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The Glue Factory (FS, CV)ElliotAndEthan2316
Field Trip (FS, O, Dig, Scat, Sex)Gotarima41160
Busted and eaten part 2Mysteryperson213796
Smells like Axe (FS, O, Dig, Scat)Gotarima51004
Fleshy CommuteHamncheese2883
Tasty Revenge (OV, AV, Unwilling, Sex, Digestion, Fat Pred/Preys)chubbymenvore61730
Playdate (FS, O, Sex, Willing, implied digestion)bighorton11059
Unforgiving Night Part 1 (Sh, O, S, FATAL)Samyytt21306
A life w/ Clones. Oral, unwilling, sex, fat predVowol0945
The Dentist (sh, nc, mouthplay, oral vore)cr46678811027
The Headless Pred-ManCowbo51648
Dealer's dilemma - Part 2 (Sh, O)Torminosus1860
Dealer's dilemma (Sh, O, sex)Torminosus51298
Meet and eat (SH, O, sex)Torminosus71857
Snitch - Part 3 (Sh, O, sex)Torminosus1913
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