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Abracagulp (FS, Oral, Fat)
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Story contains fatness, oral vore, and slight sexual content.



The inside of the tent was a bit run down, the floor was just dirt, and the folding chairs look like they came out of the dumpster. There were enough chairs for a few dozen people, but they were scarcely filled. People waited impatiently, obviously already disliking the situation just before the show were to begin.

A generic magical sounding song begins to play on a boom box that clearly needs some fine-tuning… or replacing. A man flips open a drape and walks out on stage, he’s wearing a full tuxedo, which is clearly a few sizes too small. His bulky arms look like they’re about to rip the sleeves straight in half with every one of his movements. The pant legs surprisingly look almost like they’re going to burst as well. But the most noticeable of tightness is in the torso, where the man’s large gut juts outward. Everyone could see his white shirt stretching out of the bottom of his jacket. Not to mention the buttons straining to the point of hilarity. If he were wearing some kind of mask his chubby round, bearded face would surely stretch that out as well.

Unfortunately, the big oaf stumbled over a nail sticking up and lost his balance. He managed to regain his composure, but at the cost of knocking down several props on stage. One guy in the audience burst out laughing, everyone else was pretty much just embarrassed for him. He stood back up and regained his composure, brushing off his shirt and jacket. After looking around at the audience a bit, he realized he was already beginning to sweat.

“Well, my first couple of tricks are a bit… destroyed after that, so we’ll go ahead and jump to the best stuff! Oh, and my name is Snake! And I’m here to show you the wonderful world of magic!”
A single cough was heard in the audience.

The big guy pulled out a small cloth and held it in front of the only table that wasn’t destroyed in his terrible entrance. He pulled it away about as quick as he put it in front of the table and a watermelon was resting on the table. After looking over at the audience and raising his arms up to the magnificence he thought he had done, there was still basically no sound coming from the audience.

After pausing for a moment and hoping for an applause or some kind of appreciation he moved onto the next part of the trick. He picked up the watermelon with one hand as if it were a basketball and flipped it over.

“And now, I will show you all how to make this watermelon disappear!”

He lifts up the watermelon to his head as if he’s about to drop it into his mouth like some kind of grape. After rotating slightly away from the audience he lets go of the watermelon and swallows it down in practically an instant by inhaling intensely while gulping. Where there was a watermelon in his hand, it now almost teleported into his prodigious gut.
“He just dropped the watermelon behind him when he turned away!” someone in the audience pointed at his feet and yelled. Below the large man was a broken watermelon.
“No that was actually my other water-”

“Boooooo!” the one guy shouts with a couple of other people getting up to leave at the same time.

“I uh, well lets skip forward to my favorite part of the show then! I will make an audience member disappear! I can’t be accused of faking that because the audience member will know. How about you in the back?” the man points with his sausage finger back to the man who has been booing him.

“Sure, then I can see up close and personal how crappy of a magician you really are,” he said as he walked up on stage. The man was about average height and build, with a bit of a shaggy appearance; he was young and clearly skeptical.

The large man walks around the cocky guy slowly in circles while he speaks, “With this trick I’ll need you to remove your clothing down to your underwear. I’ll keep it safe for you by sending it to the same place you’ll be going.”

The guy shrugs and says, “Whatever, just don’t do anything sexual to me or something,” he says as he takes off his jeans and hoodie and hands it to the giant man.
The giant man tosses them both up into the air and catches them with his mouth, sucking them down like a couple of spaghetti noodles. The audience member on stage raised an eyebrow, being a bit closer and seeing it wasn’t a bad trick since he couldn’t figure it out. “Alright, now I will drape this cloth in front of you and in a matter of a few seconds you will be gone - removed from sight!”

The audience member rolled his eyes as the large man swiped the cloth in front of him. Snake licked his lips and smiled, “Make sure you struggle.” Before the smaller guy could even react Snake opened his mouth massively and clamped it over his entire head, with a bit of the shoulders already in as well. He slowly began to lean more forward and continue down the man and gulp him down. The young guy struggled, kicking his legs and arms around, but very little could be seen from the audience’s side other than a bunch of movement.
“Hurry it up, fatso!” another person yells from the audience.

Snake smiles and continues to suck the man down. He works his lips down the guy’s arms and over his torso, causing his struggling to be much more restricted. Once getting down low enough, he had to get down on his knees and continue to work his way down the man. The underwear was being slipped down the guys legs as his lips were tightly wrapped around his flesh. Those lips alone removed his final article of clothing, leaving him nude, which no one would know because his crotch was now crammed inside of the man’s mouth. Snake began to stand back up, sucking down the legs as his throat eagerly pulled them in without him even having to try. As the feet slipped into his mouth he whipped the cloth around with the final gulp. All the audience saw in the final moment is just a bulge traveling down his neck. No one would suspect that was his feet.


