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Tasty Revenge (OV, AV, Unwilling, Sex, Digestion, Fat Pred/Preys)chubbymenvore5564
Bred for Successkods1803
Playdate (FS, O, Sex, Willing, implied digestion)bighorton1592
Roommates (audiobook redux)getinmystomach91075
Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)decius21986988
Two Balls Are Better than Onekods11234
Preyhub - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing)decius219891223
Vore One, Vore All (FS, OV, CV, AV, Absorption)kods51526
Jock and Nerd Bonding (FS,OV, Absorption) kods31627
Sleepfucking (AV)Hamncheese11030
Camp Wakawanawa (FS, AV, Absorption)kods1839
Chris and Christopher and “Just Chris”. FS, O, Absorption,Muscle, scateclipce12311020
The Headless Pred-ManCowbo51403
The Protein TradeTwinkEater 32094
Chunky Dunking (FS, Oral, Cock, Fat)Kaejer41179
Blue Balls (FS, Oral, Sex, Willing)Kaejer31208
Rock, Paper, Swallow (FS, Oral)Kaejer11070
Defining Vore (FS, Oral, Fat, Sex, Reformation)Kaejer41037
Zeke's Boyfriend (FS, OV, AV, CV, Weight Gain, Belly Worship, Feeding, Sex)FoeHammer235331
Who's Hungry? (Interactive, FS, Themes In Topic)Kaejer20819152
Maintaining the Pounds (FS, CV, OV, Fat)Kaejer61767
Spin the Bottle (FS, O, Regurgitation)Kaejer61822
Abracagulp (FS, Oral, Fat)Kaejer131972
Vore Chess (FS, Oral, Fat)Kaejer61232
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