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Vore Roulette (FS, O)
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This is the game of Vore Roulette. It’s based off of the war game called Russian Roulette. Instead of using a gun there is a simple buzzer that is pressed and it has a 1 in 6 chance to buzz. The buzzer starts with one person and they press it and if the buzzer goes off on them the person to the right of them has to eat them. The one who is buzzed has the option to fight back, but the buzzer shocks the person and stuns them for a few seconds.

Player 1 will be the beginner, which is chosen at random. Player 2 goes next, then Player 3, and so on until Player 6 takes their turn and it returns back to Player 1. If one player is eaten or forfeits they will be skipped.

The Contestants:
Player 1: Todd is a big beefcake. He’s pretty much the definition of a big ol’ beefy bear. He’s hairy all over, muscular, got some pudge, and definitely likes to show it all off.

Player 2: Russ is a huge guy that’s pretty much a combination of muscular and fat. It’s hard to tell how much he would weigh based off his muscles are covered with a thick layer of fat, but one would guess he is easily 400 or more. He’s got a big round gut that sticks pretty far out in front of him. He’s extremely wide at all levels and definitely is bigger around than he is tall, even though he is fairly tall.

Player 3: Jim is a fatty, plain and simple. He’s one of the types of people that always seem to be eating and -for some reason- never has clothes that fit. He must be getting fatter so fast that his wardrobe never lasts long enough. For being so young he’s already pretty huge, who knows how big he’ll get when he’s older. He’s pushing at least 400 pounds at about 6 feet tall and probably will be up another pant size by the end of the week.

Player 4: Josh is a pretty fat guy; he doesn’t have much muscle tone really. At about average height he’s pretty big around, most likely over 350 but not quite 400 pounds. Average to above average hairiness, but a nice full beard covering his chubby cheeks. He looks pretty young even though he’s roughly 30, mostly because of his weight.

Player 5: Sam is a bit of a young chubby guy, but more likely just above the average weight. He has a small noticeable belly, but fairly average guy in most other ways.

Player 6: Dustin is a chubby guy, he’s a soft fatty, but not as massive as some of the other guys you might see. He looks like he’s in the low to mid 200s and it is spread fairly evenly about his body. Even though he’s chunky it seems as though there’s still a level of muscle tone that is hidden beneath his soft fat.

Round 1:
Turn 1: Todd pops a few joints and stretches really briefly as he readies to press the buzzer. He was lucky enough to go first... or what someone would assume is luck. He places the buzzer on the round table in front of all 6 contestants and presses the button as the man to his right watches him intently, hungrily. The buzzer doesn’t go off. Next.

Turn 2: Russ grins as the buzzer is slid over in front of him on the table. He presses it quickly and calmly, no buzz. Next

Turn 3: Jim leans forward in his chair, causing it to creak loudly, and  presses the buzzer. Nothing.

Turn 4: Josh hesitantly looks at the button. It’s a 1 in 6 chance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every 6 buzzer presses will guarantee 1 buzz going off. However, the less buzzes that go off the more likely it seems like the 1 in 6 would land on someone soon. No buzz for Josh.

Turn 5: Sam presses the button hesitantly, being basically the only person that isn’t very big whether it’s muscles or fat. Even if he were to have to eat someone, could he manage it? Still no buzz goes off.

Turn 6: Dustin impatiently waits for the previous player to pass the buzzer and he eagerly presses it and no buzz once more.

Looks like everyone got lucky this round.

Round 2:
Turn 1: Todd grabs the buzzer in his hand and clicks it with his beefy thumb. The buzzer goes off and he’s shocked, stunning him briefly. Before the shock even finishes, Dustin jumps him and shoves him head first into his mouth. Dustin’s jaw and lips stretch out wildly to hold Todd’s beefy and stunned body in place. Todd’s still stunned by the time Dustin has Todd down past his shoulder and pinning Todd’s arms to his side. Dustin seemed almost as if he hadn’t eaten the entire week before this event. Todd finally regaining his movement, but it was already too late because Dustin had the beefy bear sucked down to his legs - up to his knees. Todds thick legs flailed mildly with the movement they were capable of as Dustin swallowed the last of his legs down and pushed his feet into his mouth. One final gulp since the bear to his gut. Todd was clearly angry as he thrashed around inside of Dustin’s now extremely distended paunch. *URRRRRPPPP*

Turn 2: Russ presses the button and nothing happen and passes it to Jim.

