not a squirm from Tombstone was escaping.

He’d seen enough full predator bellies to know what that properly looked like.

Zeke, almost to make sure there really was a big brute in there, shoved his ear against Reuben’s hefty gut. Wrapped his small arms – as best he could – around all the hairy flab he could manage. Until he’d shoved his own fuzzy chest against its heft. Reuben’s hands rubbing across both Zeke’s back and his own full gut. Idly licking his lips as he appreciated his boy and belly with equal amounts of affection.

Zeke moaning like the little belly-slave he was. Kneading that shapely, soft paunch between his arms and grabbing great-handfuls of love-handles, too. Moving his ear – even switching to the other, as though that might help – as he tried to listen for the no doubt bellowing, enraged Tombstone.

All he heard and felt was the rising churning of a full, fat belly. Lazily working away at a light snack, and with a needful rumble to still feed growing within.

“Shit, babe… you grew a whole inch – ”

Reuben let out short, guttural belch then. A slimy, yellowed jock flying out of his gullet and maw. Hitting the ground with a wet, pathetic plop.

The aftermath of that deep belch just made Zeke laugh.

“Make that negative one-inch!” Zeke said, grinning hugely up at his man. “I suppose we gotta find you big enough meals to actually make a lasting impact, huh?”

The fat Stoner just smiled lazily, while his stomach whined in agreement. “Guess I could eat some more, yeah…”

More, in this case, being an entire football team’s worth of big men.

The little belly-worshipper could only nod eagerly. “Well… most of my big guys aren’t in the dorm right now. I’m surprised Tombstone was around at all, to be honest! Thought he’d be at practice, or off eating twinks somewhere. Of course, maybe we could just stuff some of those gamers from the fourth floor in your belly! Jesse and his bunch are getting pretty fat and doughy, I bet they’d make a lunch! Now, just need to convince them to invite you over, and – ”

The Stoner just grunted and smiled. Only half listening to his little boyfriend. His feeder, and his cub, for a little over two and a half months now. Though they’d honestly known each other a lot longer, and had been enjoying each other’s company for well-over a year. Everything was just now official, Reuben supposed. Biggest difference between then and these last months, however, was Zeke eagerly planning his boyfriend’s entire day of gluttonous gorging.

Not that Reuben ever complained about the meals, but more the strict feeding schedule Zeke kept him on. He rarely got to sleep till nine in the morning anymore, for one. A real issue, for a fat and lazy Stoner who was used to getting up at two in the afternoon.

Yesterday, as Wednesday usually proved to be, had been pretty filling. Zeke getting Reuben to drag his fat, lazy ass out of bed to take him out to breakfast. Straight to Big Bubba’s Flapjacks, as Zeke had managed to acquire a gift card from somewhere. The little cub seemed to have a knack for acquiring them, and it was fortunate he did. Reuben was a truly gluttonous monster of a man.

Thankfully, the gift-card had been good for no less than five Super-Bubba-Mountain-Man-Special-Breakfasts.

Course, the expectation with that gift card, was that all but the most gigantic and starved glutton of a predator would order those breakfasts on separate days. Not all five at once. Like Zeke had happily ordered to an utterly flabbergasted waiter. The stocky brute having gone from looking at the little cub, then back to the fat and hairy Stoner sittin’ next to him, in complete disbelief.

Unable to comprehend the two of them ever eating all those pounds of food and men.

Which was pretty true. As Reuben had been the one who was gonna be eating all five breakfast feasts by his lonesome. No help needed at all. Which was why they were able to afford to stuff Reuben full… or nearly, anyway.

The fat Stoner had done his damndest to utterly gorge himself at the blue-collar diner. Devouring a dozen plates of knee-high, famous plater-sized flapjacks, mountains of bacon and sausages, 100-pounds of triple-A steak, over 200-eggs worth of ham and jalapeno-stuffed omelets, ten gallons of milk, three of black coffee, buttery biscuits upon biscuits drenched in heavy, artery-clogging gravy, with a dozen melons, two bushels of bananas, and a jug of orange juice to finish. His beer gut’s hungry whining hardly quieting much at all from devouring all that food.

Not even the three young, big buck truckers had succeeded in sating Reuben, either.

Reuben having snuck off after the first squat, burly trucker-bubba when the big fella had waddled off for men’s room. His own immense and full rock of a gut preceding that young and overfed stud impressively the whole way. That big fat fella had proven too much the young and prized boar for Reuben to ever willingly pass-up.

The fat Stoner had been busily sucking down those squat, brawny legs of his when another bigger and somewhat older trucker had lumbered in. Though he’d been more than content to just eat that first brute, with such a mouthful of tasty meat already in his jaws, the presentation of yet more was too damn tempting. Reuben had just grabbed and shoved that next big trucker on in with the first. Bearded jaws packed with the immense, brawny and gorged bulk of two big truckers, all at once. Yet, even as he was finally slurpin’ that second pair of longer, but no less beefy legs… another towerin’, fat-gutted brute had come in to take a piss, as well. Arguably, both the biggest of the bunch, the one having the most impressive gut, but also having surprisingly been the youngest of the truckers.

Well, Reuben had more than enough room for all those young, big and burly bubbas in his belly. Even if the third one had nearly as much fat and muscle on his bones as the first two combined.

In no time at all, Rueben had lumbered right back out of the men’s room. A far fuller and more jutting beer gut of his own surmounted his waist. Still, with only its own massive wobbling and girth apparent, though. Those young trucker bubbas, despite how big they was, completely lost in the hungry depths of Reuben’s belly.

Not even that mountain of lard that had been the diner’s head-cook Reuben had then devoured had done the trick, either.

From the men’s room, the gluttonous Stoner had immediately wandered into the diner’s backroom lounge. Following his nose, as he always did. Found the gargantuan fat beast of a cook passed out on the filthy couch in the lounge. Practically smothering the whole thing with his massive, blubber-choked frame. Snoring away like a grime-clogged big rig’s engine, and already sweating horrifically. Covered – no, basted – in his own oily, dripping sweat. Stinking of both unwashed man, baking grease, and just about every bit of food on Big Bubba’s world-famous menu.

Reuben completely unable to say no to such an utterly inviting meal. Had started at the cook’s grimy, massive slabs of feet, and managed to swallow the whole colossal hog of man without waking him. The giant fat beast had made a much more… substantial impact on Reuben’s belly. Probably would have even been able to see such a monstrous giant struggling even in Reuben’s cavernous stomach. Except, the fat brute had remained passed out throughout the whole ordeal.

And those were just the men that Zeke knew about. Reuben having a severe tendency to forget to mention just how many men were squirming about in his guts and bowels. Hell, if they weren’t real memorable sorts, was a damn good chance Reuben would flat-out forget about them.

All of those big bubbas combined making the fat Stoner’s already huge beer belly swell a good and full 35-inches extra. But, in the end, that bottomless gut of his had still had plenty of give to it. Those four manly brutes had even been digested to sludge before the coming feast of lumberjacks. Just big, tasty appetizers to Reuben, while still awaiting his massive order of man-cattle to arrive. Been rumblin’ away for more food, too. An amazing light course of food for Reuben, before he got started on the real meat of his breakfast.

Big Bubba’s signature burly, lumberjack man-cattle.

Literally, just an entire train of those hairy, bearded brutes. Even pressed plump, virile ball sacs to beefy and hairy buttocks, the line of men had stretched well back into the kitchen, and down into the basement cattle pens. Reuben had quickly changed that, though. Had just started cramming big, beefy and hairy bruisers down his gullet – often three or four mountainous men at a time. The line had started with the smallest lumberjacks on the menu. The 6’1 to 6’5 and 275-pounds of brawn apiece. Before growing to the 6’6 to 6’10 and 350-pound bruisers.

Topping off with the largest man-bulls the diner had in its pens, with the 7’0 plus and over 400-pound monster men lumbering along at the end.

The expectation being, that the predator would get slowed as the prey’s sizes and weights steadily increased. Reuben, however, had not stopped swallowing giant bruisers at all. Hardly more than a breather. Not content to stop until the last three pairs of gigantic, 20-size and multi-E work boots slipped down his gullet together.

Exactly fifty of those manly, hairy man-steaks had been thrashing about inside of his vast, bloated stomach. Taken all so quickly, that even Reuben’s voracious beer gut had been left lying on the floor between his feet. All those hairy bruisers, just that big and brawny and numerous enough to do it… for all of twenty minutes. Already churning and gurgling monstrously, Reuben’s beer gut had shrunk back before the naked eye.

That ravenous stomach of his already setting to the immense task of digesting all that roaring man-beef alive with gusto.

Bringing the total to 54 giant, manly brutes having been shoved inside of his stomach. The small mountain of flapjacks and a near two hogs worth of bacon, an afterthought in comparison. Reuben had finally left Big Bubba’s with a massive and brute-bloated beer gut heaving and rolling about in front of him. Zeke firmly attached, and giving a near full-body belly massage and rubdown to that hairy, mountainous mass. Causing Reuben’s stomach to digest all the faster, with his little belly-worshipper encouraging him along.

Within barely an hour, that mound of churning fat had shrunk to nearly half its post-gorged girth. While a deep, groaning grumble had started in his bowels from all that man-soup, bones and shit now filling it.

With Reuben actively asking Zeke when and what lunch would be. Huge stomach already whining and roaring for more.

The little chubby feeder having then happily taken his ravenous man to Papa Angus’ Burger Joint. Yet another gift-card burning a hole in his pocket. Begging to be used in its entirety to fill Reuben’s stomach. Only twenty bulls-worth, but on top of what he’d eaten earlier, and Reuben had left fairly sated.

A few ex-jocks gettin’ caught up in the hungry, feasting Stoner’s path helped, though. They’d been stuffing their own fat and gluttonous faces at Papa Angus’, too. Reuben hadn’t been able to help himself, really. Whenever one of those beer gutted frat-boys had left for the men’s room or to have a smoke… he’d been right on after them.

While Reuben’s dinner last night, in comparison, was considerable tamer. Their leftovers were even still scattered about Zeke’s floor. Kicked off so eagerly, often gathered in piles and corners. All those triple or even quadruple size shirts, cargo shorts, and briefs. Once belonging to ten hefty, hairy bear chubs, who had all come so willingly to feed Reuben’s bottomless hunger. As such, they hadn’t been what he’d call the most filling meal, normally. But on top of all else he’d consumed that day, it was more than enough to appease the Stoner’s immense appetite.

Given all the man-beef he’d eaten for breakfast and lunch… and the fat Stoner ended yesterday quite content.

Going to bed sated, and gut still bloated massively thanks to those big fat bears. Zeke always demanded an utterly engorged gut be on his boyfriend’s waist at bed time. The little cub intent on making Reuben’s beer gut all the wider and girthier. As big and fat as possible. With a truly monolithic, monster gut jutting forth and wobbling heavily on his middle. All the better to snuggle against, and spend hours worshipping, before falling asleep in Reuben’s smelly, hairy embrace. Zeke had still been ecstatic, despite the morning measurement of Reuben’s gut revealing that, once again, it just hadn’t been enough.

Not enough to make him grow a single inch more.

What day was it now? Thursday? That was often one of the lighter days – if, they stuck to Reuben’s usual feeding schedule. Usually, just forty or so ex-jocks or muscle-chubs, with perhaps the odd powerlifter. All those meals staggered throughout the day. Zeke either making arrangements for willing prey to come by and feed themselves to Rueben, or the Stoner just managed on his own. Needless to say, he was quite the successful hunter even before he met Zeke. The fact that his preferred prey was usually high, drunk, or horny most of the time and prone to gathering in large places in large groups… helped immensely.

Though usually, as all the past times had shown, those carefully arranged meal plans, feeding dates, and even parties were outright missed by Reuben. Far too absent-minded to ever follow instructions, at no real fault of his own. He was just very easy to distract and quite the free, gluttonous spirit. Prone to wandering off, and usually find meals on his own who were more than big and fillin’ enough. Just from simply wandering around the campus and encountering various men to eat.

