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Title: All the King's Horses and All the King's Sons (FS-O, Incest)
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Chapter 1 of 10, guys start getting eaten in chapter 4. I'll post the first four chapters up front, and will post other chapters every few days.
Six close friends grew up in King's Park, NY. Each is physically gifted and each has never known their real father. One day, they get the results from a long-forgotten attempt to find their fathers and discover that they are closer than they thought.

Chapter 1 - Suddenly Brothers
Five weeks... Only five weeks ago, Dylan was just a kid who had never met his father. His stepdad was great, but growing up without a real dad had always bothered him a little. That was part of why he and his five best friends had bonded. They had all been born in the same hospital, in the same month, and all of their mothers had gotten pregnant during one night stands. That had been the one thing the boys had in common when they were younger. Though their personalities and interests were very different, being six bastard children of almost the same age was enough to push them together in the small town of Kings Park, New York.

It was not until middle school when they had hit puberty—a little earlier than their classmates—that they discovered another big similarity. Despite the differences in height, build, and even ethnicity, all six of them grew to almost obscene proportions in the boy's department. Each member of the little group sported an uncut cock that was about ten inches long, give or take a quarter inch.

Their general popularity was improved by the situation as rumors spread and were eventually confirmed. Their middle school nickname of "The King's Horses" morphed into "Royal Stallions" as one by one they turned into high school royalty, quite literally. Dylan ended up as homecoming king, Danny the prom king, Anthony became class president, Connor captain of the football team, Alex held almost every swimming record in school, and Paul graduated valedictorian.

As their reputations evolved, so did their relationship. The friendships between them matured and deepened until they became an ad hoc family bound by respect, love, and lots and lots of sex.

When they were sixteen they had decided to submit DNA for testing, to see if they could find their fathers in the huge national database. Disappointingly, the boys had not been lucky and they had mutually agreed that they didn't need their dads. They had each other.

By the summer between their freshman and sophomore years of college, they had almost forgotten about it. Until five weeks ago. A pale blue envelope had arrived that Friday, the DNA lab's logo on it and the tantalizing words, "Match Results" printed on the flap.

Dylan just stood by the mailbox, stunned, his blue-grey eyes darting back and forth as they read the two words over and over. He wanted to rip open the envelope to find out who his dad was and he wanted to throw it away in rage at being abandoned all those years ago. He spent the afternoon staring at the envelope. Finally deciding that he needed support, he texted the group.

"Got DNA results, match found…" he wrote.

"You too?" was Danny's reply. Shortly afterwards, Alex had responded to them.

"Both of you? I got one too???"

It turned out that all six guys had gotten results that day, and they had spent their afternoons conflicted about it. That night they met up at their usual spot—a small fire pit in a secluded part of the park—envelopes in hand. The boys sat there and stared at the flames, still not brave enough to open the letters. Suddenly Alex handed his to Connor on one side and grabbed Dylan's on the other.

"None of us want to open our own, so let's just get it over with," he said.

Everyone seemed to agree and each guy tore open his neighbor's letter.

"Dylan," Alex began, "your dad's name is… John Volts… and he lives in... Colorado."

The other five boys just stared at him, he looked around, eyebrows raised so high they disappeared into his black bangs. "What's wrong, guys?"

Connor spoke up. "He's your dad too, Alex."

"And Paul's," said Dylan in shock.

"And Danny's."

"And Anthony's."

"And Connor's."

"Wow…" Dylan choked out after a long pause, "We're all... brothers."

None of them knew how long they sat in silence, but the flames were dying before anyone spoke. Anthony's bright teeth suddenly appeared out of the darkness that had swallowed them as he grinned, "I guess that means we have to stop fucking each other, huh?"

Everyone laughed and the tension shattered. Danny grabbed a stick and stirred the fire, bathing them all in light and warmth again.

"Yeah," they all agreed. Though they had all broken their word by the end of the weekend.

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Chapter 2 of 10. People start getting eaten in Chapter 4 if you're impatient, but I hope you'll take the ride along with the boys.
 The brothers receive an invitation to visit their estranged father. Traveling across the country, they quickly discover their father's world is very different than the one they grew up in.

Chapter 2 - The Invitation
Two weeks went by and the boys had still not worked up the courage to contact their father, but it seemed that he was ahead of them. Each of them had received an invitation—complete with first class plane ticket—to visit their biological father three weeks later. The DNA lab had contacted him as well.

Not wanting to offend their stepdads or dredge up old memories for their mothers—who had moved on long ago—the guys decided to plan a "road trip" for a couple weeks and headed to the airport. The moment they handed their tickets to the agent at the desk, she motioned to an attendant who rushed over. Five minutes later, their bags had been checked and they had been walked right past the line waiting for security, through a VIP screening area and into a private lounge.

They were ushered onto the plane and the first class steward almost fell over himself when he got a look at them. Their initial rowdiness calmed down as the flight progressed. Paul eventually dozed off and slid sideways onto Anthony's shoulder, his pale skin shining in contrast to the mocha complexion of his brother. Anthony smiled—slipping Paul's designer frames off—and leaning back into him to nap as well. Alex and Danny calmed their nerves by playing cards. Dylan and Connor just chatted across the aisle.

At one point, Connor muttered something about the bathroom and disappeared behind the galley curtain for an inordinately long time. When he returned, he whispered something to Dylan who grinned and also vanished behind the curtain. Twenty-five minutes later, he slid back into his seat just in time for the slightly disheveled steward to return and refill everyone's drinks.

A few hours later they landed in Denver and were surprised to be greeted at baggage claim by a driver in a black uniform who led them to a sleek stretch limousine. They hadn't spoken about their dad so far on the trip, but as they were driven away from the airport they openly wondered if the lavish treatment was just a way of trying to make up for not being around for them. It wasn't until they rounded a corner and slowly went through two gates—each with a wrought iron "V" in the center—that they started to realize their new dad might just be loaded.

It is only now—as they glide smoothly down the mile-long driveway past lawns being tended by oddly attractive, shirtless guys, toward a building that looks more like a luxury hotel than a house—that they slowly realize that their dad is not just loaded. He is filthy rich.

The limo slows as it enters the courtyard and Danny gapes at the water feature in the center. Twelve foot tall statues of Romulus and Remus stand on either side of an aqueduct that ends in the head of a wolf. A waterfall pours from its mouth and cascades over large boulders to feed the stream that runs down the center of the driveway. Rounding this, they come to a halt and the driver opens the door. As they get out of the limo and stand on the front steps, the house seems even larger. They stare up in amazement.

Connor looks up at the polished doors, looking oddly diminished in spite of his bulging muscular frame. "Dude, no way this is the right place," he looks around the others, seeking confirmation.

Finally, Paul reaches out and says, "Only one way to find out." He rings the doorbell, which echos inside the massive house.

Almost immediately, the door opens and they are greeted by a butler. He's not the typical 50 something wearing a tuxedo. He's at most 25 and dressed in nothing but skinny designer jeans, his bare chest and abs perfectly formed.

"Good afternoon, you must be the master's new sons," he bows and stands to one side, allowing the boys to enter the huge, circular foyer. Their footsteps echo as they walk across marble floors. "I'm James," he says, flashing a 1000 watt smile at them. Six more shirtless men appear from a side room and rush outside to fetch their bags.

The boys stand in shock at everything from the service they are receiving to the obvious fact that their dad has lots of really hot guys working for him, all half naked.

"You work for our dad?" Dylan asks in surprise as their bags are rushed away up the stairs.

"Yes, I'm Mr. Volts' personal assistant," he smiles warmly. "If there is anything you require, please don't hesitate to ask any member of the staff. Everything but the stables is staffed 24 hours a day. Would you like to freshen up before you meet the Master?"

Paul glances down at himself. Instead of his usually polished geek chic perfection, he is looking rather rumpled after his long nap on the plane. "Um, yeah," he speaks for the group. He takes a step, then realizes he has no idea where to go. "Could you show us where we should go?"

James leads them up the east staircase. The inside of the house is even more amazing than the outside. The boys nearly trip navigating the stairs while looking around in awe at the high ceilings, wide open rooms, and cavernous hallways branching out in all directions.

They follow him into a hallway in the east wing that contains ten or so guest rooms, six of which bear engraved plaques with their names on them.

James gestures them toward their rooms. "Make yourselves at home, I'll call you all in about half an hour and take you down to Mr. Volts."

With a chorus of thank, all six boys go to their assigned rooms.

The rooms are large. With their with 15 foot ceilings, they are even larger than some of their houses back home. Yet somehow, they manage to be luxurious without being either flashy or tacky. Dylan enters his room and sees a sitting area with a couch and a couple of chairs, a bar, a king bed, and a door leading to a bathroom as big as his bedroom back home.

