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Vore Chess (FS, Oral, Fat)
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This was an old story someone requested me to rewrite to use for this site.


This is a very special kind of chess, as it is far beyond just a mere game. The board is still the same size with A-H on the bottom and 1-8 on the left. Chess in this sense is reality and a very powerful kind of reality. Instead of pieces being merely defeated and tossed off into a box, they are conquered and devoured. Each piece fights to devour all of the opponent's pieces to become the biggest and strongest. Almost all of the pieces however, are fairly plump to begin with. Most are fairly chubby, except for the slim pawns, compared to the average sized being, but the stronger the piece, the bigger, taller, and fatter they are. There are certain pieces having advantages over others as they are much more privileged in the art of vore. Pawns, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, a Queen, and a King have been transformed into more suitable pieces capable of consuming other 'pieces'.

Each predator is presented by starting with a capital letter for the color/side and piece (Black Piece vore white piece).

The Pawn has been transformed into one piece much more like a twink, small and not too powerful. A twink-like pawn is sneaky, but lacks the strength required to overcome most opponents. Twinks generally go after one another, because they are at equal capability to vore one another and all that tips the scale against each other is their intelligence.

The Rook is much more powerful than a twink-like pawn and has been switched into a hunky guy. These guys are quick and able to leap long distances at a surprising rate to consume their unknowing prey with no delay.

The Knight is naturally swift and skillful, much like a muscle bear. Each muscle bear in this world of vore chess is very powerful and because of his complicated movements their thoughts and future moves are hard to decipher. Knights are extremely strong and are quite girthy as well, and only a few can conquer their sheer skill.

The Bishops are wise and stealthy in the ways of vore; this is why chubs are proud hunters. Being hungry all of the time, this piece is naturally great at vore and will consume many pieces at an alarming rate if one does not play close attention to them at all times.

The Queen is the biggest vorer of all, always hungry and constantly stuffing itself with everything and everyone. A superchub bear of insatiable hunger is the only way to describe such a powerful being looking for not only food, but also others to vore to fill its massive stomach. Somehow it always manages to swiftly devour people despite its massive size It is most likely that in every game of vore chess the superchub bear will end up with the largest stomach by far, filled with many defeated opponents and always hungry for more. As the most powerful vore being, this is quite possibly the one that will tilt the entire chessboard in one direction, literally.

The King is not so much powerful, but is versatile and slow. This piece is best represented by a spoiled chub that is generally considered full prey due to the fact of his laziness. This chub can vore given certain situations, but generally just ends up getting eaten. They may not be the quickest or most powerful, but they are all-around capable at voreing any other kind of piece. Unfortunately this chub is sacred and must be kept un-vored or one side will lose the game.

It's time to play some 'chess.'

*   *   *

The game begins slowly, just like most games...

White: Pawn D2 to D4
Black: Pawn B7 to B6
White: Pawn C2 to C4
Black: Pawn H7 to H6

The twinks roll in quickly on each side, salivating at the sight of all they could eat. Each step caused their stomachs to rumble more and more as time went by. Only a few had moved thus far, but the tension between the two voracious teams could be cut with a knife.

White: Bishop C1 to F4
Black: Rook H8 to H7
White: Knight B1 to C3

As the twinks move forward it opens a much larger view for the larger, more powerful creatures behind them. Hunky guys, Muscle Bears, and Chubs were ready to bust out of their formation quickly to devour all of the weak little twinks.

Black: Pawn C7 to C6
White: Knight C3 to A4
Black: Pawn G7 to G8
White: Rook A1 to C1
Black: Pawn C6 to C5
White: Bishop E4 to E5
Black: Pawn D7 to D6
White: Bishop E5 to G3
Black: Knight B8 to D7

Some tension has begun to occur between the two teams as there are close encounters occurring. Multiple pieces have almost been taken, but retreated to preserve themselves so they could devour much more than just one piece. More than just the twinks were out and about now on both sides. Twinks, Hunky guys, Muscle Bears, and Chubs were all out and equally voracious amongst each other. The air seemed to stand still as no battle had occurred yet, but the time would come shortly.

