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Title: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
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So, it's been a million years since my last story on here. Let's just say I had writer's block. But a very cool guy named Jeff inspired me to write this here story, so... enjoy :)

Montana (FS, O, Digestion)

“I—I think I’m ready,” he said, his voice cracking, betraying just how little he believed the words coming out of his mouth. Noticing the uneasiness in his own voice, he said it again. “I’m ready.” This time it sounded resolute. It sounded final. “I want you to eat me.”
I had first met Jeff on a gainer website. He was 21 and lived in the middle of nowhere Montana. He was very cute, but so were a lot of guys who lived far too far away. He had that boyish look, which only grew sexier with his devilish smirk. He had an average build, but a cute layer of thickness over it. And he had tan skin and dark features—my favorite were his expressive eyebrows, which often gave him a look of sweet bewilderment.
What made Jeff special was that he wanted to be eaten.
It was hard enough to find a cute guy who loved my big belly—at over 400 pounds with an enormous, round, hairy gut, I’m a very specific type. To find a cute guy into vore—even harder. To find a cute guy into vore who actually wanted to be eaten, well, that was an endangered species in the most literal sense. Those most eager to be eaten would also be most likely to be eaten first. It was certainly rare to find someone in this last category over age 25 for that very reason.
Jeff and I flirted online for months, often swapping photos and chatting about the fantasy of him being eaten. We’d cam and talk and jack off—and then go back to our regular lives.
Finally, after several months, he made the offer. I could come visit him in Montana… And take him home with me.
I knew what he meant. He didn’t want an extra seat on the flight back. He wanted to be inches of belly fat on my already enormous gut.
I was exhilarated at the thought of it. I’d never eaten someone before. I’d fantasized about it a million times—all the different ways to devour so many types of guys. Big ones will bellies, their tender flavor bursting over my tongue. Skinny little ones who felt more like midday snacks than full-fledged meals. But I’d never acted on the urge.
I couldn’t get past the idea that eating someone was so final. Once I’d gone to the trouble of devouring an entire human, I certainly wasn’t going to spit him back up. He would be food for my belly, proof of my insatiability. And the thought of doing that to some poor victim never sat well with me. It felt wrong.
And here was Jeff. He wasn’t a victim. He knew exactly what he wanted. He didn’t want to go to community college or get a job he hated. What was the point? He was stuck at 21, unwilling to invest in a future he knew would be deprived of him. Eating him felt less like a crime and more like an act of kindness. The one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world was to be in a belly. To be in my belly.
I booked a flight several months out.
We chatted as the date loomed closer. I tried giving him opportunities to back out—knowing that once we were in the same room, I probably wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would have to eat him. But his attraction only grew stronger. He was resolute about what he wanted.
In the weeks leading up to the trip, I noticed that food tasted more bland than normal. My typical Friday night dinner of two extra large pizzas went down fine, but it somehow didn’t taste as rich and filling. Nothing was satiating me the way it had before. No, my belly had its sights on something much more delectable and it was growing impatient.
I landed in Helena on a cloudy Friday afternoon. “Four days,” I muttered as I de-planed, reminding myself of how much time I had to enjoy Jeff’s company before sending him into my belly as I had so many pizzas before him.
As I exited security, there he was. He was smaller than I’d imagined. I knew he was only 5’10” and 170 pounds, but somehow in person he seemed even slighter, more puny. He was holding up a sign that I couldn’t read until I got closer.
It didn’t say my name. Instead it said: “My New Home.”
My belly gurgled. I was instantly unsure of how I’d be able to keep from eating him until the end of my trip. My mind flashed with an image of him curled up inside my gut.
“Hi! I’m Jeff,” he said sweetly, extending his hand awkwardly for a handshake.
“Hey buddy,” I said as I wrapped him in a huge bear hug. I was sure to press my belly deeply into him as we hugged and I heard him emit an audible sigh as I did.
“Wow,” was all he could squeak out.
I lifted him up into the hug and then put him back down. I was quietly checking him out when he interrupted my thoughts.
“I can’t tell if you’re checking me out, like at a bar, or if you’re just sizing up your menu.”
“A little of both,” I said, laughing. He laughed too. For two guys talking about how much one wanted to devour the other whole, it sounded like the most benign of small talk.
