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Title: Frat House Buffet
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  I own a company. A special kind of company for a special kind of problem. You see, when those college kids next door get a little too rowdy and your tired of all the late night parties, messy yards,  and cars being driven across your lawn, I’m the guy you call. You can call me Becker and I own Becker Clean Out Services. People, especially those wealthy mid forty type couples are willing to pay a hefty price to get rid of their problem- and I get a chance to enjoy a vast buffet of college cuisines. I stand at 6’5 and am a very hefty guy. Scary or intimidating may be a choice of words to describe myself. I do however wear a smile, a smile that gets wider especially when there is food on the menu.
     I want to tell you a story.  A story about a very big meal I had last week which I am still digesting. My company was hired to clean out a frat house near the university. I hadn’t eaten in a a few weeks and was absolutely craving some man meat in my gut. My team and I pulled up to the old Victorian mansion that had been turned into a rental property for the students. Beer bottles and trash littered the lawn. It was late at night and I could hear music blasting from the inside, the silhouettes of young men in shape could be seen through the windows. “ Going to be a good night.” I said to my men in the van with me. “ Remember, eat your fill. But, bring the most delicious to me.” “ Yes, sir Mr. Becker.” They all replied.
    We all emerged from the van and I directed a few to guard the perimeter and prevent and escapees while the rest of the team and I went inside to feast. Without hesitation, I turned the old brass door knob and entered, the old wooden floor creaking under my weight. It looked like they were in the midst of a party, some turned towards my group while others seemed to drunk to even care. “ Hello everyone.” I said with a grin as some 10 of my men stepped in behind me. “ I hope you don’t mind us crashing your party.” A young man about twenty came up to me. “ What do you want?” He asked in a sort of tough guy way. He was wearing grey sweatpants and a blue T shirt. A rather sort of beefy looking guy, I could see the shape of his sizable member in his pants. Give a moment more I thought, it's going to be resting in my stomach. His ass was nice and curvy too. My mouth began to water. A loud grumble from my stomach echoed through the air. “ Well, I actually want you.” I said as I grabbed him, opening up my large mouth and swallowing down his shaggy black hair. He kicked instinctively while screaming at the top of his lungs as I took him in. I tore off his shirt as my lips slurped down his smooth back. All the other young morsels stood in shock. I thought I’d make an effort to make a scene. My tongue lapped at the well formed abs as I pulled down his sweatpants revealing a very large muscular butt. This guy definitely didn’t miss glute day. When I pulled his sweats off I felt his large dick smack against my lips. My tongue emerged and wrapped around the hot meaty sausage, causing him to squirm as it became erect. I dug my hands into his ripe ass cheeks, squeezing them as I tasted his pre cum. I know how to make a meal orgasm for my pleasure. Nothing is more sweeter than a tender college boy’s youthful seed. The mouths of his friends hung open as I molested the hot stud before opening up my mouth and taking in his ass. I made sure to make loud almost obnoxious slurping and gurgling noises letting them all know how tasty he was as his semi hairy legs kicked fervently. As my tongue lapped at his balls, his legs suddenly went rigid and hot spunk began to fill my mouth and leak from my lips. I tilted my head back and gobbled the rest of him down. I licked the semen from my lips.
