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Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« on: September 02, 2015, 08:59:43 PM »
Uninspired title cuz I don't feel like thinking of one! This one is pretty heavy on the digestion, owing to the fact that I get crazy turned on by detailed, noisy cum digestion. Hope you enjoy!

The truckstop was as busy as it always was when James pulled up in his big truck and added it to the collection of resting vehicles. His meaty body cracked and popped as he hauled himself out of the cab, sighing deeply in satisfaction as he was finally able to stretch himself out after a day of driving. His strong muscles, thick and padded, bulged out against his plaid shirt and denim jeans as he went through his little stretching routine. The rush of energy and blood to his sore body only reminded him how bone-deep hungry he was, so the trucker quickly set out across the parking lot.

It was always a treat to come to this particular stop, billed as the largest truckstop in the US. Trucks and people and busses were constantly in and out of the lot and buildings, offering up the perfect blend of socializing with strangers when he was in a chatty mood, and easily being able to melt into the scenary when he wasn't. Truckstops were much the only place a guy like James could blend in, his towering frame and impressive bulk a beacon for attention and stares anywhere else.

The warm sun felt good on his body after being cooped up in a cab, but it didn't do much to help the sweat trickling down his bushy armpits and hair-choked crack. The heavy duty airconditoning of the big set of buildings was a welcome change in climate. The trucker ambled through the crowds flowing through the main complex of the truckstop, knowing he had the whole evening and night to relax before he set out again in the morning. He ignored his hunger for now, knowing that he wouldn't want to do anything else on his to-do list when he started eating.

James spent the next hour going from shop to shop, picking up all the little bits of gear and toilettries he needed to restock. As he went, he kept a knowing eye out for any prospect of fun. Any kind of truckstop was a magnet for the kind of sleazy encounter that James had come to crave, but the bigger stops always offered the best selection of guys. A few caught his eye; one that looked like a fellow trucker, short and stacked, and a backpacking couple that gave James some inspired ideas.

The food courts were always the best place to scope and cruise, though, owing to the fact that people rarely lingered in a the hardware store long enough to get a feel for them. James was eager to dig into his food once his chores were finally done, practially rushing to the food court and ordering up some large helpings of all his favorite items.

He smirked to himself as he could feel the stares of some interested parties as he walked to a relatively empty corner of the big room. He was big, beefy, and hairy, with a grizzled face and a rough voice; on more than one occassion he'd been compared to a gorilla. It wasn't a type most everyone loved, but those who were into the gorilla-dad thing went crazy for him. The trucker persona only added to that, and the result was that it never took James long to find a sexy morsel to bring back to his cab.

A few guys cruised by him as he ate, but they were a little too hasty for James's tastes. The guys who came on so quickly tended to be the ones most likely to try to steal something, or ask for money for some vice of theirs. James wasn't looking for that kind of drama, so he ignored the skulking lizards and their practiced flauting and kept his eye open for someone a little more organic.

He hit the jackpot just as he was finishing up, his stomach feeling comfortaly bloated and pushing out his shirt to make him look even bigger. The guy was definitely younger than James, and much smaller, but legal. He didn't have sunken eyes or ashy skin, so he knew he wasn't just a drifting junkie. He seemed happy and flirty as he noticed James's attention, and the two of them played it slow for a few minutes as they considered the prospect.

The longer James looked, the more details he noticed. The guy was slim, for sure, but had just enough hint of muscle definition that James knew he saw some regular excercise. His shoes, backpack, clothes were all well-worn but still in good condition, obviously the kind of sturdy gear that cost more than homeless kid or runaway could afford. That made the big man feel better, knowing he wasn't gonna be taking advantage of some poor sap.

He was hot, too, just the kind of twinkish delight that James liked to indulge in. It was much easier to fit a smaller guy into his cab with the kind of space James took up. When he was totally done eating, he made sure to mosey nice and slow over to the trash can, letting the guy get a good look at how his beefy ass filled out his jeans and how big a basket he had pushing up in front. Even soft James had a hefty bulge, the kind of filled-out sphere that could instantly catch anyone's attention.

The guy looked properly teased when James sat back down at his table, taking a satisfied slurp of his drink. James leered openly at him, somewhere between friendly and predatory. The guy made eyes at him for a few more minutes before he too got up and tossed his trash away before making his way over to James's table.

