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Full Size / Re: Grade A Prime - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing)
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Thanks, I had fun writing it.
Full Size / Re: Grade A Prime - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing)
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this is a good story

Full Size / Re: Like Son, Like Father (FS, OV, Absorption)
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I feel bad for Bentley, but this was a fun and hot story to read.
Full Size / Like Son, Like Father (FS, OV, Absorption)
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A/N:  Here's another story!

Like Son, Like Father

Bentley worked on fixing dinner, sweat pouring down his forehead. Tonight, was the night. There was no going back. He had to tell his dad; this is what he had been waiting for.
Mr. Kenner was laid out on his son’s brown couch watching TV in his underwear. His current girlfriend had thrown him out and having nowhere else to go he arrived at his son’s place. Mr. Kenner thanked whatever higher power might be out there. He knew he wasn’t a great person, but somehow him and his ex-wife had raised an amazing son.
Bentley was succeeding in life everywhere Mr. Kenner was failing, Bentley had just got a great job, he had his own apartment, and a great relationship. Or did he? Mr. Kenner realized then he hadn’t heard his son talk about his current girlfriend ever. He didn’t even know if his son was dating.
Trying not to be too obvious, Mr. Kenner snuck glances around the apartment at pictures Bentley had scattered around. Most of the photos hanging on the wall were from Bentley’s childhood. Mr. Kenner’s eyes landed on one of him and his son at a wrestling tournament. Bentley had been a high school senior then and finished as the top wrestler in the state. Mr. Kenner smiled proudly. His son was truly amazing.
Mr. Kenner decided to focus his attention on the frames around the TV. None of them seemed all that interesting or insightful. One was Bentley with his ex, both good friends now, hiking in a forest.
Mr. Kenner sighed he’d never get why they broke up she seemed perfect for him, but he knew better than anyone about trying to force a romantic relationship with people that are better friends.
His eyes went over a photo from Bentley’s college days. He didn’t seem clingy to anyone in the photo. There were a few other pictures of Bentley’ study abroad days, fairs, one with a guy friend, a few with locals, all placed near the TV.
Mr. Kenner gave up. There was no more point in looking. His son would find someone eventually he was too great not to.
It wasn’t the heat that had cause Bentley to sweat, but he had taken his shirt off regardless. He needed to feel as comfortable as possible. Bentley looked over from his kitchenette area. His dad was doing okay so far. Not a good or bad mood. All Bentley had to do was begin the conversation.
Mr. Kenner watched as his son entered and began setting the table for them to eat. Like any proud dad Mr. Keener watched and really took notice of the man his son had become. For one, Bentley was almost an exact duplicate of Mr. Keener’s past self, both at 6ft. Bentley’s clean-shaven face, and the blonde hair and brown eyes he inherited from his mother were the only things that let his dad know he wasn’t a clone. Mr. Kenner had blue eyes and dark brown hair, that was finally showing signs of gray. Even his well-trimmed beard was failing victim to gray hairs.
Mr. Kenner’s chest was hairless even at his age now, however his son’s muscular body had lots of fine blonde hairs all over it. Of course, anyone would fawn over his son’s abs, but his own beer pack wasn’t getting nearly as much love.
Besides those few differences, they were similar in every way. Bentley had taken to sports much like his father. In high school, the two of them practiced every year to ensure Bentley could make it on whatever team he desired to play on. Though it became obvious that the boy had a natural passion for wrestling, whereas Mr. Kenner’s high school sport had been rugby.
Mr. Kenner got his lazy ass off the couch and decided to help his son set up. It was the least he could do.
Through dinner the two talked about how Mr. Keener’s last relationship had gone so south. Mr. Kenner’s thoughts were more focused on how not to bum off his son forever, and if his ex-wife might let him stay at her place for a bit.
Eventually, dinner reached a point where Bentley put down his utensils with a loud CLANG,
“Dad, I have to tell you something,” Bentley said staring intensely at his plate.
Mr. Kenner wasn’t really one to get scared, but his gut told him this conversation might not be o pleasant. “Well, go ahead.”
Bentley close his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I just don’t know how.”
Mr. Kenner spoke in his most comforting father voice, “Son, whatever it is well get through it. Whatever it is I’ll still be here for you.”
“Dad, I’ve met someone.”
Mr. Kenner couldn’t contain his smile as it started to grow, “Is—
“It’s a guy!” Bentley blurted out, before his father could finish his reaction.
Mr. Kenner closed his mouth got up and walked over to where his son was sitting. “Get up.” he said in a strict tone. His boy stood and suddenly Bentley felt like he was back to being a kid bout to be punished.
Mr.  Kenner asked, “Is that all?”
Bentley nodded in response.
Mr. Kenner came up to his son and wrapped him in a full embrace. “Don’t do that to me kid!” His voice much lighter and softer.
He let his son go and lightly slapped him upside the head. “I thought you were going to say you had cancer or something.”
Mr. Kenner let his son share some more details about his new partner. During study abroad, Bentley had made a friend and a year ago the friend had come to America for work. The two didn’t see it coming, but soon they were spending time together, until eventually they slept together.
Mr. Kenner nodded in agreement as if he understood. He really didn’t though. Ever since he had hit puberty all he could think about was getting his dick wet with a girl that liked him. However, that wouldn’t stop him for being there for his son.
Bentley could have any guy, gal, or anyone else that he wanted. Mr. Kenner couldn’t help but feel a bit envious, it was like watching himself back in the day.
“Have you told you mother?”
“Well, I didn’t even plan on telling you just yet, but since you were here, I thought why not?”
Mr. Kenner did a little dance inside that he had been told first. As close as he and his son were, Mr. Kenner knew deep down his son wanted to be a momma’s boy. He probably would have told her first. Lady luck had shined down on Mr. Kenner though, and given him this opportunity to support his son.
“She’ll definitely be fine with it. She loves you almost as much as I do.”
“Dad.” Bentley said in a “don’t start it” tone.
“I’m joking,” Mr. Keener knew his ex-wife was the best, but the two could get quite competitive when it came to their son. “She’ll be fine. It’s the extended family you’ll have to watch out for.” He said a bit more serious.
“I hadn’t even thought that far ahead,” Bentley let out a long sigh.
The duo finished up the last of their meal and cleaned off the table. Mr. Kenner went back to laying on the couch while his son washed the dirty dishes.
“You should just get a dish washer,” Mr. Keener yelled not taking his eyes from the TV.
“Maybe in the future, but for now I have two good hands.” Bentley yelled back form the kitchenette.
Mr. Kenner chuckled to himself that was definitely his Ex-wife’s upbringing talking.