He looks out the window and can see one end of an olympic size swimming pool. He allows himself a moment of awe at the place he's found himself in before kicking off his shoes and heading into the bathroom. He turns on the golden taps, then peels off his sweaty shirt, jeans and underwear and sinks into the hot water.

With his eyes closed, he reflects on all the fantasies he had as a boy. A thousand implausible imaginings of what this moment might be like. This new life he finds himself in leaves them all in the dust. He just lets his body soak as his new reality starts to sink into his mind. In rooms up and down the hall his brothers are in baths and showers trying to come to grips with the same thing. Their biggest question remains unanswered though, "what will he be like."

After about fifteen minutes, a young man about his age walks into the bathroom carrying two fluffy, freshly warmed towels.

"Warm towel, Mr. Young?"

Dylan's eyes fly open, greeted by yet another perfectly formed staff member dressed only in white linen shorts.

"Call me Dylan, and thank you," Dylan stands up with all the confidence that comes from his generous endowment and takes one of the towels. He brings it to his dirty blond hair and starts to dry himself.

"Yes sir, Dylan. I'm Christopher, and I'll be responsible for making sure your needs are met during your stay." The man steps past him to drain the tub. "I see that you take after the master."

"What do you mean?" Dylan asks as he hands him the towel.

"Just that you are clearly a very gifted young man," Christopher responds with the merest half glance at his manhood. "You'll be meeting the master down by the pool. Did you bring swimwear or shall I fetch you some?"

Dylan looks down at his cock, wondering just how Christopher knows how big his father's is, but brushes it off. "I didn't bring a bathing suit. I didn't know I'd need one"

"I'll get you one. What style and color do you prefer?"

Dylan shrugs. The attention of having someone so concerned with his smallest needs making his head swim just a bit. "I'm not sure. I guess just pick something nice?"

"Gladly," Christopher disappears into a side door and returns moments later holding a bright blue speedo, cut in a way to accommodate Dylan's unusual proportions.

"Thank you," Dylan holds out a hand to take the speedo, but Christopher gets down on one knee and holds it out, allowing him to just step into it.

Dylan does so and pulls it up. It fits perfectly. Snug but very comfortable and it both highlights and compliments his young body.

There is a knock on the door and he steps into the hall to find his brothers also wearing speedos, each in a cut and color that matches their bodies perfectly. Walking down the ornate staircase, they look like they just wandered off the cover of a speedo catalog.

James leads them through the foyer and to the courtyard doors. "Ready?"

The boys nod and he throws the doors open. The courtyard appears empty. Then they notice a dark shape underwater, moving toward them from the center of the pool. A head breaks the surface of the water.

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Chapter 3 of 10. People start getting eaten in Chapter 4 if you're impatient, but I hope you'll take the ride along with the boys.
 The boys finally meet their long lost father, and discover the source of their superior physical traits.

Chapter 3 - Meeting Dad
His body rises from the water, broad shoulders, a v-shaped torso, a bright red speedo with a sizeable bulge in the front, thick legs, and large feet. Once out of the pool he stands a good four inches taller than Connor, who is the tallest of the brothers at an even six feet. The half dozen speedo clad cocks swell slightly at the sight. He throws his arms wide in greeting, "Welcome boys."

He crosses the tiled terrace and wraps his arms around Dylan, who is nearest. "You must be Dylan."

Dylan stands there in awe of the man who is his father. He tries to banish the thought of how hot his dad is, telling himself that he shouldn't feel that way about him. The irony of that thought is lost on him, considering that it has been less than 24 hours since he's had his cock buried deep inside one of his brothers.

"Uh...yeah, I'm Dylan" he chokes out, the naked flesh against his own causing his cock to grow harder as the man looms over him. Water dripping off his dad's arms and sliding in glistening trails down his body. After a moment, Dylan just lays his head against his father's chest and is overcome with the loss of never having felt this before.

Their dad breaks the hug and moves through the group, knowing each boy's name and giving each a huge hug.

Suddenly he throws his arms around Danny's olive-skinned chest and lifts him off the ground. Danny struggles in his arms as John carries him to the water and jumps in. He comes up sputtering but laughing and he splashes his dad.

"You boys coming in?" their dad calls to the boys on the terrace.

That's all the invitation they require. Five more splashes and all six boys are having a great time wrestling, laughing and splashing around.

An hour later, all seven guys are laying out by the pool. After 15 minutes of uncomfortable silence, Dad speaks up. "So, I bet you boys are wondering why I never tried to find out what happened to you…" he begins calmly.

It's obvious by the looks on their faces that it was exactly what they were wondering, but no one wanted to say it.

"Well," he continues, "until a few weeks ago I didn't know any of your mothers had even gotten pregnant. If I'd known, I'd have brought you guys here a long time ago. I hope you can forgive me for not knowing."

Alex is surprised and speaks up. "All this time, and you never found out about any of us? How could none of our moms tell you?"

Dad reaches over and grips his shoulder, "To be honest, they were all one night stands… I don't think any of them even knew my last name. I'm not proud of it, but you're all young, attractive and hung, I'm sure you know what it can be like."

Again, all six boys exchange looks, but something about the look makes Dad wonder. It's a little too familiar. The thought that his boys have been fucking makes his dick swell a bit, so he decides to test his hunch. "Well, I don't know about you boys, but I'm starving. Let's rinse the chlorine off and get dressed for dinner."

He walks over to a post with shower nozzles all around it, strips off his speedo, but keeps his back to the boys as he rinses the pool water off his body. The boys stare at his perfect ass. Dad turns around and the boys get a look at his thick, soft cock. Almost as long soft as theirs are hard. Their own manhoods swell involuntarily, but they get up and walk over to the showers, strip off their speedos, and join their dad under the water.

Dad watches them. Lots of attempted casual looks at his cock, but they barely glance at each others'. When they do, there is no curiosity, just simple recognition. He smiles to himself.

James arrives and guides the naked brothers back up to their room. Dylan enters his room and finds Christopher warming up the shower for him. "Here you are Mr… sorry, Dylan." Dylan walks past him. "Do you need help with that?" Christopher asks, smiling down at his semi-hard member.

"That's part of your job?" he asks, eyes wide.

"Of course not! You could call it a perk though."

Dylan looks at the hot boy. "Don't let me stop you then."

Christopher takes him by the hand and, still in his linen shorts, guides Dylan into the tub, kneeling down in front of him and taking the now hard ten incher in his mouth. Dylan just leans back against the wall and closes his eyes as the skilled boy services him.

In his room, Dad checks the security cameras. James lovingly tends to his cock as he enjoys the sight of six sons being serviced by his loyal staff. He closes his eyes and listens to the moans as his sons reach climax, dumping thick cum into the mouths of his most attractive staff members. His back arches as he empties his balls down James' throat.

This weekend is gonna be a lot of fun.

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Chapter 4 of 10
 After dinner, the boys go to bed, but Anthony is restless and gets a midnight visit from his father.

Chapter 4 - Dinner
Once everyone has composed themselves and gotten dressed, James leads the boys down to the dining room. The boys are greeted by a spread that makes their jaws drop. They sit down and dinner passes more or less uneventfully with casual talk, though not a single boy mentions the excellent service of their room assistants.

After thoroughly devouring five delicious courses with the efficiency that only six college-aged boys can, they all retire to the theater for a movie. After which, the boys can't resist spending a couple hours of playing video games on the 120 inch HD wall.

It has been a long and emotional day and by 10:00 the boys are starting to run out of steam. When Alex falls asleep leaning against his dad's shoulder, it's generally agreed that everyone should get some sleep.

The boys climb into their warm beds and most are asleep almost immediately. Dad heads to his room and lets some time pass. At about midnight, he checks the security monitors and sees an opportunity, so he heads over to the east wing.

Anthony is restless, tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable, but the image of his dad's cock keeps intruding every time he closes his eyes. He's toying with the idea of going to one of his brothers for a little "comfort" when he hears a quiet knock on the door.

He perks up, sure that one of the other boys must have been thinking the same thing. "Come in," he calls, sitting up on the huge bed, letting the blankets fall and expose his firm pecs and flat, hard abs. His cock makes the almost instant transition from semi hard to throbbing that only guys his age seem to be able to pull off.

The door opens. "Anthony?" the voice is his dad's. "Are you OK?"

Anthony gasps and tries to cover himself as the father he'd just been fantasizing about crosses the dark room, lit only by the moonlight streaming in through the windows. "Yeah, I'm fine." He tries to focus on anything that might make his hard cock go down, but his dad is dressed in a pair of bikini briefs and an open robe that looks like it's probably from somewhere in Asia.

Dad sits down on the edge of his bed. "Good. One of the staff heard you when he was walking past the room and came to get me. Do you need anything?"

Anthony shifts awkwardly. A thin layer of sweat glistens on his body, chilling him slightly as it evaporates off his bare skin. His dark eyes looks his father up and down and unconsciously licks his lips, but just shakes his head.