"This seat taken?" The guy said, a pleasant tenor.

"Not at all." James rumbled in response. "Glad for the company. You doin the whole backpackin 'cross America thing, bud?" The big guy asked, casually stretching out his large frame over his chair.

The guy's eyes watched appreciatively as James's upper body swelled out against his shirt,

"Heh, yeah. Just find it so freeing, ya know? Not something I wanna be doing for too much longer, but it's nice to get it out of the way while I'm still somewhat young. Name's Johnny, by the way." He said, engaging easily and showing a little charm.

"James, nice to meet ya. I'm a trucker, stoppin here for the night." James said, giving Johnny a lazy smile. "Got a cab all the myself, if that ain't too forward."

"Not at all." Johnny grinned, getting up from the table, the slightest tent poking up from his shorts. "I'd love to see it. All this hiking and backpacking and I've never seen the inside of a truck." He laughed.

James laughed along, only half believing him. A sexy guy like Johnny couldn't get so comfortable cruising in a random truckstop by being chaste, but it didn't matter much either way. He guided the both of them out the door, noticing that Johnny didn't stop to talk to any sort of travelling companion on their way out.

They were mostly silent as they walked across the parking lot, speaking more in quick bumps and gropes than words. The sun was just setting, casting a hot orange glow over everything. Even after all that time cooling down in the airconditoned complex, it only took a few moments for sweat to start trickling down James's body.

He'd be worried about potenetially offending his hookup with his musk if not for the fact that he could smell the younger man's own spiced, sweaty body. He was just the type of go-with-the-flow free spirit to ignore the use of deoderant entirely, which sat just fine with James.

"Here she is," He rumbled softly when they got to the darkned corner of the lot he'd parked himself in.

Johnny gave the truck a polite once over, but he didn't come here to look at oversized motorvehicles. James opened the passanger side door, hualing himself up before turning back to give the younger man a hand up into the cab.

"Comfier than I thought it'd be." Johnny said once the door was closed and they were relatively alone. He bounced himself on the worn seat cushion, looking around the cab with more interest than he gave the outside of the truck.

"Gotta keep my big ass comfortable through a whole day of drivin," James chuckled. "Hope you don't mind but the AC in here doesn't work so well." He said, flicking the knob to show the paltry amount of cool air it gave out.

"I don't mind at all, big guy. In fact," Johnny said, turning the nob back of and slowly pushing his face against James's bulging chest, then over to nose at the damp stain creeping out from under his arm. "I'd prefer things get a little sweaty, a little...musky." He took a sharp sniff, moaning deep in his chest. "Fuck, you smell good, big guy."

James rumbled in his chest and wrapped a big hand around Johnny's head, mashing their mouths together. The cab was quickly overtaken by the wet smacking sounds of their fighting lips, hands running over any inch of body they could reach. Johnny trailed a teasing finger right over the seam of James's jeans, pressing gently between his fat balls, while James reached a long arm all the way over Johnny's pert ass, groping his hand between the man's legs and squeezing the base of his dick.

"What's your dick feelin like tonight, big guy? Hot mouth, tight hole? Maybe a younger guy fuckin the hell out of you?" Johnny said with a rough voice, his pink lips shiny with their spit. His eyes were twinkling, filled with hormones and happiness, a sexual creature through and through.

All those things sounded good to James, but if he had to go by what his cock felt, he'd have to say...hungry. It was all he could think about the entire ride here. Granted, it was all he could think about on his drives to most anywhere, but the giant truckstop always gave him the best snack, and today didn't disappoint. He could already feel his huge nuts grumbling as he finally let himself feel the familiar, deep hunger.

"Hmm, all that sounds mighty fuckin great," James growled, nipping at the smirking sides of Johnny's mouth, "How about we start with that mouth of yours, then see where the night takes you."

"I'll never say no to a fat package." Johnny grinned, eagerly stretching his body out on the long seat and nuzzling his face into the tented, routund bulge laying between James's thighs. "You been sweating down here too?" He teased, squishing his face agains the massive sphere of cockmeat.

"Why don't you find out, buddy boy." James groaned, rolling his hips and rubbing himself against Johnny's face.

Johnny skillfully found the zipper with his teeth, jerking his head to the side and pulling it down in one go. It was a hot little trick, and James appreciated that he kept it simple and popped open his button with his hands afterwards. Johnny opened his crotch and lowered his underwear with ease, aided by the practiced motions of James hefting his ass up and around.

