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Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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WARNING: What you are about to read is the result of the sexual joining of the twisted minds of TinyJason and LongerJohn. Possible side effects of reading this story are heavy breathing, elevated heart rate, personal swelling, and a copious discharge of a thick, clear, slick liquid. It has also been know to cause a thick, white discharge that escapes at high velocity, eye protection may be advisable. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, and please report any additional symptoms to our research team by commenting below.

Sex and Sushi in Tokyo

I’d finally gotten leave from my unit in Korea, time to take a little R&R in Tokyo, a city that can cater to my unique tastes. I wander from restaurant to restaurant eating everything I can find, but not finding anything to feed my most basic needs. As a gay marine in the 1950’s, with a powerful libido even for an 19 year old, there are not many options for me to enjoy myself, my buddies will go off with the local call girls and all I can do is jack off in my tent imagining that I was the one servicing my sexy brothers.

I was at a bar, and I spotted a guy giving me the eyes. At last, I found someone who matched my taste. With a slight nod he indicates that I should follow him. I tail him about a block behind, when suddenly a pair of hands reach out of an alley and pull him from sight. I chase after him, knowing that I’m guaranteed to get lucky if I rescue him from some big mugger or rapist thug.

As I run into the alley there is no one to be seen. The only door in the alley is to a restaurant that advertises “Nantaimori.”(ナんたいもり。)With my sexual prospects dwindling, my growling stomach takes precedence and some unknown food sounds good. As I pull the door to the restaurant open the most amazing smell assails my nose fresh raw fish and the musk of men in their prime. I walk up to the maitre’d and ask what they serve here.

“We serve the finest sashimi in Tokyo on the most exquisite and freshest dishes the town has to offer for those of, particular tastes,” he smiles.

“Freshest dishes? You mean the plates and platters are edible?” I still didn’t understand what he meant, and the language barrier wasn’t helping.

“If you’d like to eat the platter, you may,” he says, grinning up at my 6’4” 275lb muscular marine frame.

“I’m still not sure I understand,” I responded.

He leads me to a private room and chained in the corner is the boy I had followed from the bar. Barely 18, 5’2” tall and only about 95lbs, he was naked, and cuter than I impugned when I saw him fully clothed in the bar. “We serve your meal on him,” the maitre’d explained.

When I walked in the boy looked over surprised to see me recognizing me from the bar earlier he called out to me “Please help me these guys grabbed me and dragged me in here! You have to get me out of here! I have no idea what they want but I’m here as an exchange student from California.”

This was a fantasy come true, I could eat excellent sushi off this hot boy, and still get to fuck him in thanks of “rescuing” him. “How much for the meal?” I asked. With the slightest half glance at the boy and the merest shedow of a wink indicating that I’d get him out of here, but that we’d have to play by their rules.

He seemed to understand the wink and played along “Wait you cant be serious! This is rape and kidnapping!”

The maitre’d ignored him, “$10 for just a meal, $25 if you want to purchase the platter too.”

The boy sits insulted, he doesn’t have to play along to take affront of being called a platter and being priced at a mere $15 . “You FUCKER, I’m a person, not a plate!"

I respond “$15 for both.”


“Sold.” I state, winking at the boy again. I walk over to get a closer look and whisper, “You’ll be fine, and this should be more fun than what you were thinking earlier in the bar” Then addressed the maitre’d, “but I want a private room to eat my ‘food’ in.”

The boy is led away to the private room to be set up as a table of sushi, while I mill at the bar drinking hot saki and loosening up, seriously considering eating the boy instead of rescuing him, and wondering just how many swallowers there were in the world if there were restaurants like this that catered just to them. I knew it ran in my family, but I had never met another.

Soon a waiter comes to get me and leads me to a room, where the boy lays with his back on the table bound in place and gagged, a picture of physical perfection. His abs, chest, and arms are well defined and covered with the best spread of sushi I’d ever seen. He looks at me with eyes begging to be released. I ignore him and sit down at the table as the waiter leaves. I pick up a  piece salmon nigiri with my chopsticks dip it in the soy sauce and wasibi and shove it in my mouth. Once I’m sure the waiter won’t be returning, I put my finger to my lips and release the gag over the boys mouth.

“You OK?” I ask him with a gentle voice.

“What is going on here I need to get home please just release me” He responds quietly with panic in his voice.

“It’s some kind of Japanese fetish, they eat sushi off boys like you, then you can take the ‘platter’ home and have sex with them,” I smile at him, “And seeing you tied up and covered in sushi, I see the appeal, but I’m afraid if I don’t eat, they’ll get suspicious, so let’s just enjoy it for now.”