White: Rook C1 to C3
Black: Knight G8 to F6
White: Rook C3 to E3
Black: Queen D8 to C7
White: Pawn H2 to H4
Black: Knight F6 to G4
White: Rook E3 to F3
Black: Pawn B6 to B5
White: Knight G4 to C3

As the formations of both sides had completely formed, there were no more moves either side could make without losing a piece or taking a piece. The real turmoil was just about to begin and each side knew that the voreing should begin almost immediately. Everyone is hungry and everyone is looking for the weakest to charge and devour to add to his stomach. Each piece was just about ready to pounce, but they had to wait their turn.

[Black: Pawn B5 to C4; Pawn Taken]
[White: Pawn H4 to G5; Pawn Taken]

The first series of vores had happened!

Just like most games of vore chess, the twinkss begun the feast of their opponents. A Black Twink pounced on top of an unwilling twink and grabbed him by the hair on its head. The Black Twink quickly shoved the twink's entire head into his mouth and began to gulp it down. After many gulps and shoves by the predator, the twink’s feet were all that remained to be slurped up into the now bulging belly of the Black Twink.

Just as the black twink had gulped down its first prey, a White Twink jumped onto a black twink and tackled him to the ground. With the black twink on his back, he was too weak and defenseless as the White Twink was standing on top of him, drooling as his stomach growled. The White Twink waited no longer and grabbed the feet of the black twink and gulped him down quickly, sucking up the back legs along with him. The black twink was way too far down the White Twink's gullet to have even the slightest chance of escaping his extreme hunger. A few moments passed by as the White Twink let the black twink slide down his throat into his empty belly. The head of the black twink slowly passed into the White Twink's mouth and then was gone, fed into the large and now round belly of his predator.

Black: Rook A8 to B8
White: Bishop G3 to F4

[Black: Rook B8 to B2; Pawn Taken]
[White: Pawn G5 to H6; Pawn Taken]

No longer were the twinks going to be having all of the fun, it was time for a Black Hunky guy to get in on this. The Black Hunk quickly rushed towards a white twink caught off its guard. The Black Hunk was obviously larger and more powerful than the weak white twink. The Black Hunk quickly grabbed the front half of the little white twink in his mouth and tossed him up into the air. The Black Hunk opened its large mouth, bearing his teeth to his soon to be prey. The white twink flew straight up and came straight back down into the depths of the Black Hunks practically giant mouth. The Black Hunk gulped down rapidly as the twink slammed into the back of his throat, sending the little  twink into his stomach. The twink wasn't as filling as it had hoped so it needed to find more prey to indulge on.

The first White Twink found another equal match - a black twink. After one meal the White Twink was fairly stuffed, but there was no way he was going to let a meal get away. The big-bellied White Twink pinned down the black twink with his gut as he slurped its lips. A second vore is much easier than the first; the White Twink grabbed hold of the black twink and crammed him into its greedy mouth. After a few swift gulps the White Twink had sent another bit of prey into his huge, expanding belly.

Black: Queen C7 to A5
White: Bishop F4 to D2
Black: Pawn C7 to C6
White: Rook H1 to H4

[Black: Bishop F8 to H6; Pawn Taken]
[White: Rook H4 to H6; Bishop Taken]
[Black: Knight G4 to H6; Rook Taken]

A massive battle of hunger broke out in the midst of this large, feast of a battle!

One Black Chub had busted out into the midst of battle and quickly gulped down the white twink that had been pigging out on other twink. His hunger had gotten the best of him and he grabbed hold of the white twinks belly and shoveled his feet into his mouth. The feet were pulled into his mouth as the Black Chub gulped downward, pulling the bottom first of this huge bloated white twink into his soon to be giant gut. After several hard swallows and multiple pushes and crams, the stuffed white twink and been now stuffed into a hungry Black Chub. This particular Black Chub had now been filled quite largely with a tremendous paunch.

