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Swallowing the Truth (FS, Oral, Navel, Fat)
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Swallowing the Truth

Greg is an interrogator, a specialist at his trade. He’s a fairly tall, bearish man. Around 6 feet tall, he’s in the mid 300s range when it comes to weight. A fairly proportional man, not so much with a big round ball gut, but a nice soft one that sustains a round-like shape. His uniform always seems to be snug, even when he grows into a larger size.

It was just another day at work for Greg. In a small room with just a table and a small amount of light, he sits across from a man accused of several accounts of kidnapping and refusing to let anyone know where the victims are hidden. Two people observe from behind a fake mirror.

“You know, if you refuse to tell me what you know, I will have to take drastic measures. I’ll enjoy it thoroughly if you don’t tell me, but it will be the last thing you get to enjoy,” Greg said as he loosened his tie.

“I’m not telling you shit until I get immunity from all charges!”

“Well this should be fun,” he says as he finishes pulling off his tie and tosses it onto the table. He takes off his jacket and puts that on the table as well, then starts to unbutton his shirt - each button already looking like if he takes too deep of a breath they will all shoot off.

“Uh, what are you doing?” the criminal asks.

“Just making sure I don’t get any of my clothes dirty, dry cleaning can cost a lot sometimes,” he replied as he finishes unbutton the last button, revealing his undershirt - a white wifebeater. You could see his chest hair coming out from around the straps of the wifebeater, tufts of hair pushing up towards his neck.

One of the two officials standing behind the fake mirror says quietly to the other, “What the hell IS he doing?”

“You’re new, look the other way if you know what’s good for you,” the other says to the rookie.

Greg had already made his way around the table and was standing close enough that his belly was almost touching the man’s face. The man was entirely confused, he thought he was going to beat him to a bloody pulp, but the giant man just stood there.

Greg tipped the guys chair over with a swift knee to the bottom of it’s base. “You have until you meet my stomach to tell me where they are,” he says as he grabs the man’s feet and stuffs them into his mouth, lips stretching to accommodate the man’s booted feet.

“What the fuck!?” the man reacts as any other person would when he realizes he’s being eaten - alive and whole. He tries to kick Greg off, but he notices that his legs are already being compressed together in the large man’s throat. He feels his feet touch the bottom of something, most likely his stomach.

“Okay, I’ll tell! They’re in the basement behind the bookshelf at my house!”

Greg kept swallowing.

“You said you’d let me go if I told, what the hell man!?” he presses his hands against the man’s chubby face to try to stop him from continuing to swallow him. Instead Greg just opens his mouth a little wider and the hands slip in - trapping him to his fate. The criminal continues to struggle, but at this point it’s such a small amount of movement all he just is aid gravity to push him inside of Greg.

“Somebody help me!” he shouts as his head is the only thing remaining.

Even in the room you could hear the concerned rookie shout “Shouldn’t we do something!? He’s going to fucking eat that guy!”

Before he even gets to the door of the interrogation room, the criminals head slips past Greg’s lips. The guy obviously is forced to curl up into his stomach as it rounds out drastically. His wifebeater slides up and the bottom of his belly now shows even if he tried to pull it down.

“Holy shit you ate him,” the rookie says, with his jaw dropped, as Greg turns around with a giant belly sticking out in front of him.

“You heard where they’re hidden, go get them!” Greg says and immediately ends his sentence with a massive belch. He picks up his jacket and puts it on, straining to fit him now, but he knows there is no chance whatsoever that his button up shirt will fit him with this kind of meal inside of his belly.

Greg pushes past the rookie and before leaving the room tells the other man behind the glass, “Tell the boss I need another uniform that’s a size up!” The rookie freezes for a moment as he feels the giant man press against him. He was afraid of Greg, deathly afraid.

Greg heads home, he always does. After an interrogation like that he needs to digest it all off for a while. Luckily this doesn’t affect his work, because people generally don’t need to be devoured in order to gather the truth. It definitely was fun though.

Later that day, around night time…
Greg hears an angry knocking on the door.

“Ugh, hate having to get up and move when I’m so comfortable and digesting like this.” Greg gets up after a couple of tries, belly kind of getting in the way and making it difficult to get out of his comfy couch. He walks over to the door and opens it to reveal… the new guy.

“Hey, I need to talk to you about what you did back there, you can’t just do that without some kind of consequence!” the rookie shouts at him.

Greg looks him up and down, “Well, I wasn’t planning on dessert, but what the hell.”

The rookie turns white as a sheep. He doesn’t even have time to turn around, scream, or do anything before his head is rammed into Greg’s mouth. Greg swallows him pretty quickly up to his chest, his mouth and throat stretching out to encompass the rookie’s thin, muscular body. As his stomach bulged with each gulp, he lifted up the man, closed the door, and carried him with him back into his house as he continued to swallow.