“Uh, excuse me,” he said with a slightly chuckle. His confidence built back up a bit from the start of the show now that he’s filled himself.
The audience member was gone and no one would be able to realistically explain it, because all they saw was him crouch down and then come back up, then tadah! His large gut was obviously larger, but it’s not like people would just assume he ate the man whole. Plus, that outfit was already on the verge of busting anyways, which explains most of his shirt buttons snapped off and his jacket completely ripped across the buttons.

“Tadah!” he said as he stretched out his arms, ripping both of the sleeves. A couple of seconds later he could feel his meal struggling violently, which caused the last button on his shirt to fly off, revealing his massive gut. A couple of people clapped awkwardly, impressed by the magic, but embarrassed by him now basically being shirtless.

“That’s the final act of the show folks, I need to go back to wardrobe!” he says as he thumps his gut, which almost makes the sound of a tight drum.

Some more people clap a bit, confused on what they should be doing, but get up and leave as the now larger man exits the stage.

--- About an hour later ---

Snake sat on the couch in his trailer, which after his massive meal, he was taking up almost the entire thing. He rubbed gently over his massive belly, occasionally he could feel some struggling just from the guy being upset whenever he would switch to jiggle it a bit. It was clear that his movements were slowing down from when the trick first happened. “This is definitely my favorite trick,” he said to himself, marveling his own mass.

Someone knocked on the door.

Snake sighed heavily and rolled forward to stand up, almost falling back down on the couch from the weight shift. He walked over to the door and opened it, revealing a young man.
The guy looked  down and then back up at Snake and was immediately intimidated. With his new size he eclipse the door frame. “Uh, magician, guy, sir, um… Snake?”
“Yeah?” Snake replied, “Spit it out, I was about to take a nap.”

“So uh, the guy you made disappear… he was my ride and I haven’t seen him around, where did you make him go? I’m kind of screwed here,” he said as his eyes fixated on Snake stomach, which had just abruptly moved on its own.

“Ugh, kid, do you really want to go down this road? I mean, I guess I could indulge, but you’re really looking for trouble here,” Snake said and then yawned. Snake rotated a couple of steps back to let the kid in.

“What do you mean?” the young guy said as he took the couple of steps into the trailer. He tried to squeeze past Snake massive gut, but couldn’t find enough room to really get past.
“That’s far enough,” Snake said as he closed the door, “I ate him.”

The kid snickered, laughing at what he thought was Snakes joke, but then he looked down at the guys massive gut and looked up at his face, not quite as amused.
“It’s kids like you that have to bark up the wrong tree that made me so big like this, ya know?” he said as he jiggled his massive belly. “Not that I mind, because let’s face it, I’m more of a glutton than a magician.”

The kid was clearly scared, he had no idea how this guy could eat someone, especially that fast, but he needed to get out. Snake had moved forward since he started talking and he was pressed up against the wall with the man’s massive gut. No matter what he tried to do all he did was jiggle the man’s large body.

Snake leaned back a little bit and picked up the guy by the neck with one hand and crammed him into his mouth like some kind of handful of french fries. The mouth slipped in like it was nothing, so he slipped his hand down to his crotch and gave him a good shove down his throat. He couldn’t help but notice as he swallowed down the guy’s shoulders and chest that he got erect. He didn’t know if the guy was enjoying being eaten or if it was just getting hard because of his big meaty hands pressing up against his crotch. Either way, this would be fun.

Snake began to walk back towards his couch as he single handedly fed the guy further down his throat as if he didn’t even need to try. It was when he got to the guy’s crotch with his massive erection that he realized he wasn’t struggling at all. Did he give up? Or… did the guy actually want this? It confused him, but he had all the time in the world to contemplate that after he finished his second meal. But first, he slipped his tongue down underneath the guys baggy jeans and underwear. His tongue touched the guys erection for maybe 3 seconds before he blasted a load right into the tongue. It was a nice salty addition to the kid’s flavor. This was good, no it was great, his meal is enjoying this.

Snake worked his way down the legs, probably one of his favorite parts because the combination of gravity and his throat would pull it all in naturally. The hard part was done, now it was time to wait for the results. He watched as they slowly descended into his body until the final gulp and the feet were gone. Where two men once stood, there was now one. One really freaking massive one. Snake flopped down on his couch, massively rocking the trailer back.


“I’m gonna need a new suit,” he said as he desperately tried to reach all the around his massively stuffed gut.


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Re: Abracagulp (FS, Oral, Fat)
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Omg i loved!!!! Not stop please 8) 8)

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AWESOME Story!!! 

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Great job

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Nice Kaejer! :)
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Now that's a show I'd go see
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Re: Abracagulp (FS, Oral, Fat)
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Freakin loved it. Great work, Kaejer!

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this was a great story!
Eventually, you just give up referring to meals by name. Anything goes, all the time.


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Loved this Kaejer!!!

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Excellent! ;D


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Normally I feel slight levels of remorse for the prey, but the story was hot, I forgot about any sympathy I may have felt :p. Definitely a great story Kaejer--your writing prowess definitely shines through here.

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Creative concept and a great story and pred!

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loved your story. I have a weakness for fat preds. Keep up the good work