On Thursday, breakfast was usually skipped to let Reuben sleep in for once. Zeke intentionally not feeding his man enough to fill him up. Fasting him quite cruelly sometimes. Keeping Reuben’s fat, horny ass in bed – very little persuasion needed – while occasionally rousing the big fat Stoner for some vigorous and very messy sex throughout the day. Probably, the only way to get Reuben to burn any calories at all.

All so that insatiable hunger would build-up even more. Zeke saving up the best prey for a truly gluttonous feast of men on Friday and the weekend. The little cub was a surprising party-animal. Had become quite talented at either getting himself or Reuben invited, or just plain arranging a great big feast all by himself.

All to help fill-up his boyfriend’s big fat tummy.

Zeke needed his man’s gut good and hungry for the feasts he now had to plan. If he ever hoped to keep Reuben from burning-off too many calories and properly gain weight and girth. The Stoner’s metabolism was truly something else. Despite the mountains of men arranged for Reuben to eat, Zeke had yet to make him grow past that 95-inches of gut lately. At least, permanently. The cub had seen that gut swollen to nearly 201-inches before, with nearly 80-plus men trapped within. Jocks, bears, powerlifters, and even super-chubs, all fed to Reuben’s bottomless hunger. Near all of them having been prey that Zeke had found and gathered for his man to gorge himself on.

With Reuben having gained perhaps 30-pounds and 20-inches of gut from all those men he’d devoured over the past two months. So many tonnes of burly, strugglin’ man-meat, and that was all he’d gained. Much to the little gut-feeder’s constant, joyful anguish.

Apparently, after years of making super-chubs out of even the skinniest twinks in mere weeks, Zeke was more than ready for a challenge.

Many of the little cub’s past and most successful gainers, not a one under 500-pounds, having now been fed – willingly or not – to his latest and greatest boyfriend. Including that gargantuan blob that had been Zeke’s prior lover and gainer. Yet another skinny 5’5 twink who’d’ been hardly 130-pounds, made into a near 800-pound super-chub in a little more than a month. Compared to Reuben, of course, he’d been a very dainty eater.

And Zeke still had more where they came from…

Thinking about all the loving feeding his boyfriend did for him, made Reuben pull Zeke into a big, smelly Stoner glomp. Shoving him once more against the big, pudgy beer gut that he loved so. Making the little belly-fiend immodestly sigh in delight. Even as Reuben reached down to grope the cub’s own smaller, doughier belly. Started at those soft, drooping love-handles before he made his way slowly forward. Zeke’s being very easy to squish and shove about, while the bigger man’s was comparatively more firm, if still plenty flabby.

“I ain’t the only one needin’ to eat more, babe…” Reuben said a little dreamily. “Hmm, you’d be so much more fun to play with, if ya had a nice fat vore belly all the time!”

The fat little cub was not even remotely as big as Reuben, and quite noticeably smaller. Already far below average height – 5’4 being generous – and at 210-pounds of soft, hairy pudge. Sporting a mere 45-inch and very chubby belly, with far plumper ass, thighs, and moobies. Distributing quite a lot of Zeke’s pudge across his whole short-stock frame. A complete lightweight, in comparison to his tall boyfriend. A good amount of that was simply from the difference in height. The rest, however…

By no means, was Zeke’s hunky lover the biggest guy around. Just made his sheer gluttony and ravenous appetite all the more impressive. Above average height, Reuben’s 6’2 frame made him plenty tall, dark and handsome to his shorter lover. Most hunky types loomed over Zeke, but his boyfriend managed in a way like no other. Reuben outright refusing to ever enter the gym. Ending up quite soft and flabby, at a weighty 330-pounds of thick fat. With most of that mass being from his immense, sagging beer gut. A vast, gluttonous love for eating in complete excess ensuring that fat gut stayed right where it was. The thing dominating his boyfriend’s midsection, jutting forward massively, while his plump ass domed out behind him. Thick, meaty thighs just as hefty, while Reuben’s hairy chest sagged with his own set of moobs. Each crowned with a ripe, hard nipple.

And hairy. Every inch of Zeke’s man was covered in thick, dark body-hair. A tangled mop of black curls – often tied into a sloppy man-bun – with a thick, full beard on his face. All that hair trapped and exuded the larger man’s manly musk and stink so potently. Never one for bathing, that constant man-stink surrounded him, and the cub loved Reuben all the more for it.

Beyond all of this, Zeke’s wonderful boyfriend just had a presence. Despite being so less built and muscular than many of those more brutish men. The moment he lumbered into a room, everything just seemed to shift. Everyone always felt it, but upon seeing the fat Stoner, rarely believed it. Just the mere thought of him…

Zeke just shuddered under that gaze. “I’ve been trying, bubba… but I just can’t eat as big as you.”

Reuben snorted at that. Making the little cub pout, and glare up at his man.

“Well… how the hell did you get so good at it!” Zeke accused.

Reuben just shrugged it off. “I ate a real big bruiser of a dude. Got hungry again, so I ate some more bigguns. Then ate some real big dudes after that, till I felt like I could eat a whole bunch of big dudes. Though, they were still pretty big. Once that happened, I got even hungrier, and kept eating dudes. Mostly big ones, but not always. Soon, I was eating even more guys than before – but not as much as I did later. Got really hungry right then, ya follow? Ate a real giant ‘bout then. Next thing ya know, I ate a whole bunch of really big guys after that, when – ”

“Okay! I get it!” Zeke yelled in frustration. “You eat until you can eat even more!”

Reuben gave a big, dumb grin then. “Yup!”

Zeke let out a suffering, but content little moan. “Just shut up and fuck me already…”

Reuben’s eyes lit up at that. He’d been every bit as hard and leaking as Zeke, with an almost comical looking tent jutting out beneath his gut’s wide overhang.

The bigger Stoner started stompin’ forward, making Zeke let out a yelp. Nearly bulldozed into ground, until his lover easily lifted him up and pressed the smaller cub against his hefty gut. Both big hands wrapped round and actively groping Zeke’s fat butt to support him. While the little belly-fiend just wrapped his arms and legs around that rotund, hairy mass of fat he loved so. Easily holding his little boy-toy there, Reuben bodily carried Zeke to his bed.

Well, their bed, now.

With a playful grin, Reuben belly bumped Zeke onto it. The cub landing on his back, but immediately flipping over onto his belly. Waggling his plump, luscious ass in his man’s face. Making Reuben groan and lick his lips, with a different sorta hunger now boiling about in his belly and loins. With a little effort, the horny Stoner managed to work his stolen workout shorts off. Let them drop to the ground in a tangled, sticky bundle as his long, girthy cock sprung free at once. Splattering thick seed across Zeke’s ass-cheeks and bed. Even as it continued to drip and leak more pre-cum onto the carpet, Reuben’s fat balls below swelled. Growing fatter and rounder, bigger than melons, as his loins readied themselves for the coming fuck-fest.

Another thing that Zeke loved about his man, were those huge and over virile loins of his. Definitely, one of the biggest cocks the little cub had ever ridden, while those hefty balls of Reuben’s had yet to ever run out on him.

Lifting up his fat gut out of the way, the Stoner made his way closer. Smearing his fat cockhead across Zeke’s tight pucker, getting a healthy gob of slimy cum on it for lube, Reuben then thrust forward. Ramming his thick shaft on in, with a deep and erotic moan from both of them. Pushing forward for a good while to properly bury his entire horse-like length into his cub’s hole. He eventually got to the hilt, with Zeke having long been moaning and begging for more. Writhing on the bed and speared with that thick, meaty cock.

Reuben paused only then to lay his massive gut down on Zeke’s back, before he got pumping away.

Thoroughly trapped beneath the mass of his man’s belly, Zeke hunkered down. Eyes closed and biting his lip. Eagerly taking and enjoying the savage rutting that was descending on his tender, chubby rear. Reuben was, ultimately, an utterly uncoordinated and ungainly fuck to ride. Randomly stopping to change positions, or do the strangest of sexual things. Prolonging the entire rut sessions he had with Zeke for hours some nights.

Zeke loved him for the unpredictability. But if they were gonna keep to their lunch plans, he’d have to work to milk his man’s load out of him. Little, pleading whimpers escaping the little cub, as he egged on his lover to take what was his. With the fat stoner doing just that.

Over and over. One orgasm was quickly followed by a second, with the third coming not long after. Each a veritable fire-hose blast of hot, slimy seed being loosed into Zeke’s bowels. Pumping gallons of cum into his little cub, until Zeke’s own soft belly was tight as a drum and swollen into a perfectly rounded, sloshing ball. Reuben only stopping his heavy rutting, so that he could lean down and noisily clean his cub’s backside. Slurping across those plump buttcheeks, and even rimming the raw and pulsing hole of Zeke’s well-used hole.

Only to ram himself right back in.

Sometime later – possible minutes or hours, Zeke no longer knew or cared – having drawn his cock out to once again change positions, Reuben was more than able to keep going… but a musky, stanky smell wafted under his nose. Made his fat gut give out a needy whine, then a deep rumble.

Zeke became caught up in waggling his plump and cum-dripping ass. Thinking Reuben was just standing there, drooling like he often did at the sight. Took Zeke a while to realize a certain lack of heavy, labored breathing in his room.

Down the halls, a couple of frat-boys started hollering and hooting obnoxiously. Though right across from Zeke’s room, they were mostly yelling in panicked terror. Considering how many other predators lived in this damn dorm, neither event was all that uncommon. You just got use to all the noise, and learned to block it all out… then a thunderous belch rocked the floor. One that only a handful of predators could ever hope to even come close to matching…

And only one that could ever produce it.

Swinging his head around, still on his belly and presenting, Zeke saw that his lover wasn’t behind him anymore. Hell, the fucker wasn’t even in the room!

“No-no-nonono-NO! Stop, you can’t-MURGH!” One deep-voiced bro bellowed, before gettin’ cut-off.

A series of deep gulps came from across the hall – from one of the dorm’s community lounges. With a few panicking frat-boys left in it, from the sounds of it.

Reuben was taking his time, then.

With a pained sighed, Zeke slid off the bed with some effort. Not only his cum-bloated belly making waddling around difficult, but his fat little cock was still bobbing heavily as he made his way out into the hallway. Ignoring the few bros hanging halfway out of their rooms in either curiosity or fear, Zeke made his way into the floor’s community room.

The cub entering just in time to see two pairs of big and hairy feet slip down his man’s gullet, while a third was nosily slurped in between his fat buttocks. Reuben standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by now discarded, soon-to-be ownerless clothing. Mostly muscle-shirts, cut-offs and jocks. Now very much emptied of the ten or so bros who’d been hanging out in the dorm’s lounge. Their own feast of pizza and man-bulls evident, from the huge number gutted boxes and discarded, advertisement-ladled briefs littering the floor.

Someone having ordered quite a few party-pleasers from a local pizzeria, it appeared.

Reuben’s gut, after such a short feast, finally looking properly swollen. Even some faint struggles were seeable beneath all that thick, hairy fat of his. Zeke guessing, with his long-practiced eye, that Reuben’s gut had grown a good 20-inches or so. Watching it sag toward the ground and wobble heavily with its cargo of trapped and lively frat-boys within. The fat Stoner it belonged to having started picking amongst the discarded clothes of his many prey.

Reuben pausing only to let out another guttural, thunderous belch. Enough force behind it, that in a spray of thick drool, three underwear jocks were blasted up out of his gullet. All of them, splattering against the far wall with a wet, sticky plop.

A surprising sight, as most things that went down the fat Stoner’s gullet rarely came back up.

A dumb grin on his face the whole time, Reuben finally picked out a t-shirt large enough to fit him. Not be too restricting, or likely to tear. Plus, a pair of sweatpants that might contain his plump ass and horned up loins.

“I’m goin’ for a smoke, babe.” Reuben rasped out, even as he lumbered over and glomped his lover. “Where do ya wanna meet for lunch? I’m real hungry…”

Held in that embrace, Zeke could easily feel the faint struggles come from within his man’s immense beer gut. Was just enough fat and beefy bros within trying to escape for such an occurrence. If, not for much longer. No doubt, howling in panic as they kicked and punched away at the stomach walls. The rising churn of digestion was the only audible noise coming from those depths, though.