Turn 3: Jim presses the button, sweating a bit just from being nervous and so huge. Nothing happens so he passes it to Josh.

Turn 4: Josh presses the button a bit nervous since Russ seemed to be completely unphased that Dustin had just devoured someone so easily. No buzz.

Turn 5: Sam received the button from Josh and held it in his hand for a moment. He was extremely turned on by the voracity of Dustin, but he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to do that. After all the first person he would have to eat would be Josh, who was probably triple his size.

“Hurry up!” Dustin yelled and then belched loudly once more. His first meal was settling nicely.

Sam jumped and pressed the button quickly. It buzzed. Josh didn’t realize at first that he was the one supposed to eat Sam. Sam was stunned and in fear, he couldn’t move. Josh looked around and realized around the time that Sam was gaining mobility that he was the predator for this one. Josh grabbed him firmly and knocked him out of his chair. There was a small tumble as Sam returned to full mobility, but Josh had Sam pinned down underneath his weight. This wasn’t looking good for Sam.

Josh licked Sam’s face, practically lathering it in his saliva and then started to suck him down. Josh was fat, so he clearly knew how to eat his meals. He started to gobble Sam down and even though Sam squirmed about he could barely move as Josh’s fat body was basically crushing him. Josh continued to slurp and pull Sam into his mouth as it stretched open and Sam knew he was coming to his end by the time Josh’s lips ran over his fully erect cock. Even though Sam was clearly afraid of being devoured, he loved it all the way until Josh stood back up with Sam’s legs kicking out of his mouth wildly. Josh gulped heavily and Sam was now completely in Josh’s gut, which actually didn’t even look like it had a full person in it because he was so fat. He sat back in his chair, barely able to reach the table with his belly and full gut in the way. He slid the buzzer over to Dustin.

Turn 6: Dustin holds the buzzer in his hand and rubs his now huge gut with the other. He wanted to eat more people before he was eaten. Click, nothing happened.

Round 3:
Turn 1: Todd has been devoured, his turn is skipped.

Turn 2: Russ grabs the button from Dustin, almost seeming annoyed that he isn’t getting to do anything other than watch people eat or be eaten. No buzz.

Turn 3: Jim presses the buzzer once more, still sweating like the pig that he is. Nothing.

Turn 4: Josh was basically panting, he had just wrestled and eaten a big meal. He was too out of shape to really wrestle with meals before eating them. BUZZZZ!!! He got hit and Jim was on top of him in a split second.

Josh was already engorged with a happy, squirming piece of meat in his gut. He was now stunned and weak, he was a gonner before the glutton that Jim is even grabbed him. Jim shoved Josh into his mouth and started to swallow heavily. Josh was going to be a MASSIVE meal at a combination of probably close to 600 pounds of man. Jim was shoving very hard against Josh to cram him down his gullet. At least at this point Josh was sweating too and he was practically lubricated to be swallowed easier. Josh was halfway into Jim and it was slowing down a bit as Jim had to squish such a huge belly stuffed with another man inside of it. Eventually he overcame it and the waist and legs slurped down fairly quickly like a couple of strands of spaghetti. Jim gulped once more and all of Josh and his meal, Sam, were now inside of Jim’s huge gut. He was already really fat, but now he had a 600 pound meal inside of his belly. He was easily heavier than everyone else at this table. Combined.

Turn 5: Sam has been devoured, his turn is skipped.

Turn 6: Dustin licked his lips, he was confident he wouldn’t get buzzed. And he wasn’t.

Round 4:
Turn 1: Todd has been devoured, his turn is skipped.

Turn 2: BUZZ!!! Russ gets shocked!