Dad looks at him shrewdly, eyes narrowed, and plunges in. "Not used to going to bed without sex huh?" He indicates the obvious bulge at waist level. The inability to hide arousal is a very common problem with gifted boys like him.

Anthony gulps, staring into his dad's green eyes. He attempts to put on a casual attitude. "What do you mean?"

"It's ok," Dad smiles at him. "Don't forget that I was your age too, once." Reaching a hand up, dad wipes the damp, black hair from his son's eyes. His presence is calming, but the simple, loving gesture makes Anthony ache for something he never realized he was missing.

Anthony smiles back. "Yeah…"

"So, which one of your brothers do you usually, um, play with?"

Anthony swallows, but something about his dad tells him that he's not judging, that he will understand. "Danny, sometimes…" he pauses, "and Dylan."

Dad raises his eyebrows, "...and?"

"Well, I've played with everybody before."

"I thought so," Dad says. He leans in close. "So, who's the best in bed?"

Anthony's cock is rock hard again and he lets out the tiniest moan as he feels the whisper in his ear. He lets his blankets fall again. "They're all pretty good." He shifts in the bed, moving just slightly toward his dad.

"How long since you had sex?" John says, looking at his son, every line of his chest, abs and back draw the eyes down to the impressive bulge or tight ass.

"A couple days," he decides to leave out the blow job from that afternoon.

"One of the boys?"

"Fucked Danny in the ass."

Dad leans closer, placing his hand on the boy's knee. "How long since you were fucked?"

"Dylan," he almost moans, "almost a week ago."

"No wonder you can't sleep. Sounds like you could use a good fucking," Dad replies, running his fingers through his boy's hair.

Anthony shifts closer, bringing his body right up against his dad's. "I think you're right."

"Thought so."

Their lips are pressed together, dad's hand cups the boy's smooth jawline before sliding it down the exquisitely carved body toward the blankets that hide his manhood.

Anthony moans into the kiss as the strong hand wraps around his dick. The rock hard shaft throbs as he opens his mouth to allow his father's tongue inside, the forceful kiss pushing him back into his pillows as his blood boils with lust.

His dad's ministrations quickly work his body into a frenzy, the intimacy, the wrongness of it, everything magnifying inside him until he feels like he might burst from the pleasure. Dad slips a finger into his briefs and pulls them down, his own monster springing free, hard and slick with precum.

Anthony watches the hard, leaking beast and bites his lips. "Fuck me daddy..." he begs as he throws off the blankets, rips off his underwear and lifts his legs to expose his hole to the man who gave him life. Dad crawls up between his legs and uses his generous supply of pre to lube up his son's ass before slowly sinking his manhood into the boy.

Anthony—being no stranger to huge cocks—accepts the intruder, but it's still more than he's used to and it takes him a few minutes to adjust. Before long, he's moaning louder than he's ever moaned in his life. His long legs wrap around his father's waist and pull the man deeper into him.

Dad slowly impales him, stroking his hair and kissing him gently. Anthony is overcome by the mixture of having found his dad and being so close to him. Tears of joy stream silently down his face, leaving glistening trails on his sweat soaked skin.

"Oh yes daddy, fuck me… fuck me harder," he moans between passionate, tongue filled kisses. "Fuck me daddy! Oh please fuck me."

Dad smiles as Anthony keeps muttering his favorite three words: "Fuck me daddy." He's hardly ever had one of his boys not say it. Unfortunately for both of them, dinner had not been nearly enough and poor Anthony is not going to get nearly as much attention as his brothers. His father's appetite—both sexual and normal—is reaching a crescendo.

Anthony's cock explodes, dumping a generous load of white cream onto his smooth body. Dad kisses his son on the forehead as the boy's orgasm continues. "I love you little boy." Anthony lifts his head to kiss his father again, but dad's mouth has become suddenly wide and his father's lips are wrapped around his neck.

Anthony continues to ride out the climax as his father starts to take him into his hot, wet mouth. He's so high on the feeling that he doesn't realize at first that anything is happening as his head starts to make its way down the throat.

Dad slowly works the hard body into his mouth. The boy's meat is tender, sweaty, and covered in its own cream. He grips the firm arms and starts to force the shoulders past his lips.

It's at this moment that Anthony has regained enough of his mind to become aware of what is happening. "Dad?" he screams, panicked, the sound echoing inside the predator's chest.

He starts to thrash and struggle, but the powerful grip is too much even for his 5 feet 11 inches of gym hardened muscle.

As his chest and stomach slide inside, dad savors the taste of his boy's cum. Anthony's cock bounces up and down—still resolutely hard—with the motion of his body, almost as though it knows it's going back to rejoin the man who made it.

In up to his waist, his legs kick trying to get some leverage, but only managing to drain his energy. Totally powerless to stop himself from feeding his father's muscular body.

His father's strong hands grip his toned legs and force his ass and cock into that terrifying mouth. The warm wetness mixed with fear and adrenaline cause his body to convulse as he dumps an involuntary load onto his father's tongue.

With two more massive gulps, the legs are gone and dad is laying in the sweat and cum soaked bed, the struggles slowly dying down as he sighs with satisfaction. His stomach bulging for a few minutes before his abs finally compress, crushing the boy behind the powerful muscles until no one would ever guess that Anthony was slowly digesting inside that belly.

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Fucking hot bro!
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Chapter 5 of 10
 Dad finds Paul out by the pool. He'd wandered out because he had too much on his mind, but finds his father to be the perfect confidant.

Chapter 5 - Midnight Confessions
Alone in his son's former room, dad hastily showers to wash off the smell of sex. Presently, he steps out of the bathroom absentmindedly adjusts his cock as he pulls the security feeds up on the large tv. He lets his body air dry as he checks to see if any of the other boys are having any trouble sleeping.

All of the rooms are still and quiet, but then he notices that one of the beds is empty. Flipping through banks of cameras—checking for motion—he spots Paul sitting out by the pool. He must have wandered out while dad and Anthony were enjoying their father/son bonding time.

Making a mental note to send a thank you card to the guy who did the soundproofing of the guest rooms, dad walks naked down the stairs. He stops just long enough to slide on a pair of the linen shorts his attendants wear before quietly sliding open the glass doors to the courtyard.

Paul is sitting at the shallow end of the pool facing away from the door wearing nothing but a pair of dark green boxers. Paul stares up at the stars, they reflect in his chocolate brown eyes as the moonlight dances off the rippling water and over his alabaster skin. His mind is so overwhelmed and he had no chance of sleeping.

He sits with his feet dangling in the water, slowly swinging up and down as images fill his mind. The house, his dad, Justin the valet dropping to his knees to eagerly take his cock, his dad's body, his dad's cock. His cock stirs as he tries to reset his train of thought. He's so wrapped up in his own musings that he doesn't notice his dad until he sits down on the edge of the pool next to him.

"Can't sleep?" dad says, kindly.

Paul jumps, but relaxes a bit when he sees who it is. "Oh, Mr. Vo… I mean dad, yeah, I'm having trouble sleeping." He swings his legs in the water a few times.

"It's a lot to take in all at once, huh?"

"Just a little…" Paul says with a chuckle and smiles at his father, casting around for something to say, "I've never seen the stars like this… they look so dim back home."

"Well, I did pick an out of the way place, didn't I," dad wraps his arm around the boy's shoulders, "I'm glad you guys are here, the house is so big and quiet most of the time." They sit in awkward silence for a few minutes. "I know I'm new at this whole 'dad' thing, but I'm here if you need to talk about anything?"

Paul shrugs, he's smart and studious, but has always been the shy one. His cock is reacting to the arm around his bare flesh.

John glances at the growing bulge, "I get the feeling that you guys were pretty close before you found out that you were brothers?" he probes even though he already knows the answer.

"You could say that."

"I'm an only child. I never had anyone that close when I was your age...it must be nice."

"Yeah, we all get along real well," he says vaguely, crossing his arms across his slender chest. He has no idea what to say or talk about. He's spent his entire life trying to live up to his mother and stepfather's high expectations. This man seems so different, but he can't shake the fear that his father won't approve of him.

He hasn't noticed just how hard his cock has gotten and only does when he shifts unconsciously to find a better position. He glances down to see his cock is pushing out of his fly and turns bright red, his hands quickly trying to cover himself.

"Don't worry about it…" dad says, giving his shoulders a little squeeze, "They all betray their owners from time to time."

Paul doesn't know how to react to that, he's never spoken so much as a word about sex with his stepdad. Again, he sits in silence.

"You know what my nickname was in highschool?" dad comments.

"No, what?"

"LONGER John," he says, "I was ten inches long before I was a teenager. I guess they thought longjohn was somehow inadequate. Everybody wanted to see it, then everybody wanted to touch it." He smiles warmly at his son, "Not many people realize that it's both a blessing and a curse."

