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Great work and easy reading!  Please keep writing more!
Full Size / Re: All the King's Horses and All the King's Sons (FS-O, Incest)
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Totally amazing story!  Loved the detailed descriptions and how so many aspects were covered.  Really hope to see you write more soon! 
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« Last post by WannabeWagyu on October 14, 2019, 07:23:22 PM »
Thanks guys! I have a few ideas floating around, just gotta get them on paper
Full Size / Re: High Roller (CV, Absorption, Muscle growth)
« Last post by elpresidente on October 14, 2019, 12:19:22 PM »
Damn, I'm both jealous of and feel bad for those guys. Great story, CV and CTF is a very fun combination.
Shrink / Re: Five Stages of Grief
« Last post by Ravenpair on October 14, 2019, 06:57:08 AM »
(I didn’t realize it cut the story off there.  Here’s the rest)
He is exhausted and can barely breathe in the dank warmth, so when I finally swallow a few minutes later, all the flavor and condiments sucked off of his smokey cooked skin, he goes limp and slides down effortlessly. The lads below trace his descent in my throat, and I can feel him plop into the waiting acids below. My stomach flutters like I’ve just spoken to a secret crush, but I know it is just the renewed struggling of the young man, as the acids burn at his already bruised and cooked skin.
[/size]Any thoughts of this turning out alright in the end, or being a dream, or me faking my intentions is gone now and the room is in silence following my audible gulp. The only question on anybody’s mind now is ‘who is next’. I sigh contentedly, continuing to act as though nothing out of the ordinary has occured- as though I don’t have two plates full of abducted shrunken youths in different kinds of food, two in the freezer- as though I hadn’t just eaten a kid with a whole life ahead of him- as though this is how every man eats his dinner- as though every meal leaves the consumer in a state of sexually charged bliss. After a sip of wine I answer everyone’s question by pulling the Melvin and pineapple covered pizza off of the plate, eyeing it hungrily. To an outside observer who didn’t know a young man was stuck in the gooey cheese, my look of primal hunger might seem normal. Who doesn’t lust after pizza when famished? But knowing he is there, seeing my bestial and predatory appearance, scares the ever loving shit out of my little morsels.
[/size]Speaking of shit and my little morsels… as Melvin looks positively petrified, his lower lip quivering as he stares directly into my eyes. With a wink from me his eyes slowly drifts down to the O-shaped cavern of my hungry maw, glistening white teeth juxtaposed with the pale red of my lips, gums, and mobile tongue. Stuck to the cheese, legs spread wide, he is a delectable looking morsel and I bring the tip of the slice up for a bite, gnashing my teeth as I chew the first bite. The pineapple’s sweetness accentuates the acidity of the sauce. If it wasn’t for the trembling succulent youth, the pizza would have been delicious enough, garlic melding with cheese and perfectly crisped bread. The meat just makes it even more heavenly. As a New Yorker I’m used to gigantic slices, but for fear of Melvin being lost in the background, I’ve made a much smaller pie. One more bite has me teeth come down millimeters away from the tip of Melvin’s plump little toes. I take care to eat all around his body, chewing noisily and greedily to show how much I’m enjoying my second appetizer. His head rests on the crush like a pillow so I continue eating all of the crust surrounding it. Soon, all that’s left is a single bite, too big for the average man to fit in his mouth, but the perfect size for one trained in the art of sucking down boys. Melvin sits atop the small piece, bite marks surrounding the pizza all around him. I bring my head over him and give one quick kiss on his chest. My lips part as the peck turns into a sensual session of making out with his entire body. I can taste the grease from the pizza saturating his smooth toned young flesh as my tongue dances across his entire exposed body. I have the entire pizza prison on my palm below me, my mouth craning to sample the flavor Melvin’s prone body. It’s even better than the initial taste test, and soon his small body is enveloped by my probing tongue and pillowy lips. I leave no part untasted, lapping at his nipples, gargling his tiny balls, slurping his surprisingly meaty dick, and sucking his head. With an audible plop I release him and see his eyes narrowed from all of the saliva. His head was pushed against my tongue so that I could taste each feature, saliva and my slithery muscle pushed in both nostrils and sucking the air out, the cushioning from my tastebuds tantalizing his blemish and hair-free face. As has become common practice with all of my favorite morsels, when I finally threw the final bite into my mouth, I took great care to finish Melvin’s cock off. The humiliation of spraying his load inside the mouth of a man about to eat him always makes the final taste all the sweeter, plus it helps lube him down for his ultimate destination. Almost immediately he comes in my mouth from the feeling of dank wet warmth, the pineapple juice on his skin combining with his sweet cream in an orgasm of flavor. My tongue continues molesting him, separating him from the remainder of the pizza. When I can’t control myself anymore, my mouth full of flopping appendages, sauce, cheese, come, and pineapple, I swallow.
[/size]After another sip of wine and a smacking of my lips, savoring the meal, even going so far as to lick each finger clean, I return my gaze to the nearly empty first plate. “Oh, Dylan! You look so lonely there! Well… lonely and delicious. Why don’t I return you to your new friends.” Without another word, Dylan is up. My thumbs support the bottom of the cheeseburger and my other fingers dig into the top, pressing roughly into the roll so that Dylan’s sore abdomen can feel the pressure. Because Melvin’s face was so tantalizing I neglect Dyaln’s bottom half for a moment and begin with his head. Slowly I bring the burger up to my open mouth, letting him gaze in wide-eyed terror at my undulating uvula and waiting wagging tongue. My shadow closes over his head and I close my lips over his neck. Again his face is pressed firmly against my tongue so I can taste the soft powdery feeling eyebrows, crips protruding ears, perfectly chiseled chin (which I tickle with the tip of my probing tongue), tight lips, and rounded nose. With his face cushioned by my pillowy slimy tongue, I begin sucking on his head like a lollipop. Dylan’s ears instantly pop and all of the air is sucked from his nostrils. He is the perfect head for this- it’s round with short hair, and I can’t get enough. Just when I start to worry about sucking his head clean off of his body, I part my lips slightly, reducing the pressure and allowing him to sputter, gasping for breath like a fish out of water. His arms rise to wipe the saliva off of his face so I close my lips again, and begin tasting his meaty arms, dancing it over his meaty shoulder, cradling his biceps, and tickling his musky armpits. A few moments later he grows dizzy as I remove him, spin the burger around, and repeat the process with his large pale feet and kicking legs. I hadn’t noticed before, but there is a bit more than peach fuzz on his calves, tickling my tongue, and making him taste extra salty. Clearly the extra hair has caught his sweat and flavored his lowest third amazingly. Again I suck, my tongue slathering up each leg and digging between each manly toe. If I sucked hard on his head it is nothing compared to what I do now. He nearly gets sucked out from between the patty and condiments into my mouth from the pressure I’ve built up. It even hurts me how hard I’m going, but he can’t even form a scream as he’s still coughing from his head behind sucked nearly off like a grape. When I finished with his legs I do not swallow the saliva down. It’s flavored with Dylan so I begin nibbling at the slider all around him, letting his own aroma tease my nostrils while his taste mingles with the rest of the burger. After chewing everything around him my mouth is bursting so I swallow a few times, leaving only Dylan and a little bit of roll remaining.
[/size]From below I hear his best friend’s gravely voice speak for the first time since being in the oven. The cherry tomato has been bitten through and it pains Colin to talk, his throat so dried out from the cooking process. “Leave him alone you giant fucker!” It takes him almost thirty seconds to rasp out the sentence.
[/size]“But he’s so delicious,” I fake argue, putting the other side of the tomato back into his mouth before he can respond. “Don’t worry. You’ll be reunited soon.” With that I toss Dylan and the remaining bite of the burger into the air. He screams at the descent, but is silenced when he lands on my tongue and my mouth shuts him inside the darkness. I tease him with my tongue a bit more, and once he’s separated from the roll he’s pushed into one cheek as though he was a nut and I was a squirrel. Focusing on his dick he gets hard very quickly, much faster than any straight young man I’ve ever had squirming in my mouth or wiggling in my gut. Worming my tongue into his pert clenched ass, I push him forward so that he is shoved against my teeth. Pursing my lips, his stiff cock slides out between them into the cool open air. I bend my head, turn the other plate around, put it atop the now empty one, and shove my nose into Colin’s musky meaty ass. It’s still propped up in the air invitingly, so after a good sniff, I move my lips to the opening and shove his friend’s rigid dick deep inside. Colin bites through the other cherry tomato and screams in pain, his stuffing being pushed further up into his body. Using my tongue I push Dylan harder and harder against my teeth, his dick rattling between the gap in them, out between my lips, and into Colin’s stuffed hole. It doesn’t take much before Dylan’s hips buckle, back goes rigid, and has filled Colin to the brim with his come. Even with his ass straight up in the air, Dylan’s jizz dribbled out a bit, cascading over his waist and thighs. I turn the plate back around, listening to the sobs of pain, and then open my mouth just enough to show Colin his best friend breathing heavily in post-coital bliss. “Colin, I’m so sor-”
[/size]I snap my jaw closed and swallow Dylan down. All Colin manages to say between gritted teeth is “you bastard”. The tears streaming down his eyes make me wonder if they are from pain or loss. Regardless I smile and raise my fork up, ready to dig into the main course and side dishes. Beginning with, what could only be called, the traditional food first, I tilt the gravy boat over Finn and his mashed potatoes, moving my wrist so that it polls around and slowly begins cascading like a waterfall onto Colin’s raw cooked back. The sudden heat on his already sore skin makes him bite his lip in pain. My fork raises up and stabs down directly next to Jack, impaling some of the macaroni and cheese, the tine scraping against the plate loud enough to make all boys flinch. I raise the melted cheesy morsels to my mouth and chew thoughtfully, my gaze on all three trapped lads only whetting my appetite. While both side dishes look so cute, lying their trapped under their respective foodstuffs, it’s my main course that has my tongue lolling out between eager bites. He is still on his knees, his pert ass pointed upward and his back arched, as though he’s an eager little twink begging to be fucked. In reality his ass is already full of stuffing and the come of his late best friend, (now struggling to stay afloat the stew of digested boys/food and stomach acid), and his slightly burnt skin makes any movement out of the enticing position impossible. I figure he deserves at least one last nut bust, so as I alternate between the mashed potatoes and macaroni, both flavored with the delectable twin meat, I inch Finn and Jack closer and closer to the juicey entree in the center of the plate.
[/size]My knife is raised on top of Finn, who is suddenly positive he is about to be severed in half, or eviscerated with his disemboweled guts hanging out. Instead he finds the hard, cold side of the blade pushing him and the small amount of buttery potatoes and gravy, still coating his smooth pale skin, to lie directly in front of Colin. A little pressure on his head and Finn slides down a bit, his flacid cock now directly below the downward facing stuffed main course. Colin can’t take his eyes off of the older boy’s dicklet, not out of any lust, but merely because it hurts too much to raise his head. He knows what I want from him, but he knows he’s doomed either way, and makes no attempt to appease his hungry captor. Unbeknownst to him, my fork has been repositioning Jack as well. Covered in cheese sauce, still on his back, he too finds himself under Colin, although he has an identical view of the younger lad as the latter has to his twin. I slide his feet upward, maneuvering him so that Finn’s feet are touching the top of his head. If they were upright Finn would be standing on Jack’s head, but as they both have their slick backs against the cold porcelain of the plate, they are instead staring upward. Finn looks at the ceiling, while his dick droops lazily beneath the face of Colin. Meanwhile Colin’s own dick dangles over the head of Jack.
[/size]Despite Colin’s complete late of hope, Jack appears to not have given up. He knows the only chance, as small as it is, of getting out of this alive, is to put all inhibitions aside and put on a good show for his giant tormentor/consumer. He arches his neck upward and takes Colin’s entire foot long dick into his mouth, gagging but unwilling to let that get in the way of his last chance for freedom. Colin, in his prone position, can do nothing but moan in pleasure, his flakey cooked dick receiving some much needed relief; the moisture and soft mouth of the twin is a blessing to his lightly burnt balls and monster cock. Not wanting to give me the pleasure of knowing I’ve broken all three of them, he silences his moans with the only thing he can stuff into his mouth. Soon his groans of ecstasy are silenced and picked up by Finn. The stuffed turkey boy finds his knees slipping in a mixture of mashed potatoes, cheese, and gravy while he is sucked off from beneath by one twin, and sucks off the other. Pert ass clenched as tightly as it can in the air, a dribble of stuffing coated in come sliding down his thighs, his back arched in orgasmic pleasure, he feels Finn fucking his mouth while he is being milked from below. The stuffing combined with Finn’s humping makes him feel as though he’s being spitroasted, which was actually a method I had considered cooking him earlier… spitroasted on an open flame, supported only by the twin’s stiff cocks, as I rotated him around slowly. But I’m just as happy with the stuffed turkey I’ve turned him into.
[/size]Jack, still desperate to put on a good show for his master, turns onto his stomach and rises onto his own knees, stepping back a bit. Now Colin’s cock is pushed back against his taint while Jack continues sucking, slurping, and milking the younger man’s engorged balls and dick. It isn’t long before both Finn and Colin shoot their loads into the dy throats of their suckers.
[/size]“Nice job, boys” I sputter from behind all the saliva that’s been building in my mouth, “what a perfect send off for Colin.” Before any of the three can respond, my fork has taken the former position of Jack, directly below Colin’s unmoving form. My knife goes in front of his head, and pushes, sliding him back back a bit so that the fork is now under his entire front side. Before raising him, I can’t resist a lick. My soft pillowy lips land on his arched back and I plant a kiss, pushing my togue out slowly and giving his whole backside a large, long lick, from his taint to the back of his head, going back twice to get each meaty shoulder. The cooking, marinade, sweat, etc. has made him covered in every juice the human body can produce in addition to the brown sauce… the only way to describe it is heavenly. He tastes positively orgasmicly, mouthwateringly, delectably, delicious. It’s true that the English language has some flaws. But perhaps the biggest one is that his salty, sweet, musky flavor and heavenly smokey aroma have no better words to describe him. Finally, I lift him up off the plate onto the fork, and can almost see his sad eyes reflected in the glistening eyes of the twins. I notice that Jack is whispering something out of the side of his mouth to his brother, and assume it’s an escape plan, but am soon pleasantly surprised to see Jack fall flat on his back, his brother eagerly lapping at the former’s already dribbling cock. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were starting to get off to this ordeal. However, every time they turn to look up at me, it isn’t with excitement, but rather terror, as though they are looking for encouragement that they are doing the right thing and I’m thankful for the entertainment they’re putting on for me while i have dinner. It’s pathetic how broken they are. As if I would ever spare their lives for such a half-hearted display. Nevertheless I do watch them go to town on each other, trying out all sorts of positions for my pleasure, while I slide their former conquest between my lips, removing the fork from my mouth with a slurp.
[/size]Colin is too pained to put up any sort of fight. So I easily slide him around my warm wet maw, digging my tongue into every hole, snaking it between each fold of succulent young flesh, and sucking the flavor from every last speck of him. It doesn’t take long, as he isn’t moving, and it isn’t all that much fun anymore. So I send him to the back of my throat and swallow him down to see his friend one last time. Being immobile, I know he won’t last long trying to stay afloat of the roiling acids and churning gut below.
[/size]I don’t wait for a moment after the swallow. Instead I stick my head down and give the fucking twins a tonge bath, inserting it between their dicks and assholes while they plow one another, widening their spincters to help them slide into one another more forcefully. I’m not one for incest really, but they are actually having a good go of it. After a few minutes of playing my stomach rumbles, indicating that it’s working hard on the previous treats and is ready for more entrants. Using only my powerful tongue, I wrestle both lads into my mouth. Finn begins to panic, but Jack keeps him calm, undoubtedly still under the impression I just want to get some entertainment from them, and I’d be spitting them out to keep as toys/pets once we were done with our fun. They continue fucking in my mouth, adding more sweat and sweet precome to the mix of mashed potatoes and cheese that I suck off of their pale smooth pulsating twink flesh. Once I’ve swallowed all the traditional food down, I separate my side dishes, putting one in each cheek. I can’t tell who is where, but whoever is in my right cheek is pushed outward onto his stomach atop my flat tongue. His brother is still stuck in the other cheek with my molars clenched tight so he can’t see what is going on. With a quick flick, the former flips through the air, colliding with the back of my throat, and I swallow. He reaches past the edge of my tongue for his brother, and then descends into darkness. Letting the other twin out, he explores for a moment. I can feel his clenched toes against my taste buds as he crawls around, attempting to walk, but finding my jaw closing more and more. He panics when he can’t find his brother, realizing all of their work was for nothing. Resignedly he collapses and I get one final taste of his tasty cheeks and clench asshole while he sobs in the fetal position. Another quick swallow and I’m finished with my meal.
[/size]Normally people wait for a little bit after eating to have their dessert. Those people also probably feel full once in awhile. When it comes to shrunken men, I’ve never been full. I’ve eaten entire frathouses in mere minutes, and then gone looking for more college kids to consume. I’ve taken an entire team of football jocks, put tem in a bowl with steep sides, squirted some Hershey’s syrup on top, and told them that whoever puts on the best show can live a little bit longer as a sex toy while all of his friend are gobbled up… kind’ve like Polyphemus’ reward to Odysseus for the great wine. Then for an hour I sat back and watched as the bowl was stuffed with quivering young flesh, supple muscles coated in come, sweat, tears, chocolate sauce and my own saliva (as I drooled all over them and when in for some quick tastes). I was barely able to control myself watching the writhing nude straight bodies entwined. But when they were done, I ate every last one of them, and then took out from a bag the opposing team, offering them the same deal. The stupid little turds didn’t even realize the bowl they were dropped into was already coated in tiny footprints of come and chocolate sauce.
[/size]So naturally, I’m hungry enough to go straight to dessert. Both boys, shivering uncontrollably, are taken out of the freezer and deposited in front of my place setting. They look around for their fellow prisoners and begin bawling in fear, seeing that they are the last two outside of my stomach. Dillon pleads for himself and his younger brother, selflessly offering himself if I’d let Jensen go. My response is wordless, but I think the point gets across. Jensen’s cold fudge-coated body is removed from the ice cream, and put, feet first between my two lips. Both boys begin screaming, Jensen in terror and Dillon is anger. “He’s too young! He has a full life to live you crazy sadistic jackass!”
[/size]Picking up the Maraschino cherry from the (formerly) hot fudge and whipped cream cream, I shove it into the older boy’s mouth, silencing his livid language. His eyes narrow in a deep hatred that I’m surprised doesn’t melt the ice cream he is stuck in. Meanwhile my tongue dances around the thick chocolate, warming it up, and then sucking the gooey liquid from between Jensen’s toes. His terrified blubbering dies down a bit as I suckle and lick all over his smooth skin. Every few minutes I suck him between my lips a tiny bit more, and his unintelligible sobs and screams begin anew. He looks like a cigarette at first, rigid in his candy coating, only his head visibly out of the delicious fudge. Although, his angelic blond hair still has streaks of caramel from his forced feeding earlier. But soon, as the chocolate melts and more and more of his body is in my mouth, being assaulted by my brutal tongue, he hangs limply from his midsection like a piece of pasta being slurped into the mouth of a toddler.
[/size]While Jensen watches his little brother slowly disappearing between my lips, his eyes soften from unadulterated hatred, to sadness. The last he sees is Dillon’s screaming face from between my pursed lips, his whole body now free of chocolate, as my tongue has explored ALL of his body, (every nook and cranny), before he is slurped inside audibly. I suck and taste for a bit more, but most of the flavor has already been swallowed down with the fudge and saliva. I make sure to tilt my head up so that my last little morsel can watch the bulge that was his utterly delicious brother slide down my throat and disappear between my heaving pecs and beautiful abs.
[/size]Smacking my lips, I raise a spoon and smile down at the final frightened youth.  [/size]Dillon seems convinced that he'll be first into my mouth, so it comes as something of a surprise when I start by taking a scoop out of the ice cream surrounding him, then a second spoonful out of the ice cream he's sitting on. I carry on eating around him, and all the time he doesn't move from his sitting position. As the sundae disappears around him, he sinks lower and lower into the bowl.
[/size]"Are you ..." he starts, but seems too nervous to finish.
[/size]"Are you going to eat me soon? I ...I can't take much more of this." Chuckling to myself, I just continue to eat the ice cream, until finally all that's left is a few traces of melted vanilla and fudge, too small to be properly scooped up. All that really remains is Dillon, who is positively dripping with everything I’ve added to the sundae itself.
[/size]“You are going to be so very, very sweet, Dillon,” I say menacingly, “though undoubtedly not as sweet as Jensen was. I wish you could have tasted him, but his feeling in my tummy as he struggles for life is just as delicious.”
[/size]I pick the bowl up with both hands and raise it up to my mouth. Fixing Dillon with a hungry stare, I lick my lips one final time, the sight of which causes him to panic and attempt to escape. He's too covered in melted ice cream and sauce to get anywhere. He just slips and slides and stays pretty much in the centre of the bowl.
[/size]Putting the rim of the bowl to my lips, I open my mouth wide and slowly begin tipping the bowl up. Still scrambling uselessly, Dillon begins sliding towards my gaping maw. He tries desperately to grab on to something, but he's too slippery himself to get a good grip on anything. He quickly slides off the rim of the bowl and straight into my mouth. Quickly sealing my lips behind him, I tilt my head forward to prevent him from sliding straight down my throat. I start to caress his body with my tongue, his meaty taste mingling ever so wonderfully with the richness of the ice cream he's coated in. He is delicious! Unfortunately, it's not long before my tongue completely clears him of his cream coating, and I’m left with just Dillon. Not that this takes anything away from his magnificent flavour, but I decide that it's time to finish this succulent meal. With one great gulp, Dillon slides head first down my throat to await digestion in my stomach surrounded by the remnants of the others. I wipe the remnants of ice cream and sauce from your mouth, lick my lips for some final traces, and begin cleaning up the kitchen.
[/size]The sight of the dishes, combined with the knowledge that most of the boys are already done suffering, fills me with a familiar emptiness that contrasts sharply with the full feeling of my stomach. Fortunately, unlike my food, I go through all five stages of grief very quickly.
[/size]The denial lasts a fraction of a second, as I see the empty cages, ready to be filled once I go on another hunt for... let’s call them groceries... tomorrow.
[/size]I punch at my stomach angrily, when I feel the final death throes of the brothers. Why couldn’t they just enjoy the experience that so many others would gladly accept?! They get to be a part of my godlike body and should be pleasuring themselves inside! But the real anger is at myself. Why couldn’t I control myself? I could have lasted a little bit longer before gobbling them up! I missed out on so many wonderful tortures for the delectable morsels.
[/size]But then I bargain with myself, if I can really torture a few of the young men I procure tomorrow, then the rest I can eat while I’m doing the tormenting!
[/size]Ugh, but I have to go out tomorrow, find the tastiest snacks, get them alone or in small groups, and shrink them down. The tedium is awfully depressing.
[/size]No. I need to accept the fact that the hunt is part of the fun! There’s no point in grieving the loss of my little treats when there are so many more to find tomorrow. Afterall, I have to refill all of those cages!
Full Size / Re: High Roller (CV, Absorption, Muscle growth)
« Last post by Mantheman on October 14, 2019, 01:00:47 AM »
Amazing story!!!!
Shrink / Five Stages of Grief
« Last post by Ravenpair on October 13, 2019, 02:27:48 PM »

