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The Glue Factory (FS, CV)ElliotAndEthan2315
Frat House BuffetAlexdelic1803
A Cold Dish - FS, OBobbobson8675303771
College Baseball Player for DinnerAlexdelic0660
Quick Bite at the Bar (OV, Willing, Unwilling, Mass Vore, Digestion)chubbymenvore41050
The Governor's Party (FS, O, Unwilling)vorelick21085
Jock Cockjivanman91993
Dale's Special Dinner (OV, Unwilling, Digestion, Father/Son)chubbymenvore31941
Tasty Revenge (OV, AV, Unwilling, Sex, Digestion, Fat Pred/Preys)chubbymenvore61730
Junction 88- Twine Interactive Story (ov, av, cv)Tyto92372
A life w/ Clones. Oral, unwilling, sex, fat predVowol0945
The Protein TradeTwinkEater 32600
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