He let himself get lost in the tv program and scratched his stomach as it growled. He looked around again at the pictures that were huddled next to the TV. His son had a magnetic smile that even captured in a photo lit up his life. Mr. Kenner’s nose was assaulted by a wonderful smell and his stomach shook.
Mr. Kenner quickly sat up. “It couldn’t be,” He thought.
The smell wafted through the air again. It was extremely appealing and masculine in nature. It called out to Mr. Kenner, who grew a worried look on his face.
There was only one person he could be smelling at that moment.
“No, No, not again” Mr. Kenner hopped off the couch and began looking for his clothes. He had to get out of there. Finding his clothes proved to be a difficult task. Where had he put them. He had been in such a funk when he arrived, he just threw them anywhere.
Mr. Kenner ran to check his son’s room he didn’t have long. His stomach was giving him a hunger he hadn’t felt in years. During puberty, getting with girls and playing rugby weren’t the only things he had gotten into. He had developed an appetite, specifically for his bullies, former rugby players themselves. Each taken a trip down his gullet for a permeant stay in his sanctuary. It really helped with packing on the muscle. The day he became a father. though it was if the hunger had disappeared completely. Now it was back with a vengeance.
Bentley walked into his bedroom texting. “Hey, dad my boyfriend’s going to… what are you doing?” He said looking up from his phone.
“I’m searching for my fucking pants, what does it look like!” Bentley was taken aback by his father’s voice. It was rather aggressive and almost animalistic.
Mr. Kenner gave up. If he couldn’t find his clothes, fuck it. He’d just walk outside in his underwear and put on clothes later. No matter what he had to get out of here.
“Dad do you need help?” Bentley said unintentionally blocking is father from exiting his bedroom.
Mr. Kenner breathed in getting a full body look at his son. The young man was perfect. The spitting image of Mr. Kenner in his prime, and Bentley hadn’t needed to eat any men to get that way. What Mr. Kenner desired was not only reliving his past, but to consume his past self. And there it stood, in the form of his son.
Mr. Kenner didn’t have time to explain and bull dozed past his son, knocking Bentley onto the floor. The move was so sudden and unexpected Bentley had the wind knocked out of him.
Mr. Kenner turned around when he didn’t hear his son get back up right away. Seeing him on the floor struggling made him rush over without a moment’s hesitation, in all his years of parenting he had never hit or harmed his son in anyway a fact he was always been proud of. Seeing his son on the ground though made him lose perspective of what he was doing.
He held his son in his arms encouraging him to take his time to get his breathing regular. Being so close to his son he could smell the testosterone pouring out of him. His son was putting him in a daze. Mr. Kenner’s stomach released a growl. The father buried his face in son’s hair, taking in more of the smell.
He was truly forgone.
Mr. Kenner wanted to reclaim his past, and there his past was lying in his arms, starting to breathe normally. He didn’t have time to wait, His stomach wanted to claim its meal now.
Mr. Kenner opened his mouth wide and shoved his son’s handsome face into it.
Bentley’s world went dark. He had been forced into a damp area that reeked of beer.
Mr. Keener swallowed and allowed his son to begin to expand his neck. He quickly pulled in his son’s shoulders before he could fight back.
Mr. Kenner couldn’t believe the flavors that were dancing across his tongue. His son tasted marvelous. There had never been anything so exquisite. Bentley’s huge pecs soon joined the rest of his disappearing body. Mr. Kenner couldn’t help but run his tongue over them, not caring if small hairs got stuck in his mouth.  He worked his way down Bentley’s midsection, who by now was fighting ferociously. It was no use though. Bentley’s time was over.
Mr. Kenner now had his son’s hefty package resting on his tongue, while the young man’s legs failed around. Bentley’s underwear was thoroughly coated in his father’s saliva. Mr. Kenner reviled in the glorious mix of his saliva and his son’s cock. Bentley’s cock exuded power. It had such a strong manly musk, that Mr. Kenner wanted to inhale for days. There was no time though, his stomach needed to be fed now. Mr. Kenner let this tongue flick Bentley’s balls through the boxer-briefs. Was this what he wanted to do? End his family line by sending it straight to his stomach? Bentley’s family jewels were certainly the treasure of the family, also a delicacy as Mr. Kenner would soon find out when he swallowed them down.
All that was left was to wrestle the kicking legs and feet. Bentley’s kegs were quite beefy but not more so than his torso, so Mr. Keener found taken them quite easily. When he got to the feet Mr. Kenner ran his tongue over the huge soles and each to before taking them down.
It was finally over.
Mr. Kenner let silent tears fall down his face. He knew that he could still stop it, still reverse it, but also knew he wouldn’t. Something about his son set him off and it was exactly what his stomach had needed to calm down. He knew his son was never coming back out.
Mr. Kenner struggled to get up. He looked down at himself. Hiss belly hung out, full of a 200lbs young man. He looked absurdly pregnant, and his baby was certainly kicking up a storm. He slogged his way to the couch he had been laying on earlier. He plopped down on his back, retaking his position and staring at the huge ball his son had become.
Time passed as Mr. Kenner watched the struggle in his stomach die down. Either Bentley had tired himself or passed out. Mr. Kenner let his hand go to his belly and rub over it, trying to comfort his son.
Mr. Kenner didn’t want to listen to the digestion and let himself nod off into a deep sleep.
He awoke to constant loud knocks at the door. Getting up, not processing anything Mr. Kenner went to open the door. It was only when he had the door halfway open, that he looked at the small amount of pudge left on him. His heart fell, but he didn’t have time to be sad because he was immediately scooped up in someone’s arms.
“Babe!” A man said planting kisses on Mr. Kenner’s face and body.
“Henrik!” Mr. Kenner blurted out. The name popped into his head as soon as he saw the face. He couldn’t help but laugh from the kisses, “Put me down.”
Henrik set him down. Mr. Kenner tried not to be to miffed a strange man had just bear hugged him.
It was obvious this was the boyfriend Bentley had been talking about. Then it struck him. He quickly looked back over at the photos near the TV.  There alongside Bentley’s photo with his ex was Bentley and Henrik at a restaurant. Mr. Kenner didn’t think much of it at the time, but it had been staring him in the face the whole night.
“Sorry I couldn’t use the key my hands were full,” Henrik came in carrying an overnight bag on his back and two gift bags.
 “I couldn’t decide on what to get your father, so I got both… wait, did you dye your hair?” Henrik grew a puzzle look finally checking out his boyfriend. “Looks, nice. Not sure about the beard though, but hey shaved your chest. So, what is it give and take?”
Mr. Kenner looked down at his pecs. He had very fine hair starting to grow.
“And what’s this, you didn’t tell me you got pregnant I thought we’d wait till next year.” Henrik said in a joking voice, grabbing the soft pudge. The remaining bits of Bentley.