Zeke just sighed, but couldn’t help but grin, too. Living with Reuben was never dull, that was for sure. Antics like this weren’t even remotely uncommon, and in some ways, made it all the more special.

Blue-balls, or no.

“Oh, I have a few ideas in mind… do you like curry?” Zeke asked with a faint grin.

Reuben’s eyes lit-up at that. His love of scalding, spicy food nearly matched the one he had for burly, squirming ex-jocks.

Helped that the two went so damn well together.

“Alright, muh bros!” Someone suddenly hollered behind the pair. “I got the beer, the pizza, the man-beef, and round three of… our… the fuck?”

Zeke and Reuben finally taking their eyes off each other, as a big, bearded and very confused frat-boy came lumbering into the room. To be honest, he didn’t look the smart-sorts in the first place, anyway. But that was your average ex-jock, anyway. Big beer kegs under either huge arm, which were nearly as big and heavy looking as his own keg of beer gut. While about another four big frat-boys followed along behind him. Boxes of pizza stacked in their beefy arms, while they also led another group of squat, pudgy man-bulls in behind them.

A veritable feast… for most men.

Zeke just sighed. Started towards the community lounge’s exit, walking right past the confused frat-boys and man-bulls. The group far more busy staring at all the giant mess in the room, littering the floor. Zeke more than aware, of just what his man was gonna keep on doin’.

“Don’t take too long with that smoke of yours, babe! Or that curry trip is gonna turn into dinner!”

Zeke only grinning faintly, as the noise of gluttonous feasting and panicking prey kicked up once more in the lounge. The lil’ cub barely reaching his own, and just as he was closing the door, a final thunderous belch rocked the dorm building again.


I just can’t seem to stop going back to Reuben. He’s just so much fun to write, as I love random acts of public vore! And it makes so much sense for his character to go and do ‘em to, because… well, he’s such an absent-minded predator! Once a thought to eat a man, or a whole crew of bruisers pops into his head, then they get ate real fast!
Nearly as much as I do weight-gain and belly-worship. Two things I feel my writing has been very lacking in.

Offline watch913

Ruben has always been my favorite. I love your writing dude.

Offline Mukcub

Awesome story!  I love seeing Reuben

Offline snackman

Fuckin' A, Reuben is such a hot pred. I love how insanely fast he can digest men right out of their jocks and belch them up. And bein' a stoner myself Reuben holds a special place in my heart, hahaha.
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Offline NomNom

Damn that one frat boy sounded hot...

Its always a pleasure to get stories from you!

Offline pelle

God damn I love Reuben. Just thinking about that merciless gut of his makes me squirm. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ohhhh no stop don't

Online FoeHammer


Part 2

Reuben eventually managed to wander on out of Zeke’s dorm building. Took him almost an hour to lumber his fat ass down the two flights of stairs. However, he’d managed his swollen gut through those tight corridors pretty well, all things consider.

Honestly, most of the dorms were already so beat-up, wasn’t likely that anyone would notice a few more dents, or another broken doorframe.

Reuben drenched in a hardworking sweat from it all. Less from his bloated gut not fittin’ well through the doors, or from how all those stairs just destroyed him. More that the Stoner had encountered yet another two groups of very big, very tasty prey frat-boys to eat.

Yet another community room full of hefty and glutted frat-boys having drawn Reuben in first. All eight of those fat-bellied bros, plus their big twelve-man order of man-bulls, now just faint squirms in the Stoner’s upper-bowels. Those boys had been so oily and greasy from eaten all their own food, they was practically slidin’ through Reuben’s guts!

The baker’s sale he’d run into on the first floor, however, was still packed into the fat stoner’s gluttonous stomach. Reuben more than able to feel ‘em squirmin’ around in a great tangle of beefy bodies. The five burly and portly student-chiefs from the college’s culinary program. A fairly infamous part of the college, as those young would-be chiefs contended not only with each other for graduation, but aslo survival.

As such, they made some damn delicious pastries. A whole mountain of honey-soaked and jelly-filled donuts having been what really got Reuben’s hungry attentions. Honestly, he’d wanted all those jelly-donuts more than the bakers… but their hands had gotten caught in Reuben’s maw… and one thing had led to another.

Still licking a mixture of oily sweat and gooey jelly-filling from his lips, droppin’ a last quad-XL apron on the floor, Reuben lumbered out of the dorm. The immense, struggling mass of his swollen beer belly preceding him vastly. Yet, despite all the men within its hairy girth, retained a delectable amount of jiggle and give to it.

The afternoon sun was out, and so was a horde of hungry lunch-goers. The college walkways always overcrowded with students and teachers at any hour, but lunch hour doubly-so. All heading off to fill their hungrily rumbling bellies up to bursting. With most going to one of the campus’ many cafeterias, food-stands, cafes or one of the dorms for lunch. The lucky few with cars, or just the time to use the bus, headed out into town to grab some grub.

Besides some sandals, Reuben wore some skin-tight sweatpants and a black 3XL t-shirt. The former left plenty of his deep, hairy ass-crack showing and fat, jiggling buttocks bare to the world. While his shirt – though baggy around his flabby arms – failed to contain even a few inches of his massive, gurgling beer gut. Which jutted far out in front of the fat, gluttonous Stoner. Rotund girth pressing down onto Reuben’s thick thighs, wobbling from side-to-side as he lumbered along. The pendulous motion of that hanging gut almost mesmerizing with its girthy size. Both from its own heavy weight and the mass of meaty men crammed into the very stomach behind that wall of hairy, jiggling flab.

The t-shirt sported a logo for the heavy metal band, Ultimate Ogres. One of Reuben’s favorites, not just for their music, but open-predator concerts. Real damn good find, that one. Not just the shirt itself, but the hulking frat-boy who’d been wearing it.

Though his footsteps were much heavier and stance quite wider from lugging all that extra girth and mass around, Reuben honestly didn’t seem to notice the extra ton of weight he’d acquired across his middle. Some twenty-plus frat-boys he’d devoured, both small and large, now lost inside those deep, meaty depths. Well on their way to being digested already, less than thirty minutes after being eaten.

Tombstone, the very first meal of Reuben’s late breakfast, nothing but soup and bones sliding through the Stoner’s lower intestines by now.

Yet, even through all that heavy sloshing and low churning, the rising whines of hunger could be heard. Despite those hungry pleas for more food, such a thing was not really on Reuben’s mind…

Then a huge, sweaty brute of a powerlifter happened to come stomping towards the fat Stoner just then. The towering frat-jock a regular lumbering mountain of swollen slabs of immense, brawny man-meat. Not only having huge shoulders and arms, a colossal backside and thighs, but also a hard, doming keg of a muscle-gut. Utterly drenched in his own musky sweat, and reeking of pure and powerful man. Straight from the weight-room, ego nearly just as hugely pumped as his colossal muscles were.

“Fuck you lookin’ at, ya fat piece of-Mmmrph!”

Reuben honestly hadn’t even moved to intercept the powerbrute. Just reached over, snagged the huge man by the straining waistband of his gym-shorts, and then practically flung all of that manly brute into his gaping maw.

Dozens of other nearby students watching in awe. That entire brute being manhandled and swallowed whole by the smaller, flabbier Stoner.

Good on the big fella, that Reuben ended up walking almost an entire stretch of sidewalk before he managed to fully gullet the last of the huge brute. That he was just that big and strong, forcing the Stoner to slow his pace even. Dedicated a little extra effort to gettin’ that massive power-gut down his hungry gullet. Though once that hefty powerbrute was waist deep in, his bulk just starting to fill and bloat out Reuben’s fat belly even more, both the weight and girth of his gut grew once more.

Once that big powergut and huge, beefy ass was gulped down, was fairly easy to finish the rest of him off.

As the immense and angrily flexin’ toes finally slipped down past his hairy lips, a fully realized plan to smoke a joint formed in Rueben’s mind. At his favorite loafing-spot on campus, even. The idea firmly jammed into his mind instead of eatin’ more brutish-jocks. Weed perhaps the one thing that could get Reuben’s mind off eating anymore dudes. 

Until his utterly ravenous version of the munchies hit once again, anyway.

The spot in question being at an old bench near a high foot-traffic area. A cross-shaped intersection of footpaths, often called the Junction. With that little section of pathway, with that lone bench, having become the spot where the college’s vast population of Stoners liked to gather and bum smokes off each other. It was fairly safe for ‘em all, for one-really good reason.

An old, giant weight-lifting gym on one side, while one of the campus’ many cafeterias sat right across from it. As such, most of the traffic that came through the Junction were either jocks or bodybuilders. All those hulking, muscular brutes going to and from the gym, or to and from the chow hall. Most of those jocks had no interest in munchin’ any flabby, smelly Stoners for their pre or post-workout meals. Even the most gluttonous of them turned a nose up at the mere thought.

Now, the various predators amongst said stoners were not so picky. Reuben’s second reason for loving the Junction, was the easy availability of such big, beefy prey. Though, it must be said, he pretty much left the young and lean musclemen alone.

Be a shame, to take them before they got properly big and bulky.

Anyone more than able to notice a striking change occurring to many of those young, beefy men. If, one stayed at that bench for long enough. Reuben, having been hanging there for over 7 years, was even able to notice. How those meathead gym fanatics habits changed. College had that effect, especially on the newer arrivals. They would start heading over to the cafeteria after for their post-workout meals. After a while though, those beefy boys would start showing up earlier. Going straight to the chow hall before they went to the gym. Then, they’d start having mid-workout snacks, before gradually moving on to full blown meals.

Dozens of fast-food restaurants had long ago infiltrated and replaced the colleges own kitchens. After all, they promised far bigger and tastier meals. Plus, man-cattle of a quality that the college could never hope to afford.

Each time, with each passing week, these jocks’ stays in the campus cafeteria would grow longer and longer, while their gym time would slowly fall behind. And they’d emerge with ever-larger, more distended bellies. Hard, firm little muscle-guts at first. Once all that food was broken down, the pudge soon came in thicker and thicker layers. Their broad bellies and asses growing wider, fatter, and jigglier from all that extra food. While their once beefy pecs and huge arms grew flabbier and softer. Still growing bigger, damn bigger, but now more from the coming fat. Powerful pecs turning to sagging, heavy man-tits and once bulging abs covered in a thick, pudgy layer of belly every time.

If they stuck around long enough, managed to stay out of another man’s gut, those ex-jocks would make the full transition to big, fatty chubs. With right big and fatty beer bellies. Their jock days far behind them, but more than obvious underneath even all that corpulent, sweaty fat. You saw some of them still hanging around here at the Junction. Waddling around, hardly fitting into old gym-clothes of theirs, as they continued their routines in utter denial. Some of them, however, did eventually balance out their gluttony. Just becoming big, meaty muscle-chubs who ate and lifted massively. True, beefy beasts of men.

Then, there was an odd subset of these ex-jocks. Those bros who became interested in and then joined the Stoners hanging-out on the bench.

He loved those type o’ bros, especially. Before becoming all so imbedded into Zeke, Reuben had often taken those hefty ex-jocks under his own smelly arm. Helping them get weed, obviously, but also to stalk and devour the other big, beefy jocks tromping ‘round the junction. That, or hook’ ‘em up with other ex-jocks who called the campus home. Plumping them up nice and fat, until they were waddlin’ around with huge asses and rotund beer bellies. Eventually though, temptation got the better of him, and Reuben would end up eating his fattening protege. Not that many of ‘em ever had much say on the matter, but most of those bros had been more than happy to help feed such an amazing bro like Reuben at that point.

The big fat Stoner had kinda stopped doin’ that of late. Zeke just took up so much of his time, what with all those feeding sessions of his. Didn’t leave much to spend with other guys, to be honest.

At least, the one’s outside of his belly.