We made our way to his truck. “It’s my dad’s,” he said nervously. “He’s letting me borrow it for the weekend.”
I could tell he was a little embarrassed. Here I was, a massive 32 year old guy with a career in a big city, coming to visit this 21-year-old kid who needed to borrow his dad’s truck. I didn’t mind at all, but it was clear he wished he could have impressed me more.
It was a banged up old Chevy but it did the trick. I climbed in the passenger seat and struggled to buckle the seatbelt. I could see Jeff staring at my belly as I finally got it to click.
“Go ahead, give it a pat,” I said, attempting to be re-assuring. “We might as well get you acquainted with your new home.”
Jeff paused for a moment, like an animal trying to asses if something is a trap. Then he smiled and reached out his hand, placing it on the top curvature of my gut. Almost instinctively, he began rubbing it in circles. He was mesmerized.
“I—I’ve never touched a belly like this before,” he said, stuttering as he spoke. “It’s so much bigger than I imagined.”
“Don’t worry bud, you’ll be getting to know it very intimately this weekend.”
Jeff’s hand flinched as something wet hit it. It couldn’t have been sweat, I thought, it was so cold outside.
“Are—are you salivating?” Jeff asked.
I ran my own hand across my lip to realize that I was in fact salivating. Every fiber of my body was telling me to eat the boy in the driver’s seat. And now I was salivating over him like he was Thanksgiving dinner.
“We should probably get me checked into my hotel. Got a long weekend ahead of us.” For some reason I was eager to change the subject. Cute banter about eating him was one thing, but my mouth uncontrollably producing saliva in the presence of this delicious boy? Things were starting to feel a little too real.
That first day went by in a blur. We spent it talking and hanging out. Jeff was a really nice guy—boyfriend material even. We had some stuff in common, but the stuff we didn’t have in common was even more fun. He shared some of the pop music he was into and I talked his ear off about my favorite 80s movies.
We spent the night cuddling in my hotel room, with Jeff pressed into my belly. The smile on his face as he curled up to it told me everything. This was home, his smile said. This was where he belonged.
My second day in Montana we made our way to Glacier National Park. It was a long ride in Jeff’s truck and I spent most of it just watching him. He looked so serious behind the wheel, as if he took his duty of protecting the truck and me to heart. He’d survey the road and make a comment every few minutes about the terrain or how things usually look when it’s not so overcast.
I could feel it. I was starting to fall for him. Ordinarily this would be a great thing. Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend falling for an adorable guy set amidst the pine trees and mountain lakes? That’s a Goddamn Diane Lane film.
But this wasn’t ordinary. I could feel my will to eat Jeff waning with each passing moment. If I liked the boy, I couldn’t possibly eat him. Or could I?
We arrived at the park entrance, parked the truck and started to walk. It was an easy hike, mostly flat, with some of the most stunning views of these behemoth mountains. It was so much bigger than it looks in pictures.
“You are so much bigger than you look in pictures,” Jeff said, as if reading my mind. “I mean, I’ve been looking at your pics since, well, before I should have been, and I knew you were big, but… I guess meeting you in person, now I realize that you eating me isn’t just some fantasy. I can actually fit inside your belly.”
My belly grumbled in agreement.
“Yeah I mean it would be a first,” I said. “But I’m pretty sure I can do it. Last year I wanted to prove I could, so I started practicing on these whole turkeys. I’d cook em up, season them real good and then try to devour it whole.”
“Try?” Jeff asked, unable to mask the disappointment inherent in the question.
“Oh yeah, well it took a few tries. I got my jaw to unhook the first time, but I couldn’t get it to open far enough. So I started doing little exercises each day. Every morning I’d unhook my jaw and stretch it a little more. By the third try, I was able to swallow an entire 17-pound bird, bones and all.”
“What happened to it?” Jeff asked. He just wanted to hear me say it.
“The same thing that happens to everything that winds up in my belly. I digested it.”
Jeff immediately went flush. I hadn’t seen him speechless yet, but this was definitely it. When he finally regained his power of words, he said it.
“I—I want to be digested in your belly.”
It was the first time he’d said it out loud since I’d arrived. He’d said it a million times before, on Skype, but that was different. When you’re 2,000 miles away, a statement like that is pure fantasy. When you’re two feet away from a belly that’s bigger than you, it’s a request.