“I had a lot to eat.” Was the only lie Mr. Kenner could think of. He watched as Henrik settled in and got comfortable, putting down the gifts and hanging up his coat.
“I can’t see you for a week and you change this much on me” Henrik said laughing.
It was now Mr. Kenner’s time to inspect Henrik. He was 6’2 and had slicked back dark brown hair coupled with striking green eyes. The man was handsome, but not in the jockish way Bentley had been. No, this man had a sophistication and grace.  He took off his coat to reveal his business suit, which didn’t stay on to long before Henrik threw his blazer and dress shirt over the couch.
When Henrik first made the joke about getting Bentley pregnant, Mr. Kenner had internally scoffed. His son was masculine and very dominant. Even if it was a joke, if anyone was going to get someone pregnant it’d be Henrik.  Once Mr. Kenner saw Henrik’s upper body, he had to consider maybe there was someone worthy of saying that. 
“Where’s your dad?” Henrik asked, looking around seeing Mr. Kenner’s stuff lying in the living room.
“Oh, he had to step out,” Mr. Keener finally took notice of his voice. His old gruff undertone was gone along with the wear and tear on his vocal cords that came with age. He wasn’t sure if sounded exactly like Bentley, but Henrik seemed fooled.
Henrik seemed to nod at hearing that and continued stripping. “Well, while the parent is out what do you say the kids play?” Henrik stepped out of his dress pants, leaving him in briefs, a t-shirt, and navy-blue socks. He let his arms open as if to say, “come at me.”
Mr. Kenner was stunned. His son had truly been dating a Greek sculpture. Henrik’s upper thighs could easily split a watermelon.
When Mr. Kenner didn’t move, Henrik went to scoop him once again, but this time Mr. Kenner slipped past him before he could be grabbed. “, you know what, I’m sure there’s food left over let me make you a plate.?
“There’s only one thing I want in my mouth right now,” Henrik said seductively.
“Oh boy,” Mr. Kenner said through gritted teeth still walking into the kitchen anyway,
Mr. Kenner was properly losing his mind. There was a guy trying to get into his pants. All because he ate his own son. Mr. Kenner shook the last bit of pudge on his waist. How long it would before it was all gone? He couldn’t believe most of Bentley had digested so quickly.
More importantly how was he going to get Henrik away.
Mr. Kenner squatted to get a plate out of a lower cabinet.  A memory shot through is head. In a moment he was no longer himself, but Bentley, getting his ass pounded, right there in the kitchen.  Mr. Kenner could hear Henrik’s voice in the memory talking to Bentley. Mr. Kenner could feel each thrust Bentley felt, as a large cock rammed its way into Bentley’s athletic ass.
His experience of the memory ended quickly, but Mr. Kenner could still feel his asshole throbbing, begging for Henrik’s cock. Mr. Kenner struggled to get up, legs wobbling. He placed the plate on a counter and went to the fridge to retrieve some food.
Another memory burst into his head. Only this time his son was topping, and Henrik was turned away pressed against the refrigerator door. College students could take an anatomy class based on Henrick’s back muscles. Bentley was going to town on Henrik’s ass. The poor man’s hair was disheveled and when he turned his head, his cheeks were clearly flushed.
Mr. Keener could feel his cock start to rise as the memory ended.

 Now his cock and ass were throbbing in unison. Mr. Kenner gave up trying to make a plate. Clearly his son’s memories were not going to let him rest. He quickly scurried out of their and into the bedroom laying on the bed.
Henrik came in after him asking what was wrong. Mr. Kenner was a bit surprised he completely forgot the real Henrik was there having been so taken by the memories. Henrik came a crawled on to the bed spooning Mr. Kenner,
“You, okay babe?”
Mr. Kenner had to suppress a laugh, here was this guy acting all mature, but in his memory Bentley and completely and utterly wrecked this German stud with his cock. Though to be fair the Henrik had given Bentley quite the experience e as well.
Mr. Kenner realized he had invaded the home of very sexual men Although when he was younger, he probably could have given them a run for their money.
Henrik flipped Mr. Kenner over and got on top of him. It was then Mr. Kenner noticed Henrik had got completely naked. “You need to get out of your head,” he said as he sat on Mr. Kenner’s lap.
Henrick’s thick cock rested on the pudge formerly called Bentley.  The stomach gave off a huge gurgle. Mr. Kenner wasn’t sure if Bentley was happy to be in contact with Henrik. As he laid on the bed Mr. Kenner felt a huge batch of pudge disappear from his waist while his body pulsed and grew.
Henrik attention had been drawn to the stomach and was questioning how his abs were quickly coming back. “You don’t have to suck in your stomach for me.”
Mr. Kenner felt Henrik’s hand wandering up his ass and quickly slapped it away. Even though his ass was practically begging for it, he was straight always had been.
“Sorry, it’s just I ate a lot, so you know.”  Mr. Kenner hoped that would be a good enough excuse. 
 “Fair enough, I’ll botto—
“Wait, how about a blowjob!”
Henrik grew a naughty grin on his face as he used his mouth to begin removing, Mr. Kenner’s boxers. Mr. Kenner hid his face in hands. He was so embarrassed, not knowing what the hell would happen next? He felt like a virgin.
Henrik released the cock that had been hiding.  Mr. Kenner felt his own slab of meat slap against his abs. His cock was already excited, However Henrik quick lost his playful smile as he stared down at his main course.
“Is your dick…different?”
Mr. Kenner knew his cock was different. It was a lot fatter than it was this morning and his balls had gained some added weight, but Henrik wouldn’t know that. His cock was probably even more different than Bentley’s now.
Henrik had that puzzled look on his face as if there was something he just couldn’t figure out. But as long as he was missing the biggest detail of what happened he never would.
Henrik quickly changed tactics and instead of administering a blowjob began to frot with Mr. Kenner.  Both cocks crashed against each other fighting for dominance, but the only thing losing, was the mass on Mr. Kenner’s stomach. Soon His abs had solidified, and no one would be able to tell there was ever a young man in there.
There was one great gurgle form his stomach and somehow Mr. Kenner mustered up the strength to push, Henrik off him. He sprinted to the bathroom. Bentley was ready to make a grand reentrance into the world.
Mr. Kenner plopped himself onto the toilet. He didn’t know what would happen, but it would be a mess.  After all, Bentley had been a big boy.  He felt his ass checks part as he began ‘giving birth’ to the life he had made 27 years ago.
As a father he didn’t want to dwell on what he was currently doing and let his mind wander.
When he finally lifted his ass off the seat. Even after all the flushing, the sight was truly unholy. His once beautiful baby was nothing but that. He flushed.
When he washed his hands, he almost got a heart attack, because when he looked in the mirror, he thought he saw Bentley. The image was his own though. However just about everything on him looked like it did back in his college days may be even a bit better.
