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Hi guys,  hope you enjoy part two.  Part one is on the link below.

I am thinking of doing part 3 from Jason's point of veiw, let me know what you think!


 I had some very strange dreams that night.  A face loomed over me, but I couldn't make out who it was, then as they grinned I was plunged into darkness.  Confined but warm, I thrashed as I awoke tangled in my sheets.

Panting and sweating profusely it took time for me to realise I was only in my bed.  More embarrassing, when I looked down I realised that not only was I painfully hard, but my sheets were sticky.

"A wet dream... Seriously?" I muttered, glad I no longer shared a room.  "Not had one of those in years!"

I got up quickly, wanting to get my sheets in the wash before anyone else woke up and saw them.  It wasn't until I sat down with a cup of tea and my laptop that I remembered the events before bed, of the unaffected guy and his offer of a flat share.

I looked at the picture again, his balls labelled as bedrooms, and down at my cock which twitched in response.  Confused to hell, I mean until that point I had only been interested in girls.  But then, did living in a guy count as sex? Did anything between a giant and tiny really count as sex?

Before I really knew what I was doing, I checked his number again and dialled it.

"Hello?" asked a voice, softer than I expected.

"Umm... Hi," I replied.  Then realised more was likely needed.  "Err... Yeah, is this BigGeek18, from the flat share website?"

"Errr, yes..."

I swallowed the lump in my throat.  "My name is Peter.  Me and my brother, Mark, were talking to you last night about the err... rooms you were renting.  Our username is TinyBrothers23."

"Oh hey!" He seemed to brighten up.  "I didn't actually expect you to call.  When you said you were interested I thought you were just being polite.  I'm Jason, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," I said, relaxing a little.

"So... Are you still interested in the rooms?" he asked.

"The rooms... You mean your..."

"Err... Yes.  Though, I think it's best if we called them your rooms.  Words have power, right? And I want roommates, guys who live with me like any other friends... Just staying safe inside me at night."

There was something about the way he spoke that just put me at ease, he didn't sound predatory or like he was hiding something.  I think it was a mixture of his sincerity, and my own curiosity that carried me forwards from there.

"Well, I need to speak to my brother when he wakes up.  But I am interested in seeing the flat, and see how we get along?"

"That sounds great, why don't you come over for dinner?" He asked, his enthusiasm endearing.  "We can get to know each other, and decide if you want to see your rooms for the night.  No pressure."

The day seemed to go at snail's pace from that point.  I discussed the call with Mark, who was pleased at me being more open to the idea and agreed with me that getting to know him was a good idea.  Getting to know any flatmate was important, but the proposed situation would need more trust than sharing a room.  It was slightly awkward deflecting the questions from parents though, who were very encouraging about the opportunity without knowing the whole of it.

Still, a taxi ride across town, a lift from the miniature lobby in the apartment building and we were stood outside Jason's enormous door.  As promised, there was a much smaller door inset for smaller people with a doorbell which we rang and stood back.

"Hello?" The door opened slowly, and a face came into view.  He looked around at normal height first, then down to see us stood in the middle of the hall.  "Oh, is it Mark and Peter? Come in please! Err... do you want a hand?"

"Please!" I shouted.

He took a clean wipe from the sideboard and wiped his hand before kneeling to pick us up and place us in his palm.  Clearly he was used to the company of littles, and even knew to lower his voice which was reassuring.

As he gave us a tour of the small flat, we were able to get a proper look at Jason.  Naturally we were terrible at judging a giant's height, but I could see why he wasn't at home in the company of those his own height.  He wasn't an ugly guy, but he had a freckle problem, thick nerdy glasses and still wore a retainer on his teeth.  In short, he looked like a jock's favourite target, and reminded me guiltily of the nerds my own height that I had teased over the years.  Just joking... but, then most of them didn't take it as joking.

"So, what do you think of the place?" Jason asked, setting us down on the wide arm of the leather sofa.  Sitting next to us in baggy cargo pants and a long-sleeved top, he clearly wasn't as comfortable with his body as we were in shorts and wife beaters.  "I only moved in two days ago myself."

"It's pretty cool bud," Mark replied, flopping down on the leather, instantly at ease.  "We'd not use the shower, but with a little help we could use the sink as a bath easy enough.  Just need to get a plug cover."

"Yeah, easy enough," I added.  "And a few ladders attached to some of the furniture would make most of it accessible.  We are both in good shape, and working in a mixed office we're used to a lot of climbing."