This is a commission for an anonymous patron.  He gave me the following details:
-Tiny males kidnapped as pets and food
-Pics for reference for all characters.
-Cooked, fattened up in a cage, mentally broken, sexually tortured.
-Roughly as long as “Reader’s Digest…”
-Shrunk by their captor to the size of a mouse.
-Each made into a separate dish, all meat or fatty-based foods including a burger, mashed potatoes, stuffed turkey, and pizza. 
-Giant’s perspective
-Detailed, non-fatal cooking process with screaming, begging, and struggling
-Captor is 20-25.

5 Stages of Grief

Finally.  Silence.  It’s funny, on TV they always make it sound like the five stages of grief/coping occur in order, each stage needing to be passed before moving onto the next. But I’ve found, based on my years of causing grief to young men everywhere, that it’s completely cyclical.  One stage may lead to another, but the order is never the same. It changes depending on the meat- lad- in question.  And there is always some residual emotion from past stages, which come back in waves, reigniting the whole process.  I could always be more scientific, removing the variables, only having one little treat at a time so that they can’t feed off of each other’s emotions.  I could plot their reactions and chart the stages.  But really, this is about my pleasure… not the betterment of mankind.  I do it because boys are absolutely delicious, and torturing them before they flail, dissolving alive slowly in my roiling gut, turns me on to no end.  Really, their feelings are irrelevant, as only my pleasure is pertinent.  If my pleasure is directly proportional to their pain… then so be it. 

Take my current stock for example; easily procured (you can call it kidnapped, but I loathe the term when “procured” or “harvested” or “culled” are so much more accurate, as they are merely foodstuffs), easily shrunken to the sizes of small mice, easily stuffed into the cages in the kitchen they are currently moping in.  They all had a relatively similar progression.  True, the older ones were quicker to return to anger and stir up the veal.  But basically it followed a standard trend. 

It began with questions: “Who are you?!”  “What have you done to us?!”  “Why?!”  “What do you want from us?!”  “Do you really think you can get away with this?!”  When answered, these quickly dissolved into denial: “Yeah right!”  “You’re fucking crazy, guy!”  After I showed them my recipe book, and a huge case filled with ‘mementoes’ (shrunken skater clothes, cellphones, book bags, etc.) half of them went to anger, cursing and threatening, and screaming: “Help us!”  “Let me out of here!”  “Who do you think you are?!”  “You’re sick, man!” “Fucking psychopath!” While the other half immediately started pleading and begging, “Please dude…” “I’ll do anything!”  “Oh God!”  “I’m too young for this!”  “Think of our families!”  “Think of all we have to live for!”  As if I could ever feel bad for creatures as useless at their current size as insects are to a child with a magnifying glass.  Again, I told them how worthless they were to me, making clear all the pleasure I derived from their torment and tastes.  Like clockwork that sent them all over the board.  Some went back to denial, some increased their bargaining, some screamed, some cried, some cursed, some did a combination.  They fed off of one another like they knew I was about to do to them.  So I casually turned on the ‘training video’ and began reading my handwritten cookbook, complete with pictures.  Every once in awhile I’d glance up and see one of them staring at me with wide eyes, looking at me casually planning their fates, and I’d lick my lips at their appearance, making them scamper to the other side of the cage to watch more of the film.

