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Cruising, Part 1 of 2 (FS, OV)jasonic2453
Like Son, Like Father (FS, OV, Absorption)kods3868
Separated friends, reunited (OV, M/MM, muscles, digestion, crushing)Jet71948
Moboro Chapter1blkbear913977
Anonymous (FS, O)Gotarima31236
Field Trip (FS, O, Dig, Scat, Sex)Gotarima41746
Fleshy CommuteHamncheese21153
Shallow Date (AV, OV, Muscles, Scat)Hamncheese31698
The Protein TradeTwinkEater 43581
Overlooked by your Friend (S, OV, nonconsen)TinyJason62868
Unaware Food for a Muscle Jock (Sh, O)TwinkEater51961
Unaware Roomate Part 1 (Sh, scat)TwinkEater51443
Caught staring at my Brother (S O, Non-Cons, Full Tour)TwinkEater62337
Sex and Sushi in TokyoTwinkEater61247
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