“I don’t know. I wanted to, but now that I’m getting to know you, I just—“
My words trailed off as I tried to avert my eyes. There was stunning natural beauty in every direction, valleys carved by millions of years of geologic forces, but I couldn’t enjoy any of it. All I could do was try to stop myself from thinking about devouring Jeff.
Devouring Jeff. Those words rang in my ears, louder and louder as I looked for a way to unhear them. Why did I want to eat this innocent young man so badly? Why did I want to take this boy, so full of promise and hope and turn him into inches of fat on my belly?
My thoughts were interrupted as I felt Jeff’s hand on my belly.
“Hey. I like you. I like you a lot. Ever since I first saw your photos online, I thought, now that’s a guy I’d like to end up with. And then when we started talking, I knew it. I was destined to wind up inside your belly. It’s fate.”
“Fate?” I said incredulously.
“Yeah, what else can you call it? For as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted is to be eaten by a larger man, to be put inside his belly and to become a part of him. I knew that before I knew I was gay. I’ve known it my entire life. And you’ve known it too.”
It was true. I’d had thoughts of vore since I was a kid. It started out almost playful, but by the time I hit puberty it was clear—I was driven to want to eat someone else, to put him in my belly.
“I—I guess I have,” I said, still not wanting to concede his point.
“What are the odds that we would would find each other? Me a guy who wants nothing more in the world than to be eaten, and you, a guy who wants nothing more than eat someone like me.”
“Fate,” I muttered.
“Fate,” he echoed back. “I am fated to be eaten, not just by anyone, but by you.”
“But if I eat you, there won’t be any YOU anymore!” I was letting reason get in the way of my desires.
“But that’s what I want. I don’t want to be me anymore. I want to be a part of you. I want to be turned into belly fat, and with you forever. Every time you rub your belly, you’re going to think of me. Every time you belch after a meal, you’ll think of me. Every shirt button that strains under the sheer volume of your gut—that’ll be me. Let me be a part of you.”
It was actually kind of beautiful, the way he put it. Sure, I wanted Jeff to be food for me. But food is more than just food. It is nurturing. It is sacrificing.
I noticed him shiver as a cold breeze swept through the valley. Instinctively, I reached in and pulled him against me.
“No sense in you being cold when you got a big warm belly right here for you,” I said as I wrapped him in a huge hug.
Jeff didn’t miss a beat. “You know, I’d never be cold again if…”
“What, you mean here?”
“Why not? Why not eat me in the middle of nature! Keep me warm in your big belly.”
I wanted it. I wanted to eat him right there. I could have. We were alone in the woods, thousands of feet from the nearest tourist. But I wanted to be able to enjoy eating Jeff. He wasn’t some quickie meal at Burger King. He was like a fine steak—to be enjoyed and savored and only digested when absolutely necessary.
“No. Not here. I want you to enjoy this day. Your last day on your own. Then tonight… well, tonight you’ll give me the feeding of a lifetime.”
Jeff smiled, his sly grin. He leaned in and gave me a kiss.
“I can’t wait, big guy.”
I smiled too. The meal was on.
We got back to my hotel room at 7pm. Having not eaten since lunch, I was starving and my belly was grumbling almost constantly. Jeff looked uneasy and paler than before, so I got him a cup of water.
We sat on the bed in silence for a few minutes just cuddling each other. He was nestled against my big belly, his head resting on the top part, leaning against my plump tits. I could have laid like that for hours if it weren’t for my grumbling belly.
“He sounds hungry,” Jeff commented, nervously, as he ran his hand across my gut. His confidence seemed to have vanished.
“Are—are you having second thoughts,” I said, immediately regretting even asking.
“I don’t know. I mean, I’ve wanted this my entire life. I know it’s what I’m destined for. But I’m scared.”
“Why are you scared?”
“Well, I just—what if it’s uncomfortable inside you? What if I don’t like it? I don’t want to feel any…”
I tilted his head toward me and stared into his beautiful brown eyes.
“I would never, ever hurt you,” I said.
He looked at my face for a second, questioning if he could believe me. Making his decision, he sat up and kissed me deeply. It was the most passionate kiss of my life. As his lips separated from mine, he looked up at me with those adorable eyes.