I had created the video over the course of a few months, after realizing my explanations were getting tiresome for me.  As I say in the opening narration, it isn’t fair to me to have to explain to my food why it is going to be eaten.  Nobody consoles their steak!  The video does a good job of showing every single fate that may await the terrified youths.  I took great pains to record me torturing with fire, knives, feet, push pins, etc.  I chopped, I diced, I slowly grated, I mashed, I squeezed, I pressed, I ripped, I bit, I pierced, I punctured, I tore into, I dismembered, I disemboweled, I forced them to screw each other, I forced them to have fuck my titanic cock, I forced them to hump with my wriggling tongue and moist humid mouth, I forced them to have sex in my gaping puckered monstrous ass.  I explained their slow digestion process should they be swallowed alive, (which in truth, outside of the video, I always did).  The writhing is so much fun, tickling my insides, when swallowed alive.  Plus, the taste of blood overpowers the tender flesh and supple, salty skin. So I always prefer to keep them alive and kicking.  They saw tortures I never would have been able to commit had they been at regular size.  They saw psychological tortures which were more effective having been seen than they would be if I had committed them on these young men instead.  They saw forced gay sex which, to their delicate heterosexual minds- and they all were straight in this batch- were the worst of all.  And they saw me eating.  They saw my teeth gnash, or my lips slurp, or my tongue lick, followed by swallow after swallow after swallow.  Countless bulges drifted down my throat and I captured every sound, every struggling scream, every audible gulp, every plop into my waiting stomach, every moan of pleasure.  They saw me gobble up soccer teams, and suck weightlifters into my open maw like they were spaghetti.  They saw their own weakness, their desperation, their powerlessness.  They transitioned from male human beings into mere toys for my pleasure, and food for my enjoyment (as they weren’t even big enough to sustain me on their own).  In turn they saw me transition from male human being to glowing god.  They saw my control, my power, my lack of compassion, my insatiable appetite for both their torture and their bodies.  When the video ended they had all reached the same stage: depression.  Every one of them was in shock.  Some huddled together, some shivered, some sobbed, some sniffled, but nobody spoke.  Nobody thought it wasn’t real, or that they could beg their way out of this.  Finally.  Silence.
“Now then”, I lick my lips in anticipation, putting down my homemade cookbook, and eyeing them hungrily.  “Let’s take stock of my current haul.”
I reach into the hamster cage, one of twelve holding devices set up in my kitchen, so quickly that the boys don’t even realize the door has been opened.  The other cages, tanks, and jars are currently empty.  I usually like keeping a stock of certain types: a jar of gay twinks, a box of Senior High School Jocks, a skater and emo assortment in a tank for quick snacking and special recipes, but having just returned from vacation, the usual cacophony of screaming- ranging from prepubescent to manly- is not to be heard.  I’ve decided to inspect my new treats in age order.  My fist clenches around Jensen before anyone knows what is going on, and he is dragged out with a sudden gasp from my intense squeeze.  Immediately the other morsels are back to their begging and screaming and threatening, especially his older brother, who I had managed to capture at the same time.  Opening my fist, Jensen wheezes for breath, all of the air having left him with my swift retrieval of him from the cage.  Tiny fists pound at the closed door and I beam down with an intentionally toothy grin, ignoring the others. 
Using one finger I flick the youngest snack in the chest, forcing him onto his back where he immediately struggles to get up.  However, my pointer finger placed delicately on his smooth tummy has him squirming to no avail.  While I begin unwrapping my treat I get a good look at him.  He’s got messed up blond hair, quaffed to one side like an emo, but his face makes him look too young for that.  If he wasn’t veal I’d call him almost androgynous.  His pink lips are juicy and sit between two equally juicy cheeks.  With sun-kissed skin and a completely smooth face, he looks mouthwateringly delectable.  The lines of salty tears pouring down his plump cheeks as he begs for his mother only add to this assessment.  With a popping sound I have both shoes off of his kicking feet.  Immediately I go in for a sniff of his tiny socked toes.  The aroma is heavenly.  Not the pungent scent of the older boys, but rather sweet, almost powdery fresh.  My tongue darts out and pulls both legs into my mouth, up to his knees.  He panics, thinking this is it.  I savor each succulent moment, and when his socks are considerably moist, I use my front teeth to gingerly suck them right off of his tanned feet.  He flails around uncontrollably from the feeling of my wet tongue slithering along both soles with the tip sampling between each digit.  He lets out whimpers that sound like a mixture of screams and giggles.  All the while my now free hand, the one not balancing his quivering body and pressing one finger onto his stomach, is busily tearing off the remainder of his clothes, roughly.  By the time his feet are removed from my mouth with an audible plop like that of a wet dick coming out of a tight asshole, trailing enough saliva to coat his entire body if I wanted to, he is left in only his underwear.  Panting for breath, he begs for me to stop. 

His brother and all of his cellmates are screaming at me to let him go, that I’m sick, that he’s just a kid, etc.  They look up at my 25 year old body, ripped from the gym and all of the protein I eat… them… and can’t understand how such a hot-looking young God, one who would appear like a sweet dreamboat if they were average size, would revel in this kind of torture on younger men and teens.  The truth is, eating younger guys, people who may still live with their parents, is thrilling.  Having so much control over someone’s kid, a guy with so much to live for- there’s just nothing like it in the world.  And when I hold them, and play with them, and molest them, and trap them in my gut just for my pleasure… it sends shivers all the way down. 
I move my hand closer to my face, directly under my chin now.  Slowly my tongue snakes out.  The screams refresh now, as though the brief reprieve meant they felt momentarily secure.  My finger comes off of Jensen’s stomach only to have the slithering tongue, like a cobra, push into his bare chest.  I run my smooth, moist muscle across each tiny nipple, my tastebuds dancing all over him and moving slowly lower.  I lap at his supple stomach, and take some gentle nibbles, jabbing at his navel and exposed muscles again and again.  Finally I move further downward, my powerful tongue lifting his waistband and pushing it down a bit.  He stops struggling and goes rigid.  The tips of my tongue has begun slithering in between his warm asscheeks, raping his tiny brown cherry and moving further and further inside.  All the while his cock’s head scrapes against the moist flat area of my tongue and I suckle his balls.  He’s too young to last long, a pity, and a moment later he convulses, showering me with a taste of his sweet and salty filling.  It’s just a tiny load, an appetizer for what is to come, and he lets out a long moan is my tongue pushes his underwear down past his cute little feet.  I smack my lips and swallow his socks, which were still on the side of my mouth, his underwear, and his speckle of seed all at once.  Then, as he continues to breathe heavily, too winded to move, I pucker my pillowy lips and kiss him on the chest, my tongue jabbing out for another taste of his salty skin.  Then I do the same to his stomach.  And then I wrap them around his dick.  No longer hard, although he came so fast I’m not even sure if he was hard to begin with, I suckle a bit, making sure to get every last ounce of tasty young seed.  The tip of my tongue slurps at his head and I suck so hard I’m worried of dragging his organs out through his slit.  But he remains motionless and I deposit his nude form into a cage directly next to the first one, also suspended under a counter.  He heaves heavily and I watch the rise and fall of his cute little body. 
Locking the door, I look at the still screaming youths in the first cage once more.  They instantly go silent, wondering who I am going to examine next.  The door is swung open wide and they scatter, knowing that jumping out would only lead to broken bones and a swifter demise.  They had seen in the videos what I do to snacks with broken bones.  It doesn’t bear repeating here, but it is as graphic as you could imagine.  My fingers move around in excitement, dancing along the shaking bodies, even though I’ve already decided who is next.  Finally I grasp Jackson in my hand.  His entire body vibrates as I drag him out and lock the door.  Just a year older than Jensen, and a year younger than Jensen’s brother, I acquired Jackson during what I’m guessing was a date with his girlfriend.   
Bringing him up to my face I scrutinize him, my breath pushing his hair back in long gales.  He’s cute, pale, and skinny.  There isn’t a hint of muscle nor of fat on his slender, skeletal frame.  Each smooth leg looks as brittle as toothpicks and each arm equally so.  His face is angelic which explained why he had the girl swooning all over him when I first saw him.  His only downfall, aside from lack of meat, is his hair.  It looks like his mother is still cutting it for him- stringy tufts feathered over his forehead and then off to the right, yet still somehow shorter than my own glorious locks. 

My tongue lolls out of my mouth and Jackson grimaces as though a dog was just licking his face.  Instead, he finds my tongue much less pleasant.  The saliva is thick and sticky, plastering down his too narrow eyebrows.  His tiny button nose drags over my taste buds and my rough muscular tongue slurps at each nostril- not that it’s done consciously, but rather, having such a large tongue on such a small treat forces my tongue baths to roughly penetrate every opening it passes over.  I feel the breath sucked from his nose and tight lipped mouth.  His body spasms from lack of air but all I can think about is how unexpectantly sweet he tastes.  Almost like his sweat glands excreted sugar instead of salt. 

Pulling him away I don’t wait for him to catch his breath before ripping his clothes off of his slight frame.  Everything about him is little.  Little hands, tiny cute little slim fingers, tiny feet, a tight tiny booty, and a tiny cock.  He’s still gasping for breath, positively wheezing out all of the spit he inadvertently swallowed, so he doesn’t respond to my taunting or my thumbnail flicking his flaccid dick.  I push him down firmly as he continues shuddering not from fear, or pain, or cold, but his inability to recatch his breath.  Again the air is forced out of his lungs as my point finger digs into his back, pushing his smooth stomach against the tough ridges of my palm.  His skin is so smooth compared to the course indentations on my rough hands.  The ball of my finger caresses the arch of his back to his shoulders, petting him like a hamster.  Then my tongue replaces my finger.  He has tears in his eyes, coughing uncontrollably, while my tongue molests his supple frame.  Each long, slow, lick starts at his pert clenched cheeks and rolls slowly up to his shoulders, alternating each time.  With no warning, my next lick pierces his defences and plunges into high tight virgin hole.  He stops mid-cough and screams in sudden pain and pleasure while I greedily dig in as deep as I can.  His struggles merely egg me on and soon I am pushing so hard that my lips rest on his cheeks, my tongue mining into each crevasse.  The suction is audible when I pull away.  I lift my finger up and he moves into a fetal position with his head still down. His raw ass is still pushed up as he knees find his chest so I nuzzle it with my nose for a moment, inhaling the musky scent, before flicking it once, hard, with my thumb and forefinger, sending him soaring forward into the second cage.  Jensen’s motionless body cushions his fall and I can see a huge red welt taking over Jackson’s small ass.  He sniffles, clutching the younger boy like a teddy bear.

By the time my focus returns to the cage, Dillon has already figured out that I’m going in age order, and knows he is next.  He doesn’t hide in a corner, as he is too scared to move.  Instead he stands in the middle of the cage, shaking uncontrollably as my hand slowly reaches in, its shadow covering his entire quivering frame, and grasps him tightly.  The only sound he can muster, despite the deliberately slow way I’ve snatched him, is a high-pitched ‘meep’.  Like his brother, Dillon is practically a model.  He’s tan lithe, without being too thin, has a beautiful head of light brown with blonde streaks in a surfer style, and a baby face similar to his brothers.  His cheeks are positively pinchable, although if I were to attempt it at this size I’d yank his face right off the bone.  The freckles on his face make him look even younger than he is, and the little bit of his ears visible under the mop of hair look crunchy and suckable all at once.  Once my hand opens he retains his pose, unmoving aside from the quivering lower lip, the steady blinking as he stares into my gigantic handsome face, and the shaking of his shoulders.  Clearly about the break down, he stands on my palm, his weight somehow feels adorable, focused on his two tiny feet.  I can feel the treads in his sneakers pushing down with the smallest force imaginable.  It was like having a GI Joe standing perfectly upright in the palm of my hand.  Deciding that he’s too freaked out to be any fun at the moment I gingerly begin undressing him.  After he’s seen what I did to his little brother and the other boy he doesn’t fight or complain.  Nor does he help me get him perfectly nude.  I can tell that his dick was a full inch or two bigger than his brother had they been at regular height, but his still sits  flacid on the side of his thigh.  I have no desire to play with him at his present state, as he’s being no fun at all, so instead I give his body a long lick from toes to the top of his head, turn my hand and do the same to his back.  Smacking my lips I nod in appreciation of the peppery aftertaste.  “Delicious,” I mutter.  Now nude he feels even cuter.  His tiny well-manicured feet can feel the blood course through my veins and I can feel his own rapid heartbeat through his soles.  His feet are smooth and uncalloused, but still moist and rank from being stuck in shoes and socks.  He’s been lifted to eye level so I can smell the sour sweetness of his little piggies.  Yet the odor is far fainter than those of my normal morsels.  Perhaps he isn’t as active physically as his lithe figure would have me believe.  His shoes had been well-worn but not visibly damaged.  Somehow he maintains his pleathery black Nike’s shoes in ways teen boys usually are unable to, or merely don’t care to.  The smell is mild, like a provolone cheese.  Lapping at them with the tip of my tongue like a puppy taking a sip of water, I find that they even taste like provolone, whereas his younger brother’s were closer to a bleu cheese mixed with a sharp cheddar, the norm for my treats.  Slowly and easily I put him down in the second cage.  As soon as he is out of my hands he screams.  It’s a long, piercing screech that has clearly been building throughout the whole ordeal.  Finally regaining his senses he begins sobbing and rushes to check on his nearly comatose with fear and disgust brother, pushing Jackson out of the way in the process, cradling Jensen like a mother to a dying child.  He clutches him so hard that Dillon comes out of his stupor as well and hugs his brother back.

Melvin is the last of the veal.  A full two years older than Dillon, yet the cutest of the bunch so far, he trips over my other treats as I bring my hand slowly closer and closer humming the theme from Jaws.  The last few inches I lunge at him, holding his furiously struggling body firmly, and drag him out.  I have to hold him by the hood of his jacket, dangling him to get a good look at the morsel.  Definitely the tannest in the haul, and the tallest of the veal, he’s got the adorable face and fluffy dirty blond hair, quaffed straight up in the center, and to the side on his right, of an instagram celeb.  As he dangles, swaying from side to side and twisting from his struggles, I realize that I can’t control myself.  I can’t keep inspecting him, as was originally the plan, for his mouthwateringly succulent appearance demands that I taste him now.  Opening my mouth like a lion his eyes go wide in fear as I maneuver him over my mouth like a bunch of grapes.  Instead of prolonging his discomfort and lower him slowly, I drop him straight in, clothes and all.  I was right not to wait.  Sure, all the lads so far with delicious, but Melvin’s taste in practically orgasmic.  My eyelids flutter in ecstasy and I moan in satisfied pleasure.  His struggles only help me get a better taste, despite his clothes.  While I’ve never been able to tie a cherry stem with my tongue, I am nonetheless very adept at undressing my young men in my mouth.   Using my tongue, teeth, and roof of my mouth I have Melvin completely nude in under a minute.  I even separate him from his no longer needed garb, spitting out the shirt, underwear, and jeans, swallowing the socks and shoes, while Melvin is stuck in one cheek.  My tongue laps at the flavor all over his supple young flesh, tickles his feet, and caresses every contour of his body.  I can’t stop moaning and mmming, sending vibrations throughout my entire mouth.  Clearly, despite his struggles, he is also enjoying the sensation as his cock has grown exponentially.  Without even trying hid needlelike dick is digging into me.  Maneuvering him a bit I position him so that his firm ass is at the roof of my mouth, pushing him into my undulating tongue.  He is pressed down by my pallatte again and again, fucking the spongey moist muscle.  Despite the humidity and dank moistness of my cavernous mouth which must feel like being back in the womb, he is able to come within moments, dousing his seed all over the top of my tongue.  I allow him to rest for a moment while I suck on his entire body.  His come pools with my saliva at the back of my throat, held back by the wagging uvula, before plummeting into the black abyss below, giving him a preview of all of their fates.  My roiling stomach sends up a spout of come-flavored gas which I hold in my mouth for a moment, torturing melvin, before I release it into the cages.  A moment later, Melvin is also limply spit into the second cage.   