Reuben lumbering his way through the afternoon crowd of jocks. His prey-bloated gut drawing more than one gaze of shock or jealousy. Some of those growing fat-boys – all ex-jocks in denial – taking one hungry look, before diving right back into the chow hall. Either having already been on their way there, or having just walked out.

More than happy to use any excuse to go back inside, and eat even more food and man-cattle.

Despite all that hulking man-beef lumbering so invitingly around him, Reuben just bee-lined for the old bench. A part of him disappointed to see it empty of any of his fellow stoners. Mostly, because he only had five joints left on him. He’d been hoping to collect on a loan, or bum some hand-me-outs of his own. Course, he also had no issue with just gulpin’ down one of the other more dickish Stoners on campus. Take their smokes for himself, and more than likely, get a hefty and tasty treat for his belly, too.

Some of the bench’s regulars had gotten right and big fat over the years.

After all, wasn’t just Reuben or those jocks who got nice and fat at the Junction. More than one of Reuben’s stoner friends had gotten right massive from hanging around these parts. Over 400-pounds, or even 500-pounds of doughy, smelly fat…

Bench was completely empty, though. Plenty of trash and blunts laying around. With entire pile of discarded gym-clothes just behind the bench, but nothing else.

With a sigh, Reuben sat his fat ass down. The beer-bellied Stoner glad to be off his big feet, and already sweating from just that short walk. Not really comprehending why he was… given all the men weighin’ down his noisily sloshin’ belly. Fat thighs spread out wide to make room for that heavy, swollen gut. The great girth of which easily reached his knees, and hung heavily down between them. The loud gurgling within reaching a fever pitch. That monstrous stomach of his already busily working away to make room to start on that huge powerbrute Reuben had just devoured.

Big fucker was squirmin’ away, though. He wasn’t gonna digest easy at all, no sir. Reuben might just have him in there all day, in fact…

Not that the big fat Stoner seemed to notice, or even recall utterly demolishing the burly jock like a glorified burger. Reuben already fishing around for a joint and a light in his pocket. Just leaned his vast bulk further back on the bench with a lazy sigh. Makin’ his huge beer belly swell and jut forward even more freely.

As he lit up and took the first few puffs, his eyes were already growing distant. A faint, whimsical grin was plastered on his face within minutes.

Quickly, Reuben lost track of time. Smoked through three of the joints he had on him… when a big and towering wall of swarthy fat and muscle stomped over. The damn ground actually shakin’ enough, that Reuben even felt his plump man-tits bouncin’. The huge bro makin’ all those earthshakin’ footsteps comin’ to a stop right in front of the Stoner.

A massive and damn friendly grin on the giant Indian man’s mug. The cheeks of his face were good and plump, making that happy grin look even bigger.

“Hey-ya there, brother!” The huge gorilla rumbled. “Can I bum a joint? I’m more than good to pay ya back, I swear!”

In such a good mood, the fat and hairy Stoner could only grin and happily pass it out to his new big buddy.

The giant ex-jock thanking him sleepily. Obviously, well-baked himself already. Lighting up quick, the big guy thumped down onto the bench next to Reuben. The whole thing shaking and creaking at the additional colossal weight. That Indian gorilla had to be around 6’7 in height, and 400-plus-pounds naturally. The number well and truly boosted right then, though. The big guy’s own flabby tanker of meaty, hairless gut swelling forward immensely. Easily onto and over the sides of his own broad lap. Reaching out past his knees, while being of a girth comparable to a wrecking ball.

“Name’s Vishal, bud!” The hefty Indian giant rumbled to Reuben. “But friends call me Vishie.”

The Stoner just nodding and smiling, which seemed to satisfy the larger brute.

That, and Vishal seemed well and truly occupied. Often shovin’ his joint between his lips, so either of his huge mitts could freely rub and thump his own massive tanker of gut. The heavy wiggle of squirming men, the bulges of their broad hands and feet, quite obvious within it. The huge brute belching up thick air that stank of pure, beefy men… plus, the odd pair of briefs. Reuben reading the logo on one of them as General Chang’s Twenty-Twenty Buffet.

Twenty bucks, for twenty squat and chubby Chinese man-cattle.

“Mmm… fuck, General Chang’s is amazing,” Reuben said absently to himself. “I can spend a good hundred bucks there, and fill up real easy.”

Vishie just groaned in agreement, before giving his massive tank another hard slap.

“They were a good appetizer, brother. Always are.” The Indian gorilla grinned. “But I didn’t stop there, bro. Went over to Juan’s Gigante Man-Tacos, and got two gigante man-burritos to go. Fuck me, bro. Gulleted both of those Mexican giants down together – burrito stuffin’ drizzlin’ outta muh mouth around ‘em! Then, I couldn’t help myself, and got another gyro platter from Georgios’ Titan-Man Gyros. Came with three tall, hairy greek men!”

“’Nother, dude?” Reuben asked.

“Yeah, I’d had a platter earlier, bro. Thought it’d keep me, but I guess I’m just real hungry today!” Vishal groaning in pure, gluttonous bliss.

The weed being the icing on the cake of his fine, fast-food hopping feast of food and men. No less than 28 of ‘em in that impressive tank of his. Along with platters of Chinese food and dozens of burritos and gyros. Makin’ even the big brute look ready to pop.

Nice, light meal, all that. Reuben loved to go fast-food restaurant hopping… when he had the money, anyway. Always damn expensive, ordering some odd eighty men from the various fast-food restaurants.

Reuben’s attention was drawn off the moaning, sated Vishal. A scuffle having broken out in the chow hall. A couple of big guys came running on out through one of the side-entrances. The hefty frat-boys, often sporting guts full of wiggling prey, desperately shoving and ramming into each other as they fled the hall in pure terror.

Perhaps not that odd a sight, seein’ the prey makin’ a run for it. However, one didn’t normally associate the body-type of the huge, post-athlete frame of an ex-jock as prey.

One last ex-jock – a real fatty who had truly let himself go to blubber – not being fast enough at all. Got tripped, just at the cusp of the entrance. Huge man-tits and massive gut slamming onto the ground, knocking’ the wind out of his barrel-chest. Not that the big guy wasn’t already pantin’ and sweatin’ in terror enough as it was already.

Fat boy flailed about there for a few seconds on the ground, before a hard yank dragged him back into the chow hall with a yelp.

He managed to grab the corner of the doorway – huge, meaty hands lockin’ on it in a death grip. Despite the thick fat coverin’ ‘em, his huge biceps still managed to bulge powerfully. Trying to keep himself there, and not –

With sudden hard yank, the fat ex-jock was pulled bodily back inside. The baseball cap he’d been wearing flying off from the sheer force. He managed one last yelp, then only his panicked begging could be heard.

That, and deep, wet swallows.

Maybe a minute later, the culprit who devoured that fat boy, and sent all those other burly men runnin’, came walking out of the chow hall. Massively engorged potbelly preceding him the whole way. Fuck, hardly fit through the doublewide entrance doors, even. That big fat ex-jock by no means the only man in that there giant potbelly. The great, rounded mass firm and lumpy as a boulder from all those big bruisers stuffed so tightly inside.

Vishal rumbled a bubbly chuckle at the sight of the scrawny, tattooed punk that massive potbelly belonged too.

“Hungry little dude, ain’t he? That’s his tenth big fatty – just today!” The huge man rumbled in mirth. “And that don’t count all the fast-food and man-cattle he’s been swallowin’ down with ‘em! Fuck, lil’ guy had already closed down the Papa Angus’ yesterday… think he was, uh, in the gyro shop right behind me… shit, what did he get? Five Platters?”

“Huh, starting light today, then.” Reuben mumbled – more to himself, really.

The Stoner was more than familiar with the Punk. An average height, but real scrawny guy just called Scuzzy. Well, that potbelly of his was an extreme exception. Even unfed, it often looked like the Punk had an entire beachball in his belly. Scuzzy just that gluttonous, that he’d permanently stretched out his own stomach from all the ravenous eating he partook in. And despite all that brawny man-beef and thick, dought fat… he’d gained not a pound elsewhere.

Scuzzy wore only a pair of tattered, grimy jeans. Both the crotch and seat long torn open, leaving his heavy set of loins to dangle freely and buttcrack open to the air. All to give ‘em way easier access. As once Scuzzy finished fillin’ his stomach, he’d start on his lower bits next.

And they was just as if not even more ravenous than his maw and belly.

Vishal’s status having rather quickly changed in the back of Reuben’s mind. From big buddy… to slimy punk snack. Scuzzy already making his way over. His gait completely unaffected by the solid, wrecking ball potbelly he had going just then. Damn thing was actually bigger than Vishal’s own monster belly, and without any doubt, way damn heavier, too. The squirming within having already died, as a thunderously loud churning was rumbling out of that swollen gut. Scuzzy digested his meals very quickly. Would soon have more than enough room for more jocks and frat-boys inside his stomach.

Course, he still had plenty of room now, too. Scuzzy usually only slowin’ down if his belly was draggin’ on the ground.

Reuben thought surprisingly fast then. He really didn’t want to see his new bud Vishie be eaten by Scuzzy. Now, there was a bit of vindictiveness on his own part. He rather disliked the hairy, grimy punk. In fact, scuzzy may very well be the reason the Junction’s stoner bench was completely abandoned today. The Punk was completely unpicky in his meals, and would happily devour even the most filthy and drugged-out man there.

That bein’ said, Reuben also really liked Vishie, too. But how could he keep the big fella safe?

Tellin’ him to run would do no good. Even if he wasn’t full to bursting with food and prey, the big guy was so baked, his eyes were practically crossed! If only there was somethin’ big enough to hide the huge gorilla in –

The moment that thought entered his mind, there was no goin’ back for Reuben.

Without a word to Vishal, Reuben grabbed the big Indian gorilla. Effortlessly, dragged him across the bench, until his own gorged gut was bumping against Reuben’s. Gettin’ the grip he needed, the fat Stoner hoisted that massive, glutted brute into the air.

Holding that huge, glutted bruiser near vertically above him, before he’d even opened wide. Vishal, havin’ been hot and pantin’ from effort already, started to sweat heavily. Dangling as he was above Reuben’s jaws, every movement sent those fat droplets plummeting downward.

Landing on the wide, wigglin’ tongue – sending a shock through Reuben’s palette, as he got a but a small samplin’ of Vishal’s fine and beefy taste. Gaping his bearded jaws wider and wider. Thick strands of saliva hanging inside that bottomless maw. Given just how huge and broadly built Vishie was, before you even took his giant gut into account, and the Indian brute was gonna be a serious mouthful.

Looking down into that glistening maw, Vishal was moaning and squirming in bubbly confusion. Massive, tree-trunk legs slowly wheeling drunkenly in the air. Mumbling nonsense, and trying to squirm loose from Rueben’s iron-grip. Whether he was trying to struggle free, or drop into the Stoner’s jaws and hungry belly below, was left fully to interpretation.

Though, he had popped quite the meat-log of a boner.

Reuben was more than eager to fit all that moaning bruiser in, as he suddenly lowered Vishal’s wide, fat head into his maw. Taking the hard, blocky skull of the big brute in one giant mouthful, easily. Reuben’s slimy tongue slathering across the huge man’s hairy jowels and double-chin with delight. Just that part of Vishie alone was quite tasty. A delightful mix of jock-musk, fat-boy sweat and the lingering of various fast-food restaurant’s sauces, made the fat Stoner eager for more. With a hard swallow, he took the huge man’s colossal shoulders next.

Balancing his big prey atop his own immense gut, Reuben quickly moved his grip to Vishal’s immense love-handles. Grabbing hold, with a deep breath, the beer-bellied Stoner started to pull his huge prey down into his gullet. The combined pull of gravity, throat muscles, Vishal’s gorged weight, and Reuben all but shoving him in, saw the Indian gorilla swallowed down to the deep pit of his navel. The Stoner’s fat tongue eagerly diving in appreciate the traps tastes within.  Now with the widest point of his meal filling up his jaws, Reuben’s already gorged belly gave a keening, demanding whine.