"That's an interestin feature," Johnny said casually as he paused for a moment, letting James toe off his shoes before the younger man slipped his damp boxers over the trucker's feet.

The hiker was referring to the modifications James had done to his cab a long time ago. A lot of cabs had a modest amount of empty space under the truck, and a few older ones had a simple sloped surface. James had an older cab, but he'd taken out the flat slope and replaced with one he made himself. Not only did it push up his seat a bit more to make it easier for his large frame to drive comfortably, but it had two big oval shaped divots right next to each other, under the middle of his seat.

"Oh, those? I made 'em a few years back outta some stuff I had layin around. Pushes the seat up so my legs can fit." The trucker said, easily telling the half-truth.

Johnny only hummed in his throat, a note of absent attention as he forgot what he was even talking about in the face of James's hairy thighs spread wide.

"You're fuckin huge man, look at that sausage!" Johnny said gleefully, jamming his nose into the wild bush of sweaty hair that James's fat cock speared out of. "Fuckin smells amazing, man."

James leaned back and let the younger man explore to his hearts content, grunting and hissing in pleasure as a soft tongue trailed all over his veiny shaft and hooded head. He let Johnny go at his own pace, knowing his cock was much too big to force anywhere. The man handled it well though, starting with just uncovering his juicy glans and sucking that into his mouth, bobbing down further and further as he got more comfortable with the girth of it.

He was overjoyed when Johnny started to tickle the puffy slit with his tongue, teasing and drooling all over it, even dipping the first tiny bit of his tongue into the tangy resevoir of fluid. It would certainly make things easier down the line, to have his piss slit nice and prepared.

Johnny gave him the biggest grin when he popped off James's cock for some air, strings of saliva and precum dripping down his chest.

"Tastiest fuckin cock I've ever had, dude." He gushed.

"Yeah? How about you taste those balls for me bud, huh? Don't wanna neglect them." James growled, gently guiding the younger man's laughing head further down.

Johnny's enthusiasm carried over to his nuts too, slurps and sniffles and wet smacking sounds drifting up as he lavished his attention on the fat droopy sac. They smelled just as spicy, musky, sweaty as the rest of James, a primal musk that seemed to really get him going. His cheeks puffed out like a chimpmunk as he slurped a nut into his mouth, barely able to get even just one of the hefty testes into the mouth.

"Fuuuuuck, that's it boy, gives those nuts the attention they deserve." James grunted, helping Johnny worship his nuts by reaching down and grabbing a hold of them, dragging and rubbing the goopy, hairy flesh around the man's smooth face.

"Dude, your balls are the fuckin biggest tanks I've ever played with." Johnny moaned lowly, nuzzling his sticky face into the hairy sac flesh.

He spent a few minutes just worshipping them, amazed that the sac only got looser as he slobbered all over it. The sharp taste of the wrinkled skin was borderline addictive. James laughed at the younger man as he gently tugged his hair, dragging his drooling mouth and wriggling tongue back up the thick shaft until his fat cockhead popped back into the suckling heat.

"Don't worry, buddy, you'll get all the nut play you can handle soon enough..." James rumbled, feeding more and more of his shaft into Johnny's tight throat. "Fuck, do that thing with your tongue in my slit again, feels wild." He encouraged with a grin.

While Johnny tried his best to fit the entire log of cock into his mouth, James busied himself with running a big hand all over the younger man's body, slipping it under his shirt and teasing fingers beneath his underwear, searching out all the little hot spots on Johnny's body to make him moan and grunt around his cock.

The teasing touches all over his body must have got Johnny a little impatient. The skinny backpacker hastily shucked off his shorts and underwear while still speared on James's cock, his shoes having been toed off when he started sucking. He popped off the thick dick for only a second, leaving the widened piss slit gasping into the air as he pulled off his shirt before he swallowed it back down.

"Eager, aren't ya?" James laughed, spreading his thighs a little wider and settling deeper into his seat.

Now that Johnny was naked, the trucker could freely grope and fondle his pert ass and leaking cock. He gave some tertiary attention to the Johnny's tight cheeks, smirking as he arched his back to encourage more attention. James wasn't all that interested in a fuck, though, and instead trailed his calloused hand around the guy's hip until he got a handful of youthful cock.