Deciding to have some fun with the more seasoned and aged meat, I take out two at a time; Colin and Dylan.  While Colin is the younger looking of the two, both are actually the same age.  Friends from before their current ordeal, they were procured together.  Colin has the sturdy rectangular face with a wide jawline one expects from the all-American boy look.  He is slightly shorter than his friend, but far more fit. Clearly an athlete, his six pack, pecs, and straining muscles are visible beneath his shirt at all times.  His hair similar to Melvin, albeit shorter, he is one fine looking specimen with comically gigantic feet and long slender fingers perfect for digging through my teeth as a toothpick after I eat my first morsels.  Dylan is a bit lanky.  His abs are also painfully obvious in his tight fitting shirt, but more from being skinny than being muscular.  Yet somehow, above his abs, there is a clear definition of meaty pecs and powerful biceps.  His eyes are squinty as though he is always looking into the sun, and his jaw, though not as angular as his friend’s, is equally powerful.  Dylan’s hair is dark and short with a little flip at the front.  Both are among the palest in the haul, and both are making my mouth water.

The two young men are squeezed in both of my hands.  I can feel them struggle, as the uncomfortable grip I have on them makes it difficult to breathe.  Yet they gain no traction and it only feels like a slight vibration in my fist.  Satisfied with the inspection I deposit both studs in one hand where they stand on the palm, quaking in fear.  Again, the feeling of their shivering, just from their little shoes touching my rough skin, felt amazing.  These two young men, formerly in their physical prime, showing off their prowess to any lady who saw the two friends walking down the street, were now nearly weightless, both fitting in one hand. 

A droplet of saliva falls from the tip of my lip, cascading down and exploding on both of their heads.  I didn’t realize how much I’ve been drooling.  Clearing my throat I give them one simple command.  “Strip each other”.  Colin and Dylan stare up at me, the momentary confusion after my order was given replaced with unadulterated fear.  They know not to disobey me after all they’ve witnessed, both with the other captives and in the training video.  Rather than plead or curse at me, they immediately turn to each other for fear of the repercussions of disappointing the giant god before them.  First Cody takes Dylan’s hoodie off, followed by his undershirt, and then the process is repeated by Dylan.  Normally I’d tell them to make it more sexual, but this batch of morsels seems to be more petrified than any haul/shopping trip I’ve ever taken.  I’m worried that the slightest thing could set them into a comatose state; and those boys are never fun to play with.  Either the heat from my hands, from their bodies being near each other, plain fear, or a combination seems to have left them both in a thin film of sweat, making every inch of their smooth skin glisten the more clothes they take off.  Soon their supple bodies are completely exposed with the exception of their underwear, and skater sneakers.  Clearly they noticed in the video what my favorite places to taste are.

I roll my eyes as Dylan looks up at me unsure.  I give him an expectant look and he nods, resignedly, before returning to his undress his best friend from his last remaining wrappings.  Colin leans on Dylan’s shoulders as the former’s shoes are untied and removed, along with the musky, sweaty socks beneath.  The way Dylan’s head is bent, it looks as though he’s giving a blow job.  Finally he gingerly puts his fingers into the hem of Colin’s underwear, slowly lowering them to the latter’s smooth pale feet, making absolutely sure not to accidentally graze against the flaccid dick.  Even limp, Colin’s cock is massive for a boy of his size.  I suppose it’s true what they say about boys with big feet, I think as I lick my lips at his ordinarily size 13 monsters.  Shivering in the cold, Colin returns the favor with Dylan.  Dylan’s dick is the same size as Colin’s however it is less impressive as he is currently sporting a massive erection.  He looks at his disgusted friend, embarrassed by what he’s showing.  Clearly something about being undressed or undressing his closest buddy has turned him on.  That, or he’s a secret macro fetishist.  To be honest though, I couldn’t possibly care less.

Using my pointer finger, as Colin is already kneeling down to take off the shoes of his mate, I gently pet his shaggy hair, making him stop his actions and shiver with fear.  His shivering wears away as he realizes I am merely stroking him like the pet that he is.  He thinks that being my toy must be better than my meal, but I’ve had hundreds of former sex toys who would eagerly disagree with that notion… had they still been around.  His fear’s submission is short-lived, however, as he attempts to stand up after removing Dylan’s shoes.  He finds that the pressure from my finger is keeping him on his knees in the palm of my hand, and a little bit more pressure on the back of his head clues him into what I have in mind.  He struggles and screams as realization sets in, but his open-mouthed cry for help is all I need.  Immediately his lips are around Dylan’s cock, and Colin gags audibly, never having had anything so large in his mouth before.  He’s eager to bite down in a fit of fear and homophobia, but doesn’t want to bite off his best friend’s dick.  Dylan, though initially squirming away, after finding himself unable to back away, as my fingers curled up behind his back, now closes his fluttering eyelids in sheer bliss.  The other boys in both cages watch with newfound fear as they see just how twisted I truly am.  After a few minutes of this excitement I find my own dick has grown to twice the size of the tallest boy.  I reposition the friends into a 69 position, lying them both down and forcing them to suck for all they are worth.  Dylan is having an even harder time, as after a few licks from his wet mouth, Colin’s dick has swelled to a ridiculously large size, pushing against the back of the former’s throat, bending at the end, and sliding down almost to his stomach.  Having the two boys orally fuck on my palm has resulted in no small amount of precome to burst from the tip of my own cock.  As I lick my lips over the young men rolling around on the rough skin of my palm, my own one-eyed monster is drooling from his own hunger. 

All of the potential snacks notice it, and whimper in fear.  Here’s a young guy who is older than all of them, and should want to help.  Instead, he is in fact the reason for their present predicament, plans on gobbling them up, has tortured thousands of lads in a similar predicament over the years physically, sexually, and mentally, and now it appears that he is also massively turned on by that same torture!  I begin absentmindedly stroking my dick.  Colin and Dylan attempt to remove the cocks from their mouths so they can breathe and stretch out their jaw muscles, but I just clench them tightly together. 

With my dick stroking hand I reach into the first cage and draw out the final two delicacies.  They’re British twins, here on holiday, and they are the definition of twink.  Both have lithe figures, with very little muscle, but with skin so smooth and pale they may as well be newborn babies.  Aside from their heights, everything about them is small and cute.  They’re pink feet, tiny fingers, and even their button noses and pursed lips are adorably delectable… or delectably adorable.  Either way, they are both somehow straight, and so are not the least bit amused when they are put on the same hand as the wrestling best friends.  The added weight of the twins, and their warmth, is a feeling quite indescribably cute.  It’s like when you see a puppy that is so adorable you just want to squeeze the life right out of it.  The pressure off of them finally, Colin and Dylan roughly detach themselves.  “I definitely want you stuffing each other with cream filling at some point, but for now, will you help unwrap the twins?”  Finn, the twin on the left with somewhat bigger biceps and a barely older looking face, opens his mouth to protest but closes it a moment later, reconsidering.  Colin begins undressing Finn as Dylan peels Jack like a ripe piece of fruit.  Pushing Dylan and Colin’s heads together they get the hint and begin making out, the taste of their own dicks on the other’s breath.  Finn and Jack look terrified when I swivel their heads to face each other too.  They’re brothers after all and would never in a million years ever have… their thoughts are stifled when they find themselves forcibly making out with one another as two other boys ripped their clothes off of them. 

When they’re finished I line them up into a square on my palm, and they immediately get to sucking each other off when I push them into their new partners.  Colin has his mouth full of Jack, who is gagging on Dylan, who struggles to suck on Finn, who has a good taste of Colin.  They all writhe in sweaty glistening flesh, more uncomfortable than they’ve ever been in their lives, yet hard as rocks merely from, what is essentially, being orally raped by one another.  Turning each one over I then repeat the process, this time rimming each other.  The twins have tight, lean asses whereas the two friends have some bubblicious badonkadonks I find myself moving the twins out of the way every once in awhile to snake my own tongue in for a taste, widening their holes with my wide muscle.  They scream in pain and pleasure as I lap at their backs, run my tongue up their legs, squiggle it in to join their own tongues in the ass of their neighbor. 

At last, roughly, I force them all into the standing position, one behind the other, where they are pressed together, hard, at their asses.  Each finds a sudden popping of their stiff slick cocks into the ass of the boy in front of them, in the opposite order from the last ordeal.  Jack has his cock stuffed inside Dylan, whose hips are gyrating against Finn, who fucks with all of his might into Colin.  They are all in intense pain, but the tight hole of their partner still fills them to the brim with rapturous delight.  The train begins to pick up speed and they move as one, tears streaming down their faces as my hand still hold them firmly by the ass of Jack and the stiff dick of Colin, rubbing both (Jack with my thumb and Colin with my pointer finger.)

While they moan and cry and scream and beg, reach into the other cage with my unoccupied hand.  Nobody in there is paying me the slightest attention, as they are far too busy watching the forced quadruple rape with unadulerted terror on their faces.  All four boys are clinging to each other, no longer afraid of touching the nude bodies of their prison-mates, as the present horror outweighs the homophobia.  As one they all gasp, as the air is emptied from their lungs, and then scream, when they find themselves trapped in my palm, a wriggling mass of pale succulent flesh.  I close my fist, with the veal inside, against my dribbling cock head, rubbing their flailing bodies up and down my shaft.  They sputter at the musky taste of my skin as they are pressed roughly against it again and again, finding their own dicklets turn rigid from the friction.  They feel like a vibrating fleshjack as they struggle to breathe, to separate from one another, and to stop the pressure against my dick. 

With an audible plop I seperate Dylan from Finn, edging the former just as he was about to spray his seed.  Before they can say anything I shove Finn and Colin unceremoniously between my lips, only their lower halves sticking out.  Finn continues fucking Colin, though petried that I’m about to eat them both, as he is so close to coming that he can’t stop.  Colin’s own dick, which has not yet had the pleasure of entering another hole, soon finds itself sucked into the dark abyss of my mouth, as do their twitching legs and asses.  I roll them around in my mouth, tasting sex and delicious boy meat.  Maneuvering them a bit, I turn Finn so that his head is against Colin’s toes.  He’s in so much bliss that he even sucks Colin’s meaty toes.  Once they are fully slathered in my saliva and their own salty sweat and precome, I push them back from between my lips, turn Finn again so he can wrap his arms around Colin’s waist, and then lower them to my puckered hole.  Neither one has time to scream as they suddenly realize what is in store for them, before I shove them up, head first.  They’re kicking feet are all that is left of them on the outside, which I pinch to draw them some of the way out, and then push to put them all the way in.  I continue this quicker and quicker, using them as a giant vibrating dildo while Finn continue to push into Colin.  Colin’s cock scrapes against each ridge of my ass ring and colon, the friction pleasuring him immensely.  I can feel their soft hair tickle my prostate.  The four other lads are still gagging on my smelly dick as I rub them faster and faster against it.  I pull the conjoined Finn and Colin out and then plug them in feet first this time, allowing them to catch their breath, before opening that coiled fist, where Jack is still fucking Dylan.  They see the heads of their friend/twin poking from my meaty ass, looking like my sphincter is blowing a double bubble. 

Reaching back up, I separate the two boys, leaving Dylan on the counter, and throwing Jack into the air before catching him in my mouth.  As soon as he enters my dank dark maw, hot and humid and soft as the womb, I attack him with my tongue, molesting every inch of his succulent flesh.  I spread his cheeks, dig my tongue in as far as it will go, slather is chest, suck his toes, etc.  Allthewhile one hand strokes the younger young men against my dick while the other pushes Colin and Finn inside my tight ass and pulls them out again.  And Dylan sits on the counter, terrified, at full mast, and with aching blue balls.  Every hole filled, my whole body alive with sensations and pleasures unknown to most men, I position the tasty youth in my mouth so that his ass is poking back while he remains in the fetal position, making the forced metaphor of the womb complete.  Pushing him with the tip of my tongue, his bubbly ass escapes my pursed lips, and Dylan sees it coming closer and closer to him.  He is so horny that he doesn’t think twice, but immediately shoves his hard cock into Jack, who screams at the sudden uninvited guest.  Dylan plows away as all the others struggle to breathe, trying their hardest not to give me the satisfaction of coming, despite the sensations they are all forced to experience.  I suck Jack back inside, pulling away from the counter while Dylan is still fucking away.  His body rests on my pillowy lips, but his cock is now being sucked by me, and up the ass of Jack.  His pleasure is as insurmountable as my own, the suction from my mouth coupled with the tightness of Jack’s virgin hole, when all at once… we come simultaneously.  Legs buckle, hips gyrate eyelids flutter, and assholes spasm.   

