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Maintaining the Pounds (FS, CV, OV, Fat)
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This is a continuation of an older series I wrote and this is most likely the final of it.

Packing on the Pounds Chapters 1-6:


Maintaining the Pounds

It had been a couple of months since Brian and Ryno had got almost caught by the policemen. To avoid getting caught they were staying at hotels for short periods of time and going on the move again. They hadn’t quite been eating guys nearly as often since now they were specifically looking for huge bear of men that were eating other men. It was confirmed that this was even possible when one of their interrogators went rogue and was confirmed to swallowing people whole as well. The police only knew for sure that Brian and Ryno had eaten two police officers - which was enough to go to jail for a long time.

Both of them had lost some considerable weight based on how much they were eating before. Mostly for mobility purposes since Brian was borderline immobile with his massive voluptuous frame and Ryno was starting to get such a massively round gut he was having trouble fitting through door frames. Brian and Ryno were eating at a local Asian food buffet. It was in a pretty small town, so there weren’t many people there - primarily just a few diners that clearly would’ve spent a fortune on dinner if it weren’t a buffet. The two were trying to eat normal food more often to turn down the cravings a bit. When eating so many guys so quickly it makes normal food seem insanely unsatisfying. Both of them basically piled a mountain onto a plate and finished it off in less than a minute before going back for more. Of course they could just swallow down entire platters if they wanted… but that might be a little suspicious.

Ryno poured a couple pounds worth of rice into his throat and swallowed it down as if it were nothing and placed his plate back on the table. He looked over at Brian’s belly, which made an extremely loud growl. As much as he wanted to just throw everyone in the buffet down Brian’s throat, he knew they’d get caught after that.

“You okay?” Ryno asked as he noticed Brian had accidentally swallowed the plate along with all of the food on it.

“Yeah, just hungry…” Brian said as he looked back over at the buffet, clearly unimpressed even though it was enough food to feed a city for days. “Let’s just go, I’ll get drunk or something to try to not think about it, but lemme just grab some more food real quick before we go or something.”

“Sure, I’ll pay,” Ryno replies and heads over to the cashier and gets out his wallet to pay.

Brian looked around at the food and didn’t see anything really that interesting. There was an ice cream dispenser though… chocolate and vanilla swirl. He waddled his way over to the ice cream dispenser and looked back over his shoulder to see if Ryno was looking. He turned it on and placed his mouth on the nozzle. Ice cream gushes into his mouth and down his throat, if he couldn’t eat another man at least he could eat the weight of a man in ice cream. He patiently waited as more and more ice cream filled his belly, he could feel his stomach bloating out and eventually even his shirt rising up. This was his bliss now.

It wasn’t until about 5 or 10 minutes later Ryno realized Brian was probably overindulging and might make a scene. He headed back over to the food and saw around the corner Brian’s belly sticking out from beneath his shirt. He heard a little kid loudly telling his mommy that the man was like a balloon. Ryno patted Brian’s belly on the side with an open palm, “Hey, you had your fun now let's go, that lady looks like she’s about to have an embolism seeing you eat so much ice cream.”

Brian swatted away for just a few seconds before he realized the machine was out of ice cream. He let go of the knob and pulled his mouth off of the nozzle and belched loudly as he rubbed his bloated stomach. “Ooo, fuck, hate brain freezes!”

Ryno grabbed Brian’s hand and started to lead him to the front door. Brian had sucked down enough ice cream to make his shirt rise up to permanently show his belly out of the bottom of his shirt. Even though they were heading out to go back to the hotel room, Ryno couldn’t stop looking at that peeking belly, he just wanted to rub it all over right then and there. But not here, not now.

The hotel was across the street from the buffet, so it wasn’t too big of a deal, but man it’s hard to drag a massive fat man across a street away from food. Finally, they made it across the street, but Brian was huffing and puffing so he had to stop and take a seat on an unfortunate bench right next to the hotel. “I’ll meet you back inside the hotel room, I promise not to go crazy,” Brian said as he leaned back on the bench that looked like it was one pound away from becoming splinters.

Ryno shrugged and slowly ran his hand from the bottom of Brian’s belly all the way up to his chest, just wanting to feel his girth. “Okay, yeah, I’ll meet you in the room. Just hold off for a bit longer and we’ll get you someone to eat so you don’t go into a frenzy again.” Brian watched as Ryno made his way back to the hotel room, it was always a nice view to see Ryno’s huge ass walk away from him.

Brian just sat and people watched as he started to catch his breath. Not the standard way of people watching though, more of thinking how many of the people walking around he could eat before he wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. And how to plan having a few more extra nearby to eat them too while he would be pinned under the weight of several meals all at once. Luckily he was so fat that no one could see him just sitting there was a raging hardon. But there was nothing he could do about it right now. The boner or the hunger. Back to the hotel room it is.