"Sounds a lot like us," Paul grins in spite of himself, then his eyes go wide and his shoulders flush as red as his face when he realizes that he probably just gave away way too much.

Dad just laughs knowingly, "Yeah, but you guys formed your own little large penis support group didn't you?"

"You… you know about that?"

"It's a bit obvious," dad says, "but I never limited myself to girls, I wouldn't expect my boys to either."

Paul relaxes a bit, though he had suspected from the staff, it was nice to know for sure that his dad was at least bi. "You don't think it's weird that we're brothers?"

"You couldn't have known until a few weeks ago. And even if you did," he replies, jabbing Paul playfully in the ribs, "it isn't like you're gonna get each other pregnant and have deformed children, right?"

Paul laughs a little, "I guess not, we've had some pretty hot times with each other."

Dad is a bit surprised—but pleased—that his boy is being so forthcoming, so he decides to mine for more info. "You guys stick to blow jobs?"

"For the most part."

"I'll bet you guys had a line around the block for a taste at school, huh?"

"Sometimes," he admits, "but we usually stuck to each other."

"Each other and the girls right?"

"Some of us more than others, but yeah"

Dad slides his hand down the boy's shoulder and onto his side, hugging him closer. Paul lays his head on his dad's chest, he could tell his dad, he already trusts him and knows that he'll understand. His cock throbs more painfully as the thought of sharing his secret suddenly seems possible. They sit in silence again as he tries to work up the courage, but dad breaches the subject. "You're not much into girls then?"

Paul's heart hammers inside his chest, "not really, no."

"How long have you wished you could tell someone that?"

"A long time." He feels a hundred pounds lighter with that off his chest. "I wanted to tell the guys, they get into some pretty kinky shit, but I was always worried that they wouldn't understand."

Dad kisses him on the forehead, "Well, I'm glad you finally did. If my little boy wants to be gay, more power to you."

Paul snuggles up close to dad, his body and cock both relaxing, almost falling asleep.

Dad wants to know more though, and with Paul so relaxed, he's sure he'll tell him anything. "What kind of kinky stuff do you boys get up to?"

Paul's eyes open and he grins up at his dad, then whispers, "Well, Danny has a bit of a rape fetish, he LOVES to be taken by force, and Connor loves to be tied up, even getting spanked sometimes?"

"What about Alex and Dylan?"

Paul doesn't notice that Anthony has been left off the list, "Hmm...Dylan is just horny all the time, fucking, getting fucked, he loves it all. And Alex has REALLY sensitive nipples, and I heard him ask Connor to choke him a couple times when they were fucking really hard. And I..."

He stops, staring down at his own feet, but dad finishes the sentence, "have a little foot fetish right?"

Paul nods, "a little bit."

Dad slides into the pool and in front of his son. As the linen shorts get wet, they become almost transparent and Paul's cock gets rock hard again in an instant. He gasps as Dad's hands run down the almost hairless legs from his knees to his ankles, lifting them up and out of the water and rolling the helpless boy onto his back.

With a long finger, dad strokes the boy's left foot along the insole, eliciting a moan. He kisses the instep, then slowly sucks the boy's big toe into his mouth.

Paul shivers as the warm, wet mouth surrounds his toe. His boxers stretch as his painfully erection throbs behind the thin fabric. A deep guttural moan escapes him as his father works his toe.

"Tell me what you want, I'll do anything for my pretty little boy," dad smiles warmly at his midnight snack.

"Just take me daddy," Paul begs, pulling down his boxers and exposing his ass to his father's monster.

Dad licks his feet a little longer. Paul's ass flexing in anticipation as he is driven to the edge of insanity with lust. Dad just sucks on his toes, then he reaches down and shoves the shorts down.

"Tell me what you are." Dad says letting the boy's toes slide from between his lips.

"I'm gay," he states confidently, liberated by the ability to state it openly. John kisses his foot again and he groans as his cock throbs in the cool night air. Then he looks straight into his father's emerald eyes, "I'm daddy's slutty little gay boy," he says in a horse whisper.

John grins at him, "And what does daddy's slutty little gay boy want?"

"Fuck me daddy, please fuck me hard," Paul cries, his eyes begging. He's so horny he feels like he'll explode.

Dad kisses his foot as his cock presses at the boy's rear entrance, sliding in with surprisingly little effort. Paul's eyes close and he lets out a long moan of satisfaction as his father's tool enters him. His cock flexing and actually shooting a stream of shiny, clear precum across his belly when dad bottoms out in him.

Dad looks down into his son's blissful expression and just can't help himself, sucking the boy's feet into his his mouth as he rams into him.

Paul's mind is so clouded with relief at being able to confide in someone and pleasure in his ass to focus on anything but the freedom of his first fuck as an out gay boy. He doesn't notice anything wrong as the hungry mouth closes over his toes and starts to slurp him easily in.

Lost in the sheer bliss of being fucked by his father, who is actually indulging his foot fetish, he grips his own hard cock and jerks himself, moaning with every thrust and approaching climax quickly. In almost no time, he's dumping a load all over himself, but keeps stroking, not even losing his erection before working himself back up for a second orgasm.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me daddy, please never stop fucking me," he practically screams as he climaxes again, unknowingly marinating himself for his final trip. His chest heaves up and down, trying to catch his breath as he comes down from the high of his second orgasm in an hour. "Oh yeah…" he moans, opening his eyes to the sight of his legs up to his knees in his dad's mouth.

"Dad? What are you doing?" He says with an uneasy voice as his eyes go wide at the sight.

By way of answer, dad cums in his ass, the feeling of thick jets inside him momentarily distracts him as his father grips his hips and pulls him inside up to his ass.

Paul recovers and twists around in terror, trying to find anything to grip onto as he realizes that his own father is eating him alive. He can't get a clean grip on the smooth tiles surrounding the pool, he tries to hit the hungry predator, but the man's strong hands grip his wrists and force them into the hungry maw.

"Dad, stop!" he begs, "Please! Don't eat me!!" A dim part of his mind registers that it's probably the strangest thing he's ever had to say. Another part is convinced it's a bad dream.

Dad's tongue finds his hole, tasting cum and the boy's ass for a few moments, before sucking the tight abs inside. The pleas of his meal easily ignored like so many others.

Tears stream down Paul's cheeks as he realizes that there is no hope of escape. He looks into the hungry green eyes as his chest disappears into his dad's mouth. The large hands grip his head and pull him completely inside.

Dad lays back on the edge of the pool and rubs his distended belly as the boy slips down and curls up in the remains of his mostly digested brother. "I just want to make sure you know, it's not because you're gay… it's because you're fucking delicious."

Paul is oddly comforted by that knowledge as his struggles slowly die down. The crushing force closes in on him and his air runs out as his father's abs flatten.

Dad lays there for half an hour to rest, then heads back into the house, pressing a button on the intercom inside the terrace door, "James, fetch me some handcuffs."

"Yes sir," replies the voice on the intercom and the mostly naked James appears minutes later with two pairs of glistening cuffs.

Dad wanders up to Connor's room and gently cuffs him to the bed before cutting off his boxers, covering him with the blankets and leaving him for the night. He's too full to eat just now, but that ought to be fun in the morning.
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im enjoying these!
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Can’t wait to hear the whole story.
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Chapter 6 of 10 -  No one gets eaten in this chapter, it's setup for the marathon to come.
 The morning after dad eats Anthony and Paul, he sends Dylan an Alex on a hike so he can enjoy some special time with Danny and Connor.

Chapter 6 - Morning Wood
Sunlight streams in through the window. Working its way across the plush carpeting, up the satin sheets and imparting its glow onto the pale, naked body nestled in the luxurious folds. The boy stirs and the lids of his eyes half open, revealing blue eyes that seem to shine almost as green as his father's in the golden light of dawn.

Dylan lets out a soft moan as he stretches his muscles and casts a glance around the unfamiliar room. The last couple days had been so incredible that he wouldn't have been surprised to wake in his own room back home to the sound of his mother calling his name.

Once he's finally convinced himself that it's real, he gets out of the bed and takes a long, hot shower. He strokes his morning wood as he mentally replays everything he saw yesterday, wondering if his cock will ever be soft again.

Christopher is nowhere to be seen as he gets out and grabs a towel, so he pulls on a plush bathrobe and heads downstairs where a stunningly gorgeous staff member points him to the dining room for breakfast.

Alex is sitting at the end of the table, his black hair sticking in all directions as he devours the large plate of eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hashbrowns in front of him. A waiter pulls out the seat next to Alex for him and he sits down, "What would you like for breakfast?"

Twenty minutes later, the two boys are demolishing a second plate of eggs when their dad walks in. The waiter immediately pours him a cup of coffee. "Morning boys, sleep well?"

Alex nods and mumbles something unintelligible through a mouth full of potatoes. Dylan smiles, "Best night ever," his eyes twinkle as he gazes at his dad.

