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All the King's Horses and All the King's Sons (FS-O, Incest)longerjohn151563
Married Man Midnight Snack FS, Oral, softAlexdelic0545
The Governor's Party (FS, O, Unwilling)vorelick2850
A lovely evening (FS, O)loleklol41096
Jock Cockjivanman71148
The Pledge (FS, CV, OV, absorption)kods4827
A Jogger for Lunch (soft)Alexdelic31408
The Slosh Pit - FS, Cchazette61079
Tasty Revenge (OV, AV, Unwilling, Sex, Digestion, Fat Pred/Preys)chubbymenvore61453
Bred for Successkods11215
Playdate (FS, O, Sex, Willing, implied digestion)bighorton1906
Roommates (audiobook redux)getinmystomach91372
Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)decius219871588
Two Balls Are Better than Onekods12000
Preyhub - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing)decius219891545
Vore One, Vore All (FS, OV, CV, AV, Absorption)kods51816
Jock and Nerd Bonding (FS,OV, Absorption) kods31859
Sleepfucking (AV)Hamncheese11264
Camp Wakawanawa (FS, AV, Absorption)kods11016
Chris and Christopher and “Just Chris”. FS, O, Absorption,Muscle, scateclipce12311157
The Headless Pred-ManCowbo51543
The Protein TradeTwinkEater 32445
Chunky Dunking (FS, Oral, Cock, Fat)Kaejer41331
Blue Balls (FS, Oral, Sex, Willing)Kaejer31360
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