Results for oral vore
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War and Impatienceguppy0239
Anonymous (FS, O)Gotarima3676
A Cold Dish - Part Two - FS, OBobbobson8675300316
Field Trip (FS, O, Dig, Scat, Sex)Gotarima41160
Helping a father out (part 1?) (fs, ov, willing, incest)dontknow5894
Celeb Vore (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima151230
Myth BustersCamalama10541
Smells like Axe (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima51003
Fleshy CommuteHamncheese2883
All the King's Horses and All the King's Sons (FS-O, Incest)longerjohn192645
The Governor's Party (FS, O, Unwilling)vorelick21085
A lovely evening (FS, O)loleklol41296
The Initiation ( FS, CV, OV, absorption)kods31004
Dale's Special Dinner (OV, Unwilling, Digestion, Father/Son)chubbymenvore31941
There's More Than One Way to Vore a Jock (FS, AV, CV, OV, Merging, Absorption)kods11252
The Pledge (FS, CV, OV, absorption)kods41036
Male Sweets Inc. (Shrunk, OV, reformation)Jinx1679
Sequel to Bartender for Supper (soft)Alexdelic2947
A Bar Tender for Supper (pt. 1)(Hard Vore) (blood/gore)Alexdelic4914
A Jogger for Lunch (soft)Alexdelic31572
Uncle Larry's Feast (OV, Unwilling, Digestion, Uncle/Nephew, Weight Gain)chubbymenvore51854
Tasty Revenge (OV, AV, Unwilling, Sex, Digestion, Fat Pred/Preys)chubbymenvore61730
Mountain Man (OV, CV, Digestion)Jinx01008
Bred for Successkods11432
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