His brown hair had a lustrous sheen with no gray hairs anywhere. His dad bod was replaced by a healthy young man’s physique. His beard was thicker and more vibrant. Brown chest hairs were starting to emerge from his pecs to his crotch.
He knew something had happened after he ate Bentley. Why else would Henrik be so confused, but this was ridiculous. Mr. Kenner knew then that this was all his fault. His body hadn’t simply added his son’s muscles it absorbed him and used it to revitalize itself.
His body had simply picked up on the desire of Mr. Kenner wanting to be young again. Not only was Bentley a full packed meal, but also the same DNA. Mr. Kenner’s body was simply reclaiming what it had once given up. Bentley was half of him, so the father’s body simply wanted Bentley back inside of him for youth and strength.
Mr. Kenner nodded his head realizing this. He was the father. Bentley came from him. Now Bentley simply went back to being one with his dad. Why else did a straight guy’s body like his beg to be next to Henrik?
Mr. Kenner let out a loud sigh, at the end of the day that was just rationalizing. He ate his own son. How could he live with himself? And if his ex-wife had tried to use that terrible excuse to him, He’d lose it.
Mr. Kenner thought about his options. His son was gone. Well, not completely gone, reunited. The bottom line was Bentley’s will and consciousness weren’t present in his body. What did Mr. Kenner have to live for without him? He was a loser, failed relationship, not the best job.
Mr. Kenner’s eyes landed back on the mirror; his young face stared back at him.
All he could see was Bentley. He was starting to tear up when a thought hit him. Sure, his life was shit, but what about his son? His son’s life was on the up &up. A great job, a home, a wonderful lover.  Mr. Kenner’s cock and ass throbbed at the thought of Henrik.
Mr. Kenner had his answer.
Henrik had relaxed his whole body on the couch in the living room. Bentley came strolling out the bathroom clean shaven. Then, he plopped himself on top of Henrik resting on the strong German’s chest.
“No, more beard?” Henrik ran his hands over his boyfriend’s youthful face.
“Nah, I was trying something new. I think I might even dye my hair back to blonde,” Bentley smiled kissing Henrik on the lips.
Shrink / Re: Unforgiving Night Part 5
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This is by far the best one since the first two parts, It's good to see Kaito holding on to hope, I really like the subtle opening as everything comes together in a sequence with a page turning feel as time slips by leading to where we left the nameless tiny who had a lucky escape but the perils of surviving at the size unable to get very far is daunting those of us witnessing whats happening are relating to a tiny without any hope he may ever be found or escape Leon's home. I love how this ends it no escape, just the torment of a tiny morsel who was merely food in the end as Leon just watched his movie proud of what he is doing. This story makes Leon a feared and great Antagonist, with our only surviving tiny left helpless and alone great end, looking forward to Part 6.
Full Size / Re: Special Delivery (FS, AV, CV, digestion)
« Last post by Aino Phontas on July 14, 2019, 05:13:31 PM »
Love ending A. I can also see an alternate A where Conor picks up on Mark's anal predation and decides to send the stud to the grave with his own method~
Shrink / Unforgiving Night Part 5
« Last post by Samyytt on July 14, 2019, 02:21:54 PM »
It was finally Sunday and Kaito could finally have his day off from College and luckily for him he was going out to see Katie today.
Kaito was in his room, he’d just woken up from a blissful sleep; his hair was rather messy at the moment and he didn’t feel particularly fresh, laying down on his bed he ran his hand through his bed hair while looking up at the ceiling of his bedroom as he felt the cool air from outside come through his window, he could of sworn he had a dream involving Matteusz but he couldn’t remember anything specific, it was mostly just flashes of his best friend’s face in the dream, he couldn’t make out much of anything else. Kaito sat up slightly, still a bit sluggish from just waking up, he reached over to the desk beside his bed and picked up his phone, he turned it on and went straight to messenger and checked on his chat with Katie, before messaging her he looked at the time up in the corner of his phones screen, it was 09:38 AM.
Kaito then touched the screen of his phone to begin typing a message, his plan was to meet Katie at roughly 13:00 PM, a little after lunch time. He put his phone back on the desk beside his table and moved his feet and legs off of his bed and on to the floor while pulling his duvet cover off and revealing his bodies form, he firmly stood up and made his way out of his room and to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After going into the bathroom Kaito looked in the mirror and then with his hands he splashed his face with water from the cold tap, it had just occurred to him to go to the door and lock it in case his mother came in, he didn’t want her to see him naked, that would be rather awkward for him. After doing that Kaito got in the shower and turned on the hot water, steam gradually began to fill the bathroom and he always did love a hot shower. He picked up the soap and began to first rub it around his neck and collar bones, coating them in bubbly soap, at the same time he closed his eyes as the last of his dark blonde hair dye washed out of the front of his hair and down his body towards the drain and thus revealing his dark brown hair, Katio’s hands continued down his body as he rubbed the soap over his chest and nipples while the hot water continued to stream down his body, he now rubbed the bar of soap over his visible abdominal muscles and then down to his v line, he then began to rub the areas that he could reach with the soap on his back, Kaito always found it difficult to properly clean his back. He then continued down to his genitals and his perineum and from there down his lightly haired legs to his soft feet.
After around 15 minutes of enjoying the hot shower Kaito decided it was time to get ready so he got out of the shower and quickly ran the towel over is body to dry himself, he dried his hair as best he could with the towel, he then went back to the sink and picked up the hair comb on the side and brushed his semi wet hair, after doing so he ran his hands through his hair to prep it for how he styles it once it has completely dried, the young man then headed back for his room to throw on some casual clothes, he put on some white shorts and a tan shirt and headed downstairs to make his breakfast; Kaito wound up in the living room after coming down the stairs, the TV was on paused on a program which meant his mum was most likely around somewhere, Kaito went to the back of the living room and through the door to the kitchen, he noticed his mum outside sitting in the garden, she seemed to be enjoying a nice sit in the sun with a cup of coffee.
“Hey mum, you okay?” Kaito asked after stepping out the patio door.
Sally turned to face her son Kaito and smiled.
“Yes I am having a relaxing moment, just thinking about the future, not long at all until I get that treatment and then we can both rest a little”
Sally sipped her coffee and then placed it on the table that she sat next to on her wheelchair. “So what’s my handsome man up to today?”
Kaito smiled at his mum in amusement
“I’ll be going out today…”
Sally pressed further
“Is that it? Care to divulge any extra details, even the little details”
Kaito scratched his head in nonverbal response and his face turned very slightly red, his mum took notice of this and found it somewhat amusing as she has been there to
“Going out to see someone?”
“Yes yeah I am haha” Kaito said.
And Sally couldn’t hold back the next bit. “A date right?” she said amusingly.