It was smaller than James's, of course, but most every guy is. About six inches long, decently thick, and looks like it'd feel nice inside of James's bearded mouth. The man gently tapped Johnny on the head, telling him to stop sucking for a second unless he wanted to choke. The backpacker looked up at him confusion before he gave a shocked laugh as James hauled the man's lower half up onto his gut and chest, adjusting the both of them into a sitting 69 position with practiced ease.

James gave a few teasing licks to the throbbing cock that rested in front of his face before he slurped the whole thing down to the root in one go, humming and mumbling filthy words around the cock as Johnny squaked between his thighs.

"Holy shit, don't ever stop doin that." The younger man panted, going a little lightheaded from the sudden position change and cockswallowing. "Two can play at that game." He smiled, bracing himself on James's thick thighs and shoving himself back down onto the huge cock.

The new angle let him go deeper, easier. It took all of his skill, but the young packbacker managed to match James's depth on his own cock, swallowing down the dick until his nose pressed down into the sticky landing pad of the trucker's balls. The position took a little getting used to, but once he learned he could comfortbly rest his weight on the big guy's strong bulk, he could focus all of his attention on sucking and slurping on log stuffed in his throat.

A few minutes later, it suddenly hit Johnny how hot and humid it was in the truck cab. The air was thick with their combined musk, heavy with their sweat. He could feel little rivulets of persperation dripping down his entire body. It was even more intense between James's legs, huge thighs boxing him in on both sides while the trucker's potent ball stink drifted right up Johnny's nose, straight from the hairy source.

The scent and heat was exciting, made everything feel more primal and raw, but it wasn't doing anything to help the light-headedness he got from being borderline upside down for so long. James tasted and felt too good to stop, so he just tried to power through it, hoping that they'd be able to change position soon if the way James was groaning above him was any indication. He could feel a deep grumbling rumble from the man's body, and he idly wondered if James would take him out for some more food afterwards.

James could tell from Johnny's slowing movements that the position was getting to him. The tender ache in his balls grew stronger and stronger, his body knowing that a second dinner was soon approaching. The trucker moved one big hand down the sweaty line of Johnny's spine, soothing the tensing muscles before wrapping securely in the younger man's hair. Under the guise of wanting to get deeper into his throat, James firmy pushed him another inch onto his cock, making the his mouth press into his bush while the man's nose was swallowed by the vast expanse of James's heady balls.

The trucker rolled his hips up, rocking their bodies a little as he made it nearly impossible for the backpacker to breath. Johnny was too lust-addled to care, eagerly snorting up as much of the musk as he could, his throat spasming tightly and his body twitching as he got more and more lightheaded.

"Good boy, good boy," James quietly chanted, peppering scratchy kisses along Johnny's tight ballsac as he coaxed the man into a stupor.

Once he decided that the backpacker was sufficiently subdued, James carefully wrapped an arm around the man's back and hefted him up, slowly withdrawing his cock from Johnny's throat with a lewd squealch. James cradled the boy against his chest, letting the guy's face rest against his stomach as he reached his other hand down to stroke his throbbing cock.

Johnny left an ample amount of spit slathered all over his shaft, so James collected it all up in one calloused hand and smeared it around his flushed head. The trucker groaned deep in his chest as he slipped one finger, then two into his wide piss slit. Johnny's tongue technique seemed to have done a lot of the prep for him, as his slit was pliable and relaxed, easily opening up for his fingers. It only took seconds for James to confirm that he was lubed and stretched enough to get on with things.

He craned his neck so he could see around Johnny's lax body, smirking at the yawning hole of his cock. His entire dick had gotten bigger, lengthing and widening in preperation for his meal. James growled as he got four fingers down into his cock, teasing himself and making his balls rumble with hunger. The trucker popped his fingers out of his cock tube and smeared the thick precum over Johnny's soft hair, both petting the boy and lubing him up a bit.

He tugged on Johnny's hair, lifting his slack face off of his stomach until he was face to face with the gaping piss slit. The man's eyes were heavy with his confusion, unable to see the imminent danger. James pushed him down a scant inch, letting his wide slit kiss Johnny's nose and mouth. Johnny returned the kiss, snaking his tongue out and giving lazy affection to the impossibly wide hole.

"That's it, buddy boy, give it a kiss." James grinned, putting pressure down on the back of Johnny's head.