“I—I think I’m ready,” he said, his voice cracking, betraying just how little he believed the words coming out of his mouth. Noticing the uneasiness in his own voice, he said it again. “I’m ready.” This time it sounded resolute. It sounded final. “I want you to eat me.”
Jeff stood up and took off his shirt. His body was smooth and his skin looked soft and tender. He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, dropping them to the floor, leaving him in only his boxer briefs, which his round butt filled out nicely.
I stood up and followed suit, unbuttoning my shirt and reaching under my belly to unbuckle my pants before letting them drop. I couldn’t risk ruining my clothes once my belly doubled in size.
I stepped closer to Jeff and leaned in kissing his neck. He moaned and I began to kiss it more deeply. I could tell how much he enjoyed it so I began to run my tongue over his neck and shoulders. Before I even realized it myself, he said it.
“You’re tasting me, aren’t you?”
I was. And he tasted incredible. Like the most delicate, tender veal I’d ever had in my life. He was bursting in flavor and my mouth only wanted more. I began to pick up speed, tasting ever more of Jeff and coating his smooth body in my saliva. He smiled as I licked him.
“I hope I taste good. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. Food. Delicious food for you.”
“Mmmmmmmphhhhh” Was all I could let out. He was so fucking delicious there was no word to describe it. I grabbed his plump, round ass as I licked his stomach, pulling him into me as I savored every inch of the boy in front of me.
“Oh my God. You’re really going to eat me, aren’t you?”
“Fuck yes,” I replied. My usual articulateness was gone. I couldn’t think of any words longer than four letters. Words like “food” and “meal” and “eat” and “pig” permeated my brain. Something animalistic inside of me had been activated and it wanted flesh. It wanted gluttony. It wanted Jeff.
“Yes! Please eat me! It’s all I’ve ever wanted! Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to be eaten by you!”
I ripped off Jeff’s boxer briefs, feeling his rock hard cock pressing deeply into my belly fat. I could feel it plunging into my gut. If he didn’t want inside my belly he’d probably have settled for just fucking it.
“Do you feel that, Jeff? That’s your new home. Big and warm.”
“Ohhhh God,” he moaned in ecstasy. I could feel his precum leaking onto the taught skin of my belly. His thick legs quivering as they rubbed against my massive stomach.
“Oh no, the only way you’re going to cum is while you’re sliding down my throat. Don’t want you to climax and then start having second thoughts.” I said it because it was hot, but I also said it because it was true.
Needing no further cue, Jeff threw his naked, tender body on the bed. “Go ahead. Start with my feet first. I wanna watch you as you gobble me up.” Gone was his nervousness or his shyness. Jeff was embracing his role as food and being his own advocate. He wanted to be eaten. Now.
I climbed on top of Jeff, letting my massive 400-plus pound frame envelop him. Both our erections were throbbing. I leaned in and kissed him deeply, savoring this final moment of intimacy. In another universe, this moment would have been a prelude to sex. In this universe, it was a prelude to dinner.

"Hope you like tonight's menu," he said. "Because tonight's menu is me."
“God damn you taste so good,” was all I could say as I continued to lick his face.
“Then eat me, big man! Devour me!”
I didn't need to be told twice. I climbed down to his feet, then looked up his body—all 5’10” of meat awaiting me.
“Alright Jeff. Time for you to go down the hatch!”
And with that I shoved his feet into my mouth. I felt my jaw unhook as it stretched to accommodate Jeff’s calves. He was so fucking delicious and I couldn’t see straight my mouth was so full of flavor. I could see his cock was standing straight up and oozing precum as he moaned in ecstasy. Jeff was finally getting his wish. He was finally being eaten whole.
I prepared for a large gulp and slurped in his legs up to the thighs, pulling him ever closer to me at the bottom of the bed. Everything from here on out was new territory. It’s one thing to eat a 17-pound bird. It’s another to eat a 170-pound boy.
My mouth was exploding with flavor and I could feel the animalistic side of me taking over completely. My belly was churning, in anticipation for the epic meal on its way. I reached up, grabbed Jeff’s perfect, round ass cheeks and with a single heave, gulped him up to his waist, pulling his plump ass and rock hard dick into my mouth.