“No not a date just we’re going to hang out okay, I know her from college!” Kaito replied in a raised voice, clearly nervous.
“Well Kaito I am sure you can tell me all of those fun details later on, don’t worry I have been there I remember how it feels to, just be yourself and have a good time son, okay?”
“…Okay mum sure…”
Sally giggled in response to her son’s anxiety.
“Well I’ll be out here for a while, just say goodbye to me before you leave okay?” Sally said.
“Hey mum, when do I ever not say goodbye? I’ll be having breakfast first then I’m gonna be in my room till I leave” .
“Alright, have a good time today!” said Sally.
“Cheers, I will!” Kaito said
Kaito went back in and looked in the cupboard for the box of cheerios, he picked up the box and placed it on the counter along with a bowl and a jug of milk, he opened the box and allowed the cheerios to fall into the bowl, after that he poured in the milk and then put his spoon in the bowl, he then sat down at the kitchen table with his cereal and proceeded to eat it, dunking the spoon into the bowl he brought a load of cheerios to his face, Kaito opened his mouth, strings of saliva broke as his maw opened which revealed his slimy mouth and beautiful white teeth, he then plopped the spoon full of cherrios into his mouth and then began to crunch down on them, after a few seconds he swallowed the chewed cereals, his Adams apple raised just as he swallowed, Kaito felt a slight gurgle in his belly from his morning food arriving in his empty stomach. After several minutes of eating Kaito finally finished his breakfast and just as he has always done he brought the bowl to his lips and drank the remaining milk in, after a few chugs he finished and put the bowl in the sink ready for him to wash up later today once he got back. Kaito then felt a rumbling feeling from his tummy and he could hear its gurgles, at that moment he opened his mouth.
“Man that was a good breakfast” Kaito thought to himself while patting his belly through his shirt.
For the next few hours Kaito sat in his room on his computer playing The Sims 4, one of his favoured games, however it was half past twelve and he ought to leave to meet Katie now so he put his wallet in his pocket along with his phone and shouted goodbye to his mum and left the house. The day was a lovely one, it was one of the windy days where the clouds are stretched in the sky, almost phoenix like clouds actually. A beautiful blue sky with the warm sun and cool northern wind, admittedly Kaito forgot to dye his hair again and put it in his usual style so he was left with his usual brown hair that was not styled the way he liked it but he realised it didn’t matter too much, Katie shouldn’t care about it either.
The two young adults were planning to meet at 13:00 in town, Kaito walked along the concrete paths out of his neighboured in the direction of the town centre, all around him were the beautiful green trees and the sounds of birds chirping, it was a very bright day as well so he had to squint his eyes. After almost thirty minutes Kaito made it to town, he went over to the square and noticed Katie sitting down on one of the benches. The young man blushed upon seeing her and blushed even more when she noticed him, she smiled.
“Hey Kai!”
Kaito walked over and sat down on the bench near Katie
“Oooh you smell nice today, oh your hair, it’s different?” This made Kaito feel nervous as he was rather sensitive about the whole dating thing.
“Yeah um I kinda forgot to dye it…you look nice as usual…”
Katie gave him a look “Look there ain’t no need to be all serious and anxious okay we’re just hanging out! Let’s grab some food because I am peckish, I’m thinking we should go to the supermarket to just get something to nibble on and then just hang somewhere okay?
“Uh yeah sounds cool!” Kaito had over thought everything, he thought this was going to be some serious thing where they go to a café or restaurant but in Katie’s head this was clearly not gonna happen on her watch and is it even a date or are they just friends…?” The duo took a short walk up the road to the supermarket and went in there. “I have my own money Kai but I might rely on you for some change if I run short” “Alright that’s fine Katie”. The two of them walked around the shop together, Kaito picked up a cheese sandwich, some sour cream pringles and a large bottle of sprite, on the other hand Katie bought a small box of cookies and some chocolate milkshake along with another box of donuts, she clearly wasn’t holding back, Kaito on the other hand restrained himself from buying sugary junk food because he was still caring too much about everything that Katie thought when she clearly couldn’t give a damn! The two of them wound up at the self-checkouts and paid for their stuff and headed out of the shop together and Katie didn’t actually ask for any change like she said she might of which for some reason made Kaito feel relieved.
“Hey Katie, I know a good spot we can hang out, it’s a ways walk but its out of town and we can just enjoy the nature, you up for that?”
She laughed “Hell yeah I am!”
“You know Katie I am strangely anxious at the moment, have been since I saw you earlier…”
Katie turned forward and continued walking straight
“Well I guess that means you like me?”
Kaito didn’t offer a response and Kaite smirked, she liked Kaito as well, in that way a bit…they have been just friends since their last years in high school, not best friends just friends who you would hang out with and like when no one else is about, that friend that you go to when you need to vent and talk to so all in all they are good friends and they could let their guard down around each other and just be themselves, they hadn’t really explored the depth of their relationship with each other before because Kaito had to almost always be home in the past when his mother got really bad and you have to pile up their past exams which kept them from going out more and these days they have all of their coursework from college and then work to so it was brilliant for the two of them to just let go of it all and spend some quality time with each other. The duo walked for a while and eventually made it to an empty road just outside of town, they walked down it for roughly 10 minutes before finally reaching the woods just outside of town. “Hey Katie, through here there is a good spot where we can sit, we will have to do a bit of climbing because we want to sit on top of it” The duo continued to walk through the trees and eventually it came into view through the flora; the old railway bridge. “I have been here a lot of times since I usually come through the woods to get home quicker from college, it’s not hard to climb up there but it will give us a great view of the woods. “As long as I don’t fall” said Katie.
After a bit of hiking and support from each other they successfully climbed up and sat on top of the old overgrown bridge which was connected to the old abandoned railway lines. The duo opened their bags and began to binge eat on the food they bought, up there was a perfect view of the woods around them and they could also see the line of houses that was Kaito’s neighbourhood at the edge of the field outside of the woods, nearby they could hear the sounds of cars driving on the main roads that headed into town. The sky was still pure blue with angelic rays shining down and the cool wind served to keep them chilled from the boiling sun. Katie spoke “You know Kai, nature is so nice, I just feel at ease around it, I can’t imagine what it is like living in the cities, all the cars, the noise and just the lack of nature..”
Katie sat further down and layed her head down on Kaito’s torso, Kaito himself was sat against the old rusted railing of the bridge, he looked down at Katie’s pale blonde hair and poked her head smiling.
“It’s a shame these moments don’t last forever Kai, I don’t mean us but I mean the good moments that you spend with people you care about, most people are just too stressed and concerned with how they appear to others, I am happy that I don’t think like that…Kai you have been very quiet since getting up here, what’s up?”