Rookie now halfway into Greg, he’s almost back to his comfortable couch. He relaxes a bit, letting his throat pull the man down gradually and pulling in his flailing legs. As he sits down all that remains outside of his mouth is a bit of leg and the man’s feet. Greg pulls off the guys dirty shoes and tosses them aside as he gulps the final gulp and sends him to his ever-growing gut.

At this point he was massive, he had barely digested the man from earlier today and now he has another fully grown man in his belly. Borderline immobile for now as he digests. His belly now took up his entire lap to the point that his wifebeater pretty much only covered his thick chest. With so much food in his stomach, he couldn’t help but pass out after a few moments of bliss. It’s a shame there was no one to blow him right now…

A week passes by and Greg has digested all of his food, gaining quite a bit of weight in the process.

He is woken up by a phone call, but can’t get to the phone in time so he waits for the voicemail to come in. It’s his boss asking to come in and telling him it was something urgent that he needed to speak with Greg about.

After getting dressed and heading into work he realizes his balance is a bit weird, after lounging around for so long and gaining a good chunk of weight from two meals in one day, he was different. Bigger. Luckily he still fit into his car, occasionally honking the horn with his belly if he shifted too much.

Greg opens the door to his boss’ office and walks to his desk and stands in front of it. He looks at the chair that normally a person would sit in to chat with him, but sizing it up, he’s sure it would explode under his girth.

“Greg, I brought you in today because we need to talk about you eating people. Or ‘vore’ as you put it.”

Greg steps uncomfortable close to the desk and picks up his belly and drops it on his bosses desk. At first it almost seemed like that would crack the man’s desk, but instead it just bends under the weight of the belly.

His boss looks at the man’s giant belly, then up at him.

“If you have a problem with my eating habits you can do one of two things. You can join in with the rest of them, or you can rub my belly and hope it’s good enough I don’t eat you anyways,” he tells his boss.

“G-greg there’s no need to resort to that. I just wanted to-”

“Enough talk make your decision or I’ll make it for you!” Greg interrupts his boss with his bellowing.

The small man slowly reaches for the massive belly sprawled out onto the desk and begins to rub it. After pushing up Greg’s shirt, he manages to be able to rub it all over. Greg can’t help  but moan as this is happening. Even his boss was subservient to his gut.

“Don’t forget to work the navel, that’s a pleasure zone that might help you stay out of my belly,” Greg says as he’s looking down at the man dwarfed by the size of Greg’s gut alone.

His boss hesitates - the large navel being almost at his eye level. He could see into the deep, hairy navel and it was dark. It almost looked as if there was no end to it. He rubbed a finger around the rim of Greg’s navel in a circling motion. As he got deeper into it he could feel the heat coming off of the walls of Greg’s belly button. The whole hand fit inside, squishing against the sides.

“That’s the ticket, get it all in there,” Greg says as he moans more and starts to tweak his nipples.

It was difficult for him to remove his hand from the navel, actually it seemed impossible at first. Then he sunk in deeper in one heavy chunk he was up to his elbow into Greg’s navel.

“The hell!?” he exclaimed as he put his other hand on Greg’s belly for leverage and tried to pull it out. With all of his force he can’t pull it out, his other hand just squished into Greg’s belly and eventually it too slips into the realm of his navel. With both arms in his navel, he’s pulled in hard enough that his head pushes past the rim of his belly button. Greg could feel him try to call out for help, but it was so muffled by it fat all it did was tickle him.

Greg can’t help but watch as his belly pulls the man in straight through his gut. He can feel and even see his belly expand around the man as it pulls him in deeper. With this method he doesn’t even have to do anything, he can just enjoy as his boss becomes more belly. Greg gives his belly a good jiggle as the boss is already waist deep into his belly. Even though he never had a problem with his boss before, now that he had a problem with Greg’s eating habits - he had to go. Greg grabs onto the man’s legs and stuffs them in a bit deeper just to speed to process along.

Only a small amount of his boss’ legs and feet remains outside of his belly, but Greg notices something on the desk. There was a piece of paper that “WANTED - TWO MEN ON SEVERAL ACCOUNTS OF VORE”. Below the title was pictures of two obviously large, bearish men. Both of them could be easily over 400 pounds, one probably over 500. There was even a nickname for the two partners in crime - The Insatiable Lovers. Just as Greg finished reading, he felt his boss’ feet slip into his navel and now the entire man rest in his bulging stomach.

Greg put all of the information together and realized - his boss was just wanting to ask him about these two men who could do the same thing that Greg did.

“Oops,” Greg says out loud as he pats his belly, “Sorry ‘bout that boss, but no one ever comes back out from there.”

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Re: Swallowing the Truth (FS, Oral, Navel, Fat)
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that was great kaejer :) very hot ;D
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Re: Swallowing the Truth (FS, Oral, Navel, Fat)
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AWESOME Story!!! 

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Re: Swallowing the Truth (FS, Oral, Navel, Fat)
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Great story

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Re: Swallowing the Truth (FS, Oral, Navel, Fat)
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That was great! :P

I love to eat big men. :P