"I have to apologize to you boys, I've had a work emergency come up and I'll need to spend the day dealing with it. Any of the others early risers?"

"I doubt we'll see any of them before noon," Alex says with a chuckle.

"And we probably won't see Paul even then," Dylan says with a grin, trying not to stare at the sexy man, but sure he looks like a starstruck teenager.

"In that case, why don't you boys hit the trails. If you know how to ride, you can get horses at the stable, or if you want you can just go hiking. Either way, Sean, the stable master, can either be your guide or provide you with a trail map of the property. I'll have the chef pack you a lunch, and see you for dinner around seven?"

"That sounds great," Dylan says, "I'm sorry you can't go with us."

"Me too, I'd much rather have fun with you boys." He gives both boys a quick hug as they head off to get dressed.

Getting back to his room, Dylan is relieved to find Christopher is restocking his towels. The handsome boy enthusiastically agrees to help Dylan with his persistent morning condition before helping him get dressed.

Dad meets them when they come back down to the foyer and walks them to the stable. Sean hooks them up with packs and horses and dad waves as they disappear alone out into the mountains.

He immediately heads upstairs where Connor is still cuffed to his bed and Danny sleeps peacefully. Standing in the hallway, he looks at the two room and then quietly opens Connor's door.

The football star lays in his bed, still sound asleep with his hands cuffed to the headboard. John stands over his son who is almost large and powerful enough to be worthy of his name. Naked on the bed, his muscles form mountains and valleys so beautiful that they would keep a generation of landscape photographers occupied for a lifetime.

Dad sits down on the edge of the bed next to his son. The movement causes the stud to stir. He tries to roll over, but finds he can't move.

"Morning sleepy head," dad says, a wry smile on his face.

Connor looks up at his dad dimly, then to his right to the wrist he can't move. The sight of the shiny metal locked around his wrist causes his cock, already semi-hard from morning wood, to swell to full mast in an instant. "Dad?" he yanks at his bonds, "What's going on?"

"You didn't come down for breakfast and when I came up to check on you, I found you...like this."

Gulping, keenly aware he's hard and handcuffed to the bed, "I bet Dylan decided it would be fun to play a little prank." He shifts to try to make the tent in the blankets less obvious.

"Well, let's get you out of this." Dad pulls off the blankets and Connor's tanned skin goes bright red as he realises that he's naked.

"Dad… I can explain," he starts, but dad cuts him off.

"Let me guess, you like a little light bondage when you're fucking your brothers."

"No, it's not like that," he starts, but halts that line at the incredulously raised eyebrows of his father. The two pairs of green eyes stare into each other, Connor trying to wait it out, but the silence eventually gets too awkward. "I mean… Yeah, a little."

"Fair enough," dad says with a smile. "The rest of the boys went hiking, I'll see if I can find the keys." He makes a show of hunting around the room for the keys he knows are in his pocket. "I don't see them, you said it was probably Dylan?"

"Yeah, this is definitely his idea of a joke."

"Ok, I'll go look for them. Sit tight." He leans down and kisses the drooling tip of his son's cock, "Then maybe I'll show you where you got this from before I let you out."

Connor's cock, if possible, gets even harder. Closing the door behind him, dad leaves the situation to percolate as he walks across the hall to Danny's room.

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Chapter 7 of 10
 Dad wakes up Danny, who has a rape fetish, by making his dreams come true. Then introduces him to a whole new definition of total domination.

Chapter 07 - Rape and Shine
Opening the door, he finds Danny in the perfect position. He's laying on his stomach, his morning hard on forcing his ass ever so slightly into the air. He's obviously kicked off the blankets in the night and dad notes with interest that there isn't a tan line on the olive skin of his perky bubble butt.

Shedding his clothing as he walks, he approaches the boy. Admiring a body that looks like it was chiseled from stone by a very horny, very closeted, renaissance sculptor.

He leans down, spreading the boy's legs and running his tongue along the cleft of his ass. Danny shivers from the intimate contact, but doesn't wake up. Climbing on top of his shortest son, he wraps one arm around the chiseled chest and grabs the short dark hair with the other.

"Wakey, wakey, Danny boy," he says with a growl.

Danny snaps awake and starts to struggle—clearly confused at what's happening—but his cock immediately starts to drool.

"Daddy wants to fuck his sexy little boy," the thick wet cockhead sliding between his cheeks makes it clear that his father means that literally.

The struggles become more intense, but less terrified. Danny thrills at the rough treatment—his darkest dream is coming true—but he's gonna make his dad work for his ass.

"Oh, daddy's sexy boy doesn't want to be fucked?"

"No, get off me, I don't want this!" he cries out—actually shedding tears as he claws at the sheets to escape—but spreading his legs to give better access to his hole all the same.

Dad grabs the boy's hips to hold him in place. The struggling boy's body is shimmering with sweat, but he couldn't escape even if he was really trying. "Too bad, because daddy gets what daddy wants," and with a violent shove he forces his entire length into the tight boy's body.

Danny lets out a genuine scream, unprepared for the monster now inside him. But despite the pain and the tears, he's loving it as he is owned by the man who gave him life. He bites his bottom lip to prevent himself from ruining the fantasy by moaning, or worse, begging to be fucked harder.

Dad shoves his cock in over and over as he forces his son's face into the pillow. Danny arches his back to give his dad a better angle to fuck. The pace quickens and dad quietly wonders what's going through the boy's head, considering that ten hours ago, the rape fetish was a secret between brothers.

Danny is too turned on to even consider how his dad found out about his darkest desires. He reaches back to push his father away, but the facade starts to break as he can't resist a moan as his ass clenches around the invader.

Dad grabs his hands and holds them behind his back as he plows into him. He loves a boy who struggles and usually they don't even start until they are in his mouth. But impressed as he is by the level of energy the boy can maintain, the struggles are diminishing. Danny's cock is pouring precum onto the bed at a rate that even his dad has never seen.

As his energy runs low, he can't hold off any longer and his balls empty themselves. The massive load pumping out of his cock causes his ass to clench around his father's monster. He is rewarded by an even bigger load pumped deeper into his body than he ever imagined possible.

They collapse on the bed, the larger man almost crushing the boy beneath him. Rolling onto their sides, cock still in ass, dad wraps his arms lovingly around his son and kisses the boy's neck. "Not bad Danny, you've got a hell of an ass."

Danny tries to catch his breath, his body suddenly cold as the air evaporates the sweat and cum off his sticky body. "Thanks...dad...that was...the hottest...fuck...in my life" he pants. They lay there for a few minutes, then Danny twists around to look his father in the face. "How'd you know that would turn me on?"

"Promise you won't get mad?"

"Never," he says, his mind still blown from the awesome fuck session.

"I caught Anthony fucking Paul by the pool last night," dad lies easily, "We had a long chat and Paul told me you like to be forced."

"He's right," Danny admits with a grin, "I love it. I guess I owe Paul one, 'cause that was the most intense thing I've ever experienced."

"So my boy likes to be dominated?"

"Fuck yeah, daddy," he grins seductively, "Nothing gets me hotter."

"How would you like to be totally dominated?"

"What do you mean?" he asks, getting thoroughly aroused again at the idea of what total domination might mean if he hadn't just experienced it.

"I can show you if you want."

"Sounds hot," Danny almost moans. "I promise I'll put up a good fight for you too."

Dad pulls out, laying him down on his back. Climbing on top of him, he looks down at his son for the last time. "You'd better." Their lips meet and they kiss deeply for a moment, before dad open his mouth wide and sucks the boy's head down his throat.

Danny is shocked as he finds himself totally surrounded by the wet heat of his father's mouth. In panic, he throws his hands against dad's chest to try and push him off. This is not the play fighting of before when he was being fucked, this is the panicked terror of a boy realizing he's being eaten alive.

He puts up quite a fight and dad has to work to get the boy's broad shoulders into his maw. Unfortunately for him, dad's genes gave him a monster cock, but the rest of his Italian frame is far less similar. The larger man slowly forces the struggling body in.

Once the shoulders are inside, the rest of the boy is thin and dad continues to feed the body into his mouth as it kicks and thrashes against the powerful throat and iron grip. In spite of it all, Danny's cock betrays him. Rock hard and dripping precum down his father's chest as he is dominated in the most complete way possible.

He cums into his father's mouth and the effort seems to have drained all his remaining strength. With the boy's cum dribbling down his chin to his chiseled chest, he hears a satisfied moan deep inside him as he pushes the now limp legs into his mouth and the boy into his belly.

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Chapter 8 of 10
 With Danny gone, dad turns his attention to his football star son, who is still cuffed to his bed across the hall.

Chapter 8 - Safety Words Are For Wimps
John lays on Danny's bed for a half hour or so, letting the boy stretch his belly and struggle, then finally the abs flex and crush the partially digested teen. He runs a hand over the rock hard, flat abs that hide the stomach that has destroyed three sons in a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, Connor is painfully hard and waiting, cuffed to his bed and desperate for relief. Across the hall, John stretches and looks a the clock. "That ought to be enough time to make sure he's horny and ready to go," John says to himself.