“Holy shit man!” Jeff exclaimed. “I’m already halfway down your throat! Oh my God this is amazing. You’re actually eating me!”
I wanted to speak, but, well, my mouth had more pressing things to deal with, namely the half a boy that was presently sticking out of it. I could feel Jeff beginning to buck, rubbing his cock against the roof of my mouth. I was sure he’d be blowing his load any minute now.
This bucking had an added benefit unbeknownst to Jeff—namely that it helped to stretch my mouth out even further, making his shoulders (the widest part of his body) easier to swallow when the time came. I couldn’t believe it, here I was strategizing about how to cram this boy’s shoulder’s down my throat.
I knew Jeff was close and I’d need to get more of him into my maw before he came so he wouldn’t be able to escape if he tried. Gone was the empathetic man I once was. My brain was emptied of thoughts of morals and emotions. I was a beast. Hungry. Insatiable. And Jeff needed to be in my belly.
As I gulped again, taking in Jeff’s torso, I grabbed his hands and shoved them in alongside him. He was now effectively pinned as he snaked his way down my throat. Then I felt it. Jeff convulsed, emitting the loudest roar I’d ever heard. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” he shouted as I felt his cum streaming down my throat.
I watched as he writhed and bucked for what felt like an eternity. I’d given Jeff his wish—he was finally being consumed and it was giving him the greatest orgasm of his life. He was now more than halfway down my throat, on the way to my churning belly below.
I could feel my belly beginning to expand. Thank God he was on the bed and I was kneeling on the floor, or I don’t know where it would have been able to expand. But I could feel it swelling and for the first time I had the thought, “What if Jeff was too much for my belly?”
Sure I was huge and I’d eaten big meals. I’d eaten a 17-pound turkey, and in one meal I ate 50 pounds of food. But this was a big leagues. Could my belly possibly stretch enough to accommodate 170 pounds of struggling live boy?
My thoughts were immediately interrupted by the feeling of Jeff beginning to wriggle. Shit, I thought. He came and now he wants out and he’s gonna fight me every step of the way. I wanted to tell him to calm down. I wanted to tell him everything was going to be okay and he’d be safe and warm inside my belly forever. But I couldn’t tell him any of that, because I was fucking eating him.
As I felt him wriggling, I noticed something. His wriggling was moving him into me, not out. It’s then that I realized: Jeff wasn’t trying to escape. He just had the best orgasm of his life and now more than ever, he wanted to be inside my belly.
“Let me help you, big guy,” he said, his eyes locked on me as he wriggled up to his chest. “Then you can let gravity do the rest.”
Holy shit. My meal was helping me. I’ve eaten a lot of pizzas in my life. None of them ever tried to help me devour them. But here was Jeff. So desperate to be inside my belly that he’d do the fucking work for me.
As I got to Jeff’s shoulders I realized he was right. I needed gravity. My belly was already swollen to absurd proportions and if I was going to swallow him completely I’d need forces of nature to do it. I put my hands under his shoulders to brace him and with a single heave, I lifted us to a standing position.
Instantly, Jeff’s shoulders sank into my mouth, leaving only his head now perched impossibly outside my gaping my maw. I could feel my belly stretching, unbelievably distended, filled with most of Jeff’s lower body. It felt amazing, but I couldn’t hold this position for long.
I looked into Jeff’s eyes. His cute little brows furrowed in that sweet but confused way they had so many times before. I wanted to say so many things in that moment. To say I was sorry for eating him. To say thank you for being such a delicious meal. To say that everything would be okay.
But I couldn’t say a word. All I could do was stare into his beautiful eyes and hope he could glean even a fraction of that sentiment. Suddenly, he struggled to open his lips, words barely squeaking out.
“It—It’s okay. I’m gonna be okay.”
I put my hand on his head and tussled his hair. What kind of a boy is almost finished with being eaten by a 400-plus pound beast and yet he’s the one doing the re-assuring. It’s in that moment that I realized: All Jeff ever wanted was to please me, to satisfy me. He lived to serve me, right up until the final moment when he served himself to me. It truly was his destiny to be a part of my belly.
In that moment, I saw a tiny tear drop descend from his left eye and run down his cheek. Whether it was sadness or joy, I’ll never know, but I knew this meal needed to finish. For Jeff. I wiped the tear away with one hand. I then planted the other firmly on the top of his head and pushed.