Without much reason to deny his insatiable stomach, he gave another powerful swallow. His hairy maw completely engulfing Vishal’s huge tank, then. Stretching Reuben’s gullet grotesquely, but not stopping that hungry maw from working down more of its meal. Not even pausing, even as his bearded lips reached up and over Vishal’s colossal buttocks next. Each one of those immense fat and muscle thick glutes their own colossal wealth of man-beef alone. Despite his heavy gluttony, Vishal still hit the squat-rack like a beast. Every inch of Reuben’s hairy maw and cheeks distended grotesquely, to accommodate that entire huge Indian gorilla ass.

And that wasn’t the only part of Reuben that had to. Even as Vishie’s massive chest and gut were squeezed into Reuben’s stomach sack after his fat head and massive shoulders, what little space was left in there begun to vanish real quick. Which meant that many of the Stoner’s prior prey were now trapped under that still pissed powerlifter’s brawny frame. They just now had Vishie’s huge bulk added on, and were forced even further down.

The two brutes really were just that immense… but, far more so, was how Reuben was actively flexing his stomach muscles. Preventing his belly from truly growing any bigger – and oh, it could – to accommodate those huge prey.

Leaving the smaller frat boys already in Reuben’s stomach nowhere to go… except down, of course.

All that added pressure being put on it, the sphincter to Reuben’s upper intestines begun to pulse open. One after another, a big frat-boy was claimed. Sucked down into those slimy, foul-smelling bowels. Despite still having many of Reuben’s prior prey winding through them – whether alive and still squirming, or not – there was more than enough room for them all.

Like most men, most predators, Reuben wasn’t truly aware of what his own digestive track was doing. More than content to let the instincts his own ravenous feeding had built into his belly play out. Even if he truly was, Reuben would not object at all. After all, the faster the Stoner digested those old prey-boys he’d eaten, the more room he’d have for more and even bigger prey!

“Hey, that big fat gorilla was mine, Reuben!”

With a noisy and wet slurp, Reuben sucked the last of Vishie into his maw. Those colossal 18EEE feet just a big as the rest of him had been. Throat bulging with their wide and solid mass, until a single heavy gulp did away with those meaty stompers. No longer held in place by his jaws, they flew down Reuben’s gullet and quickly joined the rest of Vishal down in that ravenous stomach.

Despite wanting to enjoy the feeling of that huge ex-jock curl up in his gut, the Stoner instead turned his attention to Scuzzy.

The Punk standing right in front of him now. Thin arms crossed angrily over the massive swell of his own prey-gorged middle. Even as it hovered mere inches from Reuben’s own bulbous, flabby beer belly. Both huge guts seemingly growling and rumbling at each other in challenge with minds of their own.

Opening his mouth to answer, a thunderous belch roared out of Reuben’s gullet instead. His breath thick and nasty with Vishie’s delicious and spicy taste.

“No way, Scuzz!” Reuben finally rasped out. “Vishie was muh bud, and there’s no way I’m letting you eat any of muh buds!”

“You ain’t had no real buds in years, Reuben!” Scuzzy retorted. Reaching out a skull-ring encrusted hand to slap the Stoner’s huge gut. “All of ‘em ended up in here, remember? Every single damn one! Course, guess that does make that gorilla yer bud then, huh? Good ol’ Reuben! Keepin’ all his buds in just one place – right on his waistline!”

Scuzzy snickering at his own joke, but Reuben just stared at him blankly. The Punk realizing that, once again, trying to insult the big fat Stoner was like trying to insult a rock.

“God, you are thick!” Scuzzy grumbled angrily.

“And I’m only going to get thicker, Scuzz!” Reuben countered happily.

The Stoner givin’ that colossally bloated and squirming gut of his another hard slap. The act causing another thunderous belch to suddenly roar up and out of his gullet. Strong enough, that Scuzzy’s greasy mohawk flew about wildly and the Punk had to squint his eyes.

The Punk made a disgusted grunt. The two rival predators done talkin’, Scuzzy turned and started off.

Reuben only followin’ his retreat for a short time. Granted, just in that span o’ watchin’, Scuzzy would grab and devour four big and beefy ex-jocks. On either side of him, one hand just snatched ‘em right off the sidewalk. Hardly done gulletin’ the first two meatheads, before he’d grabbed some more big men to shove into his gapin’ maw with ‘em.

No less than four pairs of wide, meat feet slipping down his gullet. In an immense bulge of roaring, fighting man-beef that was nearly as big as Vishie had made.

Certainly, a lot angrier.

Yup, that was Scuzzy, alright. Just took whatever and whoever he wanted. Most never saw him comin’. The Punk was so deep in the gutters of the campus, that most had no clue who he was.

Rare, for anyone to ever get to know him, too. Reuben one of the very few unfortunates that did. And despite that, the Stoner had failed time and again to do anything about the gluttonous punk.

Well, besides proceed to devour any real big and beefy man nearby. Y’know, to keep ‘em out of Scuzzy’s undeserving guts!

Reuben’s phone started ringing then. Draggin’ his attention off Scuzzy, even as the potbellied Punk strolled back into the chow-hall. The fat Stoner had to work hard to reach around his gorged gut. Checkin’ pockets for the madly ringing phone for a good time. As most knew, searching for things or people was not Reuben’s forte.


“Hey, babe!” Zeke said in greeting. “How was your smoke?”

“Oh,” Reuben looked down at his fat and brute-filled belly. “It was alright! None of the guys was around at the bench – don’t think Scuzzy counts! But beside that, I did make a new buddy!”

“Ah! Well, then… I guess I won’t be meeting him, will I?” Zeke said ruefully.

Reuben looked down, and then felt over his belly. He was pretty sure he could feel Vishie movin’ about.

“Hmm, ya just might! He’s a real big guy, almost the same size as Julius had been!”

“Oh, wow! That’s a trip down memory lane!” Zeke answered. “But I don’t remember him lasting all that long, babe.”

“Oh, he didn’t! But I got plenty o’ other fellas in my bowels right now!” Reuben said casually. “Should let him last the day, I think!”

A sudden hard shift moved through Reuben’s lower stomach then, yet Vishal hardly moved at all. The Stoner wonderin’ what was so damn huge in there as to cause somethin’ like that.

Not even thinkin’ once about the hefty powerbrute he’d eaten before, or that now the big brute had just been squeezed into his bowels, too. Vishal really was that big and heavy. Even that other big boy had gotten squished down like the others beneath the big gorilla.

“Hmm, well, not that I need to ask this, but…” Zeke interrupted. “I take it your still hungry?”

Reuben’s gorged gut just let out a beseeching whine in answer. The sound so furious, one would think it was not only empty, but had been starved for weeks!

“I’ll take that as a yes, then!” Zeke said, before chuckling. “Here’s what ya gotta do, babe…”


Once more, I have Reuben a lot on the brain! XD He’s just so much fun to write.
Meanwhile, we have another two characters introduced. I’m not sure how long either of them may last. Reuben being Reuben, after all… but we’ll just have to see!

Offline NomNom

Aaaaaaargh I hope Vishie will be okay! I love the huge dope!  :-[

Offline Mukcub

AWESOME!  Love reading more about Reuben and Damn, I am curious about Scuzzy also!  Hopefully we get to see more of him, perhaps even on his own?

Online FoeHammer

Following Zeke’s instructions, Rueben made for the parking lot his boyfriend had specified. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have too hard of a time finding his ride to the curry shop.

Almost as if on cue, as the big fat stoner lumbered his way out into the parking lot, a car-horn started honking at him.

Reuben spun himself around – making his huge gut sway and wobble with its contents. Gurgle and slosh loudly, and even caused some of its heft to shift lower. More of his many prey comin’ loose, and abruptly slipin’ deeper into the fat Stoner’s bowels. Just by that simple act of looking for the source of the honking. A part of Reuben wonderin’ if he’d wandered, yet again, out in front of another moving vehicle. Until another set of honks drew his attention the other way. Finally, after a good minute of stumblin’ and heavy whirling about, Reuben caught sight of where they was coming from.

Even he couldn’t help but grin, as he saw a big and fat-bellied bull of a man. The burly fella currently leaning his considerable bulk up against a big truck’s hood. The source of the car horn. While from the driver’s side of the truck cabin, a huge and hairy arm was waving at the fat Stoner. No doubt, belonging to a real manly man. Just as brawny and fat-gutted as the bubba leaning on the truck was.

Reuben couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips at such a pair of meaty bruisers. Despite all that was filling his stomach already, a needy whine sounded from within it. He still hadn’t eaten a proper lunch yet, after all. Swallowing back drool, the Stoner started his way over to the two big bubbas that were to be his ride to lunch. Gorged beer belly well and truly preceding him.

“Damn, fella! Those videos don’t do ya justice!” The big bubba leanin’ on the truck hood drawled. “Even sexier in person! Eh, Clyde?”

“Damn straight, Rosco!” The other big guy hollered. Popping the driver side door open, so he could lug his own stout frame out. “Fuck, man! Look at tha’ gut! He even eaten a good meal today, yet?”

“Nah!” Rosco grumbled jovially. “Looks to me like jus’ a light snack, maybe two!”

“Wha’ ya say, Reuben? Ready for a real meal, yet?” Clyde asked, big smirk splittin’ his leathery mug.

Reuben, meanwhile, was just beside himself with lust and hunger at that point. Every gluttonous button pressed expertly by these two bubbas, in seconds!

Though noticeable shorter than Rosco, Clyde was still a real mouthful of a bubba. Both of them were dressed in gym clothes, and were sweaty and musky enough to have just come straight from one. Just thigh-high shorts and cut-off muscle-shirts, with Clyde having shucked and tucked his own into his shorts waistband. Leaving the doming mound of his belly and sagging pair of man-tits naked and free to be appreciated. The shorter of the two was also only wearing bath sandals, while big and tall Rosco was wearing socks and one huge pair of sneakers. Havin’ once been a sterile white, they were now yellowed and grimy from the big man’s potent foot sweat.

Reuben more than able to both smell and taste it in the air. Hell, both of these tasty bubbas were damn ripe and musky smelling. A real pair of smelly frat-jock bruisers.

“As ya might have guessed already, Zeke sent us to pick ya up!”

“Yeah, need to make sure ya reach yer lunch date there, Reuben.” Rosco added.

The three men stood there, just grinning at each other.

“What are you fellas getting outta this?” Rueben asked eagerly.

Rosco and Clyde then turnin’ to look at each other. Both still grinnin’ big, though.

“Well now, Rosco, what are we gettin’ outta this?”

Rosco pretended to think. “Oh, nuttin’ really, Clyde!”

“Aw, now ain’t that a shame!”

Reuben, even as thick as he was, could see where these two bubbas was going with this. Hell, he was damn glad they were!

“Don’t worry, fellas… I can pay muh road fare right now!” Reuben said with a chuckle.

Reuben didn’t let the big fellas say anymore from there. Already goin’ to his knees down below the looming underhang of Rosco’s solid gut. Near eye level with the vast bulge at his groin. Reuben’s own engorged belly resting on the ground, pinning his swollen loins beneath its colossal bulk.

Reuben already grabbin’ Rosco by the colossal trunks of his calves… and then lifted the big man up off the ground.

Rosco mutterin’ a curse in shock, even as his broad and powerful ass was hoisted up and onto the truck’s hood. Made the whole big vehicle rock on its suspension. Such a big, heavy man he was. A manly brute, with right big and manly feet.

The current object of Reuben’s attention. As promised, those sneakers of Rosco’s were utterly saturated with the man’s stink and musk. Months of hard workouts, and all the potent sweat made from them, having become infused into the sneakers material.

Didn’t take Reuben long at all, to utterly drench both of those big sneakers with his drool. He’d slurped and tasted over them, even pulled both into the drool-soaked depths of his maw. Desperate to appreciate their fine and musky taste. Eventually, he’d just suck both big sneakers right off those wide slabs of feet. The laces not even undone, but such was the force of that suction, that Reuben easily stripped ‘em off. Swallowed those big 18EEEs down whole, in a soft bulge at his throat. The socks lasting even shorter. By the time they disappeared down Reuben’s gullet, in truth, they’d be completely sucked clean of Rosco’s pungent flavor. The big man’s broad and meaty feet would take just a bit longer. So long they’d gone, unwashed and heavy with salty, manly musk and grime. Thick with callouses and leathery as a boot.