The black chub had been too hasty in its hunger as he was in the middle of a multiple-piece-feast. A White Hunky guy pounced out from the background, ready to devour a chub much larger and more powerful than it. However, the White Hunky guy had approached the chub in an ambush. The White Hunk realized this was going to be a huge meal, being that the chub was over twice his size. The black chub realized it was too late as it felt the White Hunk's jaws surround his giant squirming belly. A chain vore had been created as the White Hunk struggled to gulp and push down as much of the black chub as it could. Several minutes went by and eventually the defenseless black chub was now inside of the White Hunk's enormous belly, which had grown to over twice its size. After the giant, delicious feast the White Hunk had, he realized he was too large to defend himself as well.

Just as the white hunk had expected, he was going to be the meal of a very hungry Black Muscle Bear. The Black Muscle Bear pounced at him and already had the white hunk's head into his mouth before it even landed. The Black Muscle Bear rubbed his own belly as his strong throat muscles and gulps quickly pushed the blob of a white hunk down his long throat into his stomach. Gulp after gulp after gulp and his stomach was already distended and growing inches by the second. The Black Muscle Bear was becoming a blob himself as he continued to devour the white hunky guy, which was soon down to just his feet. The feet stayed outside of the Black Muscle Bear's mouth for a short time until the Black Muscle Bear slurped it in, which was followed up by a loud, ground-shaking belch.

White: Queen C1 to A4

[Black: Queen A5 to A4; Queen Taken]
[White: Knight C3 to A4; Queen Taken]

A duel had been initiated by a very large white superchub bear. The Black Superchub Bear and white superchub bear stood face to face. There was a tussle between the two gargantuan fat bears, both hungry enough to eat every other piece in the game at once. However, the white bear had slipped up and the Black Bear too advantage of it quickly, ready to devour something the same size at himself. Without the slightest of delay, the Black Bear grabbed the white bears feet and stuck them into his gluttonous mouth. The white bear had realized his fate and rested on his giant belly as the Black Bear gulped and shoveled the mass of flab from the white bear into his mouth. The Black Bear was obviously the hungriest of each piece on the board as it was winning against the next hungriest piece. It seemed as if the Black Bear had gulped down the white bear in a matter of seconds as his gluttonous hunger had overcome him. The Black Bear's stomach had doubled in size with his new meal added to his girth. The sheer size of the Black Bear was taking up more than one space, however it didn't realize what was about to happen.

There was a White Muscle Bear eagerly waiting for these two giant bears to finish their fight so it could make his move to essentially devour both of them. Just as the black bear had finished his enormous meal to cause it to double in size, the White Muscle Bear made his move. A large mouth was swooping in to ambush the practically mountainous fat blob of a piece, and the White Muscle Bear was the one to deliver this mouth. Quickly after the ambush had happened, the White Muscle Bear had the black bears head and shoulders inside of his mouth. This meal was going to take a long time, but the White Muscle Bear was having at the black bear, ready to be big and fat enough to survive the rest of his life on his blubber alone. Half an hour passed by and the White Muscle Bear had just overcome the biggest part of the black bear, its blubbery belly. The White Muscle Bear was basically being transformed into a new creature of gluttony as the rest of his meal slowly passed down his throat into his massively stretched stomach. A big belly lay down onto the square, practically immobile.

Black: Rook B2 to B1; Check
White: Bishop D2 to C1

[Black: Rook B1 to C1; Bishop Taken]

A Black Hunky Guy quickly moves in for its next meal, this time something a little bit bigger and tastier. The Black Hunky Guy had a very powerful plan to quickly devour both of the big fat chubs. After the plan was formulated fairly quickly, the Black Hunky Guy made his move. His first meal is to be a tasty fat white chub. A quick attack allowed the Black Hunky Guy to devour the white chub halfway before the white chub even knew what was going on. His first meal hit his stomach like a ton of bricks because the Black Hunky Guy swallowed so quickly. The big belly of the Black Hunky Guy had grown even larger and was now very bloated and enormous.

White: King E1 to D2

[Black: Rook C1 to F1; Bishop Taken]

Now the second part of the Black Hunky Guy's plan came into motion after tricking the fat lazy chub into retreating. Another meal was to be had at this very moment, and the Black Hunky Guy did not wait any amount of time before he charged his next meal. Another white chub was on the menu and the Black Hunky Guy was ready to stuff his gluttonous appetite once more. Once again a white chub was caught off-guard as the Black Hunky Guy chomped down and began gulping heavily to add another fat chub to his belly. The second time is always easier, and this was a very quick meal that extended out the Black Hunky Guy's belly to add on a massive amount of girth.