The backpacker's nose and mouth pushed firmly against his slit, slotting into the hole like he'd been born for it. Another push and a grunt and his slit started to stretch, a pleasurable burn that never failed to make James heart race. His cock head stretched easily, and it was only seconds until the slimy edges of his urethra were pushing up around Johnny's ears and hairline.

For most guys, this was usually about the time that they realized something was wrong and started to struggle. Johnny must have been really deep into his musk-addled daze because he didn't start to squirm until the wet, tight heat of James's cock was closing in around the back of his head and just barely starting to kiss his neck. There wasn't much he could do about it, not with a strong arm pinning his arms to his chest and his legs sticking awkwardly up into the air.

Johnny tried to speak or yell, but his mouth was clogged with slimy precum the second he opened his lips, and the tube around his head was too tight to be able to open his mouth very far anyways. He could hear the familiar bass of James's voice, even though the throbbing cockhead he was stuck in.

"Relax, buddy! I said you'd be gettin all the nut play you can handle, didn't I?" James said, a teasing note in his voice. Not that the backpacker could hear it very well.

The trick was to keep consistant progress. Too much starting and stopping meant that his pelvic muscles would lose their steady, slurping rhythym and give whatever unfortunate soul in his dick enough of a chance to try to escape. James kept the pressure going down, groaning and sighing his his seat as he steadily fed Johnny to his cock.

The struggling lump of Johnny's face slid down the tube until the man's shoulders rested against the fleshy head. A brief spark of hope flitted through Johnny, certain in his knowledge that his shoulders would never fit. James knew that if the man's face was facing out instead of in, he'd be able to see the myriad of emotions filter across his face through the thin skin of his cock tube. That was always an awkward position, though, so he sacrified the perverse pleasure of seeing the mask of fear for more comfortable eating.

This was always one of the best parts, when a hearty shove popped a pair of shoulders in with a loud squealch and the ballfood realized they were pretty much doomed. They always thought their shoulders would be too wide, but James had taken down linebackers with his cock, and the immense feeling of the stretch was near orgasmic for the trucker.

The feeling of Johnny's head hitting the barrier of that lower entrance into his balls was also near orgasmic, and a shiver of gleeful anticipation went down the trucker's spine. This was the best stretch of all, and he relaxed the barrier with a happy groan.

Johnny was endlessly confused as his head popped into a hot, dank space that stank of pure concentrated cum. He could barely see through the diffused red light that filtered through the wrinkled skin of James's cumtank. He could see two round forms of James's testes, and a little pond of cum that seemed to almost gurgle and boil as his face inched closer. He always prided himself on being a bit of a cumslut, but this was taking it way too far.

Within a few moments his face was squishing uncomfortably into the mass of slime, giving him a few seconds of panic as he craned his head around to find an angle to breath from. Just when he thought he'd end up drowning in a shallow pool of cum in some trucker's nuts, he managed to get enough of an angle to turn his head and get his nose out above the slime line, though he still got a good noseful of cum for his troubles.

As more and more of Johnny's body disappeared into the flushed head of James's cock, his body started to curl up in the tight, hot confines of his ballsac. With his cock creeping around the younger man's stomach, James knew he had him completely trapped. He let his head fall back and his eyes close and he focused on the fantasic feeling of feeding his hungry balls. Sweat dripped down his thick body as he kept steady pressure on Johnny's legs, ass, and side, pushing him slowly but surely into his cummy doom.

Johnny grimaced as his flat abs, trimmed bush, and softend cock were consumed by the trucker's dick. His arms were still in the slick urethra, and he was hoping that when he got his hands in the sac that he'd be able to fight back. A part of him knew it was fruitless, though. The testicles on either side of him were definitely growing. Before they had seemed the same size as the fat orbs he'd sucked into his mouth, but now they were definitely larger than his whole head. As Johnny's body stretched out the hairy sac, the hungry testes grew as well, gurgling and grumbling as they produced more and more cum to bath the backpacker in.

Sure enough, when his hands finally popped into the steaming lake of cum, he tried to scratch and punch and fight his way out, but the only thing he accomplished was drawing a deep, braying moan from the trucker. His punches bounced off of springy nutflesh and his punches were easily absorbed by soft, stretchy skin. On most men, the sensitive ballsac was a glaring weakness, but on James it had become a resilient weapon.

