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Jock Cockjivanman71111
The Initiation ( FS, CV, OV, absorption)kods3722
There's More Than One Way to Vore a Jock (FS, AV, CV, OV, Merging, Absorption)kods1889
The Pledge (FS, CV, OV, absorption)kods4817
The Slosh Pit - FS, Cchazette61066
bottled up (CV, Digestion)Jinx2824
Mountain Man (OV, CV, Digestion)Jinx0760
Two Balls Are Better than Onekods11966
Vore in a Mixed Height Society (Willing Vore, Mixed Height)Vore_Writer3815
Junction 88- Twine Interactive Story (ov, av, cv)Tyto91995
My father punishment (Sh, un, ov, cv, incest, unaware )ItalianFood0919
Vore One, Vore All (FS, OV, CV, AV, Absorption)kods51811
Predator On Campus (FS, AV, CV, Jocks, Frat-boys, Huge Pred)FoeHammer73057
Chunky Dunking (FS, Oral, Cock, Fat)Kaejer41325
Zeke's Boyfriend (FS, OV, AV, CV, Weight Gain, Belly Worship, Feeding, Sex)FoeHammer235896
Who's Hungry? (Interactive, FS, Themes In Topic)Kaejer20820183
Maintaining the Pounds (FS, CV, OV, Fat)Kaejer61871
Web of Silken Lies (FS,CV)TwinkEater41900
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