“Fine but please hurry and get me out of here I will be very grateful if you know what i mean” He says with a seductive voice.

I groan at the sexiness in front of me and trace a finger along his rock hard cock, “I’m glad, I’d hate to think I spent two weeks pay and you don’t even appreciate it.” I lean down and suck the piece of sushi covering his right nipple into my mouth, swallow, then suck on his nipple for a few moments before smiling at him. “And having you at my mercy is really turning me on.” Which the tent in my fatigues is starting to show off.

“That felt really good.” The boy said with quietly eyes closed in pleasure. “Your mouth is so huge, and sexy. You sucked that piece of sushi up like it was just a tiny pellet and you sucking on my nipple felt amazing.”

“Thanks, just wait until I start sucking on...other things...what’s your name anyways boy?”

“Its Luke whats yours?”

“Sergeant William Flame,” I smile, “nice to meet you Luke,” as I lean in and kiss him.

I stand up and move over to in front of his head, lean over and swipe a piece of sushi off of one of his abs my crotch moving over his face letting him inhale the musk seeping out of my fatigues. I keep plucking sushi off his body and as I ask him about his home, what he’s studying, making sure to use carefully selected language to keep the idea of sex in his mind and his cock painfully hard. I regularly “spill” wasabi and soy sauce onto him, just for the excuse of licking his smooth flesh.

Soon he’s answering questions in a trance with his eyes focused on my semi-hard bulge. My crotch moves closer to his face just about touching it as I lean further to get a far away piece of tuna. It’s been a very hot day and I've been sweating a lot so I am sure he can smell the musk radiating from my balls.

He shakes with anticipation as I lean down and lick a bit of spilled soy sauce off his cock head. “H-How big are you?” he asks in a dazed voice.

I unbuckle my belt and unzip my fatigues letting my 10” cock fall out and smack the boy’s face. His mouth opens instinctively to suck the semi-hard manhood into his hungry, but inexperienced mouth. I slip up onto the table putting my knees next to his head and start to eat the sushi off his legs as he attends to my gear.

My cock gets harder as his tongue works over the sensitive part next to the tip I push it further into his mouth till he starts to gag his muffled cries for air stimulating my cock. Ignoring him, I reach for the last piece of sushi on his body, and drop the whitefish morsel into my awaiting mouth destined for my hungry stomach which accepts it with a mighty rumble and growl. I let out a mighty belch which shakes up the boy under me.

I pull my shirt over my head exposing my already sweaty, cut muscles as the boy’s talented throat brings pleasure to my cock. “I’m done eating, still wanna leave?” I ask cutting the ropes that hold his hands to the table.

He grabs my hips in response and sucks my cock deeper into him, I pull out and thrust my cock into him, fucking his innocent looking face as spit, tears, and precum leak down his smooth cheeks.

I pull my cock from his mouth, his lips stretching comically as it pops free. I walk to his feet and untie them as well, freeing him from the table. I grab his legs and roughly pull his ass closer to my cock leaning over to give him a deep kiss on his lips, the tip of my cock poking his ass.

He tries to pull away, looking at my meat terrified, “I...I’m a...I’ve never taken anything...that big...before.”

His virginity is etched in every fearful line in his face, so I lean down and dig my tongue into his hole, tasting his clean ass, I realize that he’s been given an enema in preparation for my meal.

His back arches as my tongue enters his tight hole, the taste is sweet like innocent youth. He screams when my long tongue pushes against his prostate. He starts to sweat and his body reaches a glistening sheen as I pull my tongue out spit on my cock and aim it at his spit-lubed beachhead. As I push in slowly, he screams and tries to jump back as my marine meat invades his unexplored country. He does not get back very far as I am holding both of his legs and pulling him closer to me. His shrieks stop as shove all the way in to the hilt, and hold, waiting for him to relax enough that I can start pounding him.

I kiss him on the neck, then lips, waiting for him to adjust. Despite the tears of pain running down his face, his eyes are still in a trance-like state of lust. Slowly, my cock starts to withdraw and reenter, an inch at a time, then two, his screams give way to moans as his first and last fucking builds to a steady rhythm.