Rosco, the whole time, left writhing and moaning in pure pleasure as Reuben slurped and even chewed on his huge feet. Even as tough and meaty as they were, Rosco could feel those strong teeth work ‘em good. He’d already reached beneath the great ball of his gut and freed his rock-hard beer-can of cock. Was actively strokin’ away at that great and powerful length of his manhood. Moaning and grunting in pure bliss.

Meanwhile, Clyde had not been idle.

The moment Reuben had gotten on his knees, the big man had likewise gone to hands and knees. All the better, to be able to reach the Stoner’s fat ass. Clyde pulling the waistband of Reuben’s straining sweatpants down. The Stoner’s own plump and meaty ass jiggling at the sudden freedom. Definitely, more soft and doughy fat in those thick and hairy cheeks than muscle. Proven, as Clyde’s meaty paws took either one of ‘em in hand. Rubbed and massaged them appreciatively. Felt just how thick they really were with beefy fat, before he spread Reuben’s ass wide open. So that he might bury his broad face into the cavernous ass crack, and the broad pucker they’d hidden.

Already slurpin’ and muchin’ away noisily at that thick, meaty manhole. Those fat, rounded butt cheeks now on either side of Clyde’s blocky head. He’d yet to do more than bury his tongue in Reuben’s manhole, yet those fat buttocks were nearly broad and beefy enough to engulf his wide head all on their own.

But under such thorough stimulation, there was no surprise when Reuben’s ass gave a reflexive clench. With wet and greasy suction, that greedy hole dragged Clyde’s entire blocky head in one go. The big man moaning deeply, but he was muffled, and then silenced.

Only the wet smack of meaty flesh on meaty flesh coming from Reuben’s rear, soon. Despite the great and powerful breadth of Clyde’s shoulders, he was down to his fat and saggin’ man-tits in seconds.

Meanwhile, once he’d gotten every drop of manly musk from them, Reuben had swallowed up Rosco’s massive feet. Effortlessly, as they were now only just a hard bulge in the Stoner’s bearded throat. Even as he slavered over the hairy and broad breadth of Rosco’s calves, the pace that Reuben swallowed down the huge man only grew. Even though the thick fur of the big bubba’s manly-bod trapped his taste so well – creating a perfectly aged and tasty musk – it wasn’t anywhere near as well as those sneakers had. No, Reuben’s fat tongue was far to thorough to ever miss so much as a whiff, and too quick to make that smelly musk last long.

Though the Stoner would slow as he swallowed up to Rosco’s broad waist. Got to bury his tongue into the fur-choked balls and sample the fine, tasty seed that had leaked over them. Adding a rich gravy to an otherwise already mind-blowing steak of a man. Reuben finished gulping down Rosco’s broad and beefy ass, just as the big man let out a whooping holler, and started cumming. Flooding Reuben’s maw with his thick and pungent seed. The Stoner not so much as spluttering once, as he easily swallowed all that cum down. Rosco just kept on firing cum-shot after cum-shot within that hot, slimy maw. Even as the fat, gluttonous Stoner finished off the great and meaty girth of the big man’s huge powergut. Sent it rollin’ down his gullet after all the rest of the big, beefy man’s lower assets. Only pausing his ravenous ascent up Rosco’s powerful trunk when he reached the cavernous pits under his huge arms.

Much like his groin had, it proved an intense and rich source of taste nearly as potent as his big feet had been… yet Reuben still slurped them clean quickly. Sucked down the rest of the big brute, past those powerful shoulders and arms, till his maw was encircling Rosco’s bull-neck.

The fat, gluttonous Stoner only pausin’ there for a second to enjoy the feelin’. To hear the big man beg him to take that last swallow, and claim his entire beefy bod for his own gluttonous belly.

Just as Rosco’s groaning head slipped past Reuben’s hairy lips and forever out of sight, Clyde’s bath sandals fell to the pavement with a quiet clatter. His own broad, meaty stompers flexing and kicking madly in the air. Desperate to be fully engulfed in the hot, steamy warmth of Reuben’s bowels. From all the wild bucking he was doing, the other burly frat-jock was busily humpin’ away and blowin’ every drop of seed he had in those steamy depths.

With one more massive gulp, that bubba Rosco slipped fully wthin Reuben’s vast belly… to hardly three more inches of growth. Was all that towerin’ height, really. That let Rosco stretch out Reuben’s stomach so much. Yet, the newly added weight of a whole beefy brute was obvious. Reuben’s gut grew only a bit more firm, so much juicy chub he had to spare, but did sag much more toward the ground. The fat stoner groanin’ at the added girth, and rolled over onto his fat ass.

As those huge and plump ass-cheeks smack against the ground, all of Reuben’s weight came down on Clyde’s still squirmin’ feet. The act forcin’ those leathery and broad stompers right on in. With a few more undulated pulses through Reuben’s belly, within seconds, that whole squat bruiser was worked deep into his colon… while addin’ only two-inches more of gut girth. Clyde was big and heavy guy, but he was also rather compact, truth be told.

The big guy would stay there to digest, and not have to contend with the remains of any o’ Reuben’s many prior meals. Truth be told, that might be awhile. So near the exit as he was, Clyde was gonna enjoy a good and long ride within his chosen predator’s rectum.

Reuben more than glad to carry him about, and let his solid mass press and jolt against his prostate the whole time.

In pure gluttonous bliss, the fat-bellied and gorged Stoner reached down to rub at the slimy bulge of his crotch. Truly unsurprised to discover that, sometime durin’ that amazin’ snack o’ his, he’d gone and blown a good-sized load.

The only thing that had saved him from soakin’ his entire waist and endin’ up in a huge puddle of his own cum, was that Reuben’s cock had slipped free from his sweatpants waistband of its own accord. The huge and girthy length havin’ curved up and over the great swell of his bloated beer gut. Easily comin’ to poke free from beneath it, with plenty more inches of arm-thick shaft to spare.

All the while, leakin’ and spurtin’ more pre-cum than some lesser men did in a week… before finally blowin’ like a damn geyser. The entire underside of Rosco and Clyde’s truck now drenched and dripping with with long, gooey strands of Reuben’s thick seed. While well beyond the truck’s rear end – far beyond it – a great streak o’ still steamin’ cum had been blasted across the parkin’ lot.

Not that Reuben really noticed much of this. Already, jackin’ his monstrous cock once again. The great length more than hard and ready for more masturbatin’. The Stoner more than able to feel his new prey still squirmin’ about within him. All but driven him to it, now.

Helped that Vishie was still very much alive and kickin’. That huge Indian gorilla havin’ been plenty happy when Rosco came slidin’ down Rueben’s gullet. The big man poppin’ out the stomach, to land heavily atop the huge ex-jock’s enormous gut.

The two hardly pausin’ to greet one another, before they’d eagerly got to their own love makin’.

Reuben happily strokin’ away at his girthy cock, even as those two bigguns passionate humpin’ and thrashin’ about constantly bumped against his gorged shaft. Reuben pressin’ it into the soft pudge of his belly, so that he might better feel their manly love makin’.

And all the while, within his colon, Clyde was still feverously pawin’ away at his own hefty loins. Enjoyin’ that hot and slimy embrace, the deep musky and earthy stink. All of his own self-pleasurin’ doin’ more than enough to make Reuben’s whole waist and loins feels hot and fuzzy with eroticism.

Little wonder, that he ended up blowin’ another vast load of his own cum again. This time, near straight up into the air. That first thick-rope easily soarin’ a good fifteen-feet up with plenty o’ spare change. Comin’ back down with a loud splatterin’ over the hood and roof of the truck. Yet, the majority of all that geyser o’ slimy cum ended up plopping down into the truck bed.

Without anywhere else to go, as more and more cum ropes were cannon-shot into the air, it just pooled and pooled there. Least, till it started to overflow, and spill out onto the parkin’ lot pavement.

Was soon a long and wide stream of Reuben’s steamin’, gooey jizz slowly meanderin’ across the parkin’ lot.

Unsurprisingly, the fat Stoner and his little show of gluttony and lust had drawn a good bit o’ attention. Mostly students and faculty, who had stopped to appreciate the sight before wisely movin’ on.

Course, such a scene would inevitable drawn in the campus security.

Though it hired many students to serve as cheap campus guards, the college actually – and fairly wisely – outsourced a good chunk of its security to a firm. A very professional, well-trained bunch of men. Reuben saw those aged and studly guards in their security booths, or driving around the campus all the time. And, bein’ the friendly sort he was, the Stoner had often gone over to say hello.

Course, to this day, he still thought they was a fast-food delivery service. What with all the sharp uniforms and vehicles.

At this point, completely unbeknownst to Reuben, he was on security’s watch-list, now. After having left so many abandoned patrol cars and empty booths behind, the veteran guards had learned to steer clear of the gluttonous Stoner.

Of course, the campus security was unconcerned with the students’ and the faculties’ ultimate wellbeing. The price of being an open-predator campus, was the lack of being able to call on anyone for help. Beyond openin’ a locked room or car, anyway. No, security’s only real concern was vandalism. Both of the college’s property, and the various students and faculty’s own.

Vehicles, whether cars, trucks or Harleys, all counted as the security’s concern…. and Reuben had just drenched an entire truck in his own cum. An act that could most definitely be interpreted as vandalism.

That, and these two must be new.

The studly, mustached pair of guards both lugging themselves out of their patrol car. They were both broadly-built and very well-muscled – near perfect muscle-daddy’s, with six-packs and all. Despite their age, they had remained amazingly well-cut, but also very bulky. More muscle than anything else, and given the sheer mass and near full-foot jut of the bulges at their crotches… they were seriously fuckin’ packin’!

Both intently moving toward Reuben already, even as they reached down to undue their belts and zippers. Pull out their long, girthy weapons for the coming confrontation. Long, arm-thick horse cocks soon curvin’ over the tight bulges of their full, swollen ball sacs. So bloated with aged and virile muscle-daddy cum, that they audible sloshed with every movement.

Looking around the near empty parking lot, at the now ownerless truck, an unfortunate realization hit Reuben. The fat-bellied Stoner, his huge gut still squirming with Rosco, Vishal and Clyde’s feverous lovemaking, quickly got his phone out to call Zeke.


“So, let me get this straight,” Zeke’s voice was made tinny by the phone’s speaker, but the exasperation was fully in it. “You ate your ride?”

“Well, babe… neither of ‘em objected much!” Reuben responded jovially. Rubbin’ his fatter belly, as he felt ‘em still kickin’ in there. “But, nah! I didn’t eat their truck, or anythin’! Tha’s a bit much for even me, babe!”

“Oh, Rosco brought along his BF… great!” Zeke quickly added. “Right… I should have seen this coming. Ever since Rosco and Clyde got shown those vids of you, those bubbas had been utterly obsessed with being your prey! I should have seen this coming… my fault entirely.”

“Aw, Babe! Ya ain’t at fault here! No one is, I think!” Reuben let out a deep, guttural belch. Working both his jaws and gullet, until he could pull a drool-soaked sock outta his mouth. Once he realized what it was, the fat stoner shoved in back into his maw and promptly swallowed.

“Though, I sense I should have fed you an appetizer first, anyway…”

“Mmm, they were so eager, babe!” Reuben drawled, even as he patted his fat gut. “I couldn’t have possible said no to ‘em! Even with an appetizer, or two! Hell, not even a full meal would have kept me off those bubbas! Mhmm, damn! If I don’t always got a little more room for every big and beefy fella like ‘em! So… how am I gonna get to the curry shop?”

“Don’t worry about it, big guy! Zeke always has a backup plan!” Zeke boasted proudly. “But just don’t eat my back-up until you’re at the shop, okay?”

Reuben just grinned. “Okay! But, that mean ya got even more guys like Rosco and Clyde in yer lil’ black book, babe? They was damn amazin’!”