Not even bothering to get dressed, John fetches the key to the cuffs and walks over to Connor's room. Dropping the keys inches away from the boy's restrained hand and sitting down on the bed John smiles down at his son, "Found them."

Connor strains against the cuffs. His cock is hard and dripping, and as much as he stretches the keys to his freedom are just out of his reach. He squirms on the mattress, hornier than ever before. He looks imploringly at his father, who leans down and kisses the tip of his magnificent cock. "You didn't think I'd just let you up after all that work did you, I think you need to earn your freedom," he grins.

The moment John's lips touch the boy's cock, his eyes go wide and he lets out a moan of desperation. "I'll work for it," he promises quickly.

"What are you willing to do for it?" John asks, flicking his tongue out to nab a drop of precum dripping down the purple, straining head.

He squirms and tugs at the cuffs again. "Anything you want me to do."

John stands up on the bed and walks toward the headboard. The motion of the mattress makes Connor's cock bounce with each step as he watches his father straddle him, then squat down, exposing a tight asshole to his lips.

The shock on his face is apparent, but only lasts a moment before quickly realizing what his dad wants and eagerly lifts his head to attack the precious ring with his well practiced tongue.

John is impressed at how good his son is at rimming. Obviously the result of years of practice eating out his other sons' boy pussies.

Connor digs his tongue into his father's hole, working it with gusto as his cock throbs painfully, desperately. By some combination of being tied up, eating forbidden ass, and having been left alone without a means of release, he reaches a hands-free orgasm in a matter of minutes, his cock pumping a healthy load all over his smooth young abs.

Not wanting to let such a precious nectar go to waste, John leans forward and and licks up the offering. Then he sucks the jock's entire cock down his throat, milking it and being rewarded by yet another orgasm in less than a minute as he forces his ass down deeper on the boy's face.

When his load spills into his father's mouth, Connor lets out the loudest moan heard in the house, perhaps ever, even though it is muffled by muscular ass cheeks. He continues to eat the ass out like his life depends on it, his tongue eagerly probing at the hole as John groans and mentally awards his son a Gold Medal and The Nobel Prize in analingus.

Reluctantly, John pulls his ass off the boy's tongue who almost whimpers as it's taken away. John walks back down the bed and gets between Connor's legs and shoves his tongue into the jock's hole.

Connor's hole is hot and tight. It is obvious he's definitely given more than he's taken. He squirms and moans in pure pleasure as John demonstrates a level of skill with his wet, probing tongue that puts even Connor's considerable skills to shame.

Once his hole is good and wet, John stands on his knees, hooking the thick jock legs over his shoulders and positions his dripping head at the well prepared hole. "I can tell you haven't been fucked much," he says in a low sensual growl, "which of the boys is the slutty one who'd rather take it?"

"Danny or Paul for the most part," he pants, "but they're all good and eager."

Connor is hard and dripping again with his entrance primed and John's fat cock head teasing at his entrance. "Ooohhhh, do it," he begs, struggling with the cuffs trying to get more contact, "Do it! Fuck me! Oh, please, please fuck me." His pleas are desperate and make John's cock throb.

"It takes daddy's cock to make you want to be fucked huh?" John says, his cock still poised at the entrance, but resolutely refusing to enter Connor's ass and put him out of his misery.

His hole clenches and puckers waiting for his father to enter him and he can only whimper as he nods his head. "Please daddy. Please fuck me" he begs.

John reaches down and grips the boy's long strawberry blonde hair, bringing his head down low and growling into his ear, "Your ass belongs to me now, all of you belongs to me."

The forcefulness and the hot breath in his ear drives him crazy and he shivers and nods his head as John grinds against his crack, still not entering his tight ass. "I'm yours daddy" he moans, "I belong to you, anything, just fuck me hard."

With a shove, John forces all thirteen inches into him. Connor's body tenses, his back arches and a moan of relief escapes his lips. His eyes bulge as the huge cock fills him up and John starts working in and out of his slick hole.

Connor tugs frantically on the cuffs, begging for more. He wraps his legs around John's body, trying to pull his cock in deeper. Though clearly in pain due to lack of experience as a bottom, Connor is too horny to care, he takes short breaths, but his body flushes and his cock springs back to attention.

"Fuck me," Connor screams as his father thrusts in and out of him. His cock is begging for attention. "Fuck me harder, daddy please."

John grabs his feet and starts to lick the soles, sucking on his toes and discovers that he's very ticklish, each lap of the tongue causing him to wriggle as he tries to pull away. Connor lets out a laugh. He can't control himself and he twists against his restraints as he is fucked while a rough tongue laps over his feet. His toned body is covered in sweat and he writhes as dad works his ass and feet.

John pulls the wriggling foot into his mouth, followed by the other. The taste pushes him over the edge and he dumps so much cum into Connor that it wouldn't surprise him if it started squirting out of the boy's nose from the force.

Connor is still writhing in pleasure and totally oblivious of his fate as as John starts to slowly take his gym-hardened body in. He lets out a scream as the never-ending orgasm just keeps going. Cum leaks from his tight ass around the invading member, creating a sloppy mess on the bed sheets. He pants and tries to catch his breath after both climaxes fade away.

Before his head can clear, John spins around and shoves his cock into the boy's slack mouth. The taste of his dad's cum and his own ass pushes him over the edge yet again, dumping his third load in an hour all over himself as he starts to eagerly suck the cock that gave him life.

John slowly fucks his face as he sucks in the thick, muscular calves.

Connor is sticky with the amount of cum and sweat coating him. His own and his father's. He's still cuffed to the bed and completely at dad's mercy as his face is pounded and his body is devoured.

As dad reach his thighs, his eyes go wide as he realizes something isn't right. But a massive cock is a good gag and as dad keep fucking his mouth, he can't say anything. He only mumbles around it, trying to ask what's going on.

John grabs the keys and, no longer able to suck more of the boy in without doing so, he is force to pull his cock from the boy's mouth as he gulps the cum soaked ass and cock into his mouth.

"What's going on?" Connor pants as the cock is removed from his mouth. He's looks down, sees his dad's lips wrapped around his belly and starts to panic as he is taken in up to his nipples. "Dad? What are you doing?" The answer is obvious—he's being eaten—but it just can't register in his brain.

His lips reach his son's armpits and John reaches up and unlocks the handcuffs, catching the Connor's flailing wrists and using his struggles to force him in deeper. He's panicked but aroused at the same time as he gets restrained in the powerful grip of the man eating him alive.

Connor fights desperately, but uselessly. His powerful muscles aren't nearly as strong as his dad's. With one final gulp, his fingers disappear and John collapses into the puddle of his cum mixed with his son's ass juices, sweat and cum. He just lays there, feeling the struggling body inside him and breathing in the intoxicating scent of sex.

The struggles slowly die down as John inhales the last vestiges of his son's scent on the messy bed sheets all around him. Exhausted from the boy's admirable struggles, he drifts off into a nap filled with dreams vividly reliving the encounter. A few hours later, he wakes up with flat abs and a wicked need for a shower and a dump.

After disposing of what's left of Danny and Connor, John takes a hot shower and heads down to find James and get a massage. Alex and Dylan will be back from their hike shortly, and he wants to be ready for them.
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I have no idea how to express my feelings for this story other than. I've never been so turned on by a horror movie. Great Job!
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I have no idea how to express my feelings for this story other than. I've never been so turned on by a horror movie. Great Job!
What an odd, yet incredibly accurate description...

I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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It just kinda has the feel of looking through the killers eyes as he watches his victims.

Then plans his moves. 

Finally the sexiest kill I've ever heard in a horror type story.

Also glad to be the weirdo among the outcasts.
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I really wish I had your skill in this. You make me feel like I'm there watching this. It's something feel I cannot do right now. Would it be to much to ask for tips?
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Chapter 9 of 10
 Alex and Dylan get back from their hike and are offered a massage to loosen them up. As dad fucks Alex, Dylan reveals a hidden desire he's never shared with his brothers.

Chapter 9 - Sweat, Sex, and Secrets
An hour later, the door from the terrace opens and Dylan and Alex come into the house. Both boys are shirtless and the sun gleams off the thin sheen of sweat on their lithe bodies.

They stop short when they see their dad, naked, being massaged by his sexy assistant. Dad lifts his head from the massage table when he hears them, "Hey boys, how was your hike?"

"Great dad," Dylan responds, shifting the t-shirt hanging in his hand over to cover his groin as the sight of the muscular form makes his shorts suddenly feel a little tighter. "The trails here are amazing."

John props himself up on his elbow. Both boys' eyes immediately raking his hips, but they can't quite see his member. "That's one of the main reasons I built this place out here in the middle of nowhere. Why don't you run and shower and I'll have James here loosen you both up so you won't be sore in the morning."