"I can see that," he nodded, then blushed adorably.  "I mean... sorry, I didn't mean..."

"Calm down, Bro," Mark laughed.  "We're gym bunnies, why have muscles if ya don't like people looking at them?"

We all laughed a little awkwardly, but thankfully it was Jason who broke it.  "So, it's nearly eight o'clock, do you guys fancy a film before bed? If you want to stay the night that is..."

There was a long silence then, while me and Mark exchanged meaningful looks.  We had talked about it on the way over.  He was of the mind that stuff between giants and littles didn't count as sex, and so couldn't be gay.  The thought of sleeping in a guy's junk was hilarious to him, and still thought it was the best accommodation offer we'd received.  I was more confused, my wet dream and constant stiffys whenever I thought about it worried me.  I'd never been into giants before, but as I glanced at his crotch my own swelled.

Again though, it was my "you only live once" brother who dropped us both in it.

"Well, why don't we view the... rooms, now?" he asked, trying not to smirk at the hilarity of it.  "That way there is time to get comfortable.  Or to leave before bed if that is what we decide."

Our giant seemed lost for words, clearly not expecting such forwardness.  When he did find his voice, his crotch was already swelling... Fuck that thing looked huge!

"Ermm OK..." He cleared his throat and tried to sound professional, despite blushing and clearly being aroused by the idea.  "Well... obviously you will each need to go down my urethra.  And I need to be a little worked up, but could you... err... strip off? I'd rather not risk anything getting lost inside me.  And lubing yourselves up will help..."

He reached to the coffee table and took out some tissue and a small bottle of silicon-based lube.  With a shrug, Mark started to strip off and I followed suit, we were far too used to changing rooms to be even slightly modest around other guys.  Jason was much shyer, it was kinda cute how he hesitated to even lower his baggy pants to reveal the bulge in his briefs.  I mean briefs! He really was a geek.

"So, you said you had done this before?" I asked, not sure for what else to say.

"Once..." He blushed even worse, if that was possible.  "It was with a little guy I was dating.  It was a sort of accident, but he was safe and come out fine when I ejaculated... That is how you'd be leaving your rooms.  I hope that is OK?"

I laughed.  "I had guessed we would be part of your morning wanks if we accept.  So we just climb in?"

Seemingly stunned by our willingness, he knelt on the sofa facing the arm where we had stripped off, and Mark was already rubbing himself down with the lube.  Jason fidgeted nervously, even though his briefs did nothing to hide his bulge, and opted to pull his cock and balls out of the leg rather than pull his underwear down.

And there it was, the package that would be our home if we accepted his offer to live together.  I guessed his cock was a little under twice my height, which was the low end of average for a giant.  But it was a lot thicker than any I had seen in porn, beer can thick, or chode-like.  I could see now why he'd not want to share with a normal dude, he'd get teased for a cock like that, even the glans seemed huge and slightly out of proportion with a wide gaping slit.

Below his balls hung big and heavy in a near hairless sack, each was definitely bigger than me or Mark.  I found myself chubbing up a bit, at the thought of living inside this cute geek's junk, but I resisted the urge to cover my crotch as that would only draw Mark's attention.

"Well, I'll go first!" He called up, the same shit-eating grin on his face that he had when he was doing some prank or something else that amused him.  "Can you come a bit closer?"

Jason nodded, lost for words, and shuffled along the sofa until his glans rested on the edge of the arm.  He moaned softly as Mark reached out to touch the side of the huge slit, it'd be a little tight, but there was certainly room.

"Well, see ya in the morning, Bro," He grinned at me.  "I'm gonna try this here water slide!"

Even Jason laughed then, but was cut short with a gasp as Mark pressed both his hands into the goey opening.  The whole cock flexed, and a gob of Jason's precum oozed out over my brother's muscular arms before he stepped forwards and pushed his head and shoulders inside.  I watched wide-eyed, my cock then fully hard, as Jason's hands clenched by his sides and Mark's thick legs worked against the fabric of the sofa to push himself inside.  More precum oozed over his buff body with each flex of Jason's cock, slicking him up as pecs, then abs, then his muscle butt all were swallowed by that cockmaw.

I tried not to laugh when I saw Mark's legs flailing for purchase, but called up to Jason who had his eyes closed.  "Hey, I think Mark needs a hand..."