“ Yum. That was tasty! Who's next? The crowd immediately tried to run away. “ Eat up boys!”  I yelled to my men. They eagerly began to pounce on the young college men. I smiled as I rubbed my belly feeling my first meal squirming within me. The sound of fabric tearing filled the air as clothes were being torn off enthusiastically leaving a combination of toned abs, beer bellies, muscular tight asses,  plump bubble butts exposed, along with swinging youthful cocks. It was a buffet of options. As I began to walk through the piles of underwear that had collected on the floor, I saw one of my men working down a latino kid. When he got to the waist, my man gripped the kids cock and stroked it as his legs kicked into the air in protest. Pretty soon, a splatter of cum shot out and hit the wall beside me. I grabbed a short young man by the brim of his pants who happened to be running by me. I stripped him quickly before rubbing him into the fresh glob of latino cum on the wall for some seasoning. He began to beg. “ Don’t do this, man! Plea-” He was caught short as I gobbled him quickly up to his waist. I took in his ass and cock quickly before sending him down with the first meal. I rubbed my belly that now had two young men squirming inside, moving, trying to grab anything to pull out. I had plenty of room left to feast and I surveyed the living room. Most of the boys were sticking out of the mouths of my men. I saw wriggling legs sticking out of sucking lips, tender bubble butts being spanked as they were swallowed, large cocks being squeezed and teased as the owner was swallowed up to the their waist. I taught my men how to make these boys come to a sweet powerful orgasm by using their tongue, their hands, their entire mouths. Every surface was now sticky. The smell of unwilling orgasm permeated the air as one way or another the young male meat added unintentional seasoning to their own bodies. Moaning and begging I could hear, even upstairs as my men began to fill their empty stomachs. Their bellies began to extend and hang like Santa’s large sack of presents on Christmas night.
    I woke myself from my trance of staring at the scene and looked for another meal. One of my men who obviously had stuffed himself already to the brim was in the corner. His belly was massive and I could see it squirm with at least eight men trying to escape. A jock like college stud was sticking halfway out of his mouth with his muscular ass tightening as he tried to use his athlete strength to pull himself out. The stomach so full that the meal couldn’t be finished no matter how hard he tried to suck the hot boy down. “ These ones always make better better meals than lovers, right?” I said to my man. “ Let me help you with this one.” I plunged the defined calves into my mouth and felt them kicking as I gobbled up his legs. My mouth bit down into his buttocks as I wrapped my tongue around his cock which was already being toyed with by the other swallower. Apparently, my man was not willing to give him up so easily and our tongues wrestled for the erect cock as we together squeezed it as it became swollen blistering red. I heard the boy moan from within him. I used my dominant strength and pulled the sweet cherry red cock head just past my lips and consumed him up to his butt crack, my bottom lip encountering the fur of his happy trail on his stomach. My face stared into my worker’s face who still had the boy from the waist up. I heard the boy moaning deep within. I suckled on the great ass he had probably been working on since high school as I expertly coddled his testacles and cock with my tongue. I sucked hard and the jock meal started to slip out of the guy’s mouth inch by inch and further into mine. He must be terrified having been swallowed from both ends! As I passed his nipples, I felt his ass tighten as he began to instinctively hump, knowing what was just about to happen, I plopped his head from the other man’s lips as he jettisoned a creamy, oozy, tasty, load of steamy white cum. I felt his toes curling at the back of my throat as his face tightened as his body shuddered. The sweet concocktion mixed with his protein packed meat was utterly amazing. I swallowed him down with ease and gulped his head down which only had a split second to take in a breath before descending down another throat. “ That was a delicious meal.” I said to the  gargantuan man filled with boy meat himself who seemed disgruntled that I had finished his meal. He should be lucky that I didn’t eat him as well.
     The bottom floor was totally empty now. I grabbed the wooden railing and started to walk up the stairs. With each step a loud groan permeated the air. Shreds of clothing filtered down from the second level as more male meat was swallowed up. I opened a bedroom door and found six of my men who had found a dinner that they were sharing together. Each of the boy’s extremities were in a different mans mouth who were sucking them like  lolly pops over the bed. One of the men was sucking the stud off, practically swallowing his whole groin. Another man had his face buried deep within the college boy’s ass, jiggling the mounds with his hands as his tongue infiltrated the tight hole. “ Plea...please stop. Don’t do this to me” he begged. Suddenly his body tightened, the men began to suck like nothing else mattered else in the world. I watched as the kids face scrunched up as he came. I smiled and closed the door just as I heard the first crunch as the men became more voracious and gluttonous with their hunger.