Upon opening the door the lights were off so it was hard to see, so he reached over and ran his hand around on the wall until he found the switch. He recognized a very specific sound the split second before turning on the light. There was a huge bellied man in the room on the couch, with his unbelievably huge dick out. I mean insanely massive… with legs dangling out of the front of it. The legs sank in deeper as the man sat there on the bed with a big smile on his face, looking directly into Brian’s eyes.

So many things were going through Brian’s head all at once, but he knew that had to be Ryno, because who else would it be? Who is this guy? How did he get in the room? How is he even able to do that with his dick? Swallowing someone whole yeah, but sucking a 400 pound guy into his dick!?

The man looked Brian up and down with a classic set of elevator eyes, but more like sizing him up rather than just thinking he’s hot. “Hi, I’m Greg,” nonchalantly he said as the last bit of Ryno’s feet slipped into his dick and his ball sack expanded out massively. Ryno was a pretty damn big guy, so it made Greg’s ball sack almost completely eclipse the couch he was sitting on.

Brian panicked internally, but tried to keep his cool, because he had to save Ryno somehow. But no one had ever gotten back out from Ryno or Brian, so how the hell would this work? “Hi, I’m Brian.”

Greg’s dick shrunk down a bit as Ryno was no longer in his urethra, but it was still a massive dick, at least a foot long and it’d be doubtful to meet fingers when grasped around - even with both hands. “I’ve been following you guys for a while now and finally caught up. The cops don’t know how to track you because they don’t feel the same urges as you and I do,” Greg said as he rubbed over his huge belly with one hand and his massive balls with the other. “I’m a competitive guy, and as far as I know, the 3 of us - well now 2 of us - are the only ones who can do this. I either want to devour both of you or one of you devour me.”

Brian walked over a bit closer to Greg, except obviously not in range to easily be eaten. “I see, well Ryno was the better pred out of the two of us,” he bluffed, “So if you’d already got him, then I might as well forfeit.”

“Ugh, I came all this fucking way and you’re just a coward!? You’re not even going to try? I know he’s your partner and you’re just gonna do nothing? Well if you’re gonna just let me eat you fine whatever, but give me something fun to remember you by or I’m gonna make it painful,” Greg said as he sat there on the couch with his ball sack starting to struggle quite drastically.

“Fine, you probably never had anyone able to swallow that monster before have you? It’s too big for any normal person, but much smaller than swallowing a person whole. I’ll blow you, I like doing that to fat bears anyways,” Brian says as he cautiously gets closer to Greg and get down on his knees and stuffs that huge dick deep into his mouth, going halfway down his throat before Greg even has a chance to answer.

Brian pounds up and down on his huge cock, deep throating it more than Greg had even halfway felt before. He pulled out his best tricks and even played with his massive ball sack in a really quick time, so Greg couldn’t even really devour him or do anything if he wanted to. Who would really stop someone from giving them their best blow job in their life? It didn’t take too long before Brian could tell Greg was about to cum. He made sure to push down as hard as he could as soon as he heard that almost painful moan of pleasure from Greg. All he could hope for was his plan to work.

Greg started to shoot cum down Brian’s throat, but Brian could feel something bigger. He continually swallowed as hard as he could as he could feel it coming up. It had to be Ryno. Hopefully Greg was orgasming hard enough to get him most of the way up so he could swallow down his own partner. The cum and Ryno were just flowing out of Greg’s massive growing cock. He could feel Ryno’s legs moving in his throat and he knew that this was his cue to start swallowing as if he were eating a man meal rather than just a dick. Brian fondled and even sort of squeezed Greg’s massive sack, trying to push Ryno back out so he could steal him for his own stomach. Once Ryno was out far enough that his belly was going down Brian’s throat he was starting to have a big of trouble. He hadn’t eaten many guys lately and Ryno is much bigger than anyone he had ever swallowed before. After stifling some gag reflexes he managed to push forward and swallow down the rest of Ryno. Brian’s belly exploded out in size throughout this process and his shirt ripped all over - finalized to be in shreds on the floor. Brian’s belly pushing outward with Ryno even made him shift further away from the couch, but hopefully he was alright, because he’d be safe now inside of Brian’s gut. Just as Brian was about to cockily smile up at Greg, something heavy and blunt smacked him in the head and knocked him out cold.


Brian woke up some time later and was on the ground flat on his back, practically pinned down to the ground underneath his weight plus his partner’s weight inside of his gut. His thick legs were tied together with a bed sheet and his hands were tied up in a similar fashion. He was rendered immobile.

“Ah, you finally woke back up. The only reason why you’re not in my gut already is cause I figured I probably couldn’t get both of you down my throat at the same time. I’ve eaten big before, but not pushing 1000 pounds all at once,” Greg said as he paced around Brian a bit. All of his clothes were back on, huge dick small once again and hidden away inside of his pants. “Since you’re well, basically incapacitated,” Greg said as he ran a finger over Brian’s unbelievably massive belly as if he were running it across whipped cream on top of a pie, “I figured I’d just wait until you digested your partner and once you shrunk down a bit I could gobble you down like a stuffed pig.”