Dustin gets up out of his chair quickly and has to move around Todd’s empty chair quickly to get to Russ. Quickly isn’t the best word to describe it though, with his belly being so much bigger than it was at the beginning of the game. He was too slow.

Russ seemed to have a higher resistance to the shock of the buzzer from being beefier than most of the original members. Dustin had rushed over to Russ as fast as he could, but he might as well just jumped down Russ’ throat. Russ was up and out of his chair with his mouth impressively wide open and used Dustin’s decent momentum to get him in deep, quick. Dustin struggled and tried to push Russ off of him, but Russ was stronger. A lot stronger. He grabbed Dustin’s arms and shoved them hand first into his mouth and gulped heavily. Even though Dustin had a man inside of him, Russ seemed to manage to devour all of Dustin’s belly in what seemed like a couple of ‘bites’. Dustin’s legs slipped in Russ’ mouth quickly as he swallowed Dustin and essentially Todd down as well in a matter of a few seconds.

It only seemed natural that the two biggest at the table end up being in the finals.

Turn 3: Jim pressed the buzzer, sweating even more than before. Nothing happened.

Turn 4, 5, and 6: Josh, Sam, and Dustin have been devoured, their turns are skipped.

Round 5:
Turn 1: Todd has been devoured, his turn is skipped.

Turn 2: Russ pressed the buzzer, not alarmed in the slightest as it seemed as though even if he got the buzz he might still win. Although his stomach was moving about extremely noticeably. He was massive and his recent meal was too. Nothing happened.

Turn 3: Jim pressed his buzzer and nothing happened. The tension in the air had become extremely dense between Russ and Jim as they both seemed like they could easily fit their opponent into their massive guts. But who would win?

Turn 4, 5, and 6: Josh, Sam, and Dustin have been devoured, their turns are skipped.

Round 6:
Turn 1: Todd has been devoured, his turn is skipped.

Turn 2: Russ belched loudly and rubbed his gut as the buzzer lay on the table next to him. He eyed Jim as if he were a piece of meat and pressed the buzzer that went off. He was stunned.

Jim jumped Russ and started to shove the massive beast into his mouth. Russ must have been winded or stunned more because of the recent shock and then one more. It was surprising since Russ seemed to be invulnerable after the last buzz. Jim knew he would have to eat fast so he started to wolf Russ down really quickly and was already past Russ’ chest. Russ had feeling back and even though his arms were pinned to his sides he still was managing to resist Jim’s powerful throat muscles. Russ wasn’t going deeper into Jim anymore, they were basically at a standstill.

The two basically fought each other while Jim had almost half of Russ into his mouth. One could only imagine what any remaining meals were thinking as they sat inside of Jim or Russ’ gigantic guts. Suddenly Jim seemed to have pushed his weight onto Russ and Jim was back on the move on Russ. Russ seemed like he didn’t have much of a chance left once Jim had devoured all of his arms and hands and was now slowly inching over such a massive man-filled gut. Inch by inch Jim slurped up Russ’ enormous gut and after that it was cake. He couldn’t lift Russ off of the ground because he was still too heavy, but Jim continued to push Russ down until eventually all that remained were his feet. Jim slipped off Russ’ sandals and slurped at his feet almost in a way of insulting him just before he pushed the feet into his mouth. One more gulp and Jim was the winner. Jim swallowed and managed to stand back on his two feet, barely balancing with such a massive meal in his gut.

Where there were 6 men and an estimate of one metric ton of people, there now stood one gargantuan man. His stomach squirmed and jostled around as he rubbed it sensually. One could only imagine what bliss he was in from finally being full from a meal. Jim had won the game.


Jim licked his lips and looked around at the empty room, “So when is the next game?”

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that was AWESOME!!!! 
Great story and fun!!!!!  I agree with Jim.  When is the next game *evil grins*

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Great story! I'd like to join a game :P


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Great story!

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Oh, man, I loved that! That was so hot and great! thanks for sharing!

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this is a very cool idea.

thankyou for sharing it with us :)