Jack is filled with Dylan’s sweet cream, as he explodes his own seed on my waiting tongue.  The four boys against my cock go limp as they fire their loads, mixing the milky concoction with the giant glob that has erupted from my own dick.  The friction from my hole has Colin ejaculate inside of my ass and Finn unleashes his load into Colin.  Panting, sweaty, coated in come and sweat and tears and saliva, all 8 morsels lie in a heap in the second cage, a mass of pulsating flesh and glistening muscle.  Even I need a moment to recollect myself.  “That was one for the books, boys”, I finally mutter.  “And it’s left me famished.”  As one I hear every boy’s panting stop, they’re hearts all missing a beat.  “Lucky for you all, I found your tastes so exquisite, I want to make sure I have enough of your meaty little bodies to make a proper meal out of you.  So I don’t think I’ll waste time soaking you in juices, getting you nice and tender, and marinating you slowly… but I definitely want to fill your little tummies, fattening you up before you fill my own tummy.”             

Taking advantage of their exhaustion, as they panting too hard to even attempt speaking or fighting back, I clean myself up quickly and then grab each boy, depositing them in a different bowls.  My preparations for the meal were thankfully completed as they went through their five stages of grief… the first time.  So now there was nothing to do but pour the fodder into the bowls along with them.  I carefully arrange the bowls in order of how I will eat my dinner.  Similar to tapas, each three-five inch morsel will be in a small dish, so as not to fill me up too quickly.  As the bowls are moved around, each lad falls again and again, the slippery porcelain combining with the high lips and bodily fluids coating the living meat.  Once they are in order I speak to them as though this was just the most ordinary thing in the world.  I muse to myself that I really should start a ‘Cooking with Men’ show one of these days.

I begin by plopping fresh relish and sauerkraut all over Jackson, until he is only a cute little head poking out of the mound.  “Now, unlike most maneaters, I don’t like fat prey.  I’m not a witch and you’re not Hansels.  I prefer lean meats… your protein is what helps me stay in the gody state I’m in now.”  I put the remainder of the relish in the refrigerator, my pectorals popping for emphasis at my last comment.

“Instead I just like stuffing you guys enough to have a small pudgy bulge, not of fat, but of filling.  I don’t have time to wait for your lithe bodies to get fat as it is, plus plump boys just aren’t as tasty as the muscular and fit ones.  You really just made yourself all the more delicious for me by playing sports and working out.  Had you been pigging out, and not taken care of your appearance, I probably never would’ve even noticed you.”  I chuckle at the irony while sprinkling cheddar and provolone cheese cubes all over Dylan.  He runs around the small space in the bowl as it rains down on him, each blow sending him reeling.

“I want a tiny paunch,” I continue explaining.  “You’re just going to eat enough to be super uncomfortable.  A little jiggle in your belly.  You shouldn’t be able to physically fit any more of it in your mouth without it just sliding back out because there is no room left.”  Next, Melvin finds himself dodging slices of pineapple in much the same vein as Dylan was.  He soon finds himself stuck inside a coil of swirled pineapple.  The juices will no doubt accentuate his deliciously sweet flavor.

Moving onto Finn, he has the pleasure of being showered in bacon bits, which don’t pound on him like the last two boys, but do assault him with stinging bits of small meat.  It feels like a hard hailstorm beating against his defenseless nude skin.  “It should feel like the slightest scrape against my sharp teeth will rupture your tummy, sending your belly’s tasty contents all over my tongue.”       

Jack has the misfortune of having a hot fondue set full of melted cheddar cheese poured all over him, the contents burning his flesh ever so slightly.  He screams in pain but is soon used to the temperature.  “I want whatever you’re stuffed with coursing through your veins and flavoring your supple, juicy meat.”

Finally, moving over to Colin’s bowl, I see his shaggy head looking up with terror.  He is the luckiest of all, however, as I only have one solid wedge of bread stuffing to join him inside.  It is easily twice the size of him, filled with spices, onions, potatoes, etc.  The onions and fresh garlic have tears streaming down his eyes in seconds.  “And if any of you refuse to swallow your designated stuffing,” I growl, eyeing each one carefully, “I will force it down your throats and then shove the remainder up your tight little holes.”

That’s all that needed to be said, because after a second’s pause, all six of the boys begin chowing down on the bowl’s other occupant.  Jackson, Dylan, Colin, and Finn use their hands to tear off and scoop up large bites, eating quickly and somberly, though efficiently for fear of repercussions, like always.  Meanwhile, Melvin and Jack are getting themselves covered in liquid as they are forced to dive in head first, eating their way out of the gooey substances entrapping them.  Only Jensen and Dillon, the young brothers stare up in confusion.

“Unfortunately, for you little treats, I need to do this a bit differently.”  I leave the counter for a moment before returning with some hot fudge, some caramel, an eye dropper, and a small funnel.  Checking the lads nearby to ensure they are still stuffing themselves adequately, I am satisfied and bring the funnel over to Jensen.  He looks terrified as my shadow passes over him, and opens up his mouth to question my intentions.  As soon as it opens I shove the edge of the small funnel inside, pressing firmly to ensure that he can’t spit it out.  He gags on in for a moment, falling to his knees to try rolling it out of his mouth.  I tilt the caramel inside the other end of the funnel slowly, and watch as his eyes bug out of his head, his throat filling with the sticky plasmic substance, unable to breathe.  Dillon screams out at me to spare his brother, that I’m killing him and need to stop.  The other lads hear the ruckus, but upon seeing how I’m torturing Jensen, decide they better not get distracted if they don’t want to join his fate. After thirty seconds I can already see his belly distend slightly, and remove the funnel.  Jensen tries catching his breath, his throat sore and his stomach uncomfortably full.  But before he can get out more than I wheeze I’ve flipped him over and inserted the end of the eyedropper as far up his virgin ass as it can go, making him gag and squeal.  I’m half worried he’ll spit up some of the caramel, but he keeps it down, as he knows I’d just make him eat it again.  With a strong squeeze his intestines are flooded with caramel, a tad leaking out of his sore hole.  He is so exhausted he remains there, ass in the air and knees at his chest. 

By the time Jensen has turned back around, panting on his back as a slow dribble of caramel slips between his soft pillowy cheeks, I have the hot fudge ready for him.  He is too tired to even scream as it cascades over his entire body, the heat wafting over him in a burning wave.  A moment later I tilt Dillon’s bowl into his brother’s.  “Jensen won’t survive long under all that hot fudge.”  The older sibling is bright red, both from rage and the heat of the fudge all over his smooth young form.  “You need to eat all of the fudge off of his body that you can, before he suffocates.”  In an instant Dillon has his face in the mess, drinking it up, using his hands to reach for his brother, scooping fistfulls into his own mouth.  When he feels Jensen and yanks him into a sitting position, he begins using his tongue to lick the fudge from the younger boy’s face, tasting both thick chocolate and his brother.  Now he must realize why I do what I do.  His brother’s salty skin mixed with the sweetness of the fudge must be mouthwatering… It’s how I intend to eat him after all. 

Glancing around I see that all of the treats have slowed down.  The lethargy from eating too much too fast has caught up to everyone, and they look like zombies as they slowly try forcing more food down into their already full stomachs.  Giving each of the first six a light poke in the belly to check for jiggling, each one cringing in pain despite the gentleness of my prodding, I am satisfied that they are stuffed to the maximum.  “You six can stop now.  You all look positively scrumptious.”

I turn my attention back to Dillon who has been sucking on his brother’s skin even faster than the others had been eating, so he is already as full as they are.  Jensen’s face is free of fudge, but his entire body is cocooned in the thick substance.  “You can stop too, Dillon.”  I smile at how nicely everyone has done.  Glancing at each bowl I see that all the boys are splayed out, with barely enough strength to move.  Gorging themselves so soon after the physical torment of our sexual congress has left them logey and the food in their stomachs makes causing constant belly aching.  For the first time since their capture, not a one of them sobs or screams or curses or begs.  All I hear among the bowls is a low, pained, exhausted moaning.

“Time to get my dinner ready”, I beam down at their tired, sweaty faces, licking my lips for emphasis.  The fear has been replaced with pained fatigue for the time being.  I know from experience, however, that by the time they enter my churning gut, they will be actively fighting for survival again, just in time to feel their delightful squirming and death throes as they digest alive.  Nothing feels as good as an internal massage. 

Their lack of movement and their inability to make a sound other then the groans makes the preparation process all the simpler.  Jackson is first.  The young treat is lifted from the small remains of relish and sauerkraut, dangling listlessly from between a pair of tongs.  As one of my favorite foods has always been ‘hot boys’ (sometimes called ‘man wieners’, Frank furters [when the lad is named “Frank”, ‘dude dogs’, etc.) I bought a hot dog grill years ago.  Made for 24 cocktail weenie sized men, or 6 foot long lads, the rollers get just hot enough to cook my chosen meat until their skin gets browned and flakey, turning them around to grill them evenly.  It’s a bit depressing plopping Jackson down there alone, but I want a smorgasbord tonight, of all different delectable treats.  While he is turning on the rollers, groaning from the heat and dizziness now in addition to his other ailments, I use a spatula to lift Dylan up from between the sprinkled cheese bits, and lower him onto a heated pan.  Again, the flame licking at the metal is not high enough to burn him, but certainly enough to cook him through, leaving him alive but in intense pain.  He tries getting up, rocking back and forth like a turtle stuck on his back, but his full belly makes it impossible, and his flesh soon begins sticking to the bottom of the pan a bit. I throw in some onions and mushrooms to grill up nicely alongside him and then flip him over, marveling at his pert cooked ass as it jiggles abit.  A moment later his entire backside is covered in a blanket of swiss cheese which instantly melts against him in a gooey cocoon.  When he is done I turn him back over, looking at the tears stream from his eyes.  He notices the sizzling beef patty beside him and is very aware of his new position in life, as well as his fate.

While the two lads get their unwelcome tans, I scoop Melvin out of the pineapple remains.  His skin glistens not just with sweat, but sweet juice as well, and I can feel his stickiness when I bring him over the slice of pizza left over from the night before.  The remainder of the pie was eaten, along with the delivery man, but this one slice was saved for my current meal.  I push Melvin into the dough and cheese firmly, his ass, legs, and arms sticking in deep, spread out in the middle of the slice.  Putting the whole slice on a cooking sheet, then sprinkling on a few cut up pieces of his unfinished pineapple, I cover the whole plate in tinfoil and toss it roughly into the pre-baked oven.  Soon the smell of roasting boy flesh is in the air, and my mouth waters in anticipation.

As soon as my meat has finished cooking I begin with Jackson, using the tongs to grip his slightly crispy, browned body under his armpits.  He is nestled gently in a soft cocktail weenie roll, the opening allowing his head and arms to stick out the top, the fold coming just under his armpits, and his feet to stick out the bottom.  If it wasn’t for the large slit down the middle, exposing his supple body, he’d look like he was a kid wrapped up in a blanket.  Although I suppose he really is a ‘kid in a blanket’ as opposed to a ‘pig in a blanket’.  After adding the ketchup, mustard, and leftover sauerkraut to his midsection and groin, the cocktail weenie is put on a large plate and covered so as to keep him warm for consumption. 

Next I use the spatula to lift up my beef patty, depositing it onto the bottom half of a slider roll.  Dylan’s eyes watch as his cooking mate is taken from beside him, and they follow the descent when it comes back to dig under his damaged skin, scooping him, and the melted cheese coating his back, up.  I give him a reunion with his friend, the ground beef patty, placing him on top of it.  Even if he had the energy to move, the melted cheese has him so firmly glued to the meat patty that he’d be unable to even turn his head.  Grilled onions, mushrooms, lettice, tomato, pickle, and barbecue dressing are strategically placed all over his burnt skin, giving him some cooling sensations, before the top bun is lowered onto his body.  Like Jackson, his head, arms, and feet are outside of the bun, while the rest of his form is stuck within.  Jackson is relieved to see the light when the lid comes off of his plate, but after his companion is placed beside them, their moans of greeting are silenced by the lid’s return.  This reunion occurs once more a minute later, when a slice of steaming pizza, with Melvin sweating atop, takes up the remainder of the space on the plate.  Again the lid is put over them, trapping them in the steam and darkness until their consumption.  The appetizers secure, I move onto the main course.     

Colin’s long, lean body, now with a slight paunch visible behind his glistening abs right where his stomach is, rests with his back against the remainder of stuffing.  He is so listless that I don’t even have to compete with a single struggle as I raise him between two hands and mold him like clay into the exact shape I want, using a tiny bit of twine to keep him stuck in that position.  My mouth continues to water as his glazed eyes look up at me from my hand, trussed like a turkey.  His legs spread eagle, large succulent feet in the air, arms bound at his sides, he looks ready to eat, but I’m not satisfied yet.  I tear off a few chunks of the stuffing he hasn’t finished eating, and smile as his eyes go wide, understanding my intention.  Colin’s mouth opens to scream, but a cherry tomato is jammed inside before he can make a sound.  Now free from any noise, I take my time carefully spreading his pillowy cheeks, and then shove the stuffing deep into his tight hole.  Tears stream out of his eyes while my thumb pushes each piece in past his asshole ring, forcing it as far as it will go, the pad of my finger gently caressing his taint, cock, and balls at once.  When the stuffing reaches past his colon into his prostate, his dick springs to life, growing to exceptional height and girth.  I can’t resist a few quick licks, my humid breath and spongy tongue sliding up his shaft and lapping at his cock head.  A few more strokes from my fingers, up and around his towering shaft which would be so large had he been regular sized- but at this height smaller than my thumb nail- and I’ve milked him of his sweet seed.  His chest receives a glob of come.  “Mmmm…” I moan.  “Normally I’d marinate you for awhile, making you tender and juicy, but you’re already covered in my favorite sauce.  Sweat, tears, and your own creamy filling.”  Using a marinade brush I spread the substance all over his body until he is glistening and sticky.  The bristles tickle every inch of him, but he is unable to laugh or cry, his mouth still crammed full of tomato.  Placing him on a coated pan, I push him into the waiting oven and move onto the side dishes.

Finn and Jack have their complimentary food stuffs already completed and warming on the stove top.  Finn is dropped onto a mound of creamy mashed potatoes first.  I mix it and him around with my spoon, careful to coat his body in the delicious starch, adding some of his uneaten bacon bits to the mix.  When he’s stuck, only his head sticking out of the globs of buttery potato, I coat the top with gravy, which washes the mash out of his hair and off of his face, but replaces it with warm brown sauce which he sputters through.

