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Slight Malfunction - Part 2 (Full size, OV, accidental, non-fatal)River24853511
Cruising, Part 1 of 2 (FS, OV)jasonic2462
Sex and A meal -nothing better Dentos2540
Call Now! (FS, CV, OV, Absorption)kods2882
Slight Malfunction - Part 1 (Full size, OV, accidental, non-fatal)River24852813
To Have or to Hold? (FS, OV, Muscle growth)kods41090
24 Story Prompts (Open for changes/ideas.)Pennycup4684
Dating as a Pred (FS, OV, Fat)ghost2601952
Like Son, Like Father (FS, OV, Absorption)kods3869
Jock and Nerd Bonding Part 2 (FS,OV, Absorption)kods51281
Between Friends (FS, CV, Absorption)kods71930
Birthday surprises (AV, incest)aurelia321101984
Moboro Chapter1blkbear913977
Mr. Meager V - Mr. Meager and the Storm (FS, O, Willing, Unwilling)decius21984935
The Glue Factory (FS, CV)ElliotAndEthan31228
Anonymous (FS, O)Gotarima31238
A Cold Dish - Part Two - FS, OBobbobson8675301823
Helping a father out (part 1?) (fs, ov, willing, incest)dontknow51374
Celeb Vore (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima151943
Myth BustersCamalama10703
Smells like Axe (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima51340
All the King's Horses and All the King's Sons (FS-O, Incest)longerjohn213526
Married Man Midnight Snack FS, Oral, softAlexdelic11345
The Governor's Party (FS, O, Unwilling)vorelick21305
A lovely evening (FS, O)loleklol41558
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