Brian tried to squirm a bit by wobbling his giant torso back and forth, but it was intermittently cutting off his breathing with so much weight. Before he could really even try anything, Greg sat right on top of his mountainous belly. “Now now, a cow needs to figure out when he’s about to become meat. Your first plan was really my plan, cause I wanted you both in my gut, so thanks for the free blowjob.”

Not even a second after Greg had finished his sentence Brian felt a huge kick in his stomach with some really intense pain. He then he realized Ryno had just kicked Greg in the nuts through his belly fat. Greg grabbed his crotch in pain and Brian bucked his waist so the massive belly leaned towards his head. Greg started to lean forward, still wincing in pain. It was almost like time came to a slow, Brian wasn’t sure if this was going to work or if he was just going to piss Greg off, either way Brian opened his mouth as wide as he could. Greg fell, luckily he fell close enough to Brian’s mouth that he sucked his head right in. Greg was panicking, but also in extreme pain so he was almost paralyzed. Brian gulped really hard, since his throat and manually swallowing was all that was going to pull Greg down. If he didn’t get his meal’s arms in before he came to his sense, then Greg was going to be able to get back out.

Brian’s lips stretched and wrapped around Greg’s broad shoulders. He could feel his lips slowly traveling over Greg’s thick arms and Brian was just hoping that he would get those elbows in before there was any squirming from his meal. Swallow after swallow, Greg’s elbows pass into Brian’s mouth, but Brian had to slow down. Trying to maneuver Greg’s big belly into Brian’s throat without any assistance from his hands was really tricky. He had to keep bucking his belly forward, trying to use it as a way to force Greg a bit more into the throat as he swallowed. Brian’s belly was almost so big with the boyfriend inside that it could smack Brian right in the face if Greg wasn’t in the way. But luckily it just worked as the hammer that rammed Greg inside of Brian. Deeper he went as Brian’s lips travel to the widest part of his body. Greg’s hands and most of his belly were in before he started to kicky wildly. They were very strong too, each kick was intense and would likely leave a bruise later, but Greg was screwed. He was just a meal now and there was no way he was getting out when he was already waist deep inside of Brian.

Brian’s stomach was shifting now from Ryno doing something, he was probably going to try and swallow Greg before he had a chance to get swallowed. Or at least that’s what the hope was. Brian almost didn’t even have to swallow anymore as his meal’s thick, tree trunk-like legs descended into him. Brian’s belly grew even more than thought possible, it was like Brian ate Ryno twice at this point. Just as Greg’s feet slipped past Brian’s lips he came right in his pants for minutes straight. Even though Brian was afraid of Ryno’s well-being, this was just unbelievably hot. The feeling of hunger he had for the past couple of months was finally sated. He made up for all of those missed meals in a short time.

The movement in Brian’s stomach seemed to have settled down a bit, well more focused at least since it was so deep inside of him. Ryno had to have eaten Greg, but this was just so magical that all Brian wanted to do was rub over his massive form. So he did, he just laid there and felt his massive body oh so stuffed with two huge men, in complete bliss.

Brian fought with himself internally. His body desperately wanted him to just keep things as they are, being so full and satisfied in the best way possible. He couldn’t do that though, so finally after roughly 15 to 30 minutes of thinking and enjoying his massive form his boyfriend started to come back up. Brian’s belly shrank dramatically as Ryno emerged back, safe and sound, and massive with a violently squirming man inside of his belly.

After Ryno untied Brian and they both got to their feet, Brian could tell that Ryno wouldn’t be able to keep Greg down for too long. They started to furiously make out as Greg’s arm could visibly be seen going back up Ryno’s throat. As Ryno’s neck grew bigger with the meal trying to escape, all he was managing to do was transfer himself from Ryno’s stomach - to Brian’s. With Greg pushing so hard to break free, he practically jumped down Brian’s throat. In a matter of seconds he was more inside of Brian than Ryno and with a few quick gulps he was completely sealed inside of Brian’s stomach. The broke the kiss.

“Well, at least I got half of the meals,” Brian said with a grin that was briefly interrupted with a huge belch. They both couldn’t keep their hands off of Brian’s belly as Greg thrashed about inside. There was no way he was getting out of Brian.

“You know, you did have the option of adding both of us to your waistline…” Ryno said with a sheepish grin.

“Maybe some day hun, maybe some day,” Brian said as he slowly ran his hands up both sides of his own huge belly and gave it a good smack.
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Re: Maintaining the Pounds (FS, CV, OV, Fat)
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Awesome story!!

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Very hot!!! ;)
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God yes!! So happy you continued this! Its amazing!

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Kinda hoping Greg would win…
Oh well.

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I thought about that, but I wanted more of a happy ending than a "the evil guy wins" kind of thing.

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I thought about that, but I wanted more of a happy ending than a "the evil guy wins" kind of thing.

I'm glad you didn't! I always get a bit sad when the "bad guy" prevails.