Alex rips his eyes away from his father's body to look him in the face, "Sounds good." The boys turn and walk away, dad smiling as they both slide a hand to adjust themselves the moment their back is turned. They are rock hard by the time they get to their rooms and into the shower, but resist the urge to accept the offers of their attendants for relief.

James goes and fetches a second massage table and when the boys come back down they find their dad still naked at one table and James standing dutifully at the other. Dylan walks over to James' table—tossing his towel aside as he goes—and lays down. Alex looks surprised at Dylan's sudden generosity and practically throws his naked body down in front of his father.

From the moment the men start to massage their young charges the sounds of moans fill the room. James' thin hands slide over Dylan's smooth skin and defined muscles. Three feet away, dad's powerful hands exploring the slender body of his youngest son. The boy's Asian skin looking almost golden in the warm light of sunset peaking between the mountains in the distance.

Alex's moans rapidly become increasingly sexual as John hits all the right spots in his muscles. Dad spends a little longer than is strictly necessary on his ass and groin, before working his legs and having him flip. A slight smile crosses his face as Alex's chest comes into view, knowing that nipple play is one of Alex's kinks. He glances over at his other son's look of contentment, still wondering what he could do to really get Dylan going. But there will be time for that later, right now, he's got other things that require his undivided attention.

Alex gasps slightly and looks up into his father's eyes as the man sets to work on his chest, fingertips regularly teasing his painfully erect, nickel-sized pleasure buttons. A light coat of sweat forms on his skin and his cock is slowly rising as the need for intimacy and release build inside him and shatter his resolve to keep his member under control.

John is amazed just how much Alex looks like his mom. Aside from a couple inches of extra height, and the over-large member, dead giveaways of him having Volts genes, it would be easy to believe he was 100% Chinese. His full lips are parted and he starts panting as the powerful hands continue to massage his chest.

Abandoning the pretense of the massage, John starts to deliberately work over his nipples, pinching, tweaking, and finally licking and sucking on them. Alex lets out a long moan of pleasure as the tongue starts to lap at his chest. His hips thrust into the air involuntarily as John gently takes one in his teeth and pulls on it.

Dylan, not wanting to miss the fun, climbs off of his table. James dutifully vanishes as he takes his brother's cock into his mouth. The double assault on his body makes Alex let out a soft scream. Dylan swallows the entire length as his father bites his sons nipple, just shy of hard enough to draw blood.

He writhes on the table with one mouth on his nipples and another working on his huge cock. John slides his hand below the boy's hips and starts to toy with boy's hungry hole. His back arches at the intrusion, but his moans get louder.

Dylan lifts up Alex's legs and replaces dad's fingers with his tongue. Rimming his brother as John continues to torment the very erect nipples.

"Daddy, bite harder," he moans and John grabs his nipple ring with his teeth and pulls on it causing him to groan with pleasure pain.

Dad lifts his mouth from the delicious chest long enough to say, "Why don't you loosen up your brother for me." With a grin, Dylan wastes no time mounting and shoving his cock into his brother's tight hole.

Alex gropes for and grab's his father's shaft and starts to stroke it as his father plays with him, his own cock leaking so much that a puddle of precum has already filled his belly button and is leaking down his slender, almost feminine, waist.

Dad pulls his head back over the end of the table and shoves the entire length into his mouth and down his throat, fucking his face as Dylan and John start to kiss.

Being spit roasted by what is left of his family, and his father and brother's hands on his nipples and cock, Alex's brain starts to break from the pleasure. He barely has enough presence of mind to push his father off his mouth so he can beg, "fuck me daddy."

Dylan pulls his cock from his brother and helps him onto his side before shoving it back into him again. Then rolling back over so Alex is laying on top of him. Dad positions himself at the foot of the massage table and shoves his cock into the boy alongside Dylan's. Alex's cock dumps a load the moment his father's cock is inside him, but he keeps begging for more.

"Yes daddy! Fuck me harder," he babbles, "Bite me again, fuck, please daddy, bite me!" John lean's down and bites into his chest, hard, he grabs his father's head and pulls it tight to him, actually cutting himself on his father's teeth and moaning as a thin trail of blood flows down his chest and down the seam between his abs to mix with the pool of pre and cum in his belly button.

The intensity of the pain and pleasure drives him wild and he spills his second load in as many minutes all over himself as his father bites all the way into his nipples and both cocks pound his tight ass, stretching him more than he's ever been stretched before.

Dad kisses him, "Damn you're delicious boy," then he assaults the undamaged nipple.

"Thank you...daddy" he pants as his father savors the flavor of his son's tasty, tender meat. When his teeth rip into the second nipple, Alex, barely able to string together a coherent thought, screams, "Daddy...Dylan...harder."

He's a sweaty, squirming mess on the massage table, John feels Dylan's cock tense alongside his own and lets himself go, both of them emptying their balls into Alex's well stretched hole.

Alex's world explodes as he feels their seed mingling in his ass and the feeling drives him over the edge. He explodes a third load of cum all over his lean body and pants as he comes down from the high.

Dylan looks at his father over his brother's shoulder and smiles, "I have an idea dad."

Dad looks into his son's excited face, "I'm game," he says, their conversation barely audible over Alex's labored breathing as he slowly returns to earth.

Dylan licks his lips as he looks down at what he knows is the last of his brothers. His one secret desire swelling inside him. "Eat him daddy," he whispers, "eat him the way I watched you eat Paul last night by the pool," he winks, "I've never cum so hard in my life."

John just stares at him, this is a first, one of his boys isn't just kinky, he's into vore. All his plans for the rest of the weekend, the threesome in his room, breakfast in bed, suddenly get thrown aside. What self respecting pred can resist eating his son with a willing audience. Finally, he smiles back at his son, and opens his mouth, looking right into the excited, horny eyes of his son as he sucks Alex's entire head down his throat.

Dylan's cock, still deep in his brother's ass, hardens at once as his father devours Alex's head. He wraps his arms around the boy's slender chest to stop him squirming as muffled screams issue from deep inside the hungry mouth.

John wasn't kidding when he told Alex he was delicious. The flavor is exquisite and his son egging him on makes it even better.

"Yeah, eat him daddy," Dylan urges, "eat him all up." He pulls himself from his brother's hole as dad's lips squeeze the narrow shoulders inside. He starts pumping his cock harder than he had last night with his front row seat. John pushes his cock into Dylan's ass as he sucks Alex's bleeding nipples into his mouth.

The feel of his father's cock inside him is rapidly driving Dylan crazy. He lets out a long moan as he watches Alex's lean young body disappear, made all the hotter by the fact that the man eating him is his father.

He reaches up and strokes his brother's cock, wanting him to share in the intense pleasure. Dylan cums again, still not getting soft as his wildest fantasies come true before his eyes. He reluctantly lets go of Alex as John gulps in his hips. The muffled screams and useless struggles turn him on even more.

As John cums in Dylan's ass, he pulls Alex's cock into his throat. The boy cums one last time, his seed escaping between his legs and flowing down John's chin.

Dylan just lays there, his cock still rock hard, and his balls empty. The load in his ass is hot he frantically strokes himself as his brother's legs disappear from view.

Finally, Alex's feet disappear behind his father's lips. Dylan throws his head back as his cock throbs. His balls are completely empty, and the exquisite pain of a dry orgasm racks his body.

John dives into a deep kiss with his last son, "Damn he's tasty," he says between kisses.

Breaking the kiss after what seems an eternity, "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen dad" Dylan smiles, he knows he's the only one left and that the dream he's hidden all his life will soon come true.

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Chapter 10 of 10
 Alone at last with his father, Dylan learns about the family legacy.

Chapter 10 - Family Legacy
John stands, and walks to his lounge. Dylan following like an excited little puppy. He knows that he's the last brother left, and he can't wait to spend some quality time with his dad.

John sits down, not bothering to crush Alex's body behind his powerful abs as Dylan lays his head on his father's distended gut and listens to the slowly diminishing movements of his brother and the gurgling sound as the belly prepares to deal with its meal.


"Yeah son?"

"When, I mean, how long have you known how to do that?"

"I'm not entirely sure," John says pensively, "I think I was born with the ability, but I didn't discover it until I was about your age. My first meal was my twin brother."

"And now you're gonna eat me too."

"Of course. It's why you were born"

Dylan looks up quizzically, "I'm thrilled of course, but wouldn't it be easier to eat random guys than to bring us here?"

"Eating strangers and one night stands was easy for the first few hundred years, but about 50 years ago, it started getting harder and harder. Too many records, too easy to track guys down. I ate sons as well through the years, but it was rare, far too easy to lose them when their mothers left. Then 30 years ago, the internet happened, and my future became clear. I invested early, seeing a potential in it few others did. I could now track a son until he was old enough, 'find' him, devour him, and erase him from history, all from that wonderful little box."