James was caught between laughing and moaning as the poor boy struggled in his sac, trying to find a way out. He cracked open an eye and watched with amusement as his growing, fat sac squirmed around, handprints scrabbling around the sides. There wasn't anything to stop Johnny from slipping into James's cock faster and faster, his pert ass getting gulped down, followed quickly by the man's thighs and knees.

The truckers hips were gently rolling up and down in the seat, waggling his huge dick ever so slightly back and forth while he devoured the last of Johnny. The man's toes wriggled against the fleshy lips of his cock for a second before they too were devoured up, a hearty gurgling slurp sounding up from his gaping slit.

It took a few more seconds for Johnny to finish traveling through his cock tube, and then James chest heaved in a deep, blissful sigh as the last of Johnny's body squeezed through into his balls. The weight tugged sharply at his groin now that there was nothing but his sac supporting the man, but that was what his special seat was for. The wriggling form settled back into the grooves, the slanted surface giving just enough support for his sac to let James enjoy the overwhelming fullness in peace.

He could still hear muffled yells and cries from his sac, could see the grimace of fear through the tight mask of nut skin stretched across Johnny's face. The man was still squirming around with gusto, handprints and footprints pushing up against his wrinked sac. The living imprints were one of James's favorite parts. He loved watching the process through his sac as struggles slowed and features started to disappear. Johnny still had a bit of time before that happened, so James enjoyed being able to see the man's mouth open and close against his scrotum.

Hungry, curling gurgles were starting to trickle up from between his legs as his sac filled slowly with more cum. The backpacker was too panicked to feel the first signs of a  numbing tingle set into his skin. James let him wriggle around for a few minutes, keeping himself on the edge of pleasure as every inch of the inside of his nutsac was stimulated by Johnny's naked body.

Inside the humid sac, Johnny tried to keep himself upright so that his head could be above the rising cum line. The last thing he wanted was to drown in cum, so he suffered through the indignity of sliping and sliding in place. James's two testes were overbearing weights on either side of him, as big and hard as medicine balls. They crowded both his sides and pushed against him, seemingly trying to roll ontop of him and push him deep down into the cum.

The young man tried to scream or plead, but thick trails of cum were starting to drip from the top of the sac, and anytime he opened his mouth he always got a big dollop of salty sperm trickling down his throat. With every passing second the man's frantic movements got louder as the confined space was filled with the cum leaking from the balls and walls, his limbs splashing around in jizz.

James let him struggle a bit longer, waiting until the gurgles from his sac started to get a little deeper and longer, signaling that his thick cum was finally working itself into the trapped man's skin.

The loose, drooping sac suddenly lurched up and pulled tight againt James's pelvis as he flexed his ball muscles, glorping out a wet crunchy noise. The two testes ground painfully against Johnny's sides, pressing hard against him. For a moment you could see the entirety of James's body imprinted against the tight sac skin, glued against him like a second skin as it covered every inch of him in cum. Just as suddenly, the muscles and tendons relaxed and the sac went back to being loose, leaving Johnny dazed.

It was another one of the trucker's favorite parts, the gooey mastication that was the first step in digesting a living human into cum, with the added benefit of giving him some more imprints to leer at. Every few minutes, James repeated the action, drawing his nuts up tight and crushing his cum into Johnny's body.

The poor backpacker was starting to feel its effects. The air only grew danker and more humid as the cum rose up to his chest, leaving his lungs aching with the thin, stinking air. Cum covered his body, a fresh layer added everytime the sac drew up tight and cum rose up to fill the vacuum around his body. He was also feeling bruised and battered by the fleshy testicles that boxed him in as they crunched against him again and again. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or terrified that a tingling numbness was starting to set in, dulling the aching bruises but leaving him feeling somehow diminished.

It wasn't until he got a brief second wind and tried to scratch at the soft skin imprisoning him that he realized what was happening to him. He watched with wide, drowsy eyes as his cum-bleached hand dragged across the dripping wall, his fingers growing noticebly shorter as they left a trail of thick cum in their wake.

Now that he knew his fate, he could see the effects of the cum digestion all across his body. His toes were going the way of his fingers, his skin losing its tan as it turned the color of the trucker's potent cum, and even his tongue and teeth were feeling softer. He could taste only cum, his saliva thickening as it become slimey and dense.