A long-suffering sigh came through the phone. “Just be a good boy! Bye, fatty!”

“Bye, babe!”

With that the phone went dead.

Reuben, after holding back for so long, let out a guttural moan. A hard shudder ran through his whole beer-gutted frame. With some effort, he leaned forward off the straining, creaking truck hood to look past his gorged gut.

He could just see the two pairs of big, shiny security guard boots. Just as they were beginning to enter his gaping piss-slit. It and Reuben’s cock-head swollen massively, actively drooling away cum, as it pulsed and ‘gulped’ down those two muscle-daddies.

To everyone else who had a far better view, the outline of those burly guards was more than evident within the swollen shaft of Reuben’s huge cock. The underside saggin’ heavily with their bulk. Just about every outline and curve of muscle, whether it was their broad buttocks or meaty pecs, easy to see. Along with the great truncheon-sized lengths of two fat and matured cocks, and the melon-sized and shaped masses of no less than four fat balls.

Reuben, needless to say, had been real horned-up after he’d swallowed down Rosco and sucked Clyde up his ass. His loins had just grown massive and fat, no doubt, in pure jealousy at not being fed too!

And then all of those studly and matured guards had come around to feed ‘em!

With one last shudder and a noisy, wet gulp both pairs of boots slipped into Reuben’s cock. Their burly owners quickly descendin’ down the rest of his shaft next. Within a few more seconds, the Stoner felt the already weighty mass of his balls grow. Both their girth and heft increasing within the confines of his sweatpants. Already a hard fit before, the cloth became extremely tight. Either of his nuts now actively squirming and bulging with their new occupants. Reuben’s potent, musky seed got even those middle-aged and manly guards rolling and humping like young stallions in heat.

With Reuben loving every movement those six big, muscular studs made.

The Stoner lookin’ with a grin at the ‘delivery cars’ they’d all shown up in. No less than three havin’ pulled up around him in the end. Each disgorging’ their pair of hunky and aged men – all in such sharp uniforms, too! – just for Reuben to enjoy!

Damn, if he hadn’t! Course, way each of those older guys had moaned and squirmed as they went on in Reuben’s cock and balls, had let him know they’d enjoyed it too!

As a hard thrust made his balls roll and slosh heavily, Reuben knew they still were. More than able to feel the weight and movement of those men inside… even as his balls shrunk. Not cause digestin’ had set in, as with such aged predators, they weren’t gonna breakdown quick at all.

No, was just those men had become so honry and hungry, that they’d set upon one another. Least, until Reuben had only one guard squirmin’ about in either testicle, while the both of those men’s own sacs were heavy with at least two more of their fellow guards.

At the very least, made Reuben waddlin’ about with a full set o’ balls slightly less awkward… if still utterly obscene in that colossal bulge.

Damn, if all that weight and squirmin’ didn’t make him plenty more horny, and that, made his gut roll in further hunger.


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Damn Reuben is just one hell of a sexy, gluttonous pred! Loved this installment. I'm especially jealous of Clyde crammed into Rueben's colon so close to the exit, with plenty of time to enjoy himself before he's stoner shit. Hot as always!

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Re: Zeke's Boyfriend (FS, OV, AV, CV, Weight Gain, Belly Worship, Feeding, Sex)
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Damn!  Another Awesome chapter!

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Re: Zeke's Boyfriend (FS, OV, AV, CV, Weight Gain, Belly Worship, Feeding, Sex)
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As always your stories are HOT.

Still hope that big dopey gorilla will be ok >~<

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Sometime later, a giant black SUV came rolling into the parking lot just outside the Curry-Shop.

The big vehicle had already been listing before from the immense bulk of its passengers. Especially the one sitting towards the rear, as the bumper was noticeable lower than the front of the SUV was. Nearly scrapping against the ground, even. Shaking heavily on its suspension from the booming rap music playing within.

The music was so loud, the air seemed to vibrate.

However, as the big SUV came to a stop, hardly a second later the whole vehicle begun to rock violently. Suspension and frame creaking torturously, practically leaping up off its tires. The occupants banging around the interior, angry or panicked shouts muffled. The SUV finally settling on a strange jerking pattern. Bobbing back and forth on its suspension, but with each savage movement, more and more weight seemed to settle on the rear suspension. Amazing, that none of the windows got shattered...

Or the rear-axel broke in half.

Almost as abrupt as it begun, the commotion ended. With that, one of the rear doors popped open. A great cloud of pot-smoke, thick as fog, came bellowing out first. Then a pair of broad, hairy feet swung out. Soon as their sandaled bottoms touched the pavement, immediately followed by a great and rotund sphere of beer belly. Thick, doughy flesh wobbling heavily from its own sheer girth, as the huge and heavy guts owner struggled to free his bulk from the SUV. The pale flesh thick with black body hair and slick with greasy sweat. Churning and gurgling around all the heavy man-beef packed – live and thrashing – inside. Swelling that already fat belly out even more than before. With some rocking and effort on his part, making his gut bounce the entire time, Reuben finally heaved himself free from the cabin.

Hit the ground with a dull and heavy thump, leaving the SUV rocking in his wake. Even as it sprung almost three feet back up into the air. Without the weight of all its passengers on them, the suspension had freely sprung back up.

The entire experience having left Reuben a sweaty, panting mess. The Stoner scratching his fat, bloated beer gut as he caught his breath. Only just able to reach a spot just above his cavernous navel, so full and round his beer belly now jutted forward. Letting out a deep sigh, and now with all this extra room, Reuben let his huge gut swell forward even more. Expand with a heavy gurgle from within. Gave the men inside room to thrash about some more, but otherwise, they were still well and truly swallowed down into the fat Stoner’s gurglin’ mass of stomach.

Without a chance o ‘em ever comin’ back out that way they entered. The four huge and fat gangsters who’d picked Reuben up at the college now stuffed into his gut along with Vishal and Rosco. They weren’t proving the humblest of guests, and had gone crazy the moment each of ‘em entered Reuben’s stomach.

They hadn’t been the most willing of meals, as the struggle of getting them swallowed down had proven.

Course, as always, Rueben hadn’t really taken their thrashin’ and cursin’ for tryin’ to escape him and his hungry belly. He’d thought it was just the tight interior of the SUV that had gotten ‘em mad. After all, squeezin’ those tubs of lard past the chairs and down his gullet had not proven easy. Even Reuben had to work a little to make his prey “happy,” and pay-back the nice bunch for givin’ him a free ride.

Starting with the two fat boys squeezed into the back on either side of him. Maneuvering their fat bulk atop his already gorged gut and into his maw hadn’t taken too long. Swallowing ‘em both down at the same time had certainly sped things up, too. In no time at all, two whole pairs o’ immensely wide and fat feet had been slidin’ down into his gullet. All gone in the next big and ravenous swallow. After taken care of the first two, Reuben had then been free to reach up into the driver’s cabin after the rest of his meal. Grabbed the passenger and yanked his fat ass into the back next. Swallowed that entire 400-pound porkchop of a man down fast – mostly, cause of how musky and sweaty he tasted – before finally grabbin’ hold of the SUV’s driver. Without a doubt, the biggest and fattest of the bunch. The boss-gangster havin’ had a regular wrecking-ball gut of soft, doughy lard and a huge, broad ass to match it. Right portly hulk of a man, and a real big gut filler.

He’d been the most uncooperative of the lot, but in the end, also the most filling and delicious. Well worth all the effort o’ crammin’ the great big fatty down his gullet!

Reuben was thinkin’ the driver might have been named Willy, but the Stoner had kinda forgotten the bunch’s names already. The huge, fat bruisers had immediately shoved a hooka into Reuben’s face the moment he hopped into the vehicle with ‘em.

Right impressed by the three empty campus security cars they’d found around the Stoner, and the vast bulge held within his sweatpants. One that even now still moved about all its own. Those squirmin’ studs makin’ plenty of heavy sloshes and gurgles echo out of Reuben’s man and cum-bloated balls. The group of gangsters had been quite intent on keeping his mouth occupied. Apparently, Willy and his crew were more than aware of Reuben’s gluttonous reputation… but, they had owed Zeke a laundry-list worth of favors.

Most of their parties would have been complete busts without the lil’ cub providing them quality belly-boys by the bus-load. Half the reason why the four gangsters had become so damn fat in the first place.

Reuben, of course, hadn’t really noticed their furtive looks. The hooka had kinda fuddled everything, but also kept Reuben good and busy on his ride over to the curry shop. Well, that and alternating between sucking on the two gangsters’ fat nips on either side o’ him. Each one of those thick and meaty things attached to a truly huge and bloated moob. Heavy with both fat and man-cream, until Reuben had sucked ‘em both dry. Left the huge brutes attached to ‘em as nothin’ but panting, sweaty wrecks. Not just man-milk sucked out o’ ‘em, as both gangsters had blown in their trousers multiple times as well. Left ‘em both hardly able to struggle a bit. Even as the fat Stoner eventually settled on devouring every last fat and burly inch of them.

The thought of eating Willy and his crew not entering the thoroughly baked Stoner’s mind once during the ride. But, then he remembered Zeke’s instructions upon arriving at the restaurant.

Or, had eating Big Fat Willy and his three boys been… optional?

The Stoner could only shrug, as he’d already forgotten his boyfriend’s instructions again. That, and the weed was makin’ thinkin’ on it difficult, so Reuben decided to stick with what he did know.

Filling his hungry belly full o’ tasty fat-boys was definitely a well-learned talent and well-used fallback plan of the Stoner’s.

Speaking of, despite having been stewing in a man’s stomach for so long, Vishal was still plenty baked. Reuben had been swallowin’ down the pot-smoke laced air of the SUV for his belly-fillers. More to keep them wigglin’ good, but the added weed had the big gorilla happily suckin’ it all down. For his own merit, Vishal had hardly reacted as four more fat-bruisers joined him in Reuben’s stomach. Plopping down atop his own fat, gurglin’ gut one after another. He’d barely grunted and continued to just giggle away throatily at the entire experience. Deep voice rumblin’ through the tightly packed, fat-boy filled stomach.

Dragging the very angry Willy into a deep, passionate kiss. Fondling the other big fat-boy’s man-tits, belly and loins the whole while.

From all the thrashin’ about though, Rosco was proving less willing to share his predator’s stomach with such unruly and unthankful men. Nor did he appreciate the sudden lack of space. Was grabbin’ each gangster, and provin’ his own strength by shovin’ each of ‘em beneath Vishal’s own vast mound of fat-ass. Down to the bottom of Reuben’s stomach.

Despite Vishal’s bulk pressing down on them, each fat man truly disappeared so quickly because of that eager stomach valve down there. Sensing the wiggling prey, it had pulsed open and sucked each fat gangster down eagerly. Forced them further into the Stoner’s bowels… and off to be digested alive and kicking.

With one last heavy shift of weight, sending a hard shudder through all his juicy pudge, Reuben’s huge gut sagged much lowlier. The waistband of his sweatpants straining even more to contain that monster gut and the still bloated, wiggling sac below. Reuben’s already broad under heft appearing more bloated as well, now that all four of the gangsters were shoved into his upper bowels. Rosco having done good and fast work, getting them down there. Reuben completely unnoticing, or really caring, that his four most recent prey were now slowly snaking through those powerful intestines of his. One right after another, near thrashing foot to howling mouth, they sunk deeper in. A chain of four immensely fat and once-powerful brutes.

Even over the constant rumble and roil of wet, muscular bowels, the gangsters were still able to hear each other howl and beg in the humid darkness. Their fat and flabby bodies being squeezed and massaged constantly, leaving them hardly an inch to squirm. Thick, slimy digestive juices being worked into their every nook and cranny. Into the folds and rolls of soft fat, making every inch of them itch. The sauna-like heat was unbearable. Making the wet, dark depths even more unpleasant. A thick, inescapable earthy stench filled their nostrils and mouths. All that attention forcing them into a state of perpetual orgasm. Every sense being over-stimulated, but their short and thick cocks and bloated ball sacs even more so. Before they got too far in, most would fall into blissful unconsciousness. Safe from experiencing the final, painful throes of digestion.