Jack’s bowl is then tilted over a saucepan filled with homemade mac and cheese.  Again I use a spoon to stir him around, although he is already coated in the cheese sauce from his time fattening up.  Both he and his twin are scooped out and plopped on either side of a second plate.  I check on Colin but see that he is still sizzling nicely, not yet browned enough for my liking, and close the oven again.

Jensen is put into a bowl and thrown into the freezer so that his fudge coating can harden, making him caramel filled center expand outward.  But before I close the door, I remove some chocolate mint chip ice cream from inside.  After scooping out a few spoonfuls and putting them into a second bowl, his older brother Dillon is forced into a sitting position, and his ass pushed into the top until he is sunken in up to his belly button.  A squirt of hot fudge to compliment his fudgy filling puts his tiny body into shock, as it opposes the freezing sensation in his lower body, the heat and cold fighting on both parts of his miniscule form.  He is then covered up to the tops of his shoulders in whipped cream, and a cherry is placed into his mouth just as he begins to scream at me to save his little brother from freezing to death.  I let him keep the latter company in the freezer while I eat my meal.  Before the door is closed for the final time I whisper, “the next time you come out, you’ll be the last two morsels left outside of my gut.  Say ‘see you later’ to your little friends.  When you next see them they’ll look very different, and you’ll be too busy screaming in pain to say ‘hi’.”  The door is slammed and the brothers are in silent darkness as they wait for their doom, knowing their fellow captives are being tortured and dined on only a few feet away.

When I next check on Colin he is finished cooking, so I use my oven mitts to slide his tray out, use my spatula to lift him out, and put him on the second plate between the twins.  His cooked flesh is so intoxicating that even Finn can’t help but lick his lips.  With a scissor I cut the twine from around his body.  He is in far too much pain to move an inch, which helps me to reposition him.  As I mold his tender flesh again, using the oven mitts so as not to burn myself, he whimpers in pain from around the tomato.  I put him on his knees, his cute little toes poking out from under his bubbly ass which is raised into the air so that its contents does not spill out.  His arms are forced at his sides, and his head is raised up, looking directly at me.

Satisfied that my meal is complete I pour myself a glass of chianti, (Ruffino Riserva), light some candles, and put on a bit of light music.  My casual demeanor somehow frightens the youths even more, as I finish the preparations.  A napkin, knife, and fork are put on my place setting, the knife there merely for appearances as I have no intention of piercing their flesh… feeling the boys alive and struggling from within makes for the best post-dinner sexual entertainment there is.  After all, they are here for two purposes only- they exist for two reasons only- my sexual appetites, both carnal pleasure and literal hunger.  It’s why they were put on this earth.  Sating my id is all they are good for… and all of the time they’ve been raised, going through the trials and tribulations of life, caring for their delectable bodies and feeding their minds, was only to make them more desirable snacks/toys for me.  Of course, having them think that I plan on dismembering them, cutting their meat away, slicing heads and limbs off, removing organs, and chewing them all up, is all well and good though.

I push the second plate into the center of the table, below the flickering candlelight, and remove the top of the first plate, setting it down in front of me.  I begin with Jackson.  My hands wrap around the bottom of his bun, feeling his weight which is heavier with the condiments and his added girth, and I slowly raise him to my lips feet first so that I can smile at his wide-eyed terror.  Jackson knows it is time.  Anything he’s been telling himself about it ending happily ever after or thoughts of delaying the inevitable with my procrastinating food preparation is gone.  All that’s left is pure consumption.  My tongue darts out suddenly and laps at his cute, pale little feet, tickling the soles and then quickly moving on to the tops and delicate toes.  I suck on each one separately, and then both together, resting his smooth calves on my lower lip.  The wind is then knocked out of him when I pull him from my mouth and spin the entire cocktail weenie around.  I hold him upside down for a moment, devouring him with my eyes one last time, and then open wide, the shadow of my maw passing over the top half of his body as he is slid inside head first, the bottom of the bun resting on my salivating tongue.  I block out his screams and those from his trapped fellow prisoners below- it seems they finally got their voices back… aside from Colin whose mouth is still full.  Suddenly, when he is in up to his belly button I slam my teeth downward as though I am about to bite him in half.  Shrieks of fear ring out from within and outside of my dank musky maw, but I stop just short of his skin.  I love teasing my prey.  Jackson’s sigh of relief is short lived.  The rest of the appetizer is pushed into my mouth and my lips close, sealing him in darkness.  My tastebuds are flooded with flavor, from the doughy consistency of the bread, to the tartness of the condiments, to the meaty delectable morsel that is Jackson himself, everything mingles together beautifully.  I batter him around, sampling every inch, every combination of tastes, separating them and combining them, sucking and slurping and licking, etc.  I chew at the bread, swallowing it down first as a preview of what is to come.  He is exhausted and can barely breathe
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I LOVED this story!!!! thanks
Full Size / High Roller (CV, Absorption, Muscle growth)
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A/N: UGH! okay so I was working on this story and another for a while. The other story was longer and was going to come out first, but it got deleted. I'm so upset I put a lot of work into it. Maybe i'll redo it, I don't know. ANYWAY here's a story that didn't get erased, hope you enjoy.