The next testicular squeeze had a distinct squishiness to it, a loud splat as the two testicles ground against him and left deep imprints against his sides.  He tried to yell out, but all that came was a wet gurgle.

James was drifting in a haze of sated bliss, happily listening to the growing sounds of gurgles and glorps. He loved how noisey his sac could get once it was well into the cummification process. With every passing minute the sounds grew wetter and deeper, sounding like a giant cauldron of thick, gooey goodness. His hanging sac sloshed loudly anytime he moved his thighs. He could see that Johnny's body was losing it's form, the digestion gaining momentum as it melted down his body into cum.

James reached both his hands down to massage his huge, full sac, pressing his cum deeper into any bit of skin he could reach. He rubbed around Johnny's face, laughing as he pressed a bit of his sac into the man's mouth, swapping around the squishy teeth. He found a handful of the man's thigh and gave it a test squeeze, delighted as he felt it giveway under his palm and squish out around his grip, the bone and muscle more cum than anything else.

Eventually, the hand and face prints against his wrinkled scrotum were just vague protrusions as Johnny's body sluggishly moved around the space, more musclespasms now than purposeful movement. The slim young man let out one last mournful gurgle as the cum seeped into his brain. Most of his body was dissolved, the few pounds of him left following suit within a few minutes.

The trucker kept himself on the edge for a few minutes longer, his shaft and bush a mess of precum at this point. He was flushed and panting from the burning need to let loose his monster load, the hunger in his balls finally completely satied and replaced by an aching fullness. He kept one hand moving up and down on his thick cock while the other blindly groped under the seat for one of his special condoms.

It was less a condom and more a giant bag made of clear latex, strong and stretchy enough to contain the spermy remains of a full grown man. James slipped the tight opening of it around his cock head and secured it around the base of his shaft before he went full-throttle on his dick, easily bringing himself over the edge.

He grunted and bellowed, his loud voice vying for dominace of the empty cab over the deafening splattering, sloshing sounds of his load emptying into the giant condom. He rode the waves of overwhelming orgasm for a solid five minutes, shooting out rope after rope of thick, frothy cum. His balls slowly deflated down to a size that was halfway normal, visibly twitching and quivering as they forced out gallons and gallons of a Johnny-flavored wad.

When James finally dragged his mind out of the post-orgasmaic haze, he quickly tied off the condom so it wouldn't spill and regarded the fruits of his labor. The bag was near bursting, the latex stretched tight with his whitish cum. Once he was buttoned back up and decent, James hauled it back into the rear of his truck cab, setting it in the corner next to his bed.

He knew some guys that would pay a lot of money to have fun with that bag, and James grinned to himself as he turned his thoughts towards finishg up his route so he could join them. 

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daaaaaaaaaaammnn!! really good man! love heavy digestion stuff~ keep it up ^^

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2015, 12:36:42 AM »
Oh hell yeah I love CV with an emphasis on digestion. This is outstanding, man, great work!

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2015, 07:21:06 AM »
Great story!

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2015, 10:26:43 PM »
You are amazing, no excuses. PERIOD •
The emphasis that you used throughout the entire
story (including James hot as a demon manliness)
was simply amazing, only complaint was the lack
of emphasis on his chest and pits, a little ass domming
would have been nice too and maybe even nipple play.

But other than that, Simply AMAZING!

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2015, 12:07:04 AM »
A kickass story. Love big sweaty truckers sucking slim young guys down to their gooey doom!  :D

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2019, 08:27:32 AM »
Great story. Love the digestion detail.

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #7 on: March 24, 2019, 03:32:54 PM »
You're an amazing writer and the digestion description was so boss!
Request of a future willing prey if you'd enjoy making that?
Great work!

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #8 on: April 12, 2019, 05:19:19 AM »
Fucking hot!!!! Kinda wish he had fucked the Johnny load into someone. Super hot story though, you’ve got s great way of describing cum digestion.

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Re: Truckdriver CV (FS, Digestion)
« Reply #9 on: April 12, 2019, 09:33:18 PM »
Poor Johnny, the fucker is a bag of cum!
gurgle, glorp, crack, churn...i like thin nerdy, or muscular prey. I like big muscular preds. Chest hair and hairy legs and forearms are always a plus, pred or prey.
     I can do very HOT RPs, but like a drug, the time one is usually the best , ar least for awhile, till I cum up with new material.