“Oh well, I am just enjoying the moment like you I guess but I am also upset to be honest, I just want to know where Matt is, that’s all I need right now to put my mind at rest…”
Katie sat up and turned to Kaito, putting her hand on his leg “We’ll find him Kai, I know it, I feel it.”
Kaito looked at Katie, the sun lighting up his hazel brown eyes.
“I sure hope so.”
“Have you had any talks with the police yet?”
Kaito sighed “No, the police have been very lax, I asked Matt’s parents on the phone yesterday to update me if anything comes through but they haven’t so…you know…I feel like the police are not taking this seriously  so that’s why I want time to hurry up so we can go back to that damn club where he vanished..”
“Well we’ve only got four days till that place opens again, we might be able to find that person that you said was with Matt at the time, we need to hope that he is there because he could help us find Matt, right?”
“Yeah, I just hope he is there Katie because he might be able to give us something to go on and then I could let Matt’s parents know and the police, not that the police will do much of anything though, I do recall seeing something on the news last week, it said that someone else had disappeared around here, I wonder if this is connected?”
“Hey Kai, I think we should just clear our heads and wait for Friday to be upon us, you do make a point though it might be connected but it could just be a coincidence as well, regardless lets get this food finished and have a nap and then we can head back okay?”
“Sure, thanks for that pep talk, it helped”
The duo gradually finished their food and then both layed down with each other and fell into slumber on his warm summer’s day, and while the two of them enjoyed spending their time with each other, in another place out there in the county there was someone fighting for their life…
Down under Leon’s bed the little guy was hunched up in the corner of the shoe box, he was terrified of venturing out into Leon’s house but he was extremely hungry and thirsty, his stomach continuously growling and his throat and mouth very dry from lack of water, he had to venture out and get water otherwise he would die, it has been over 24 hours since he last had a drink and it would only be a day or more until he would be suffering from dehydration but if he went out into the open Leon might find him…
Right now though Leon was not home, he had left over an hour ago for his midday lessons at his college in the city, yes in fact Leon did not attend the same college as Kaito, Katie and Matt did, he goes to a college in the city which he catches the train for, the club where Matt vanished is also in the city as well, just to put the world into perspective.
The little guy swallowed his fear as best he could and climbed out of the show box, while Leon would be gone for hours he did not know what Leon was doing, for all he knows Leon could come back at any moment but for now he was safe.
The shrunken man walked out from under the bed, thankfully it was a hot day outside so he wouldn’t be cold, he was after all naked from being shrunk, his clothes did not shrink with him and because of this he could get cold real easy but it was hot right now but that meant he needed to get a drink of water and soon. He ran to the slightly open door that went into the hall and he continued to run through Leon’s house as fast he could while gaining little ground due to his small size, at that moment he stopped and allowed himself to fall over, it was useless he thought, how would he get water? There would be no way to get up to the sink in the kitchen or bathroom and even if he could there would be no way for him to turn the taps on at his size, his best bet would be to find a cup of water around somewhere but right now there was nothing, he would have to wait for Leon to come home and have a drink but there was so much risk involved with that.
The little guy walked back into Leon’s room and headed back for the same shoe box to go in and sleep and he hoped and dreaded for Leon to come back, he hoped for water and he dreaded being found by him…
Several house pass and the sun begins to disappear below the horizon, the sky is dark orange and dark blue and all of a sudden a door opens…
Just Like before, the little guy shot right up on to his feet after hearing noise, it must have been Leon.
“What a day it’s been…” Leon spoke to himself.
Leon had spent all of the afternoon in his class and was ready to plop down on the bed and fall asleep, not bothering to change his clothes or anything like that but he was a little hungry and decided to have dinner and so after roughly fifteen minutes he sat down in his room with a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of water, turned on the TV and began eating his sandwich, by this point the sun had almost completely gone down and the starts began to twinkle outside, Leon had his light off and the only light in the room came from his TV. The tiny man needed to get out from under Leon’s bed and find a way up to his window sill where he had his cup of water but Leon would most likely see him. The only thing the little guy could do was wait under the bed and hope Leon falls asleep soon and doesn’t drink the whole cup of water…
Another couple of hours passed and the little guy decided to make his move, Leon must have been asleep right now as the movie he was watching had been left on the menu screen for at least an hour and he hadn’t heard the bed move for a while, the tiny man came out from under the bed, grabbed on to the bed sheets that were hanging off of the side of the bed and climbed, after several minutes he made it on to the bed and just like before came face to face with Leon’s giant sleeping body, he could see Leon’s face as he was sleeping on his back this time and it was clear he was now fast asleep, the cup was no longer on the window sill and the little guy couldn’t see it.
He had to find it and hope it still had water in, even just droplets at the bottom would be enough at his size and the quickest way to see if it was on the bed was to climb up onto Leon and run to the other side, the shrunken man realised that it must be somewhere on the other side of Leon since he had not gotten up since laying down hours ago, with that the little guy grabbed the side of Leon’s shirt and took a short climb up and he made it up to the giant’s abdomen, he would now have to carefully walk over to the other side of Leon’s belly and then slide down to his other side to see if he was holding the cup or if it was at least there, it couldn’t be anywhere else as Leon did not get up and take the cup and plate downstairs while he was waiting. The tiny man took very light steps over Leon’s covered belly, after around a minute he made it to the other side and thankfully for him Leon had not even moved one bit but even better than that Leon had fallen asleep with the cup in his hand beside him, from where he was standing it had tiny amounts of water left in the bottom but there was one problem; if he jumps into the cup it is likely he will not be able to get out, the cup was relatively small, the little guy may just be able to reach the top by jumping as high as he can but even then if he gets trapped in there all it would take would be for Leon to wake up and see him in there…
The tiny man thought to himself, it was death either way, dehydration or digestion and one of those ways of dying he could prevent so he took the chance and slid down Leon’s shirt, after doing that he climbed on to Leon’s bare arm and carefully walked all the way to the cup, he jumped as high as he could and he managed to grab on to the top of the cup and force his way up, eventually he was sitting on the side of the cup with his legs dangling down into the cup, there were small amounts of leftover water in the bottom that he could drink with his hands.
He jumped
The little guy landed hard on to the glass bottom but he immediately scrambled over to the minuscule amounts of water left and drank with his hands and mouth, successfully quenching his thirst with that life saving water, he drank as much of the droplets as he could until little remained and now there was a problem; he needed to escape. He jumped as high as he could again to try and reach the top of the cup but he couldn’t, it was too high, he didn’t have Leon’s hand to jump from this time, Leon was holding the cup and the little man was already halfway up the side of the cup when he needed to get in but down inside the cup there was nothing to climb on and it was too high for him to reach, he was done for.
Several hours passed yet again and the little guy woke from sleep as the whole space he was in moved violently, did Leon find him?
