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Joe's MealMukcub91150
Cruising, Part 1 of 2 (FS, OV)jasonic2462
Sex and A meal -nothing better Dentos2540
Breakfast in BedSanguineBlade2750
Call Now! (FS, CV, OV, Absorption)kods2881
Slight Malfunction - Part 1 (Full size, OV, accidental, non-fatal)River24852812
To Have or to Hold? (FS, OV, Muscle growth)kods41090
24 Story Prompts (Open for changes/ideas.)Pennycup4684
Dating as a Pred (FS, OV, Fat)ghost2601952
Like Son, Like Father (FS, OV, Absorption)kods3869
Jock and Nerd Bonding Part 2 (FS,OV, Absorption)kods51280
The Cave of Blunders (giant, OV, CV, Unwilling) SanguineBlade121453
Separated friends, reunited (OV, M/MM, muscles, digestion, crushing)Jet71949
Moboro Chapter1blkbear913977
Mr. Meager V - Mr. Meager and the Storm (FS, O, Willing, Unwilling)decius21984935
Brunch Date (AV, OV, Disposal, Digestion)Hamncheese11442
War and Impatienceguppy0436
Anonymous (FS, O)Gotarima31238
A Cold Dish - Part Two - FS, OBobbobson8675301823
Field Trip (FS, O, Dig, Scat, Sex)Gotarima41748
Helping a father out (part 1?) (fs, ov, willing, incest)dontknow51374
Celeb Vore (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima151943
Myth BustersCamalama10703
Smells like Axe (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima51340
Fleshy CommuteHamncheese21153
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