    There wasn’t that much left to eat except some skinny twinks that were running around trying to find a place to hide. I casually stripped them down and stuffed them into my mouth, one , two, three at a time. I was still hungry. “Hey boss, we got something for you.” I turned around and saw two of my men carrying a large 6’3 delicious young man who was just clad in his boxer briefs. He looked kind of hipsterish with his short beard. His muscles looked like they were full of protein. I could see the outline of his large cock in his underwear and his ass was round and thick. “ This...this is going to taste great.” I exclaimed.
“ Stay the fuck away from me!” The morsel yelled at me. I directed my men to pull down his briefs, he was now totally exposed. Using my large belly that was undulating with raw boy meat, I pushed it against his body. He was a thicc man and I wondered if I get all his meat inside me. My men let go of him once I had him secured. I felt his large pecker against my belly which I started to enthusiastically rub against his cock, teasing it. I looked into his green eyes which expressed fear. He knew that he was mine. I licked my lips before unhinging my jaw, quickly taking his head in. My tongue tasted his face as his beard tickled it. He tasted so good and I craved more. My powerful large hands began to push the large heavy meal as I gluttonously slurped him up. My men, fattened and filled began to gather around me watching the scene. They perhaps wondered if I could eat the whole thing. I am not always picky with what I eat, but nothing tastes better than a large muscular young man and I was certain to get him inside of me. I had him up to his chest now. Globs of saliva leaked from my mouth down his smooth back. He struggled, rubbing his flavor  into my tongue. I felt his body start to enter my stomach which was just beginning to digest my other meals. As I reach his waist, I began to fondle his voluptuous ass which jiggled enticingly. I furthered his humiliation by licking the underside of his cock which tasted like the best sausage ever. I buried the tip of my tongue into his slit teasingly until I tasted pre before slurping the hard member into my hot cavern of a mouth.
    For such a large man, I heard him begging within me to stop. My men watched as I began to stretch my mouth to accommodate the boys tender ass. My lips slid across the smooth soft surface until my mouth was full of the sweet taste of ass cake which juxtaposed nicely with the musky male flavor of his crotch. I lightly chewed on his tender cheeks as I traced every vein in his swollen member. His legs kicked fervently as I took my time savoring his body. For a man of his size, he probably wasn’t used to being at the bottom of the food chain and especially violated, especially this way. His toes began to twitch and with a large grunt I felt his muscles tighten. A salty orgasm spewed from his cock which tasted like the sweetest salty cream you ever dreamt about. His large body suddenly went limp and I hoisted his legs in the air and slowly slurped them down, taking in those thick thighs and defined calves. I felt so full I couldn’t move at all it seemed. He squirmed within me along with the other ten or so I ate. “ God he tasted fucking good. I love a good piece of ass.” I said as I rubbed my belly. “ Another job completed and another night of not having to cook dinner.” I exclaimed to my men as I slowly sauntered down the stairs which seemed on the verge of collapse. “ One at a time boys!” I shout. As we made out exit, I saw a man appear from the house next door. He came out with a check and approaches me. “ 30,000 dollars just as we agreed upon Becker.” I lick my fingers before grabbing the check from his hand, tasting cum and male sweat. “ They won’t be bothering you anytime again Mister and I don’t think any college boys will ever move on this block again.” I say as I give him a wink. “ But, if there is the off chance they do do, you have my card and my stomach…” I look back at my men. “ Our stomachs are always ready.” I smile and notice that the semi truck pulling my large custom trailer is approaching. There was no way that we could fit back in the van so I always arrange this after dinner pick up. As it pulls up, I turn back to the house and looked at it longingly. I licked my lips again as I felt the boys in my stomach finally settling down. Don’t worry I said to myself, there is always another meal just around the corner.
Title: Re: Frat House Buffet
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Becker sure seems like a fun guy to get eaten by. How does he feel about having a willing meal?