My kisses move south to his neck, then chest as my cock reaches ramming speed. I move down his stomach, licking the last of the soy sauce and wasabi out of his belly button, then reach his cock and slowly suck it into my mouth as mine pounds balls deep into him. He starts moaning building in intensity till his cock explodes into my mouth. The taste of his cum is like honey after the savory meal, which I greedily suck from his cock. I then go back to fucking him without missing a beat. His hands run through my hair as his brain willingly gives over control of his life to his penis, leaving him a sex-crazed cock that happens to have an incredibly sexy boy attached.

My balls reach their limit pulling up to my cock and dumping a gallons of thick marine seed into the boy’s ass over filling him and spilling out. I slowly pull my cock out of him, and he lunges at me, his arms wrapping around my neck and kissing me, thanking me in half formed sentences for everything from saving his life to making him the happiest boy on earth, offering himself to me completely and forever if I’ll only fuck him like that every day.

My thoughts are interrupted by a mighty growl from my stomach. “Sorry about that Luke I always get hungry after fucking.”

“What do you want, do you want me to get you some food, anything you want...” he offers, frantic to please this stud of a marine in front of him who he now thinks of as his lover for life. Which is an accurate, though misunderstood role.

“What I really want, is you.”

“Of course William you can have me.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes I give myself to you completely and utterly”

I lick my lips saliva dripping from it, and make a motion with my tongue that indicates that he should come over and kiss me.

The boy moves over and leans in close and closes his eyes opening his mouth, and I just open my mouth wider and let him push his own head into my hungry mouth. He keeps going not realizing that his head is now in my mouth till he hits a strand of saliva and opens his eyes. As soon as he jerks back, my hands are on his arms to stop him and pull his thin frame into my waiting mouth.

Unfortunately for Luke, his first good hard fucking left him completely drained of energy and helpless. As he’s pulled further into my maw, his struggles are feeble at best, I run my hands over his perfectly smooth shoulders and exquisitely crafted body as he goes from boy to food in a heartbeat. My tongue licking up the salty sweat on his pecs while his cock inflates involuntarily in the rush of fear and the inexplicable sexiness of the situation.

I grab Luke’s cock and start to stroke him, as his perfect abs pass over my dark lips. His ass pointing up into the air, the cum leaking from it running down his back toward my mouth as I enjoy his still slightly fishy body. His head pushes into my stomach moving into a mass of semi chewed up and digested raw fish and thick sushi rice. The half digested food presses in around the newly swallowed food like some perverse sushi roll.

He jerks uncontrollably as I start to explore his crotch with my tongue while his hips and ass spend their last moments in the outside world. A final orgasm rocks his world which i slurp up greedily, his moans and screams of pleasure echo through my abs as I shove his legs in my mouth.

My cock is rock hard again and I stroke myself with one hand as I grab one of his legs and start to pull him back and forth in my mouth, feeling his cock travel slightly up and down my throat as I fuck my throat with his whole body.

I cum again and catch the load in my hand, using it to lube and flavor the rest of his thin, hairless legs. With two massive gulps I send the rest of Luke down my throat. The last of his body is pulled into my rice and sushi filled stomach, churning and pressing in around him, driving his fate as food for this marine home.

Inside my stomach the boy is forced to curl up in a fetal position. My stomach pushed in tighter and tighter and started to secrete acid into the chamber to break my latest piece of food down to fuel my mighty muscles. The boy struggled to get back out the way he came in. He wanted to get out and knew that he would become a part of the marine he was in if he did not get out soon. A tingling started to spread over his body starting on the exposed parts of his body like his genitals and anus. The boy started to panic even more and struggle but the stomach walls just pushed him back into a curled up ball. More acid is squirted into the chamber and it is getting harder for him to breathe.

I lay there, with my first real meal in months filling me up, stroking my semi-hard cock and moaning as his struggles slow then stop. I flex my abs tightly hearing a crack and let out a giant belch as all the air from my stomach empties out. My powerful marine muscles crush him as my abs return almost to the sexy defined washboard I had when I walked in.

Making plans to return on my next R&R, I return to my hotel, the American college kid still digesting inside me, and get my things packed to return to my unit. Seriously considering asking to be assigned to Asia after the war, you know... “for the food.”

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Re: Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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holy crap that was hot!  excellent story!!


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Re: Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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Bes story I've read in a long time! That final burp with the crack and crushing the guy was PERFECT! Write more :D

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Re: Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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haha interesting. makes me wonder how they got the college food though

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Re: Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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Hot story

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Re: Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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Nice! Fun.

Yellow: Transfer student maybe. Or there on a break.

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Re: Sex and Sushi in Tokyo
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Nice! Fun.

Yellow: Transfer student maybe. Or there on a break.
well that should be be an unexpected end for their trip, eh?