 When the shrunken man opened his eyes he found himself half submerged in bubbly water, looking up he realised that he was still in the cup but the cup and the plate had been put in with everything that needed to be washed up in the sink, somehow Leon did not see him, Leon was possibly very tired and dumbed the cup in the sink while half asleep, that is one explanation  as to how he was in the cup. It was dark though, it was still night and the lights were off but he survived Leon…for now, he had to find a way out of the sink and hide again. The cup was on its side which allowed the little guy to easily swim out into the bubbly water and thankfully for him it was easy to climb on all of the dirty plates and cups and he managed to jump out of the sink from a plate that was ticking out and on to the counter, this was a close call and he could of died, he could have been found and eaten or he could of drowned if the cup was put in the sink any other way. The little guy began laughing to himself, he felt strange, most likely because he could of died but still managed to survive.  Throughout the rest of the night the shrunken man slowly made his way back to Leon’s room and thankfully there were no stairs to climb up as it was a bungalow. He made it back under Leon’s bed and into the shoe box in which he then decided to sleep, he was no longer thirsty but was still hungry but he would worry about that later.
Two days pass since Sunday and it is now Wednesday, Kaito had been enduring his boring lessons as usual, Katie was currently home sick, Leon felt like having some fun again and the nameless shrunken man beneath his bed had passed through the initial feelings of hunger and felt better even though he was still hungry, it had only been three days since Leon had tried to eat him and he knew that people can survive longer than three weeks without food but at some point in the near future his life would be on the line again and he wasn’t sure how long he could keep going like this, he felt thirsty again but he could go a day or more without risking his life again, he just hopes that someone else enters this house to save him…
 Kai was now having his other day off in the week, he did plan to go out with Katie again but since she was ill he was just gonna stay at home in his room on his gaming console, wasn’t long till Friday at all….
The shrunken little man beneath Leon’s bed suddenly heard a lot of noise but not just any noise…it sounded like kissing and then the door to Leon’s room slammed open, he hide behind the pile of books again to see what was going on and suddenly two giant men fell on to the bed, Leon and someone else…
Leon and another handsome young man named Kyle were making out, he had picked this cute guy up at a different club in the city and decided to have his fun with him. Leon spoke while the two of them prepared to have sex “So…is this your..first time, Kyle?” Leon said as a wave of sweat began to secrete over his body as the two continued to snog each other, Kyle pulled off Leon’s shirt, revealing Leon’s slim yet toned body “Nope……I have had sex loads…”
“Heh so..your a wild animal then?” Leon then pulled Kyle’s shirt off, revealing his rock hard six pack and biceps, Kyle was a lot more muscular than Leon, he had brown hair styled in a quiff and had beautiful blue eyes. “Pretty much…” The two men were both layed down on the bed, snogging each other and licking each other while Kyle began to fuck Leon up the anus, pleasurable groans and moans began to fill the room and the house as the two young men continued to have sex with each other and down below the bed the shrunken man felt awkward and strange but this was possibly a chance for him to get this guy Kyle to help him but there was a problem, what if Leon does the same thing to Kyle that he did to the little guy beneath the bed? The little guy began to feel the need to tell this stranger Kyle right now about what Leon had done but he couldn’t, he was too small and there is no way he could help him he thought. Meanwhile up on the bed the two men continued to fuck until eventually they both ejaculated, Kyle cummed into Leon’s butt and Leon let it out all over his hands and privates as he wanked…
The house fell silent after this as both men fell into deep slumber…
After around an hour the shrunken man heard the bed move and then a pair of feet appeared on the floor and they looked like Leon’s feet to the little man. The little man peered out from under the bed and watched Leon walk out of his room to the bathroom and afterwards he heard the sound of a shower…most likely Leon cleaning himself up, this could be a chance for him to warn this man named Kyle and escape to! Without even thinking the little guy sprinted out from under the bed and grabbed the bed sheets, climbing as fast as he can, after around a minute he reached the bed and immediately ran towards this naked man who was sleeping, he sprinted all the way up to the front of the bed and there he was, Kyle was laying down with his face sideways with restful eyes, the little man gulped and nervously approached Kyle’s gigantic masculine face, he had a slight stubble and a beautiful jawline along with somewhat big lips, the little guy was about to begin tapping Kyle’s face when he heard the door to the bathroom open and footsteps approaching. Immediately he ran for Kyle’s hair in an attempt to hide amongst it, the little guy stuffed himself amongst Kyle’s quiff, he might be able to get in between the pillows and hide there. The door to the room opened and Leon was there, the little man could clearly see him through Kyle’s soft brown hair. Leon was no longer naked, he had a pair of boxers on and that was it, he then walked over to a messy piles of clothes on the floor and through on the same baggy grey shirt that he didn’t bother to wash from a couple days ago and then put on some lazy shorts, his face turned in the direction of Kyle, momentarily scaring the little man in his hair because from his view it appeared as though Leon looked directly at him.
“Time for the real fun to begin” Leon said with a big grin, the little man slid down the side of Kyle’s head and ran in between the pillows to hide.
Leon approached Kyle and placed his hand on his bare back “You’re going to be a tasty snack, Kyle, heh heh.” Leon giggled.
The shrunken man gasped and knew what Leon was about to do to this poor man “No…no no no…don’t!” the little man said….but it was too late…in the blink of an eye Kyle began to shrink right before the little man’s eyes….and he was still asleep.
After a few moments Kyle was down to the same size as the shrunken man between the pillows and he could see everything…Kyle shakily stood up, not realising where he was, he looked around and was very confused to his whereabouts and all of a sudden Leon’s voice rang out.
“Awww hey down there Kyle, you feeling okay?” Leon said in a cocky voice.
Kyle was shocked by what he was seeing
“L…Leon? What the hell happened to me?! How am I so small?!”
Leon was constantly grinning and a buldge was slowly forming, clearly visible behind his shorts. “Well that’s obvious Kyle, I shrunk you!” 
“But…but how is that possible?!”
“Because I can do it that’s why, anyway I think its time you come here!” Leon reached down to grab Kyle, he closed his fist around the tiny’s naked body and brought him to his face, chuckling.
“You didn’t even think to ask to pick me up Leon!? Argh! Put me down!” Kyle said frustratingly.
Leon spoke.
“Kyle…do you know what it is like to be swallowed?”
Kyle was puzzled by this question…
“No of course I don’t! Why the hell would you ask a weird question like that?!”
Leon couldn’t hold any of it in anymore.
“Well let’s just say you’ve gonna find out what it’s like to be swallowed! I’m gonna SWALLOW YOU WHOLE KYLE!”
“Wh…what do you mean?! Put me down you bastard!”