His entire head popped into my mouth, setting in motion what I can only describe as the most intense and erotic sensation of my life. The half of Jeff’s body that was not yet in my stomach picked up speed and quickly began to fill it. I watched as my gargantuan belly literally swelled before my very eyes. I could feel Jeff filling me, occupying my stomach as so many inanimate meals had before him.
I tried to reach around my newly swollen gut in vain. In every direction it spread and as I felt Jeff settle into my bloated, outrageously distended belly, I shot my load all over the floor. I felt the cum pouring out of me as I desperately tried to grab onto my expanding belly, in some ill-advised effort to contain the growth. But there was no containing it. When a belly fills with 170 pounds of live boy, it’s going to grow however the hell it wants.
I immediately felt myself lurch forward. The weight of my grotesquely distended, Jeff-filled gut pulling me more than ever before. I need to sit down, I thought, my head still spilling. This part of the process was all new to me. I’d never weighed 600 pounds before. I’d never needed help standing before. I’d never had a guy inside my belly before.
I plopped down on the couch, feeling it creak and groan under my new weight. I was delirious with pleasure. Jeff who had been standing naked in this room only 10 minutes before, was now stewing inside my massive belly.
Was he comfortable? Could he breathe? I had so many questions for the boy in my belly, but no way to convey them. I could see my belly moving gently, a sign that he was still conscious and re-arranging himself. He wasn’t struggling violently, so he was probably comfortable I thought.
Just then I let out a massive belch. BURRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I could feel it echo in my ears and saw it rattle the pastoral painting above the bed. It provided an instant and much needed relief to my overworked stomach.
“Fuck Jeff! You feel incredible in there! I can’t believe I managed to devour you whole and now you’re inside my massive belly!” I kept rubbing my belly in circles, trying to figure out how he was arranged inside of me. I quickly worked out he must be curled up in a fetal position.
As I rubbed my belly, letting out belch after belch, I could feel my gut begin to rock back and forth. “What the hell are you doing in there, little guy?” I thought. I traced the vague outline of Jeff along my hairy belly and finally realized it: He was jerking off.
Holy shit. I just ate him whole and now he’s so turned on, he’s jacking off inside my belly. This guy was going to be digested in mere minutes and all he could think to do was cum over and over again.
“Enjoy it Jeff! Shoot a nice big load in there, just for me. Just more flavor to go with the rest of you.”
Fuck, the flavor! I’d forgotten just how delicious Jeff was! He was quite easily the best tasting meal I’d ever eaten. Normal food would never satisfy me again, not after devouring the plump, savory, delectable meal that was Jeff. My mind filled with thoughts about what other boys might taste like. “What if I season them?” I wondered.
Jeff’s sacrifice had opened up a world of possibilities. I could feel his motion speeding up and realized he must be close to cumming soon. I would have tried to masturbate, but my belly was so bloated and round from Jeff that there was no way I could reach my dick.
I could tell when he came from the way he convulsed inside my belly. I just kept rubbing it and could feel him settling inside there underneath the belly fat and stomach wall. The juices would surely begin flowing soon, beginning to break him down and turn him into more belly fat.
Turn him into belly fat. Fuck. Was I talking about a live person? How could I do that to someone? This wasn’t humane. Jeff was only 21. He had a whole life ahead of him and now I was getting hard at the thought of turning him into belly fat.
The thought was interrupted by another epic belch. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. This one rattled the coat hangers and caused the TV to jump an inch. My belly was tightening around Jeff, that was clear. His motions were beginning to slow down with each belch depriving him of more and more air.
Oh God, I thought. This is it. I’m about to digest Jeff. How can I do that? Even if it’s what he wants, it’s not right. The right thing to do would be to let him out immediately. And that’s what I’m gonna do, I thought.
And then I sat there. And sat there. I knew I needed to let him out but I couldn’t move. My body simply wouldn’t let it happen.
“Noooo!” I screamed out loud as I felt Jeff’s movement’s fading even more. If I didn’t let him out soon he would surely pass out. I could feel my belly gurgling and I knew exactly what that meant—that my digestive juices were now surrounding Jeff. That even though he was safe and warm in my belly, he was now being coated in juices that would break him down and add him to my waistline.