White: Knight G1 to H3
Black: Bishop C8 to B7
White: Rook F3 to F4
Black: Rook F1 to A1
White: Knight A4 to C3
Black: Bishop B7 to G2
White: Knight H3 to G5
Black: Rook H7 to G7
White: Knight G5 to E4

[Black: Pawn C5 to D4; Pawn Taken]

This is a much smaller meal to be had after many giant meals. One hungry little Black Twink quickly pounced onto a little white twink. The Black Twink slurped up the white twink after a long time of swallowing the poor little guy. A nice same-sized meal traveled down the throat of the Black Twink to add a nice big bulge in his stomach.

White: Knight C3 to B5

[Black: Rook A1 to A2; Check]

There was a plot that had been crafted by the very stuffed black hunk. It seems as if the final outcome of the game had already been decided. The black hunk was looking to devour the girth of a nice blubbery fat lazy chub.

White: King D2 to C1

[Black: Rook A2 to E2; Pawn Taken]
[White: Knight E4 to D6; Pawn Taken]
[Black: Pawn F7 to D6; Knight Taken]
[White: Knight B5 to D6; Pawn Taken; Check]

Before the Black Hunky Guy's plan would come into play, it was time for another snack. The Black Hunky Guy in his now massive size approached a white twink, slurping his wet lips. This was basically a no-contest battle in which the Black Hunky Guy grabbed the white twink with one hand and chomped him down practically instantly.

A hungry White Muscle Bear swooped in; ready to devour a weak black twink as he had been a long time before this muscle bear got a meal. The White Muscle Bear landed in front of the black twink, obviously waiting to intimidate his meal. After a quick chomp the White Muscle Bear had already gulped up the black twink to its little belly. With a toss back of the head, the White Muscle Bear swallowed the black twink whole fairly easily and added on a little bit more of a paunch.

One of the fairly dormant Black Twink saw an opportunity for an easy large meal. The Black Twink jumped a fat white muscle bear to catch him off guard so it could feed his hunger. Just as many of the other one-on-one battles, the Black Twink slowly gulped down the already fed and fat white muscle bear. The Black Twink had some issues getting him down due to the white muscle bear sure mass, but eventually the white muscle bear was a large meal to the Black Twink. Now he had added him to a fairly nice-sized squirming belly.

The gargantuan White Muscle Bear that had feasted on the multiple-bear meal had recovered and was ready for his next meal. The White Muscle Bear noticed an easy catch of a black twink. A meal of this size was hardly worth it, but someone who had managed to eat two full blubbery bears definitely was hungry for everything in sight. So, the White Muscle Bear managed to travel over to the black twink and swallow him whole as if he were a dinner mint to his giant meal.

Black: King E8 to F8

[White: Rook F4 to D4; Pawn Taken]

A fresh and hungry White Hunky Guy charged forward to a twink-fed black twink. Even though this would essentially mean eating his own member, he was hungry plain and simple. After a couple snaps the White Hunky Guy had the fat black twink in his mouth and was already gulping him down to add to his fat belly. The black twink traveled slowly down the White Hunky Guy's throat and added a nice size bulge to the White Hunky Guy's fat gut.

Black: Bishop G2 to F3

[White: Rook D4 to C4; Pawn Taken]
[Black: Rook G8 to G1; Check Mate]

The game had basically been decided, so the White Hunky Guy decided to finish off another tasty twink before everything ended. Another twink-fed black twink stood in the White Hunky Guy's way and this was just another tasty meal to him. Quickly, the White Hunky Guy pounced, literally, on top of the black twink with mouth open and gulped down the poor creature. It seemed almost unreal at how fast the fat black twink had been devoured by such a hungry White Hunky Guy.

The game ends with a swift halt.
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You are a genius.

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That was AMAZING!!!!!!!
Great job!!!!!

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This was a very unique take on the typical vore story! I liked it a lot! 

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Great story :-)

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TY TY TY TY TY TY!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^  That was so fucking hot!!!  ;) ;D
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I loved the original but I love this one more