High Roller

“Come on, guys!” Eduardo shouted. He stood on the 1st floor at the bottom of the frat house steps.
“Don’t rush, we’re coming,” Trevor said strolling down. He was stripped down to his boxers and socks. His beautiful brown skin revealed not one blemish or mark on his body. He came to a rest at the last step and leaned his back against the banister.
Eduardo couldn’t help but get lost at the sight of Trevor. It wasn’t anything new but seeing Trevor half naked and looking suave as he relaxed got to Eduardo. He knew to be careful. One look too long and he’d have a hard on. Being the only one fully naked, Eduardo knew better than to pop a boner around a bunch of young guys.
Still Eduardo took this moment to sneak glimpses at the African American stud. Trevor didn’t play sports, but his love for the gym showed all over his body. Eduardo’s fantasy was short lived when Justin came bustling down the steps energetic as ever.
“I can’t believe, I’m second. I took of my clothes at lightning speed.” Justin was leaner than Trevor, but no less in shape. He played on the lacrosse team and never missed a day of practice. He could always be counted on to have an abundance of energy. “Ed, let’s just start without them.”
Eduardo declined. It was always a little unbearable, better to do it one after the other. Eduardo couldn’t pry his eyes away from Justin’s sky-blue boxer briefs. They contained a tightly compact package. The bulge was straining the underwear all on its own, not that Justin’s cute little bubble butt didn’t help.
Eduardo’s eyes drifted up the body to see Justin was smiling at him. Justin cupped his package with his right hand and shook it. Eduardo’s face turned bright red. He couldn’t believe he’d been that obvious he was curing at himself in Spanish inside his head.
Eduardo felt a precum escape from his dick.  He was already leaking now. Perhaps that had been Justin’s goal all along, Eduardo realized. Ed quickly turned his attention back to Trevor, who was completely oblivious to what had transpired.
Eduardo felt bad for having his attention stolen from his crush so easily. However, he couldn’t help it. He had sex with Justin back in freshman year. The lacrosse player certainly knew how to use both his front and back assets.
Sexually, Justin was as bisexual as they came, but romantically didn’t see himself dating a guy. Once the two had a heart to heart they decided to break off their relationship and remain friends. That didn’t stop Justin from using his body every now and then, to get a rise out of Ed.
Finally, the last two boys came down. Robert a blonde and blue-eyed perpetual stoner, and Antoine a college student from the UK.
Antoine had brown hair and was 6ft tall. The tallest out of all the boys who mostly stood at 5’9-5’11 except ed at 5’7. Even with his tall stature Antoine was very timid and over cautious about things. It was lucky he got paired up with Robert’s much more relaxed and easy-going nature. The blonde boy often found it easy to subdue Antoine’s worries.
Antoine was like a younger brother to Eduardo despite being taller. Eduardo and Antoine bonded initially through Antoine’s culture shock. From there Antoine and Eduardo got each other they were both introverted and reserved.
Eduardo met Robert when he was trying to live life on the edge. An endeavor that ultimately did not pan out. Fortunately, Robert was still a fun guy to be around even when the conversation wasn’t about getting high.
Robert was a former high school track runner, while Antoine stilled played club sports soccer or ‘football’ as he would say.
Robert had on white briefs, while Antoine had on white boxer briefs. Looking at them, it was as if the two purposefully decided to match.
Justin came up beside Eduardo and threw his left arm around Ed’s neck, then used his right hand to reach over and start stroking Ed.  Ed didn’t try to fight. It would have been pointless anyway. He did chuckle to himself though.  This is why the other frat members thought of them as the “gay” brothers.
It wasn’t meant to be derogatory, but rather based on the other brothers’ observations. They probably knew Justin wasn’t just gay since he often had a girl, but his skin ship with Ed was always closer than best friends. A kiss on the cheek here and long hug there. People start to see patterns. Robert and Antoine as different as they were, often got on the same wavelength. Just like with their matching underwear. No one asked if they were dating, not even Ed or the other two, but it would not have been a surprise.
Trevor was the only outlier having nothing about him being read as having a same-sex attraction, other than hanging around the other four young men.
However, this was their life. Their life in Delta Sigma Nu. They had gone through a lot to join and even among the brothers in the same year found themselves drawn to each other. However, it was with a discovery that connected the boys even closer.  They only got to do it once in a blue moon when the other brothers were out.
And Justin had just stroked Eduardo to completion. By now, his cock had grown past its normal mass to a form much more suited to taking in men.
“He’s ready. Who’s first?” Justin let the question hang in the air.  While Eduardo’s giant dick pointed towards the other three young men.
Trevor, ever the leader, strolled up to the dick and smiled at Eduardo. The Trevor placed both hands of the cock head he parted the lips and looked at the dark entrance calling to him. Next, Trevor abruptly shoved both hands inside.
“Holy fuck,” Ed cried in pleasure. It didn’t matter how many times he did this; the experience would always drive him crazy.
Trevor continued to force feed himself to the cock, shoving his arms in further up his elbows. The cock was happy now, twitching with each pound of Trevor it was forced to take. Trevor got up to his elbow before the cock started leaking precum. Trevor finally had some assistance, although he would have been fine shoving himself in alone.
Trevor let the precum soak all over his body so he could easily slide in. Then, lowered his head and let his world go dark as it popped in the cock. From there, Trevor used his powerful legs to start pushing the rest of himself in. He looked like an oiled wrestler as clear precum ran down his body, dripping onto the floor.
Ed moaned and nuzzled himself into Justin’s neck. The pleasure was to great. Trevor was always a big satisfying meal.
The sheer bulk of Trevor’s body destroyed, the consistency of Ed’s cock. There was a large bulge created by the young man, barely held in by the cock. Like any good cock food though Trevor made his way down the shaft and entered his home for the night in Ed’s balls.
Ed released another moan as his balls grew to accommodate their guest. Ed’s left nut expanded more when Trevor became and occupant. Ed’s face was completely flushed,
“I’m next,” A voice cried. Ed noticed Justin had disappeared from his side. Looking at the tip of his cock he could see the lacrosse player lathering himself up with the leaking pre.
“Dude, more!” Justin said stimulating the head, demanding more pre. A few more clear ropes came from within. “I’m about to make you feel so good,” Justin smiled.
Eduardo almost didn’t catch it from the tone, but was Justin… Jealous? He didn’t had time to process it, as Justin popped his head in and nuzzled the inside of the cock, it drove Ed crazy. Justin knew his body way too well.
Justin pressed his shoulders in which quickly disappeared. Robert and Antoine got the best view as they watch Justin’s hard-earned back muscles sink in further. The rest of Justin’s body was leaving the world until he was two failing legs. Ed’s cock jerked and swallowed them up. Now Justin was fully incased in the shaft.
Ed loved eating Justin. The boy was the right size for his cock. He could hold him fully and his cock wasn’t pushed to it’s limits to hold him, unlike Trevor. Justin only appeared as a bulge no defining shapes. But Ed could feel and taste every inch of Justin’s body.
The bulge Justin made spasmed. To the outside world it was hardly noticeable, but to Ed he knew Justin was cumming inside the huge dick like always.
Justin would never it admit he loved being swallowed by Ed’s cock more than anybody else, which is why he was always making a mess of his underwear. Not that it’s mattered they’d be soaked anyway.
The young men on the outside watched as the cock pumped up its right nut with the size of Justin.
Trevor sat balled up in the left nut completely unaware of the pleasure Ed had been forced to endure.
Ed felt both of his nut’s rumble ready to begin the digestion process.
“You two better hurry up,” Ed manage to say through moans.  He was serious. He was sure neither Robert of Antoine wanted to land in half cummified remains of their friends.
The two then decided to tag team the dick, but instead of overloading it, Antoine shoved Robert’s head inside. Antoine did not give Ed or the cock time to recover from the breach. The influx of Robert made the cock get even greedier. It drew in more of Robert’s body.
Unbeknownst to anyone, except Robert, his beautiful blond hair was getting soaked with precum. Soon his arms and torso fell victim to the same fate. It wasn’t long till Antoine was shoving Robert’s legs and feet in.
  Ed’s cock being over eager lurched and took in Robert’s fee and Antoine’s hand. It held tight to Antoine grasp on Robert’s leg. Antoine wasn’t going any were even if he wanted to.
Antoine released his grip and let Robert sink into the right nut with Justin. Antoine was grateful he got to see the size double when Robert joined it’s ranks. Now, it was Antoine’s turn to help Trevor.
Ed began to swallow down Antoine, letting the cock support the boy’s weight as Antoine’s legs became disconnected from the floor. Ed’s cock rose vertically as it continued to feast on the tall British boy. Aided by gravity it wouldn’t belong before the last boy was gone.
Antoine’s toes had just disappeared when, Ed could already feel a head entering his balls. Ed smiled taken by pleasure. Tall guys always seemed to get where they were going faster. With one powerful flex of his mighty cock, Antoine fell in the left nut on top of Trevor.
Ed felt complete. Everyone was where they belong. No longer waiting the balls begin to break down their meals. The boys were forced against each other, their bodies soaked in cum. Ed’s cum broke them down from the outside and any that got past their lip continued the process inside. The young men were mixed and churned into a hefty potent load of baby batter for Ed.
The waves of jizz came to a rest inside as balls as the former young men found stasis. Their DNA completely rewritten to be that of Ed’s future lineage.
Digestion hadn’t taken long, while the boys were huge meals, even alone, Ed’s body was used to breaking them down repeatedly.
Ed’s great cock slit opened and shot ropes of precum. The other boy’s clothes splattered across the room soaked in Ed’s juices. It would be Ed’s job to clean up the mess.
Once the clothes were out of him Eduardo concentrated. He felt the cum in his balls get pressed together and his cock start to shrink back. His balls were the size of tangerines when he could no longer condense the cum, but his dick had returned to normal. That would be short lived, however.
In an instance the cum fermenting in his balls started to shrink more and Ed’s body started to grow. He was absorbing every bit of testosterone, nutrients, and power the other young men had to offer. In return, his body grew taking up more space in frat house’s living room. His arms’ and legs bulged out. His chest puffed up each pec becoming inflated with muscles. His four pack abs transformed becoming an eight pack. His height grew to a 6’2 just edging out Antoine’s. Lastly his cock lengthened, taking in the last nutritious bits for itself. His new fatter cock hung proudly between his legs ending just a bit before his knees. His balls were now drained of all the young man cum each had produce, but they weren’t immune to the effects. They now hung as the perfect plums to match the new cock. Of course, the left nut was a bit lopsided due to the weight it held and who it absorbed.
Ed made a mental note not to put the two biggest guys in the same nut again unless he always wanted to be lopsided.
The transformation was complete.  Ed retrieved his other brothers’ clothes, and then ran to his room to put on fitting clothes.
Ed already had clothes he could fit since they’d been doing this for a while. Other brothers wondered why he had baggy clothes he never wore. In truth, these clothes were only for special occasions like this, or impromptu pajamas.
Ed got dressed for the party, throwing on a white short sleeve polo and blue jeans. He loved this outfit because it accentuated all of his gained muscles so well. 
He flexed his bicep and watched it swell at the opening of the sleeve. He bounced his pecs and watched his shirt dance in response. He would have kept going, but he needed to stop. Anymore and he’d be masturbating, or worse he’d cum hands free. Not that he was against that part of him reveled in the idea of going to the party marked in his own potent musk. He’d have girls and guys cumming when he stepped through the front door.
Ed had to slap himself. He was losing perspective. Carrying around four guys does that to a person. While they had all been converted into muscle, he could still feel them somewhere deep inside him. Their contributions to his body especially their horniness was often hard for one person to bear.
Ed though was very experienced and still managed to get to the house party all clothes intact. When he walked through the door no one came in their pants, but lots of girls swarmed him.
After 30 minutes he managed to sneak away upstairs. He just needed a breather from the girls. He could tell them he was gay, but that could’ve opened another can of worms.
On the 2nd floor all the doors were closed, except for one at the end of the hall, light barely sneaking out from the crack. As Ed creeped forward, he heard voices talking normally and shouting at each other.
He opened the door to find 3 college men sitting around in their underwear and socks holding playing cards. He couldn’t believe it, were they really playing strip poker? Then again, horny young men never needed an excuse to get naked.
“Hey, can I join you?” Ed asked wanting desperately not to have to return downstairs.
The three-boy looked at each other and said “Sure.”
They introduced themselves Gerald, Malcom, and Drew. Ed took the time to properly study them.  Drew was muscular not as built as Ed, but close. Gerald was toned, but a lot leaner and Malcom looked as average as any college student you could find anywhere.
After losing the first round, Ed asked what he should take off first, but was only met with confused stares.
“Take off? What are you talking about?” Gerald asked.
“Well this *is* strip poker.” Ed said.
The three boys looked at each other and laughed. Drew spoke up first, “Dude, this is absorption poker. So yeah, we do strip things away, just not clothes.” Drew winked.
Ed was dumbfounded how could they know? “I’m not sure what you guys are saying.” He tried to play it off.
“I’ve seen you on campus multiple times. Recently, in fact. How else would you describe your rapid growth?” Malcom said speaking up. The other boys nodded in agreement.
“Come on, it’s all in good fun,” Gerald said. “So, let’s continue the game.”
Ed decided to give in and play along. He didn’t like how this had developed, but he didn’t feel they were bad people either.
Since Drew had one it was his reward to take. Drew let his cock out from his boxer and asked Ed to same.
Ed unzipped his pants and his cock flew out.
“Going commando, nice,” Drew smirked. “That dick looks amazing can’t wait to get a taste of it.”
The two you men soon had huge cock’s battling for control of the room, having expanded to a hungrier form.
Ed took at look at Drews cock it wasn’t as big as his, but it had foreskin that pulled back when it grew out. The cock head looked angry and red, ready to pounce.
Drew knew his cock was dripping at the sight of Ed’s. His cock lunged and swallowed Ed’s cockhead so quickly the boy didn’t have time to respond. Next Drew’s foreskin came back over the heads docking both. Drew swallow another portion of Ed’s cock.
Ed was in heaven as if his cock was being massaged completely, but then he felt it. A disconnect within himself. He was being drained and the drainage was going to his left nut. He felt himself shrink a bit in height and his clothes get less tight around him.
In no time at all Ed could feel the presence of a young man in his balls. He could tell it was Antoine. The young man had reformed and was now curled up safely in Ed’s balls resting.
Then Ed felt the tug. It was pulling on Antoine. Drew was using his cock to forcibly coax Antoine’s body out. Ed couldn’t fight back even if he wanted to. He felt Antoine’s head enter his shaft and the rest of his body follow. Antoine’s head breached past Ed’s cock lips only to be already deep in Drew’s hungry member.
Drew’s cock looked absurd being stretched out, not only by a monstrous dick, but a man as well. Drew didn’t care though this was the ultimate pleasure. The taste of Ed’s cock was exquisite. Even when Antoine dropped into Drew’s balls, his dick didn’t stop.
Ed was worried Drew would try to suck another guy out, but he couldn’t pull away. No matter how much he tried to step back Drew’s cock had a firm grip. Ed didn’t go anywhere,
Drew was soon rewarded for his determination with a healthy batch of Ed’s cum. While it didn’t contain any of the other boy’s it was still a potent load from his digestive nut’s.
Ed felt himself spewing gallon after gallon deep into Drew. Even depleted of a man Ed had a lot of milk to give and Drew wanted it so bad.
Drew’s cock kept milking Ed after each shot it demanded more from the frat boy’s reserve. Drew balls were getting bloated he let the cum fill both indiscriminately. Ed’s cum and Drew’s stewed together becoming more digestive batch and Antoine was the first victim.  His body had already been broken down by Ed before, but this destructive batch made quick work of him. Drew’s balls rounded out with Antoine’s cum weight.
Drew’s cock released Ed’s with a loud POP. A few strands of Ed’s cum got thrown across the room as his dick flopped out. Ed fell onto his ass and his dick fell back on to his body softening.
“Dude, I think your dick is dead,” Gerald chuckled.
Ed couldn’t deny it his body felt wiped and his dick felt defeated. He saw Drew on the other hand, who focused on getting rid of all the cum in his balls. Drew drained his balls and grew in height. Having fully taken Antoine, Drew was taller than Ed now. Drew’s muscles however hadn’t grown much.
After the show of growth, Drew flexed his muscles, showing off to all the boys in the room.
They heard shouting coming from downstairs. Gerald went to check it out, when he got back, he said there had been a fight between some of the boys and girls at the party. Bottom line was the party was over.
“Fine guess I’ll head back to my room,” Drew grabbed his clothes, while Malcom started dressing.
“What about my friend?” Ed asked.
“Oh, don’t worry. We usually let people out in the morning, sleeping with them inside is much more fun.” Malcom added.
“Well, that’s fine for you guys, but I’d like my friend back now.” Ed said with conviction.
Drew smirked, “Ya know if you want him back so badly tonight. You’re welcome to come to my room and challenge me.”
“Fine,” Ed stated.
“And the rest of you guys?” Drew turned his attention to his other friends “We’re talking all, or nothing here.”
Malcom sighed, “Unlike you guys I have to walk back to my dorm alone, so I’d rather not be here longer than usual.”
“As soon as you guys leave my room, I’m going to bed; I’m beat.” Gerald admitted.
Once it was clear neither of the other boys were interested in continuing the nights festivities, they parted ways. Ed followed Drew down the hallway to the opposite end of the corridor.
Upon opening the door, Ed was surprised to see the bedroom as a regular young man’s room. A few messy clothes on the floor, trophies along with pre-prepared water balloons of various colors on a bookcase. There was a red electric guitar in the corner next to a desk. A half-made bed decorated the center of the room, tying together the last of clue to what Drew was like.
Ed was surprised Drew didn’t have a roommate, but then again, some brothers were lucky with their respective frat’s room selection.
“So, what’s the game?” Ed wasn’t sure how he’d win another round of strip poker, but he was determined.
“How about this?” Drew said reaching under his bed and pulling out a black and white game board.
“Um, I don’t know the first thing about chess.” Ed admitted.
Drew pouted and added, “We could just do checkers then.”
Ed nodded in agreement, that was a game he knew how to play. He stood a fighting chance after all, he just needed to win.
That confidence didn’t last long. All Ed’s pieces were seamlessly taken off the board, turn after turn, until Ed had no pieces left.
He ended up with Drew cock back on his. Once again that, beast milked Ed’s own. It forced his muscles to recede and lose definition while a body formed in his right nut sack. Ed could tell it was Robert.
It didn’t take long before Drew’s cock slurped up Robert. As if shot though a straw, the young man moved through both shafts.
Drew could feel Robert’s muscles and took glee in it, but Robert hadn’t been as delicious as Antoine. Drew dislodged himself from Ed, while Robert fell into his nut’s blissfully unaware that’d he’d been transferred. Drew’s cum soon broke the boy down to become more jizz for his swollen testicles. Drew promptly absorbed all the boy had to offer. Then he grew.
Ed could only watch as Drew got a little wider and thicker. Drew was finally bigger than Ed now. Ed saw something happen to Drew’s face; a wave went across it. When Frew finally opened his eyes and look at Ed. Ed was silenced it was as if Drew’s face restructured itself after taking Robert.
Ed knew he always got handsomer after taking in his friends, but he felt what he did and what Drew were doing were slightly different. “But what is it?” Ed thought.
“I leave when I fucking want to!” A voice belted from the first floor, shocking both Drew and Ed.
 “I should go check on how the party’s wrapping up.” Drew said rushing out his door, leaving Ed alone in his room.
Ed waited for Drew to return, but after 5 minutes found himself inspecting the room. The guitar was cool, but Ed had no idea how to play. Drew’s desk was a mess old papers and homework were just lying on top.
Ed worked his way over to the water balloons on the bookshelf. There were names written on tape under each one. He took a hard look at a red balloon. The liquid inside wasn’t water. He cautiously picked it up. The liquid shifted in his grasped and even moved a bit as he held it. He brought it up to his face. The liquid inside was white and thick, it was restless as if it was alive. Ed mind was connecting dots. He gave a good glance over the balloon. Then realized this was not a balloon, it was a condom.  Ed quickly placed the “balloon” back on the shelf and sat back in his spot.
Ed thought it was weird to have water balloons sitting like that, but this was college and people did weird things all the time, frats were no exception. However, those condoms revealed something more sinister than Ed initial thought. Ed knew he had to rescue his friends possibly the others that had played tonight with Drew and his friends.
Drew came back. Ed could still hear arguing downstairs. The girls and boys that started the fight clearly had more to say to each other.
“It’s mostly died down, but they can handle it.” Drew added. The two resumed their game.
Ed was shocked when he won. Drew didn’t look impressed and just stood up. Drew’s cock latched on to Ed’s again. This time however Drew got shorter as a young man reformed in his ball. That young man was swiftly ushered out and sent down Ed’s cock.
Ed felt Antoine rejoining with him and his left nut sagged further down again. Now Ed was taller, but Drew remained stockier.
“Hey, what about Rob?” Ed asked
“What about him,” Drew shrugged, “Our arrangement was that you get your tall friend back. Nothing else.”
“I’m not going to leave him inside you.”
“Why not?” Drew said. Then he looked back at his bookcase, “Oh you’re afraid he’ll end up as one of those?”
Drew let out a sly smile, “You figured it out! Well, I knew you would. That’s why I left you in here alone to see it.”
Ed was speechless Drew’s fun demeanor suddenly had a sadistic twist to it.
Ed eyes hardened, “This is what you three do? Take people and store them?”
“Woah, woah!” Drew gestured for Ed to calm down, “Gerald and Malcom aren’t in on this. You’d think they’d still play with me if they knew? I let them believe I release then, but honestly why give up all this potential nutrition.”
Drew walked over to the bookshelf, “Once a human’s digested in the balls and condensed, storing them in condoms is easy. Don’t worry though, I don’t plan on emptying you or your friends into one. I’d rather keep all of you inside.”
Ed legs were trembling. “What do you mean me or my friends?”
Drew placed the condom back, “I already told you this is a game of all or nothing. We play until only one of us is standing.”
“Why do I have to play this sick game?” Ed demanded.
“But your friend’s still in here,” Drew ran a hand down his abs, “Not to mention the two guy I took from Malcom and Gerald, don’t you want to save them?”
Ed knew he didn’t have a choice. He had no idea how to make Drew reform Rob. He also doubted Drew would just let him walk out the door. So, for now all he could do was rely on Drew’s word.
They played another match and Ed won again. Drew grumbled to himself as he set this cock up. Ed prepared himself to received Robert but gasped at the feeling of a foreign invader. Drew was serving up one of his other victims.  A twunk with a nice firm ass.
Drew smiled internally. He said he’d give up the victims, but he never said in which order.
Ed felt his balls digest the twunk and his own ass swell in his blue jeans.
Drew silently returned to the game and started another match.  When he lost, he started letting out a slew of curses.
Regardless he still sent another strange young man into Ed, making the boy’s chest grow even broader. Ed reached up and cupped his pecs they felt even heavier. This knew guy had spiked up Ed’s horniness. Ed wanted to push Drew down and cum on his face.
Drew was down to just holding Rob now. Drew looked around panicked, He could lose in the next round.
“Hey, let’s up the ante. I want to wager more guys.”
Ed looked confused, “Why would I do that I’m about to win?”
Drew looked over to his bookcase “I’ll throw in three of them, plus Rob. If you win, I’m sure even if they’re straight they’d do anything, ANYTHING, to thank you.”
Ed realized he could save more people. He’d be their hero. He was too horny to care about that though, the moment he heard Drew talk about what they’d possibly do, he was sold.
They played wagering up four bodies. Ed’s confidence was shot when his last piece came off the board. He was doing so well how could he have lost.
Drew didn’t care about the funk Ed was in. He’d won and a deal was deal. He pulled down his boxer and his cock quickly took back his three former victims, but this time a new member would join their ranks.
Ed felt the weight in his left nut grow as Trevor reformed. He couldn’t believe he had risked his crush.
Drew went wide eyed at the size of Trevor. His cock began suctioning and Trevor began his ascent deforming Ed’s cock once again with his body.
“AHH!” Drew let out a moan of pleasure as Trevor entered him. His own cock found Trevor to be quite the sizable meal. Drew didn’t know Ed was carrying something so large inside him. Drew’s cock eventually managed to tuck the young man away in the balls. His cock plopped off Ed’s. Drew was Sweating. Swallowing down Trevor had taken a lot of energy.
Drew was happy he had assimilated Ed’s cum because it would have taken a while to break the beefy boy down on his own. In the end Trevor’s body submitted to its new home. Trevor became a sizable load in Drew’s nuts. Drew absorbed everything Trevor had to given him. His body and muscles happily pumped up.
Ed was now standing before a mountain. Drew’s face shifted and transformed as he took in the last bits of Trevor. His skin gained a light tan. After the scene was over, Drew pulled his boxers back up. Ed could now see the head of Drew’s dick was sticking out of the leg holes. It had grown too big.
Ed was only carrying Justin now. He didn’t want to play anymore. He couldn’t lose Justin, Justin meant so much to him. There wasn’t really a choice though. Drew now could easily overpower him and just drag Justin right from his cock. However, Ed did wonder how come Drew hadn’t done that with all the boys from the beginning.
The next round started up. Ed found it hard to concentrate with Drew throwing winks and smiles his way. Drew would scratch his balls, or stroke his cock, run over his abs just to steal Ed’s attention.
The only thing Ed got at the end of the round was a hard on, while Drew geared up for his next meal.
Ed stood up crying. He’d lost Justin.
Drew’s cock found Ed’s and they both began their familiar rhythm. Drew’s started to pulsate around Ed’s. It had grown so large, engulfing Ed’s to the base. Half of Drew’s shaft was still unoccupied.
Ed could feel the last of his strength flowing out of his body back to his sack. Justin was being reformed.  Ed had shrunk back to his original body and average height, His giant balls only housed one young man.  Ed felt some shifting from within. Justin was awake and moving.
Ed didn’t have time to enjoy the movement as Drew’s cock was at its job. It demanded Justin to be relinquished and was soon sucking him out. Ed saw the bulge in his cock make an impression on Drew’s as Justin moved. Ed felt Justin reach the tip of his cock head.
Ed moaned, legs weak, as Justin’s head breached the tip of his cock head.
Justin thought Ed was bringing him back but was surprised to find himself still in a dark cavern. Somehow the smell of cum was even more overpowering than before.
Ed tried to hang on to Justin using his cock to form a strong grip, trying to pull him back in. It was no use. Drew’s cock massage was making it hard to keep hold of anything. Justin’s broad shoulders came out the cock lips, then his torso and ample ass slid out.
By now Justin had realized Ed was fighting to hold onto him. He didn’t know why but figured he could ask later. He tried to push himself back into Ed, however Drew’s cock would not allow that.
Drew’s cock increased suction, pulling on Justin, and stimulating Ed to the point his cock just regurgitated any part Justin shoved back in.
Drew watched as the bulge share between both their cocks was solely transferred to his. Justin slid into Drew’s sack fighting all the way. Drew was surprised Justin had a reformed awake not that it mattered. A struggling prey was fun to digest as well.
When Justin fell, He already knew he was someone’s else balls. The smell was cum but different than Ed’s.  He ended up swallowing an unhealthy amount. The taste of the cum had slightly reminded him of Ed’s. He could feel his stomach bulge out, as if it was going to give way under pressure.
He didn’t need to worry long though the cum around him was breaking him down. Justin felt his stomach rumble. The cum he has swallowed was being digested. It was converting him from the inside out. Attacked on both fronts Justin didn’t have long before he became Drew’s new family recipe.
Drew felt his nut give way to jostling liquid. Even as cum Justin was highly active. Regardless, Drew soaked him up the same way he’d done with all the others. All that activity and power was repurposed into Drew in some fashion. Drew grew and ripped his boxers apart with his massive legs and cock. 
Drew now stood only in white socks that barely held his massive feet. He looked over to Ed.