Willy, however, was made of a tougher stuff… so he’d get to feel the full burn and crushing power of Reuben’s bowels.

Once he’d gotten his breath enough, Reuben finally remembered his real reason for being there. His eyes spotted the curry-shop. A modest little hole-in-the-wall affair – that many would completely miss, if they didn’t know where it was.

Reuben had honestly never been here before. Zeke had recently discovered it thanks to some belly-boys of his. The lil’ chub liked to both fatten and butter-up Reuben’s potential meals. Tell them not only how fat and handsome they were, but also such good and thick pudge they’d eventually make on Reuben’s fat beer belly and plump ass. Only needing a few pictures or videos of the fat, gluttonous stoner eating an entire frat-party – or two – to convince most of those fellas. The rest instead thought they could make a meal out of Reuben, so they’d all ended up devoured in the end.

Said group of big, curry-lovin’ fatties had long been fed to Reuben’s ravenous belly and appetite. Hardly another layer of fat on the Stoner’s big gut and ass, but unlike the vast majority of prey he had, they’d get to play a further role in fattening up Reuben.

Since it was Zeke’s most tried and true method to attract potential prey, the lil’ cub always took ‘em to their favorite food joints. Not only a good way to fatten up Reuben’s meals up some more, but also make scouting for newer restaurants a lot easier, too. After all, considered that most got closed down after a few visits – either from bein’ run-out of business or just employees – Zeke insisted on feeding Reuben a great variety of food.

Both the well-cooked kind and live, manly sort as well.

The lil’ feeder had been somewhat horrified to discover Reuben’s near perpetual diet of cardboard-quality pizza and greasy, flabby man-cattle. The Stoner having not even been getting’ the good sort. Had instead been settling for nothing but barely third-rate pizza parlors for his meals.

Reuben had preferred them because they were cheap, so he could more easily fill up his belly with such a light snack. The main courses being on the occasional gym full of jocks, or frat-house party worth of frat-boys. Though he’d obviously had no issues with the jocks and frat-boys, Zeke had refused to allow Reuben to continue eating cheap pizza. Now, the fat Stoner had the entire world of culinary fare to enjoy for his palette.

And all the huge, beefy brutes that went with it.

With a surprised grunt, a sputtering fart escaped Reuben’s fat ass-cheeks. Stopping in his tracks, Reuben hiked one leg up and reached behind himself. Grabbed a great handful of ass-fat to spread his wide cheeks, so that a true, almost roaring fart could escape his puckered hole. Reuben sighing dreamily in relief as the pressure was let off… but then he felt a shift in his bowels. Suddenly, he could feel his colon filling up, and a new pressure grow against his anus.

A very solid feeling… that was also moving.

Every flabby inch of him bouncing and jiggling, full and man-filled gut and loins swaying madly, Reuben raced for the Curry-shop entrance. Shoving the door open, he forced his gorged bulk through the comparatively narrow doorway in record time.

Reuben briefly pausing at the entrance to tell the waiter minding the door that he just needed a table for one. The extremely cute Indian boy just gaped at the hugely-fed and bloated Stoner, though. Stunned speechless by the sight of all that hairy, gorged gut that had just barged into his foyer. Despite the tall, cute and hairy boy’s own round and heavily sagging vore-belly – one containin’ at least three men’s worth of sloshy, digestin’ man-soup – the Indian boy was obviously smitten by Reuben instantly.

The beer-bellied Stoner was a tad bit rushed to notice, but the gluttonous man did still hope he’d get that cute boy all to himself…

After that, Reuben stumbled into the nearby men’s room. Crashin’ and thumpin’ about like drunken, bloated bull, he barely made it to the unoccupied stall at the end. Yanked down his sweatpants even as he squeezed through the door. Groaning in pain as he kicked them away, the Stoner squatted down just before the toilet.

He’d hardly groaned at the first strain, before his fat-donut of an anus pulsed open hugely and a pair of wide, burly feet were instantly squeezed out. Big and hairy toes curlin’ offendedly at the sudden coolness. Seemed to kick at the air – as though they were desperate to stay right in those steamy-warm bowels. Reuben’s anal muscle were far stronger, and a lot more insistent. Next, a pair o’ the thick, meaty calves – which were quickly followed by broad, power-lifter thighs. Attached to two hams worth of great, juicy buttocks and a squat set of fat, leaking loins appeared. With a wet squelch, the bottom half of a broad and meaty muscle-gut started emerging next.

Once that power-gut was pushed out, with a loud and wet pop, the rest of Clyde soon followed. The squat frat-jock’s meaty ass hitting the ground with a solid smack. Once freed, he took in a great lungful of fresh, men’s room scented air. Not the most pleasant aroma, but a fair bit better smelling then the grimy insides of Reuben’s rectum. Despite those foul depths, Clyde was mostly just soaked with sweat, which even then was steaming off of him.

Done birthing a whole brutish frat-boy back into the world, the fat Stoner let outta triumphant groan. With only a little awkwardness on his own part, hairy legs still spread wide, Reuben stumbled backwards over the gasping man. Smacking Clyde in the face with his low danglin’ and man-filled balls as he went. There greasy and hairy expanse nearly knocking the squat stud out.

But now clear, without any further fanfare, Reuben plopped his fat buttocks on the toilet. The sheer girth of which covered the entire toilet’s top, while his gurgling and swollen gut came to rest in his lap. Once settled, the Stoner promptly let loose once more. Starting with a blaring foghorn of a fart rumbling out of his bowels. The intensity of which shook the stall walls, then all the shit started coming out of Reuben. His anus gaping wider and wider to accommodate the growin’ bulk of the shit-log emergin’ from within his own body… and it really was an entire goddamn log.

“Gimme one sec, stud! Just need to clear out muh pipes some, then I’ll shove ya back in!” Reuben drawled between his grunts of effort. “Phew, didn’t know muh guts were so full already! Heh, course, I did go and eat… uh, well, kinda forget just how many – oh, shit!”

With grunt and a hard clench, Reuben abruptly stood back up. Once more, he waddled over Clyde. Smacking him in the back of the head this time with his wiggling balls. Eliciting a muffled grunt from within them, while setting both huge orbs a sloshin’. Still dazed from before, Clyde didn’t even think to duck.

Reuben waddlin’ hurriedly out of the stall. Leaving a completely clogged toilet bowl behind him – and these were designed to take the huge loads of predators! But not colossal ones, as it would turn out.

The fat, gorged Stoner tryin’ the door of the stall next to him. He was in such a rush, that the lock didn’t stop him. Just crashed through with a crack, and confronted the other man currently sittin’ within.


“Oh, sorry there, daddy! But I really need that shitter right now!” Reuben insisted hurriedly. Big feet slappin’ against the ground hard as he bounced from foot to foot in impatience. “So, I promise, I won’ forget ya!”

Course, even as dazed as Clyde was, he knew Reuben’s fat-bellied bulk was completely blockin’ the stall entrance… and apparently, so did the fat Stoner, too.

“The fuck?! Get out, boy! I’m tryin’ to shit muh kids ou – mmm-mrph!”

With a wet smack of lips and heavy swallow, a pair of burly legs and feet were abruptly thrust into the air. Aged and leathery as the daddy they belonged to, those broad and meaty stompers were kickin’ wildly. Even as they quickly disappeared back down behind the stall, and into Reuben’s gullet. Angrily smackin’ against those cheap walls, producing a meaty thump each time, before enough of the big and dispossessed daddy had been swallowed down.

All the while, the entire stall thundered and shook as its hefty occupant awkwardly got himself turned around. Sections domed out even, as Reuben got his gorged bulk repositioned, so he could go back to relieving himself. Goin’ by the noise, Reuben was still noisily gulpin’ down the big and leathery daddy he’d found, even as he plopped his fat-ass down on the next toilet. Let loose another rumbler of a fart, and set to fillin’ that bowl with another pile of his heavy shit, too.

After one more big and very damn manful swallow, Reuben’s jaws were empty enough to let out a happy sigh of relief. Obviously havin’ been strainin’ before to keep the avalanche of shit back.

Course, then the fat Stoner started cussin’ again.

Like that older fella had said, he’d been droppin’ some o’ his boys off in the shitter… whilst leavin’ out that he’d been, in fact, droppin’ all of ‘em off! With Reuben havin’ quickly used up what little space the bad daddy had left him. Once more, with a pained moan, the fat Stoner stood back up. Lumbered out of the second stall, and smashed down the third and last one’s door.

Reuben already apologizing to the two lovers in there, but hardly gave either of ‘em a chance to beg or reason with him in the end. Once more, two pairs of hairy legs were flung straight up into the air. One set decidedly skinnier and hairier than the other, but together, they provided a righteous mouthful. A very satisfied series of slurps and gulps seein’ those madly flailing limbs sucked down right quick. Even as Reuben banged around the stall as he got himself seated again to, hopefully, finish his dump.

Real hopefully. That was the last shitter!

By this point, Clyde had gotten over his shock of… well, seein’ the outside world again. He’d known that he wasn’t gonna come back out – well, not in one piece, anyway! – when he’d shoved himself deep into Reuben’s spacious and hungry manhole. Yet, here he was!

Thankfully, it’d be temporary. Clyde shivering a little, and not just from the cold. He wanted back into those hot, steamy bowels real bad. The squat stud had long lost track of how many times he’d cummed inside of his predator’s bowels…

Slowly gettin’ back to his own broad feet on wobbly legs, the squat stud turned to look at the remains Reuben had left behind in the toilet. Now, Clyde had taken some big dumps in his own life, but this was truly somethin’ else.

As said, the toilet bowls were industrially sized, and very deep. Technically, they were more like small pits, in a way. One’s that went well below the bathroom floor…

Reuben had nearly filled that damn thing to the brim.

Clyde lookin’ at the thick mass of steamin’ brown with silent awe. Just wonderin’ at all the men it would have taken to produce that… but even more so than the tonnage of shit, was the fact that he didn’t see a single bone.

Clyde’s own dumps had always been thick and heavy with the pale-yellow remains of his past prey. ‘Specially the real big and mean ones. Always makin’ it a real pain in the ass for him to finally push out his shit logs most times. Always made rough and bumpy by protruding bones – especially from the ones like femurs, or hips bones, or skulls, o’ course.

Not a single one was in Reuben’s dump. Clyde more than able to imagine that the others were similarly picked clean. Absolutely nothin’ of the fat, gluttonous Stoner’s prey havin’ escaped his bowels.

Clyde realizin’ just how rare of an exception he’d just become.

The stud was so off in his own marveling, that he only blinked in confusion as he felt a rumble move through the bathroom floor. One gettin’ louder and more violent as it approached him, the stall walls shakin’!

As abrupt as it started, Reuben came ‘round the stall. Tall, fat-bellied and damn hairy. Huge, bloated beer gut precedin’ him massively in all its gurgling, wobblin’ glory. Hardly diminished much from passing that enormous load of shit… but already rumblin’ hungrily. Hell, half the force makin’ the ground shake was from probably just that monster belly’s ravenous growlin’! Not even swallowin’ three more men havin’ remotely sated it at all.

“Get back ‘n muh belleh!” Reuben roared. Grinnin’ like a fool, even as he greedily reached into the stall and grabbed Clyde.

Despite even wantin’ this, the stud was a little intimidated. Easily lifted up off the ground and above Reuben’s head. Just like that unlucky daddy and the pair of lovers, all of Clyde’s burly bulk was flung towards that hungry, gapin’ set o’ jaws and the wet, slimy depths just beyond ‘em. Reuben completely unperturbed by the thought of shoving the still rank and smelly Clyde down his gullet, at all.

Probably just added more flavor, in the end. All that earthy and musky stink… Reuben’s bearded lips soon just wrapped around a pair of wide, calloused feet. With even that part o’ Clyde not lastin’ much longer, before the entirety of ‘im was once more sealed in the depths of Reuben’s gut.


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Fucking awesome man! Your stuff is the best!