Looking down, Jason got an adorably shy smile of his own.  I watched him flex his cock more deliberately, raising it up to a forty-five degree angle, and the rhythm seemed to be pulling Mark in.  His cock was so thick, but I could still make out the bulge Mark was making in the underside.  It wasn't long before only Mark's big (to me) feet were visible, slimy with precum and, with a grunt from above, they soon vanished too.

I couldn't believe it.  As Jason concentrated on rhythmic flexing, I watched the bulge slowly descend... My own brother, swallowed whole by another man's cock!

As the bulge reached the base Jason had to rub his cock a bit with his hand, massaging the lump deeper into himself.  Mark vanished into Jason's groin, the cock looking normal again, but a minute later Jason sighed in relief as one of his balls swelled to a third again its size.

"Wow..." was all I could think of to say, no matter how stupid it sounded.

"Yeah... Wow..." Jason panted, placing his hands on the sofa arm he leant over.  "I hope that gets easier with practice..."

"He seemed to go down pretty quick from where I was standing!"

He smiled, looking so innocent as he moved one hand to cup his low-hanging sack.  I wondered what it must feel like, to have someone squirming around inside you.  I guess it was something I'd never know, but the other end of things...

"Sooo... My turn?" I asked, suddenly nervous myself.

"Definitely!" He grinned, "Though, mind if I sit down and lower you in? I think gravity will help..."

"Err sure, whatever is comfortable for you I guess..."

With a smile, he flopped back down onto the sofa, his skinny legs spread and his fat cock pointing to the ceiling.  "Oh, sorry Mark..." He blushed as he reached for me.  "He just punched the wall of my... his room.  I guess I'll have to be careful not to jump around while you guys are at home."

His touch was gentle as he lifted me up, if he felt my hard cock then he made no mention as he brought me over his much more formidable cock.  I swallowed, looking down into that brother-eating slit that seemed wider from above, it gaped enough for me to see a little way into the darkness of my future roommate's urethra.

"Well, hope you enjoy your stay at hotel Jason!"

He giggled and lowered me down, feet first this time.  I squirmed as his precum bubbled over my feet and up my shins, and it was some time before I actually felt the walls getting tighter around me thighs.  I guessed being so lubed up was helping, plus Mark's shoulders likely did a lot of stretching.

I tried not to moan as I felt my pert butt and throbbing cock get swallowed.  I didn't want to jizz up inside another dude... that'd be well gay... and I didn't want to make things weird with Jason.  A stupid thought, but I wasn't thinking clearly.  Following his signal I placed my hands to my sides so my forearms were taken in as his flex swallowed me to my ripped abs.

Only then, did I truly appreciate what it was to be a little guy.  Amongst people my own height I was a big guy, a model of physical fitness and strength.  But here, one of the weakest nerdy members of the unaffected population was devouring me with his cock while he sat back moaning and clearly loving every second.  It was humbling to say the least, particularly when his slit was creeping over my shoulders he paused to speak.

"Are you doing ok in there?" he asked, a mix of insane arousal and genuine concern.  I nodded as best I could, the tightness on my chest made it difficult to shout.  "I want to give you the option," he continued, reaching past to fondle Mark in his nut and speaking louder so my brother could hear.  "I'm going to need to cum once you are inside.  I'm sorry to say I am way too worked up by this... So, you can either view your rooms for awhile and come out tonight... or... well, stay the night and come out in the morning."

He was back to blushing then, so sweet, which is likely why I called up my agreement to stay the night.  And, after a brief discussion with wall-banging used for communication, it seemed Mark had no objection.  Though I didn't get chance to ask how Jason would ejaculate without us coming out, I was more curious what it would be like to be inside him while he wanked.

"Great! See you in the morning... Roomies!"

The last thing I saw was a huge happy smile, as a powerful flex rippled through the walls around me and drew me down into my roommate.  I found myself calling him that now, not sure when I made the decision, but as I felt his hand massaging me deeper into his body I knew we would be accepting his offer.

A few minutes later, after a lot of tight squeezes and grunting from above, I was pushed into a chamber that wasn't exactly roomy, but the walls were soft and stretchy enough to not feel cramped.  There was a reddish light getting through the walls, showing me the thick pearly cum that filled the chamber to my neck.

"Welcome to your new home guys," his voice boomed from outside, humming through the walls.

I soon heard him put some porn on TV to take care of himself, as I decided to do the same.  It was my room after all, right?

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this is really good

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Damn thats hot definitely do a part three I love your work!