Leon opened his mouth and extended his tongue out, giving Kyle an unpleasant lick from head to toe. “Mmm, you’re even more tasty at this size than when I licked you at normal size! Only now you’re the perfect size to get eaten!”  Kyle struggled in Leon’s grasp relentlessly and let out a scream. “Aww are you scared Kyle?”
Kyle had just burst out in tears of fear “Y…yes…I am…”
Leon was still grinning and enjoyed Kyle’s fear. “Why?” Leon asked.
“Because…i…I don’t want to get eaten….”
This made Leon laugh. Leon then lifted up his shirt with his other hand and lowered Kyle down to his belly button “Don’t worry Kyle, your gonna have friends to meet in your new home, say hi to them for me! Or at least what’s left of them, lol!”
Kyle screamed in horror and continued to struggle in Leon’s grasp.
Leon opened his mouth and brought Kyle back up to his face, he prepared to drop Kyle inside. “Kyle, I am gonna do to you what I did to the previous guy, I’ll swallow some little gummy bears whole so you can have a lot of friends in there as you die alone, surrounded by digesting food and the remains of guys, see ya!”
Leon tossed the screaming Kyle inside his mouth and began to swish him around inside, coating his entire naked body in sticky saliva. Inside of Leon’s mouth Kyle struggled to hold on to anything as Leon kept smothering him with his tongue, his face was covered in sticky bubbly spit and his whole body was warm from Leon’s tongue and then it came…slowly. The cavern that Kyle found himself in began to shift downwards as Kyle began sliding to the back of Leon’s throat. The struggling reached a climax and the screams intensified…
Kyle was on his way to a slow death
The other shrunken man was still hyding behind the pillows and he watched the entire event in horror, he sneaked back down the side of the bed and hid beneath it.
Leon did exactly as he did before…he pulled out a packet of gummy bears from his snack draw, took off his shirt and went to the mirror, its exactly the same as what he did with the shrunken guy under the bed. Leon was chuckling and eating those gummy bears, rubbing his belly and abs in pleasure and satisfaction, the shrunken man beneath the bed could see it all, it was just like before except unlike last time where he escaped…this time there was a poor person struggling inside of Leon’s gut as he ate those gummy bears, right now at that very moment in time as he looked at Leon and his reflection in the mirror from under the bed there was a living breathing human suffering inside of him and unlike the shrunken guy who escaped through mere luck, this man named Kyle wouldn’t…
Leon let out a disgusting belch and headed out of his room, going to make his dinner…
Deep inside of Leon’s stomach Kyle constantly slammed his fists into Leon’s stomach walls, it didn’t do anything anyway. Kyle found himself in a pool of looked like water or some other liquid, some areas of it were covered with foam and bubbles, he was surrounded by gummy bears that were floating around in the liquids, just moments ago he was splashed around in Leon’s belly as the gummy bears created waves after falling into the stomach, it smelt pretty bad but it was mostly quit, Leon’s belly wasn’t really in gear for digesting food yet but very soon Kyle would be going through hell later because it won’t be long before Leon makes and eats his dinner…after that…it will be awful for Kyle.
Kyle continued splashing around within the liquids in Leon’s tummy, his naked body was completely covered in slimy stuff.
It had been around an hour now and Kyle still felt mostly fine, as in the liquids didn’t burn at all and the bag of muscle he found himself inside of hardly rocked which indicated that Leon was not really moving, Kyle looked around in the darkness and then ran his hand along the slimy surface of the giant’s stomach, however suddenly the whole place shot up and Kyle sank beneath the fluids briefly, he quickly swam back to the surface and then there was another jolt…Leon was moving. All of a sudden the sphincter opened and a mushy mass splashed down into the fluids.
“Is…is that potato…?” Kyle whispered to himself, he had exhausted his energy earlier from struggling and crying and had basically given up…
The sphincter continuously opened and deposited more mushy food, crunched up peas, more mushy potato, chewed chicken and this disgusting brown stuff that Kyle could not make out, this continued for around 10 minutes and eventually the sphincter sealed shut again, Kyle could hardly see it as he looked up at it, there was a lot of saliva oozing through it, slowly Kyle could feel a tingly feeling from the liquids he splashed within, the food began to break down before him and gradually the inside of the stomach began to really Really stink, it began to get noisy from lots of gurgling and Kyle realised what was happening.
Kyle desperately sloshed through the thick substance which consisted of now digesting potato and fresh stomach juices as well as the liquids he swam within earlier, he tried to move himself atop a mass of slimy mushy potato to avoid the acids that began secreting itself into Leon’s stomach. Gradually the food inside the stomach changed from its usual colours and consistency to a more liquid substance and mushy textures, eventually the hill of mushy potato inside of Leon that Kyle had taken refuge on sunk beneath and Kyle became partially submerged In the new acids, he felt okay at first apart from an increasing tingly sensation, he lifted his hand out of the sticky goop and the outer layers of his skin had some ripples in them if only very slightly, Kyle knew that the acids had already began to eat and digest his skin, a newfound sense of hopelessness and despair filled his soul as he sloshed over to the stomach wall again and slammed his fists into the slimy surface repeatedly, his struggles did nothing but serve to give Leon more pleasurable sensations.
By now Kyle had been inside of Leon’s tummy for over an hour and the acids had began to sear and burn his skin, Kyle layed back on Leon’s stomach wall in pain and silent tears emerged from his eyes as he stared up at the sphincter, Kyle was suffering, those gummy bears that Leon had sunk to the bottom of the stomach and Leon’s dinner was being digested before Kyle’s eyes and he was amongst it all, he scrunched his face up and continued to cry and suffer silently, the acids became so strong that the parts of his body that were submerged were breaking down, revealing his bare red muscles, blood began to seep out of his body into the stomach as Kyle closed his eyes and let go. Over the next couple of hours his body continued to be eaten by the acids, his lower body was nothing more than bones, the rest of his body had been churned up by the stomach and his face was half submerged in the acids, it wouldn’t be much longer until his entire body was reduced to nothing but bones…
In the outside world Leon had been watching TV again in his living room, it was a 2 hour and a half long movie he was watching with his parents who had came back from work early, Leon’s parents were trying to encourage him to find his own place soon in the future and for Leon it would be easier to engage in his fetish then if he had his own home but for now he was still at home. Leon placed a hand on his tummy through his shirt and thought it was funny, he enjoyed having Kyle inside of him. Up in Leon’s bedroom the tiny man beneath his bed had cried himself to sleep hours ago, his chances at surviving were slim and he probably wouldn’t make it out of there…
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💛💛💛 really loved this~
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Nice. Bigger fan of conclusion A than B. Mark didn’t put up much of a struggle. Still, I like a man being slurped down a ravenous Cock.
Being filled to the brim with piss then being swallowed down, can't wait for it to be my turn ;)
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