"So, you've been breeding us for food? That's the hottest thing I've ever heard."

"Yeah, with cum this potent and a body like this, it's easy to knock up a random girl. A couple of road trips a year with a new girl in every town, and, since I always sire boys, it provides me with 20-30 delicious hunks of meat every year."

Dylan shudders with excitement at being referred to as a hunk of meat. "So you normally don't have so many in one town?"

"No, too suspicious, but my car broke down and had to finish seeding the crop in a hurry that year. You boys are part of batch number 12. In fact, I brought you all here at once to celebrate, whoever I ate last would have the honor of being the 300th son I've eaten since I started farming boys."

"Do you eat other guys too?" Dylan lifts his head off his father's rapidly flattening stomach.

"Yes, I discovered vore communities on the internet as well, and many guys who are willing to feed themselves to me. My entire staff works here for room and board, always waiting for the next volunteer and another chance to be selected as dinner. I've also made an entire second fortune selling the videos of me eating."

"There is video?"

By way of an answer, John stands, taking his son by the hand and leads him down to the theater they had spent their first evening in. Sitting down in the best seat, Dylan joins him as he lifts up a remote. "Who would you like to see first?"

"Well, I've seen you eat Paul and Alex. Which of the others did you eat first?"

Dad hits a button, and Anthony's room appears on the screen. There is a knock and the boy sits up.

Dylan reaches down and grabs his father's cock, stroking it to hardness as he watches it penetrate his brother's body. Then he stands and sits back down onto his second greatest desire. John grips his hips and pulls him down close enough that Dylan can smell Alex on his hot breath.

Dylan's ass clamps down on the cock, and milks it for all its worth as he moans "I'm so glad we found you, are you gonna eat me tonight?"

"No, you're the first son I've ever had who wanted me to eat him, I want to share this with you."

That first night, they watched all five of the videos shot over the weekend. There were clearly dozens of cameras in every room of the house, and they had been edited together expertly. The production levels high enough that a layman could convince himself that it was just a movie with great special effects.

Then over the remainder of the planned two weeks, they spend most of their days either fucking in John's room or watching through the entire 299 brother library of voreno. Taking short breaks to eat or to rest out by the pool.

At night, Dylan begs his dad to tell him how he'll eat him while they fuck, and he falls asleep only to be greeted by vivid fantasies of being swallowed like the boys on the screen.

The entire time, Dylan keeps a mental tally as each boy's demise makes him ache for his final trip into his father's stomach. The final video, shot just weeks before, of an 18 year old boy named Kyle draws to a close as father and son cum together at the sight.

They lay there for a while then Dylan says, "299."

"Yep, that was the last one, are you ready to make number 300?"

"So ready," he says energy returning to him in a rush, "I've wanted this as long as I can remember, I never knew it was because it was always my destiny. But…"

"What is it?"

"Will you take me in the kitchen daddy? That's where food belongs."

John picks up his boy and carries him through the dining room to the kitchen, laying him out on a long wooden counter. He pours himself a glass of wine, lights a couple of candles, and slowly walks around the naked boy before him, running his hands over the supple flesh, the delicious meat, a morsel he can truly savor as long as he likes.

"You gonna fuck me one last time?" Dylan asks, spread out like a feast on the table.

John rubs him down with seasoned oils, licking as he goes, then finally rolls him over, and starts to stuff him.

Dylan moans as he is penetrated. Whether because he knows its his last fuck, or because the oils make him smell delicious, he doesn't know, but he'd never been so hard in his life.

John looks at his boy, not knowing if it's because he hadn't eaten in days in anticipation of this rare delicacy, or because the boy is moaning like a whore and desperate to be his dinner, but he knew that this would be a moment he wouldn't top for several lifetimes.

"Fuck me daddy," he pants, "Tell me what you're gonna do to me."

"I'm gonna breed you like I did your mother, hard and deep."

"And then what?" His cock is hard and dripping at every word. He is torn between the desire to enjoy this fuck for the rest of his life, and to finally be a meal.

"Then I'm gonna enjoy the taste, lick every bit of you."

Dylan suddenly realizes that he will be doing both, and the steady dripping from his cock becomes a steady stream as he starts stroking himself

"Then you're going to beg daddy to eat you, and when I finally give you permission, you're going to feed yourself to me."

"I'll be your tastiest little boy yet daddy," he grunts as his balls draw up close.

John is panting, barely able to hold off, and finally he can't, emptying himself into his dinner's abused ass.

As dad fills him with thick cream, Dylan spills his seed all over his body where it mixes with the spices and oil, adding to the flavor.

John immediately attacks him with my tongue, licking the cum from his ass, filling his belly button with wine and sucking it out, licking the oil off his skin, tasting his rock hard cock, sucking on his empty balls. Finally ending his tongues tour of the boy at the tips of his fingers, licking them and sucking on them.

Dylan is lost in ecstasy as the tongue explores him. He cums three times even though there isn't a sperm cell left in his body that didn't come out of his father's dick. Then, at long last, his father decides he's finally ready.

"Tell me what you want."

He grips his father's shoulders and sits up, leaning in close. The scent of hungry breath makes him lightheaded. His eyes, filled with lust, dart down to the mouth. "I want you to eat me daddy. I want to be devoured. You made me so you could eat me, and I know I've always just been food for you. Please eat me daddy. Please," he begs. He even takes a lick of his own arm. "I'm delicious, right?" He looks pleadingly into his father's eyes.

John licks the same spot, then kisses his son and leans back into a chair, "The most delicious ever." He opens his mouth.

Dylan licks his lips and imagines the feeling of being eaten as he stares into the hot, wet mouth. Then slowly, savoring the moment, he slips his fingers inside, feeling the soft lips, strong tongue and sharp teeth before diving headfirst into his destiny. Getting his feet below him, he works himself deeper into his dad's tight, warm throat.

John enjoys the ease of it, stroking the toned body as it wiggles its way inside, so eager, and so tasty. He savors the sweat, spices, and cum on the lean flesh as it slides past his lips. His tongue probing all the nooks and crannies to catch every bit of the flavor.

He tilts his head back, lifting Dylan off the table as he pauses to stroke the boy's cock and finger his ass, bringing him to his last ever, very dry, orgasm before gulping them in too. He takes his time, wanting it to last as long as possible, but eventually, reluctantly, his lips close over the long, slender feet. He holds them in his mouth for a while, then, with a gulp, Dylan's purpose in life is finally realized.

Dylan slides down into the warm, wet stomach just like hundreds of brothers before them. John grabs his cock, stroking it with both hands. Moments later, it erupts and his body tenses. His abs constrict and crush the boy inside. Dylan's air is forced from his lungs and his head spins, he passes out in the contented knowledge that he'll fuel his father.

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His celebratory meal complete, John takes care of some important business.
 There are no plans to continue this little adventure, but I wanted to give you a little fuel for your fantasies.

That night, John fucks every last member of his private staff as he watches the replay of Dylan's final hours over and over.

Money pours into his bank account over the next weeks as his staff publishes the five latest adventures to his web site. The sixth, the one of Dylan, will remain a private memory. Just for him, well, him and the next willing son, whomever that might be.

Eight hundred miles away, nineteen year old Dominic boards the bus after work. It's just before two in the morning, and he sits there, staring through his angelic reflection in the window and out into the darkness. He feels worse than usual, but didn't realize why until he spots the date on a bank sign. September 7, the ten year anniversary of his mother's death.

He'd bounced around the system for years after that. Minutes into his 10th birthday, he had left his last home without so much as a word. Everything he owned had fit into his backpack.

Three days of hitchhiking landed him in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a star, but instead he spent the first year working odd jobs to support himself between auditions. He tried to avoid it, but he could always fall back on his gorgeous latino features and ten inch dick to provide food and housing when money was tight.

A couple months ago, he'd swallowed his pride and taken a job as a go-go dancer at a very swanky club that drew a lot of Hollywood types in the hopes of getting discovered. The money was decent and he'd managed to get a real place to live, but it made him feel a little emptier inside every time he walked out on that stage.

Finally getting home just before three, exhausted, he opens the door of they tiny studio apartment he shares with two other acting hopefuls. He is greeted by the sound of his roommate loudly fucking his new boyfriend. Cursing under his breath, he picks up his stack of mail and steps back outside, sitting down on the stairs to wait while they finish.

Flipping through the stack, he finds a couple of bills, a postcard from his other roommate who is visiting New York, and a pale blue envelope with the DNA lab's logo and the tantalizing words, "Match Results" printed on the flap...

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Best ending. Wish it was a movie. Or cartoon, this I’ll watch over just like John. (Clapping in background.)
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great work!!!! keep it up.
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I don't usually like incest but.... this one made me cum during every chapter?!
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This may be my favorite story on this site! Shot a few loads just reading it!