I was about to digest a live boy and I couldn’t stop myself.
It was a belch for record books. Loud and deep and rumbling. And then I felt it.
I felt myself cum again. Just the feeling of digesting Jeff was enough for me to shoot ropes of cum across the floor and the underside of my belly. I roared as I orgasmed, feeling my belly clench even tighter. I could feel Jeff being massaged and digested by my cruel belly and the only reaction I could muster was an intense orgasm.
After I calmed back down, I placed a hand on my belly and finally said, “I’m sorry Jeff. I wish I could let you out, but I guess I have to give you what you want.”
In that moment my belly went still. I belched one last time and then felt nothing but the churning. Jeff was stewing inside my monster belly and that was that. He wouldn’t be returning his dad’s truck. No need for community college or a shitty day job. He had finally reached his ultimate goal. He was finally food. He would finally be a part of me.
I looked over and noticed his boxer briefs had landed on the couch. I picked them up, but they looked so humorously small as compared to my now-obscene Jeff-filled belly. I used them to wipe up as much of the sweat and cum that I could and then chucked them across the room. “Not like he’ll need them anymore,” I thought. And smiled.
Yes the thought that Jeff would no longer have a need for his cute little pair of boxer briefs, or his cute little shirt or even his pants made me smile. I had embraced my animalistic side and this is what I’d become. A massive bellied monster who gets off on devouring cute boys like Jeff.
I laid back on the couch and finally just gave in. I was done with the moralistic back-and-forth—the cycle of lust and gluttony and guilt I’d put myself through for the last two days.
I’d just eaten 170 pounds of delicious boy and now I had the next two days to work on digesting him, before returning home. Jeff was going to wind up as belly fat, just as he’d always wanted. Even more importantly, he was going to wind up as my belly fat, lining the very gut he’d spent so many years admiring. And I knew that fact would have made him smile.
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Awesome story. So glad to see you writing again
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Post by: Galion_Firemage on April 04, 2016, 01:50:56 AM
Excellent story, glad to see you're back!
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: dodeedo on April 04, 2016, 01:51:27 AM
Hot story. Glad to see you post, maybe we'll see more soon
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: pelle on April 04, 2016, 11:31:21 AM
oooh top unf.

see guys! this is why I'm such a jerk! I could never let my predator feel so guilty :>

Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: betterluck88 on April 04, 2016, 05:13:48 PM
Amazing story!! So happy you're writing again!
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: NomNom on April 04, 2016, 10:23:28 PM
Holy hell this was actually beautiful! Not only was more emotional (a rare occurrence)
but even the characters for what little they said were very well fleshed out.

Also really hit me hard in the daddy complex TuT
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: voreboy111 on April 05, 2016, 04:08:58 AM
Damn!  Really hot!  Plz continue this! ;D
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Post by: MagicMarco on April 05, 2016, 05:08:52 AM
Just amazing :D Loved it.

Some day, I'm gonna book a flight to Chicago. One-Way ;)
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: Thor259 on April 05, 2016, 06:40:31 AM
Awesome story!!! always loved your stories so glad your back!! damn that was hot !
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Post by: Mukcub on April 05, 2016, 07:05:15 AM
Wonderful story! 
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Post by: lostwolfe on April 06, 2016, 05:54:40 AM
this was amazing.  thank you for sharing it.
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Post by: dudelbug on April 07, 2016, 04:50:00 PM
No, but, for real - this is a masterpiece.
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: Aranas on April 08, 2016, 01:07:36 AM
Now this, this is how you write a willing prey! Sounds like this Jeff kid made quite an impression. ;)
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Post by: Bottled_dyslxia on May 04, 2016, 02:59:37 AM
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: Kenzie on May 06, 2016, 11:58:39 PM
I know I'm late to the party but wow, this was a really great read! You had some descriptions in there that were really imaginative and realistic, def a personal favorite! Glad to see you posting on here again.
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: guy82 on May 07, 2016, 11:58:37 PM
Heh, I was starting to think you'd lost interest in this fetish.  Good stuff.
Title: Re: Montana (FS, O, Digestion)
Post by: tAsTyBoYeRiC on January 13, 2019, 09:33:16 PM
Awesome story