 Ed’s clothes hung loosely to his body. With no more muscle to support them they drooped and sagged sadly off his frame. Ed looked like a kid wearing clothes several sizes larger.
“One more to go,” Drew said.
“One... more?” Ed’s voice trembled.
“Like I said, this is ALL or nothing,” Drew set the board up once again for one more round.
Ed knew he couldn’t back down, this meant he still had a chance to fight for his life.
When they were about to begin Drew shot his finger up signaling to hold on for a minute. Drew threw is head back and groaned. His cock lengthened and his face underwent a series of morphs.
Ed was scared, when Drew looked back at him, he didn’t just see just Drew, but it resembled a hodge podge of all the other boys.
“What did you do to them?”
“I absorbed them,” Drew was nonchalant with his response.
 The game began.
Halfway through the round Drew let out a laugh. “I guess you do always do that.”
Drew looked at Ed, “Sorry, I was just going though Justin’s memories…Well my memories and I remembered you always scratch behind your ear when you don’t know what move to make.”
Ed was freaked out “How can you have Justin’s memories?”
Drew smile disappeared, “You really are a weak pred, aren’t you?”
Ed had no idea how to respond so he said nothing.
“You’ve been taking all these hot guys and turning them into nothing but muscle, when you can take so much more from them.” Drew smiled.
“For example, If Trevor suspects you might like him and I add his body to mine, wouldn’t it make sense to distract you with my Trevor-enhanced body so you’re more likely to make mistakes?”
“You did what?” Ed said startled.
“Well, Trevor only had and inkling I decided to test it out and look, it was right!  However, Justin seems to know you so well I should have taken him first and saved us the trouble.”
Shortly after that Drew displayed just how well Justin knew Ed by ending the match rather quickly.
“So, what will you do now?” Drew looked at him.
“Huh? I lost so…”
“You can run away and live with the guilt. I promise I won’t come after you.” Drew let that option sit and saw the thoughts go through Ed’s brain. “Or you can join this body along with your friends.” Drew stood up and displayed his body in all its glory. The biceps and shoulders hard as stone. The pecs that had become bulkier and packed with so much more meat. Abs easily distinguished from each other. A thick long cock and sculpted ass that begged Ed to join.
Drew was serious about not going after Ed, but he knew Ed. He was all four boys now. There was no way Ed would leave his friends. He wasn’t that kind of person. So, the option was never really an option.
Ed answered just as expected.
Immediately Drew pounced on him and ripped the oversized jeans away.
“Aren’t you going to eat me?” Ed asked
“I’ll absorb you however I want.” Drew said, spreading Ed’s legs. “But let’s have sex first. One last bang, right?”
Drew leaned in and whispered, “Try to enjoy this. You and Trevor are finally going to be having sex.”
Ed couldn’t deny that idea turned him on, and his drained cock responded in turn.
Drew let his precum leak on Ed’s hole and loosened him up. Then he took the rest and rubbed it over his cock.
Drew then rammed his cock-up Ed’s ass in one fell swoop. Ed was surprised that he hadn’t even felt pain. Once fully inside he felt the weight the cock put in him.
Drew started of gently fucking Ed, moving their hips slow kissing along the smaller man’s body.
Ed looked up at the fully evolved Drew fucking him. All he saw was his four friends faces, but mostly Trevor looking back down at him. Drew leaned in and kissed Ed on the lips. Ed let himself melt into the kiss. His mind realized he’d never get to be with Trevor, but this was what it felt like.
When the kiss broke. Playtime was over. Ed had had his fun, now it was Drew’s turn. He hadn’t absorbed all these muscles for nothing.
He started pistol fucking Ed. Showing Ed exactly how Trevor would have roughly fucked him.
Drew slowed down pushed into Ed with longer thrust. Ed could hear Drew’s heart beat their bodies were so close.
Drew gave three strong thrust before Ed’s cock started coating both their bodies in cum.
The cum rushed out of Ed’s balls, gushing more with each pump from Drew.
“Justin!!” Ed cried out.
Drew stopped for a moment. His heart felt a pang. One of love and jealousy. “That’s a lot to unpack, but we don’t have the time. I still haven’t cum.”
Drew picked up the pace again, pounding away on Ed’s ass. His legs and ass were going numb. Ed could hear Drew’s heart beat so clearly now. No wait, he didn’t hear it. He could feel it.  But how was that possible?
Ed look down where Drew’s cock was plunged into him. He could see the veins spreading over his body. The veins pulsed with each beat of Drew’s heart.  His legs weren’t numb, they were half melded into Drews balls.
Ed was going to scream at the sight, but a clear liquid came out his mouth. Ed voice wasn’t working anymore.
Drew bent over and lapped up at the drool coming from Ed. “That’s some good precum.”
Ed must have looked confused because Drew responded. “You’re going to be my new dick.”
Ed didn’t understand. He could still feel Drew’s dick inside him. Drew was still pumping away using it.  Ed touched Drew’s face and tried to find Justin, Trevor, Antoine … anyone that could help him. Ed felt weird he could feel his hand on Drew’s face, like touching a part of his own body.  His eyes pleaded with those inside Drew.
Drew took Ed’s had and said “It’s going to be okay” using a voice that sounded as if he mixed Justin and Trevor’s in with his own.
Ed was still scared, but his heart was slowing down. No, that wasn’t it. His heart was only starting to match in line with Drew’s heartbeat.
Drew wrapped Ed’s arms around him and brought him in for some deep making out. Drew used his tongue to really dig in Ed’s mouth. His hand’s roamed under the white polo to touch Ed’s torso, which was becoming more rigid.
Ed realized that he wasn’t being kissed. Drew was just drinking his own precum, but since Ed’s upper half was still human this was the only way to do it. Drew’s hands also weren’t trying to pleasure Ed, rather they were stroking Drew’s cock, which temporarily had the appearance of Ed.
Ed still felt like he’d been speared on a cock, but it was obvious that Drew was only seeing him as the cock. Drew was teasing Ed all over, lifting his shirt to tweak his nipples, leaving hickeys on his neck.
Ed’s legs were completely gone now somewhere fused into Drews balls. He tried to move them only to see Drew’s balls bounce. “Woah,” Drew said feeling the pleasure from that. A pleasure that flowed into Ed.
Ed couldn’t appreciate as his own cock was sinking into his torso. All he could do was spit up more pre cum which Drew happy lapped up.
Precum rolled down the side of Ed’s mouth. He could no longer willfully close it, Drew took a finger and wiped at the cum rolling down. Then he happily licked the finger.
“Man, you’re going to be such a leaky dick. What will I do with you?”  Now that they were connected Ed could tell the prospect mostly just turned Drew on even more.
Ed’s arms started to recede turned into little stubs as his torso fed on them to become more mass for Drew’s new shaft.
Drew kissed around Ed’s face, the only last reaming bit of what used to be a college student. Drew just wanted to tease his own cock head. He ended up getting himself smothered in precum. His balls were getting ready to spill the actual treat.  He grabbed Ed on both side and by thrusting his hips began stroking his cock.
Ed was still wearing his shirt, but he could see where his torso was disappearing, and Drew’s cock began. Ed could feel the change crawl up his body till it reached his neck. Then Ed felt a pressure build around his neck.
Drew was in total awe at what happed next. His foreskin stretched the polo’s neck hole and came out, covering Ed’s face.  Drew watched and never stopped stroking, as Ed’s face disappeared, feeling it reshape to become a new cock head.  Finally, the foreskin pulled back and Ed reentered the world fully transformed. He was a glorious cock head, and with one more thrust began to unleash Drew’s seed into the room.
Drew’s semen covered his desk, knocked over his guitar, and soaked his bed. Drew fell back completely exhausted. His champion cock stuck vertically in the air still wearing Ed’s shirt.
Drew laughed. Cocks didn’t need to be dressed.
Drew started moaning. It was time to take this bad boy in. He needed to combine its mass with his own.  He had to catch his breath multiple times.  Anyone passing probably thought he was getting fucked in the ass, but this was a full-on front assault. His new dick was a little naughty, but eventually surrendered all it’s mass into Drew. The mass poured into him as his hyper cock became “normal” but still above average and his athletic body entered the realm of muscular god.
“Whew,” Drew said. He was truly exhausted. He picked up the polo, that had covered his cock. and put it on. It barely fit, but it was good enough. It was also drenched with the strong smell of his seed, not that Drew cared.
Drew landed straight on his bed regardless of the cum on it. It’d all be dried up by the morning anyway.
Drew was ecstatic. Tonight, had been so great he decided to even release the other two people in the morning. Who wanted them when he had 5 hunks?
Drew smiled. Life was good.
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This was really good! I hope you write a sequel.
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